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Beeb 09-27-2011 01:52 PM

What Comments Do You Hear?
I'm wondering what comments you hear when you are asked about how you are losing your weight/the way you eat and you tell them about JUDDD. :confused:

I get these comments ALL the time:

WHAT can you possible eat on only 825 calories a day? :doh:

I could NEVER restrict my calories all the time that low!! (hmmm...didn't I just say EVERY OTHER DAY?! :confused:)

You count EVERYTHING? Oh, I don't have the patience to do that everyday! :down:

What comments do YOU hear? :D

Cruzcrzy 09-27-2011 02:08 PM


I don't share much. Very few people knew I lost my weight with hhcg. I just didn't want to hear it. I said I was eating low carb, which was true once I got to P3. As far as now, I've shared with some people that I am calorie cycling. I really don't get into the details.

SoHappy 09-27-2011 02:29 PM

Most people's idea of a diet is:

1. cut your calories down every day and hold them there
2. be happy that the weight is coming off
3. be discouraged that no more weight loss is happening because your metabolism has slowed down to match your caloric intake
4. cut the calories down even further and hold them there
5. rejoice that you see more weight loss occurring again
6. break your heart when loss stops again because your metabolism slowed even further to match your even smaller calorie consumption
7. lower calories further
8. find weight loss doesn't get going anymore
9. realize that your metabolism has now been trashed, and hope like anything that it isn't permanently ruined
10. kick yourself when you realize that your metabolic rate for maintenance is now less than what most people lower their initial calories to when they start their *diet*..

Almost none of my friends know I watch calories at all because whenever we get together, I arrange for it to be an Up Day. We all wine and dine ourselves amid lots of laughter, and nobody knows that with all those calories, I'm doing an important step in my weight management diet!

Leo41 09-27-2011 02:47 PM

Since I've lost almost 200 lbs, many people ask me how I've "done it." I don't go into details but honestly answer that I did it by eating much less (calorie restriction) and eliminating grains, starch, and sugar.

The conversations always ends there because I realize that the subtext of the question is that people want to know whether I've had WLS.

I've told only two people about JUDDD. One is my sister, who really needs to lose weight. She tried it, but, unfortunately, she's a type2 diabetic whose blood sugar got out of control with JUDDD--something Dr. J warns about. But she thinks JUDDD is a great idea, especially since she's seen my results.

The other is my endo who monitors my Hashi's. He thinks JUDDD is a tremendous idea, especially for someone like me who because of age (70) and medical issues has to severely restrict calories. He's been my biggest cheerleader in my weight management process.

Joedi 09-27-2011 04:52 PM

I haven't told anybody yet!
I really want to share with my dh, as I am really enjoying my woe, but I know what he will think!
It's my own fault, cos I have worried about, gained and lost the same few stone since we met, sometimes by cutting calories severely.
If he knows how low I am going every other day, all he will see is that I am "starving" myself every other day. This will make him both worried and cross, as he loves me dearly and wants me to be healthy! Also, he doesn't want me to lose any more weight... he doesn't get the "vanity weight" thing at all!
It is hard, cos I want to share my joy at finding a woe I can live with. All I can think to do is give it a few more months before I share with him.
It is an easier woe to "hide" cos whenever you go out you can eat normally!

Beeb 09-27-2011 07:05 PM

I use to keep quiet when I was doing a LC WOE because people tend to really get "weird" when you tell them. Then I just stopped saying anything, like you guys tend to do here.

I really thought telling people about JUDDD would get a different reaction and more interest because it is such a great plan and it makes so much sense, but as you can tell by my first post, it's just about the same reactions I got from LC. :confused:

I often wonder what WOE would not get that kind of reaction? WW seems to be an excepted diet that everyone just nods their head at and says great when you tell them that is what you did to lose all your weight. I wonder if LC or JUDDD may someday get the same acceptance?

I like Leo's answer about lower calories and not eating certain things (which I do half the time ;)). I think maybe I will adopt her approach and just let people know I found a great WOE that let's me eat anything I pretty much want, in moderation. I think it may not lead down that "WHAT, are you :stars:" path that seems to happen all the time. If asked further I will tell them to google JUDDD for a better explanation. :)

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