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BroadwayBaby 09-29-2011 07:02 AM

Low carbs on DD
So after looking at my nutrition totals on ******.com for my first DD, I realized that my carbs were really low, like 21 gms. It seems that even without trying they are low on a DD. Today is an UD for me and I had a packet of weight control oatmeal, a small banana, and TWO Tbls of creamer in my coffee and eventho the calories are not extremely high (275) the carbs for this one small meal already add up to 50! Over double of what my total for my 1st DD. Interesting...anyway off to the gym! Happy UD to those who have it today! :)

SoHappy 09-29-2011 07:34 AM

Yup, if the calories are mainly from carby foods, that carb count is going to be front and center. LOL

My carbs are actually higher by percentage on my DDs, because I rely more heavily on vegetable foods on those days because of the low calories so many veggies have. My carbs will usually actually be higher on my UDs, but their percentage of my overall nutritional intake is much lower in proportion to the protein and fat.

Have a great day!

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