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darlingnikki 09-22-2011 08:18 PM

want to try JUDDD...scared
Long time low carber here...
I am hovering aroung 136-139 pounds and find at this point to scrape of even one ounce I need to go zero carb one meal a day.
I am tired of this and am ready to look at a different eating plan.
I don't want to IF for the rest of my life and I miss my veggies and fruit.
For weight loss I would like some day to see one twenty anything, and if I can see 125 I can claim a 100 pound loss. OTOH, if never lose another pound and can find a simple way to maintain I would be happy too.
Do you think this could be for me?
If I were to try this, how would I go about transitioning and what would I expect? The DD's don't frighten me I have been down to one meal a day for a while now and am not generally hungry. The up days, now, that frightens me.
I have a military husband who is away alot, two children and work full time as a business owner. I don't have tons of time to plan however I could use protein shakes on DD as a time saver. And to keep it simple at first.
Looking for a lifetime eating plan that I can maintain and be flexible with, plus enjoy the foods that I miss. Maintaining weight would be the goal, further losses a bonus.
Comments Please??
thank you Nikki.:notwrthy:

Normal Calories = 2507
Down Day Calories = 501 calculated from JUDDD site.

Beeb 09-22-2011 10:27 PM

:welcome: Nikki! Hope we all can help you some.

We can't make you "not afraid" :eek: but we can help you to understand what JUDDD is all about.

The way I have always seen it is this: On my DDs I eat low calories. I still eat low carb, but not so very low that I have eliminated whole foods groups anymore (veggies/fruits/grains). 90% of my DDs calories and carbs are veggie/fruit and protein. This helps to keep me full, gives me LOTS of food to eat :yummy: and also keeps my carbs within a doable range for me to still lose and maintain my weight. And yes, the calories are low but you know what......there is ALWAYS an UP day tomorrow!! :jumpjoy:

UDs are just that, UP!! :up: These are the days I get to have that cupcake I bought at the store, if I choose to. OR a nice roast beef dinner with potatoes and veggies. I eat well on my UDs, (and on my DDs too but in a different way) but I don't over eat. I stay within my calorie range, but I now enjoy all the "taboo" foods I missed so much. A slice of crusty Italian bread and some (and I mean some, not a whole bowl) of pasta. Brown rice, oatmeal for breakfast, etc. All the things that eating VLC was NOT ever going to let me eat and, like you, if I "cheated" and ate that piece of bread at dinner I paid for it in weight gain. I KNEW I would never be able to eat VLC for the rest of my life, no matter how hard I tried to convince myself I could!

The beauty of the UDs are you don't really have to plan anything! :clap: I just eat what I want, whether at home, on the run, or out to dinner. Like any eating plan you get to know how much you should or shouldn't be eating. Veteran JUDDDers get to the point that most don't count calories anymore on their UDs. They just KNOW! Plus, this is the only plan that I have EVER been able to say "I'm not hungry"! :jumpjoy: No amount of fat and protein ever did this for me! I needed veggies for that "I'm full" feeling and with JUDDD I can have them or I can even have my cake AND eat it, too! ;) I don't over eat on my UDs because I'm just not that hungry PLUS NOTHING is off limits so it takes the physiological "I want and can't have" factor out of my life. And you know when you "can't have" something, you always want it! :doh::( SO, since I CAN have it, often times I don't even THINK to have it! Weird, but true! :dunno::D

Lots of JUDDD BUDDD give it a try for a bit and see how it fits. Most stay, some leave, but whatever you decide this group will be the best group of people you have ever come across and they will not only be knowledgeable BUT will be as supportive as you could have wish for! :aprayer::hugs:

Hope you give JUDDD a try! :shake:

And one more thing: SoHappy and others have suggested we look at other sites and get an average on what our UD calories should be because the JUDDD site can be "off" a bit with giving us too many UD calories. SoHappy just wrote about this in another thread, but I'm sure if you ask her she will either point the thread out to you or repeat the info here for you. She is like that, and we are SO blessed to have her here with us!! :aprayer:

darlingnikki 09-22-2011 10:52 PM

Do you ever get induction type headaches on you dd's?

And did you have an initial gain?

Beeb 09-22-2011 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by darlingnikki (Post 15028664)
Do you ever get induction type headaches on you dd's?

And did you have an initial gain?

No, I actually feel good on my DDs. I was a bit hungry the first couple of them, but after that it's been great. I look forward to them now for the simplicity of them.

I have only lost on JUDDD. I have some water gain now in maintenance, but it's usually after a UD that had lots of salty food, but then after the DD following this, it's gone. I have lost over 10 pounds since Aug 1 on JUDDD. I was gaining on VLC, at the rate of 5 pounds in one month! :cry:

darlingnikki 09-23-2011 07:40 PM

thank you wonderful ladies for your advice.
I have redone the JUDDD calculator based on my 'goal' weight of say, 125 and it gives me
1792 UD and 358 DD does that sound right?
I can do 360 on DD using 4 protein shakes each scoop is 90 cals
then UD I can add more cals but I was thinking stay LC for first two weeks but add back dairy and induction level carbs in veggies and fruits, up to the calorie limit. After two weeks, which I can commit to, I will re-assess and decide whether or not to move up the carb ladder on my UD...
does this sound like a good plan?
I was thinking of starting with a DD tomorrow, fasting till lunch then having a two scoop shake each for lunch and dinner.
Does anyone ever do two DD in a row? It would be nice if for example every Sunday which is our family day to be an UD.

darlingnikki 09-23-2011 07:45 PM

btw does anyone take the reservatrol pumped on the website?

