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Joedi 08-30-2011 03:13 PM

Feeling the Fear..and Doing it Anyway!
HUGE thankyou to both Beeb and Sohappy! :shake:

Both of your answers are fab...I have copied them both, and saved them on my desktop for future reference.

Well..here goes..I start tomorrow with a down day :aprayer:
I am a little scared...but have spent all evening reading the JUDDD threads...knowledge is power, after all!
I am following BEEB's example..starting with 700 cals...if I can do less I will...but I need to know the extra cals are there if needed!

( I used the JUDDD calculator..it gave me 680 dd 1943 UD...)

I have planned a list of low cal foods to mix and match from....mostly my normal l/c favs, but more l/c veggies...it seems weird after 5 months to be looking at cals not carbs!

I have ordered the Alternate Day Diet Book from Amazon....and a large supply of Shirataki noodles too.....kind of underlining my commitment!

I am going to give it a month...to really see if I can lose my last few pounds...and hopefully gain the energy boost I never got from low carb :aprayer:

Oh...and I finally bought some weighing scales!!! So I can keep a track of how Juddd works for me....I MUST be getting brave...I have never weighed since starting l/c.

(I am going to post this in the JUDDD thread too...will help keep me accountable if other juddders read it!)

:hugs: to Beeb & Sohappy... you are my inspirations!


SoHappy 08-30-2011 03:31 PM

Just thought I'd mention:

Personally, I do better on my Down Days if I don't have to ever be too hungry. I'm a spoiled brat and don't have a lot of willpower. :)

However, I rarely have a lot of appetite in the mornings, so easy to go til midday on just a mug of coffee w/half & half.

Then today (a Down Day) I had a quarter pound of chicken thigh meat, boneless and skinless, with a couple of tablespoons of my General Tso sauce over it. That was a late lunch.

Tonight I'll have a HUGE plate, piled high, of Italian noodles, which is going to be lots of zucchini chunks, green pepper and onion chunks, and sliced mushrooms, all cooked tender in the lowest calorie spaghetti sauce I could find and seasoned with S & P plus mixed Italian herbs and spices. And all of this heaped on top of a big skillet full of fried up shirataki noodles. Probably a tablespoon or two of grated parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top of it all. Very low calorie, and enough to fill me to the brim with complete satisfaction.

Now.. this won't be a day with a lot of protein, so on my Up Day, I'll be heavy on the protein to make up for it, so it averages out too. I cycle my protein pretty much along with my calories. We all do it a bit differently. You'll find what works for you soon I expect.

Beeb 08-30-2011 05:51 PM

Good to see you in the JUDDD thread again!! I KNOW you can do this!! It gets easier and easier, believe it or not the more you do it!! :high5::hugs:

I'm almost one month into it and I can't EVER imagine eating any other way!!! I LOVE JUDDD!!! :love:

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