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firefighterlady 09-11-2011 02:07 PM

getting discouraged but havent given up
Hey fellow juddders

Im in need of your help. I have been losing faith slowly. I keep losing and then gaining what ive lost. Last week i got down to 257 (i started this diet 8/22 at 270) weighed myself today and i crept back up to 264 (down day yesterday) I did however drink to an excess on friday (an up day) at a friends bachlorette party. I have 5 weddings this month and don't want to fail..I guess there's always an excuse. I just feel extremely discouraged. I feel asthough I lose and gain right back. Please give me some words of encouragement. Im sick of being overweight and I know this works...

SoHappy 09-11-2011 02:35 PM

OK. Let's get this figured out. We are going to need a lot of answers first, though.

Did you go to a site to figure out what your Up Day calories should be? If so, what site did you use? And did it ask you about the amount of exercise you do? And what activity level did you put in? So... what number was given to you for your UD calories?

Or, did you pick a number for your Up Day calories and decide to just go with that? If so, what number of calories have you chosen to stick to for your Up Days?

Do you actually stick to your Up Day calorie level? Do you actually weigh and measure out the foods, every mouthful, that you eat on your Up Days? Or do you estimate and *wing it*? Do you track your Up Day calories at all? Or do you consider UDs to be *Free Days*?

On your Up Days, do you eat at a low carb level or mid-range, or have you gone back to eating at a pretty high carb level? It doesn't matter too much to JUDDD, but if you are eating a higher carb percentage now, about how many carbs are you eating on your UDs? Do you think some of this *scale weight* is actually just regaining water weight from your previous low carb levels, which are no longer being adhered to?

What is your Down Day calorie number? Did you stick to the recommended and prescribed 500-calories per day number for your first two JUDDD weeks, for your induction? If so, are you eating at a higher DD calorie level now? If you ate at a higher DD calorie level right from the start, what level did you choose for your DDs?

Do you actually stick to your DD calorie level without going over? Do you actually weigh out and measure out your DD foods so that you know without doubt that you are keeping true to the Down Day fast level?

Do you alternate a single Down Day with a single Up Day? Do you follow that alternation for all days, or do you add in a Medium Day each week? Do you add in more than one Medium Day per week? Do you fail on some of your DDs and then make them into Medium or Up Days, saying that you will make *tomorrow* be a Down Day?

Answer everything as well and truthfully as you can, and add in anything that might be pertinent. Anything else that you can think to tell us about how you do this JUDDD plan? Any info you can give us might help. Any particular health issues or medications? You mentioned that you enjoyed a bachelorette party last Friday. How did you work that into your JUDDD rotation?

We'll get something figured out. :hugs: I'll be thinking of possibilities while I wait for your answers to these questions. I know this should be able to work well for you and give you the benefits of all the magic that JUDDD can work, and all the mealtime pleasures that you should be able to expect in your life. We just need to see how to fix this for you. LOL

firefighterlady 09-11-2011 03:10 PM

Okay this maybe the kick in the butt I needed lol. In all honesty my mom did this diet in the early 90s and literally told me she ate everyother day (I believe she would water fast on dds) and ate whatever she wanted on an ud in moderation. I have not been counting calories to be honest (on a dd I do pay attention to not eexceeding 500) I really liked the idea of juddd because I didn't think you needed to really count calories.

I have been cycling my eating everyother day but I have to admit my calories may be creeping on down days. I do the swiss miss hot chocolate, laughing cow 35 calorie cheese wedges, egg whites and low calorie soups which are chock full of sugar and sodium. Which sometimes i may do more than needed, i am still famished on dds which i thought was suppose to subside. Pus it seems asthough on my up days there's either a bbq or wedding so I have been drinking a lot which is plain stupid on a diet I will admit. Again though I thought an up day would be okay for a few drinks. I have never done a medium day im keeping this all or nothing

I haven't been working out either, I do go on walks with my husband and daughter 3 x a week for about an hr and a half...but its very leisurely not really breaking a sweat. I did cut down my work Schedule too A LOT I worked in a extremely busy chicago trauma center (3, 12 hour shifts), the firehouse and bartending (4,8 hour shifts) to just part time at the fire dept so I am now realizing the lack of running around means I most certainly need to work out.

I dont have any health problems *knock on wood* other than high cholesterol (but it is pretty darn high) i did just check the official juddd websites calculator and my up day is 2735 and dd 547. After reading through my answers you have totally brought to my attention what I need to do. Im a former lazy juddder now lol

SoHappy 09-11-2011 03:42 PM

OK. LOL This made me laugh. So maybe the only problem was that you were too casual about it.

