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muffin_maiden 09-05-2011 11:34 AM

What to eat on my first DD?
I decided to take the plunge and start JUDDD today. Yesterday I ate about 1500 calories so that would make today a DD.

I'm looking for some ideas of what I can eat in my one meal (doing IF on my DD so I eat one meal in the evening) for 500 calories and less than 20 carbs.

Thanks for any help!! :clap:

SoHappy 09-05-2011 01:12 PM

Woo Hoo! Hi! Glad you're joining us! :hiya: :kicking: :laugh: :welcome:

Are you going to stick to the *prescribed* 500-calorie Down Days? For myself, I get into my ****** log (or whatever log you use) and start designing my meals. I like to rely heavily on veggies on DDs, because of the bulk and mass they contain to fill up my belly, for very few calories. They are a bit higher in carbs, but I don't pay much attention to carbs, and JUDDD isn't a carb controlling plan, it is just interested in calorie control. (But most here watch carbs somewhat too. LOL)

Then on my UP days I indulge in a lot of protein to feed my muscles well. It works for me quite nicely.

So on DDs, I love HUGE stir frys with broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, green peppers, onions, maybe bamboo shoots and bean sprouts and water chestnuts, etc. I just skip the rice. And if I put in any meat, it's not too much. Top with whatever Asian sauce you like best.

Or salads, salads, salads. Tons of veggies on the lettuce and a delicious low calorie dressing. Newman's Own Sesame Ginger is wonderful and only 45 cals (I think...) for two tablespoons.

Do you use shirataki noodles? Those are 0 calories if you use the white ones, known as *waterfall* noodles. Rinse well, fry them in a skillet for a little bit to dry them out slightly, snip through them with scissors if the long strands bother you (gak) and then top with spaghetti sauce which is THICK with tons of zucchini and mushrooms and green pepper and onions. Probably cook some mixed Italian herbs and spices into the sauce too. And top it up with grated parmesan cheese.

Or how about a cold salad of shirataki noodles, finely sliced zucchini, chopped spring onion, tuna, and topped with the Newman's dressing?

Maybe a big pile of egg salad, made with the whites only, since they are so much lower in the calories. Save the hard yolks for tomorrow when your UD calories will be so much higher.

Most of us have one shelf in the fridge for our DD condiments and cooking ingredients, and have fat free mayo, fat free miracle whip, etc. on our Down Days, and then indulge in the full fat versions on our Up Days. Works well.

The big thing is just to have good DDs and lovely Up Days without going higher than our calorie ceilings then. Sure beats the heck out of having to count calories to keep them low every single day! I always hated that. On JUDDD, we're only at low calorie diet levels every other day. Only dieting half the time, so to speak. :laugh:

Once you figure out what you're going to have for your DD menu today, hope you'll post it in our *What are You Eating Today?* thread. That's where we can often get inspiration for our future DDs.

Glad you're aboard! I bet you'll do wonderfully!

itsmeshelly01 09-05-2011 06:45 PM

I also load up on veggies on DDs. I will eat half a cup of 0% fage too usually for brakfast. Last week on my DDs I cut up a ton of raw veggies that I took to work in baggies. Really made a difference. I added 1 hard boiled egg and cut up 1 whole zucchini, 1whole cucumber, 3 oz of baby carrots and2 cups of broccoli. Put it all into a big baggie and just munched all day when I got hungry. Dinner was spring mix salad with mushrooms, spices, sprinkle of parm cheese, some spices, jalapenos, a boiled egg and some low calorie dressng. And then I always keep sf jello in the fridge. DDs is just the jello but on normally I would add a couple globs of fage and then sprinkle some sunflower on it.
Soup is always good to make too. Some people do protein on DDs but I need the bulk so the veggies are what I go with and then like sohappy I load up on protein on UDs.

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