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Doggygirl 09-17-2011 06:17 AM

DD Staples that might need to be purchased on-line
Hi everyone. I'm wondering what staple items help you make your food/meals on the DD's that might need to be ordered from netrition or elsewhere on-line?

As an example...

Shiritake noodes. Are you able to find them locally (i.e. health food store) or is that one that you find you have to order?

Gluc.... whatever that is?

I know everyone's "must haves" are different but I'm looking for your ideas. I would hate to place an order and then find out two days later there is something else I wish I would have added to my list!!!



Joedi 09-17-2011 07:54 AM

Hi! I am in the uk, and from my uk online shop I buy shirataki noodles, davinci syrup,erythritol, low carb ketchup, and the occasional Atkins bar. None of these I have found in any local shop!
And from Netrition I buy oat fiber, Glucomannan, and pb2 ( low fat peanut butter powder). Even including shipping to the uk, I find them cheaper than buying here!
These are my DD staples... gluc makes filling low cal puddings, oat fiber, with gluc makes delicious lc/ l/f muffins, and shiritaki noodles bulk out soups and stir frys
for a couple of cals!
Let us know what you decide to order!

SoHappy 09-17-2011 10:03 AM

I have only one item I've ordered online, and that is the glucomannan powder. One of these days I'll order some oat fiber, as that is the second item that I haven't been able to find around here locally.

Everything else I can buy right here in my local grocery stores. I have two different sets of products in my refrigerator. The low calorie and fat free products are for Down Day meals, when I'm watching every calorie I consume. The regular high fat/full fat products are the ones I use on my Up Days when I value the benefit of the fats in my diet and the flavors that those fats impart to my foods.

But other than those few basics, I don't buy special *low carb* products. On Up Days, if I need to thicken a gravy with flour, I use flour. If I want a bowl of sweetened cereal, I pour in the corn flakes and sprinkle sugar over it. In other words, while I still watch my carbs overall and keep to a mid-range of carb consumption overall, I allow those carbs to come from just basic foods rather than buying special manufactured foods like special bake mixes and sweetening agents.

It works for me, but I'm not diabetic, nor borderline, and I don't have a lot of compulsions that I find impossible to resist. If anything, I have fewer eating and food compulsions these days BECAUSE I can have some of any food I'd like on the Up Days.

Beeb 09-17-2011 12:15 PM

I only order oat fiber, protein powder, glucomannan powder, and DaVinci Syrups online and all from Netrition on this site because I have found them to have the best prices.

The Shiritaki noodle can be gotten in most large grocery stores now, Whole Foods, and Asian grocery markets. I am seeing them everywhere, at least the Tofu ones that are 40 calories of the whole bag. The 0 calories ones I can now get at my local Asian market, and those you may need to order online.

As far as other DD stuff, most of us use some fat free products and use lots of veggies to keep our DDs FULL of food and NOT calories! ;)

Doggygirl 09-17-2011 02:28 PM

Thanks everyone! I love the service from Netrition so always buy from them if they have what I'm looking for. I've got a cart started and will see if any more ideas come up before finalizing an order tomorrow night!


Maryo 09-17-2011 06:42 PM

I am able to find shirataki noodles at a local Asian market.

I've been able to find some flavors of DaVinci syrups (vanilla, kahlua, french vanilla) at Sam's Club, and I've been able to find a couple types of Walden Farms salad dressings at Target.

Some items I ordered from Netrition: oat fiber (for making oat fiber muffins, although I don't do this often); erythritol (don't use often); DaVinci syrups in the flavors I can't find locally; Walden Farms salad dressings that I can't find locally; protein powder (the zero carb, zero fat kind); glucomannan. I also ordered coconut oil and a couple supplements, because they had the brands I wanted cheaper than I could get it locally, but those are hardly DD items.

Doggygirl 09-17-2011 07:33 PM

Hi Maryo. Thanks for your input! What brand of 0 carb 0 fat protein powder do you like? Also - good reminder to check out the Walden Farms offerings at netrition. I too am able to get some locally but there might be more to try!


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