Well, here are a couple of comments from my perspective which you can take for what they may be worth to you or disregard completely as not being applicable at all. :laugh:

The UD calorie number you have been given may be too high. Sad truth. Those calorie figures the calculators come up with are often too high if we weigh very much. If we should weigh 125 pounds, and instead we weight 250 pounds, should we really be eating all those additional calories to *feed* the half of us that is merely fat stores? Another consideration is that those calculators may be somewhat more accurate if they are suggesting the calories a *normal* person can burn in their daily life, but most of us don't burn our calories that fast.. which is the reason why we became large to begin with. For myself, I wasn't just a little overweight and needing to lose a few. I was obese and needing to lose a lot! :blush: :laugh: Those sites seemed to assign a calorie number for me that I felt certain was just plainly too high. Rats! But that's the truth.

And while many people might be able to eat on their Up Days without having to pay any attention to what they eat, not having to measure out their foods and figure and track their calories, that wouldn't be me. Because... they are *normal* people who can moderate the amount of food they eat and not go overboard, just naturally. They didn't eat all that many calories. I was the kind of person who could serve myself large portions, eat it all, and go back for seconds. So letting me do Up Days as though they were *Free Days* without having to watch what I ate, would never have worked for me for the last several years of my life! :hyst:

This diet certainly has room for you to go out and enjoy yourself, attend a party and eat and drink there, and still be doing JUDDD. There is even room for you to make calorie allowances on those special days and go w-a-a-a-y overboard... if you are doing all the rest of your days within your calorie ceilings, and if your calorie ceilings are within reason. But if you are actually using a too-high calorie number for your Up Days to begin with, which you may be, and then especially if you are exceeding those numbers too... well, ahem.. it's going to be hard to lose steadily. :laugh:

I'll bet the only thing you need to do is bring your UD calories down some and then actually measure your UD food and count the calories in what you're eating. Nobody likes to have to do it, but the whole diet is pretty much based on doing that. Well, actually doing that. But in exchange, you don't have to say no to any foods you'd like to include in your diet, and you can lose weight and become slim, eating some awfully nice meals! And enjoying a few drinks on those special occasions too.

Hope you get it all figured out for yourself and can find the balance that lets JUDDD work its magic for you while you get to enjoy the unlimited variety of foods you get to choose from on this plan.

firefighterlady 09-11-2011 04:17 PM

Thank you so much for all your help! Im going to get back in the game!, im trying to make a journal to keep myself accountable but it seems asthough I need to post more before that happens

SoHappy 09-11-2011 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by firefighterlady (Post 14994129)
Thank you so much for all your help! Im going to get back in the game!, im trying to make a journal to keep myself accountable but it seems asthough I need to post more before that happens

Yeah, good to post before your err. Otherwise, it's not a journal, it's a confessional! :laugh:

Beeb 09-11-2011 04:50 PM

Gonna add my 2 JUDDD cents here, if I may. ;) I agree with EVERYTHING Pat said and we do REALLY need to weigh, measure and plan on DDs, especially in the beginning. AND we do need to be honest about how much exercise we really do and how much food we are eating.

I do nothing, except housework and mowing the lawn, because of a foot problem so when I did the calculator for the first time I put in little or no exercise and then used those numbers. I did up my DD calories, by using the average number in between the 40% loss/maintenance and 45% loss/maintenance which came to 700. This I KNEW would be very doable for me and it has worked out well, as I'm sure you know.

It's a pain counting, measuring, weighing every single piece of food you put into your mouth on DDs but with a good food tracker (I love Fat Secret) you really only have to input that food once and the next time you want to track that food is already in your food diary. It becomes simpler and simpler as the days go by. AND I have so many recipes in there now I just have to pick, click and done!!

Don't give up!! :console: It's really does work when you work it!!! AND we are all here to help, so I'm glad you reached out to us!! JUDDD BUDDDs are the BEST!!! :high5::hugs:

muffin_maiden 09-11-2011 04:55 PM

This thread was very helpful. Thanks, Pat! I've been wondering, too, why I lost 4 pounds the first few days, then slowly packed it all on. I will say that I used Johnson's site directly to figure my calorie intake and have stuck to it on both UD's and DD's. I'm guessing its just water since I'm eating much higher carb than I have been the rest of the year. I think I'm coming to the (frustrating) realization that I have to combine this with low-carb to see any real results.

