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firefighterlady 08-31-2011 12:05 AM

question for the veteran judddsters
I am attempting juddd in a last ditch effort to lose this 100 lbs from pregnancy that wont budge even after weight watchers/low cal and low carb (i developed pre eclampsia during pregnancy and gained a whole mess of weight) prior to that i was a low carber (Atkins) years ago. Lost 80, gained back 65 during paramedic school and then got pregnant. Anyhoo my cholesterol was extremely high at my last check up...my blood pressure was slightly high too only 130/90 so nothing too terrible its usually fairly low. My question is has anyone had a drop in cholesterol or blood pressure after doing juddd for a significant amount of time? Ive lost 8 lbs since 8/22 which is wonderful i just want to make sure im doing it in a healthy manner ( i was bulimic back in my teenage years and would never again jeporadize my health in hopes to look good in a bikini...so stupid) however..carrying 100lbs extra aint too healthy either!!! Sorry to babble!

SoHappy 08-31-2011 07:31 AM

Nobody can tell you with any guarantee that your blood pressure and blood values will normalize after you've been truly doing the JUDDD diet plan for awhile, but if I had a lot of money that I was being made to bet on this subject, I'd definitely wager on that wonderful improvement.

I would fully expect that after a few weeks you will not only have lost some weight, but the doctor or lab studies will show you an improvement, perhaps/probably even a very great improvement, in the areas that worry you.

Good luck here, and I'm so happy you've joined us! :)

Beeb 08-31-2011 12:06 PM

:welcome: and so glad to have you here with us!! The first step in ANY issue is recognizing that issue and doing something about it, which you are!

WTG and I hope you enjoy JUDDD as much as I am! :clap::high5:

firefighterlady 09-01-2011 06:28 AM

Thank you both so much for the support! You guys rock!!

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