SoHappy 09-23-2011 08:14 PM

To answer you last question first, I've never heard of anybody who takes that reservatrol. :laugh: (And truthfully, to me it's always looked like that site is far more a marketing site devoted to hawking the reservatrol than it is a diet site devoted to the JUDDD plan. Just sayin'.....) ;)

Anyway, I think your plan for the first two weeks sounds like a very sound one. That will give your body a long enough time to settle into this alternating high/low calories to get used to it, and if you are now going to add back in some dairy and vegetables, and maybe even some fruit (even at just induction level carbs) if there is any resulting water weight gain, the two weeks should be long enough to stabilize that and bring weight back down again. But that gain may well not happen.

If you can manage the 358 calorie Down Days, that will really be great and promote weight loss, I'd think, while really normalizing your appetite and hunger levels. Some of us don't have much trouble with the DDs, and others of us (me) couldn't keep them under control at the beginning, so I had to start out higher and work my way down. :laugh: You'll be ahead of the game if you can just start in low right from the beginning. Otherwise, start in at about 500 cals and go from there. LOL

As to having Sundays always be Up Days so that you can really enjoy your Sunday Family Days at home... don't do two back-to-back DDs to get there, but rather do a schedule somewhat like the following:

Monday.......... Down Day
Tuesday......... Up Day
Wednesday.... Down Day
Thursday........ Medium Day
Friday............ Up Day
Saturday........ Down Day

Stick that Medium Day into your rotation any week, or anytime you need to bump your rotation back one day. And, of course, the MD can come on any day, so make it convenient for yourself.

darlingnikki 09-23-2011 08:36 PM

so happy thank you for your prompt response. the reservatrol reminded me of relacore which I tried briefly a couple of years back.

Having DD on anyday but Sunday makes it easier as I am constantly on the go and don't really think about food. Sunday is our leisure day when I actually have time to play in the kitchen and have family brunch etc...it would suck to be under 400 cals on a Sunday!
Thanks for the tip about medium days, i think I'll actually schedule them on the calendar.

OK I'm going to start tomorrow with a DD. Would a medium day be 850 cals?

I'm going to weigh tomorrow and make an effort to weigh only once a week for the first two week trial I am anticipating a slight initial gain, but I am commiting for two weeks up or down. I'll keep you updated!

just printing out some calorie charts right now, learning to count is going to be hard, but then so was learning how to count carbs, and losing the last 89 pounds!

Wish me luck and thank you!

SoHappy 09-23-2011 08:49 PM

That would be good for a MD. We usually pick a MD calorie number that is about half of our UD calorie number. It's just your DD that is at the very lowest and tightest, smallest percentage of your UD. You are going for a 20% DD.

I think you'll do well. Good luck. Well, I don't think luck will have anything to do with it. You sound like you've devised a good plan at a good calorie level, and all you have to do is learn the ropes and then refine your diet, menu and foods as time goes by.

I think you'll have fun!

Beeb 09-23-2011 10:10 PM

I think your plan sounds perfect and you have got a handle on JUDDD already! Planning is the key and you are doing just that! :high5::shake:

I like Pat's example of how to throw a medium day in there. It's better than what I did to fix my rotation when I messed up last week. I did a DD then a MD and then a DD again. I should have done the UD because I will tell you that end DD was a little tough because I didn't get my UD calories in there like I usually do and I was much more hungry then I have been since starting JUDDD. :stars::( I will use Pat's rotation next time! :up:

So glad you are going to give JUDDD a fighting chance because I really think it may work well for you! :up::clap:

darlingnikki 09-25-2011 10:01 AM

I just wanted to add I couldn't resist a peek at the scale this morning after my first DD...
135.2...down 1.8!
No I'm not getting too excited lol or setting myself up for dissapointment by curiousity got the better of me, now no more weighing till next weekend!

SoHappy 09-25-2011 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by darlingnikki (Post 15033857)
I just wanted to add I couldn't resist a peek at the scale this morning after my first DD...
135.2...down 1.8!
No I'm not getting too excited lol or setting myself up for dissapointment by curiousity got the better of me, now no more weighing till next weekend!

LOL! :laugh:

I've mentioned it before, but for myself, if I weigh once a week, it usually looks like I'm just going down, down, down. But if I weigh myself daily, I'd better be prepared for the fluctuations, because there seem to be as many ups as there are downs. :)

Exciting news, Nikki! Continued success. I know you'll do really well on JUDDD. Enjoy the trip down. :high5:

Beeb 09-25-2011 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by darlingnikki (Post 15033857)
I just wanted to add I couldn't resist a peek at the scale this morning after my first DD...
135.2...down 1.8!
No I'm not getting too excited lol or setting myself up for dissapointment by curiousity got the better of me, now no more weighing till next weekend!

Mind if I get excited for you? WOOHOO!! :clap::jumpjoy::up:

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