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jouette 10-11-2011 01:04 PM

started 10.10.11 - yay!
Hi all - I thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. I'm Jouette & have been doing LC for 7 months. It worked great for me when I wanted to drop 40lbs & I love the way my body looks now. I currently fit into size 7's and like the way I feel and look - BUT (lol), I think I'm ready to switch it up a little.

Like many of you have said, I don't want to give up all those "other" foods for the rest of my days :) I LOVE to bake and cook & have found some excellent new ways to do those things, but I still miss some things, like regular pizza or really a good bread sandwich, even fruit & veggies that I don't eat much of now...

So grateful to beeb for posting over in the Lobby! And to So Happy for all of your amazing posts. And to the rest of you here :heart:

I think at this point, I am okay with the DD - as LC can sometimes put my calorie intake super low anyway. Plus all of your tips & threads about them are very helpful.

It's actually the UD that scares me a little. And adding in things like say bread or pasta or rice, etc... Do you guys eat things like regular ice cream or cake or whatever on your Up Days? It's such a big mind-switch from LCing & not thinking about calories at all. But like beeb said - it's also awesome because I feel excited again, something new to try & calculate, etc.

I'm ready to drop another 10lbs too. So happy to be here. Thanks, you guys!

Beeb 10-11-2011 02:26 PM

:welcome: SO glad to have you join us and :jumpjoy: that I got to help you make the decision!! :o:)

Most of us were afraid of our UDs in the beginning and it does take time to wrap your brain around higher carb things again, if you choose to eat these things, but after a few UDs that fear will go away and you will be in JUDDD heaven! :aprayer:

Please, though remember this one thing that Pat (SoHappy) likes to remind everyone: When you add back in higher carbs you may see a little weight gain. This is normal, and I'm hoping Pat will step in and explain it because she knows the science of this WOE SO much better than I do! :confused::D The point is if you understand this, you won't be concerned because it does come right off and in what seems like record time.

Enjoy your JUDDD journey and looking forward to reading your posts and progress!! :high5::hugs:

halos 10-11-2011 04:43 PM

Welcome. One thing you may want to try is to add carbs slowly. Like have pizza one UD, but not pizza followed by chips and ice cream...lol. After low carbing for a long time some people get super sensative to carbs and it can mess with your digestive tract. You should be able to eat reasonable amounts of everything after you work your carbs back up some.

Hope you enjoy JUDDD

faithgirl 10-11-2011 05:48 PM

:welcome:I've only been doing it 8 days so I'm still a newb, but I have to say that I love it so far!

SoHappy 10-11-2011 07:54 PM

Hi, jouette! Welcome, and it's wonderful to have you join us. It sounds like you have done a wonderful job of losing weight on low carb. Good job.

JUDDD is different only from the standpoint that you will focus a whole lot more on calories and let the carbs fall where they may. For many, that is held low, as either health issues or related concerns need to be kept in focus for them. For others of us, carbs are introduced back into our diets, much as though we were eating at the maintenance level that Dr. Atkins envisioned we'd be able to attain, which he wrote about in his book Atkins for Life, published before his death. Some of us are even able to eat carbs beyond that level. So, yes, some of us are able to eat cake and ice cream, pasta and potatoes, and bread. I've always loved breads, have no intolerances to wheat, and enjoy breads of various kinds on almost all of my Up Days.

And yes, if you decide to add some of the higher carb food choices back into your diet, do expect to give up much or all of that initial water weight loss you experienced when you first started low carb and entered ketosis. That gift of quick and easy weight loss was given to you when you gave up carbs. If you decide to return to carbs in your diet, you usually have to give that gift back! :laugh:

So there is that danger of getting back into carbs and then... not paying attention to your calorie numbers and regaining lost weight. That's why it's pretty important to do JUDDD and your UD/DD cycle and keep to your calorie ceilings. And if you do that, and keep an eye on your weight as the weeks of your life are lived, you'll be pretty much able to depend on remaining slim for the rest of your life. JUDDD can help you shed those few more pounds you mentioned wanting to lose, and then will help you maintain with relative easy. And once in maintenance, you often get to eat at an even higher calorie level on your Down Days, so that's even nicer. Just don't ever forget to track your weight, and pay decent attention to your calories, and after that.. everything is gold!

Welcome. I'm so happy you have decided to join us. :welcome:

jouette 10-11-2011 09:09 PM

thank you guys for your replies & advice :hugs:

I'm definitely tracking my calories and everything - just like I did when I started LCing. I'm adding in carbs slowly because I know when I eat too many, I feel really weird. I don't want to go back to feeling stuffed or heartburn-y, etc. So I'm taking it kinda slow, but think this is going to be a nice way to lose the last few pounds and maintain, while still mostly staying LC.

sophiethecat 10-13-2011 11:28 AM

Hi Jouette, welcome! :shake:

I just started yesterday :) I'm another LC'er and was doing fine with it as far as the food and feeling satisfied, though it seemed like the weight wasn't coming off as fast as I'd expected. I want to do JUDDD for a maintenance lifestyle, like you said, to be able to enjoy any foods at times. You mentioned baking - I had just perfected my homemade pizza crust when I went LC and haven't made it since, lol! Maybe I'll make real pizza this weekend.

I also understand what you mean about having to switch the mindset from count carbs to calories, but I know we'll get it together before too long :)

My main concern is that I don't want a high carb load at each meal to keep insulin levels at a healthy place, so I'll just have to see how that works out. I saw on testimonials and on the JUDDD website that this woe helped with all that, but I wonder how it can if someone goes wild on the sugar/carb eating on UD? I mean for someone that already has a problem. Perhaps there are JUDDDers with hypoglycemia, diabetes, or other who can help me with those questions.

Anyway, excuse my rambling like this in your thread!! Welcome again and good luck :)

jouette 10-13-2011 08:43 PM

thanks for posting, sophiethecat - we're in this together! :hugs:

i hope that you make your perfected pizza crust! i really love the freedom i am feeling so far :heart:

I'm not sure about the insulin/ hypoglycemia question - maybe you should post a new thread on that topic, I love all the helpful amazing insight the people here give on everything.

as for me, i'm doing my best to stay low/med carb - so far, so good!

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