I had a DD today, and I had protein shakes mostly because I felt it would be easiest to control the calorie intake. I'm so hungry right now I actually feel nauseous and lightheaded like I do when I'm fasting for Yom Kippur. I've had over a gallon of water today so I know I'm not dehydrated. Can't wait for midnight so I can eat something!!

firefighterlady 09-11-2011 05:04 PM

Thank you so much!, your right beeb juddd buddds are the best.

Im with you muffin maiden I think I will have to lower my carbs in addition (I've always lost weight on atkins but on the third attempt its like my body knows what's going on) im going to try protein shakes on dds. I got a vanilla one from gnc on clerance with 8g of fiber! Maybe ill feel fuller instead of using swiss miss hot cocoa (that has the same calorie content doh!)

Maryo 09-11-2011 07:16 PM

I totally agree with Pat on the calorie calculators. Whenever I'm calculating my calorie needs, I use my goal weight rather than my current weight. It's the lean mass we need to feed, not the fat. Sure, your body needs a bit more energy to drag the fat around, but not that much. There was a rather large difference between the calories I'd be allowed based on my actual weight vs. those I'd be allowed at my goal weight. I suspect I wouldn't lose as well (if at all) at the higher number.

penguinpower 09-12-2011 01:26 PM

I second everything Pat and Linda said! But I will also add in my 2 JUDDD cents' worth - whenever I drink alcohol, I gain weight. Every time. Even when the calorie count would fit into my daily allotment, I gain weight and it is a bear to get it back off again.

I have no scientific reason or explanation for it except that I know I have a "fatty liver" - and having a fatty liver is at the root of some of my weight problem, and may also be part of the reason why alcohol affects me so severely. The liver plays the key role in alcohol metabolism, and my unscientific guess is that my fatty liver just says "You should know I can't handle this" when I send in the adult beverage, and decides to store it away as fat.

I've been struggling all summer with weight bouncing up and down, but when I think back on the worst bounces, alcohol has been involved every time. I've had a really fun and social summer. I don't drink a lot -- usually just one or two "cooler" type drinks will be involved, but include those two drinks into my generous eating day and my weight will always bounce up five or more pounds, pounds that don't just melt away after a good DD. Not fair! But, that's the way it is for me. And alcohol does seem to be the culprit, since calories alone simply do not account for it.

Anyway, this has made me consider my "plateau" in a new light. I don't know if it will help you or not firefighterlady - but it made me think, and who knows, it might be part of the issue for you as well!

SoHappy 09-12-2011 01:35 PM

Very, very interesting, Donna. I'm glad you posted on this subject. I would not have given the subject of alcoholic beverages much thought, other than whether they contributed any calories to the day's total overall. I don't have much experience here, as it's a big deal to me when I order a margarita with Mexican out, or a beer with my BBQ ribs. LOL I was always a Coca Cola soft drink girl, but had to give that up for the most part.

It would sure require a person to make their decision and either benefit or accept the consequences of their choices.

But I guess that's pretty true of all our choices in life. LOL

penguinpower 09-12-2011 02:42 PM

Pat - I never gave it much thought, either, since I was always careful to be sure to include the calories in my daily totals. And yet, I'd have these ridiculous upward bounces, which I was attributing to my "lousy metabolism" - well, in a way it would be a metabolic issue. If it's true. I'll have to carve out a serious period of time where I can put this to the test.

Beeb 09-12-2011 02:45 PM

Donna is VERY right! I even have brought in my own mixer to my fav club for my Saturday night fun and games that is low cal and low carb but I still gain a bit of weight every Monday, not Sunday like you would think! :rolleyes: It likes to sneak up on me, the demon rum!! :stars::cry: BUT, I still will drink those 2 to 3 Rum Cosmos when I go out because I know it's going to come off by Tuesday if I keep following my JUDDD WOE! :clap:

firefighterlady 09-12-2011 09:33 PM

Thanks donna! I totally have the same problem. Ugh and I am the biggest dirty martini lover you will ever meet! :(

Maryo 09-13-2011 10:23 AM

This thread is making me very happy that I don't drink alcoholic beverages. I consumed my lifetime quota in high school and college. My mother never drank and when people on occasion would ask her about it, she told them she preferred to eat her calories. I now know what she was talking about!

Beeb 09-13-2011 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by Maryo (Post 14999253)
This thread is making me very happy that I don't drink alcoholic beverages. I consumed my lifetime quota in high school and college. My mother never drank and when people on occasion would ask her about it, she told them she preferred to eat her calories. I now know what she was talking about!

Wise woman!! :goodpost:

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