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Beeb 10-03-2011 09:44 PM

would I have thought I would be eating as much yummy food as I am and still have been able to lose all the weight I wanted to (and then some ;))! :jumpjoy::up::clap:

And when I say :yummy: I mean ALL foods, not just those on a certain list of "can haves"! I can eat my pizza again, I can have brown rice again, I can eat a slice of crusty Italian bread and I can also have a dessert if I am so inclined. And the ONLY rule is I may have to wait until tomorrow to eat these things, but tomorrow is only a good night's sleep away!! :jumpjoy: I missed these food, I mean I REALLY missed these foods and almost gave up ever having them again! :cry: When I read my first post on this thread, http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/ma...verything.html I read the :sad:, :mad:, and :cry: of never finding a WOE that would TRULY fit me! I had just about given up when I found JUDDD! :help:

It's taken me 2 months to wrap my brain around that fact that I'm technically not what would be considered a LCer anymore, but I'm now doing a WOE that just amazes me day after day after day! The concept is so simple yet it's seems like a "Miracle Diet" or "Magic Diet". And in reading some of the newbies and their recent posts and also those who have been on JUDDD for a long time, it looks many will agree with me! :high5:

I am just in awe of this WOE!! :notwrthy: PLUS, DBF is loving it! :love: As he said to me this weekend: "I really like the way you are eating now! Even on your DDs we can still go out or you make some amazing dishes that I can't believe are low cal! I'm glad you found JUDDD"!

AND SO AM I!! :jumpjoy:

E.W. 10-04-2011 12:13 AM

Several people have mentioned that Thanksgiving isn't too far off. So if we
plan right we will be able to enjoy it guilt free. But before that I a looking foward
to Halloween ....

Joedi 10-04-2011 02:24 AM

I am so pleased for your success Linda! Reading those older posts, you were so down, and as you discovered juddd, and came to realize how well it worked for you... it was like the sun coming out from behind the clouds!

For me, I still believe low carb is healthy.... But know from personal experience it doesn't always lead to weight loss. On juddd I can do moderate carb and still lose!

My dh loves my DD chicken noodle soup, though I have never tried to eat out on under 500 cals... British restaurants don't make that easy!

Could I ask what other DD meals your dbf likes to share?
He sounds great, very supportive!


Beeb 10-04-2011 07:39 AM

Hey Jo! It's funny but on my DDs I'm still about 60g to 70g of carbs but on my UDs it's about twice as much. I still will not eat white flour, sugar, etc. but have put more of the grains I love back into my WOE like brown rice, bulgar wheat and whole grain breads.

As far as my DD meals that DBF loves these are mainly stir fry to which I add regular noodles for him, or when I do chicken I make him a potato, or some other starchy veggie and always have lots of other veggie side dishes for both of us! He really enjoys when I grill veggies and put these over pasta. I don't even use sauce most times for this because the grilled veggies are so flavorful and just need a little seasoning to make them just yummy over the pasta. I use the Shiritaki noodles or just eat the veggies alone as my meal. He loves my cooking so is just happy when I make him a meal! ;)

HTH! :hugs:

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