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Leo41 09-01-2010 06:49 AM

September JUDDD
September JUDDD (Alternate-Day Diet)


September JUDDD--We can do hard things!
JUDDD/Alternate Day Diet Thread

Getting Started

There are two phases: weight loss and maintainance. To lose weight, calorie intake on the “down” day is limited to 20% to 35% of daily calorie requirement, although it is strongly recommended that calories be below 25% when starting a weight loss diet. To maintain weight loss and for optimal health, down day intake is kept at 50% to 60% of calorie needs.

Use the following tool (go to Dr Johnson's website for this) to calculate the down day calorie requirements. There is a strong tendency for overweight individuals to overestimate the "Activity" level, thereby allowing themselves high calorie allowance on the down day. To avoid this problem, for the first two weeks, you should consume no more than 500 calories on the down day regardless of your activity level.

Please google Dr. Johnson's site to find the Up Day Down Day Calorie Calculator

*This calculator provides an estimate of your calorie requirement so that you can determine your down day calories. The "Normal Calories" shown may be more or less than you actually feel like eating on the up day. The important principle is to adhere to the down day calorie limit as closely as possible. You do not have to eat all the calories shown as "Normal Calories".

Hunger Management

The key to success on the down day is learning what works for you. Remember that you can eat tomorrow.

Diet Stress

Other diets require daily reduction in calorie intake or limit the type of food eaten. This requires intricate meal plans and menus, cooking separate meals, and often more expensive foods. This wastes a lot of time and creates great stress. With the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™, you are allowed to eat whatever you want on the up day and your choices are greatly simplified on the down day, markedly reducing stress.

Energy level/mood

We have observed a consistent, measurable dramatic increase in energy level which is noticeable within 7-10 days which peaks around three weeks on the diet. This is consistent with animal studies in calorie restriction. This is a desirable and reinforcing sensation which encourages you to keep going.

The Up Day

On the up day, you can eat anything you want and as much as you want, but do not intentionally over eat.

When starting out, it is important to not concern yourself with up day calorie intake because of the phenomena of diet stress and diet fatigue. Focus on staying under 20-25% on the down day.

Based on animal research, the type of food eaten on the up day is unimportant compared to adhering to the down day calorie limit. This will activate genes (SIRT1) which set in motion the beneficial processes which produce optimal health.

The Down Day

It is important to commit in advance to a certain number of calories on the down day. We strongly suggest 20 – 25% for the first two weeks, but find that 30 - 35% is more tolerable for some people for a prolonged period of dieting. The lower the calories on the down day, the better, but the most important thing is to find a caloric intake you can comply with on ongoing basis.

We strongly suggest using only commercially prepared shakes in the first two weeks. Later, prepared foods with the calorie content marked on them can be eaten.. This is critically important to help guard against the universal tendency to underestimate how much we are eating.

Body Weight

How much you lose depends on several factors, the average in our study was 2.5 pounds per week, more the first week or two.

You should weigh yourself only on the morning after a down day and not more often than once a week or fluctuations will lead to frustration.

What People On The Diet Have To Say
“I will never diet any other way. I lost 30 pounds three years ago which I have kept off without the awful feeling of being on the diet.” – Heidi P.

“There was never a time in my entire life when I wasn’t wheezing from asthma until after being on the diet for two weeks.” – Theresa G.

“I couldn’t walk 50 feet without resting. After three weeks on the diet, I spent all day walking around the shopping mall.” – Ellen M.

“My rheumatoid arthritis got better 31 days after starting the diet.” – Judy L.

For more information, visit Dr. Johnson's website, or read his book,
"The Alternate-Day Diet: Turn on Your 'Skinny Gene,' Shed the Pounds, and Live a Longer and Healthier Life."

Leo41 09-01-2010 06:52 AM

Sorry I was so late getting this started this morning. I was having computer problems. I think my computer is not a morning person!

DD today, and I volunteer for 4 hours, so that should help keep me busy. I had tuna salad this morning and later an egg-white 'omelet,' so I've had 250 cal--with 30g of protein, and I plan on another 100 later when I return. That protein really helps keep me satisfied--that and all the coffee and tea I drink!

Redeemed 09-01-2010 08:09 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 33047 Good morning everyone!

Leo Thanks for starting the Sept. thread. Have fun volunteering today!

I feel energized now that we're at the start of a new month. I hope everyone has great success this month JUDDDing! UD today. This was supposed to be my day off but I got a call asking if I would go into work later this morning. So, I'll have to do a quick packing of my lunch and dinner. Most likely it will be sandwiches and coffee. This isn't what I wanted to have, but at least I'll stay within my calorie guidelines.

verbqueen 09-01-2010 08:33 AM

DD for me today. I have a board meeting for my women's club here this morning, and yesterday I stopped by and bought a whole coffee cake from Panera Bread to serve the ladies (thus avoiding kitchen/cooking time--always a good thing for a down day!)

Dang, Redeemed, sorry you don't get your day off. Hope it's a good one, anyway.

Happy Wednesday, all.

nitenurse 09-01-2010 09:25 AM

Thanks for starting the thread, Leo-am going to have a LC UD, I think I will focus on salads+proteins for the DDs, for awhile. Figured out a salad dressing with Walden's mayo (which I don't like much) with some spray dressing with it, turned out pretty good. The farmer's market stuff is so late this year, want to take advantage of it while I can. Lot of chewing for not so much calories. I have been eating away from home too much in August-volunteering music-and that has mixed results, mostly winds up in a stall for me. Have to go back and read the old posts and get some soup hints. Thanks to everyone for the inspiration.

Leo41 09-01-2010 09:55 AM

Yeah, eating away from home always causes problems for me. Fortunately, I don't have much of a social life, so I eat mainly at home :laugh:

Your music, etc., sounds like such a blast, but I'm too old to have the energy for that type of thing! Since my cat has me up by 3 am, I'm in bed by 9 without fail.

JKat 09-01-2010 10:55 AM

Hi everyone!

I had a good DD yesterday as usual. I even jogged with hubby for about 20mins. Boy was it hot!

Today is UD and I am going to try and shoot for calories to be above 1500. When I check out the calculator on Dr. J site it says that normal calories are 1800 for me. I think that maybe to much but my last UD was only 1200 because of my IBS. I do know 1 thing its working because I am down another 1/2 pound today :clap:

Leo how is the kitty this today.

Leo41 09-01-2010 11:21 AM

Don't go too much by the UD calculator because even Dr. J admits that it's just an estimate and that the DD number is what's important. However, they seem to have adjusted it because 1800 might be good for you, but I wouldn't push it. If you feel satisfied on 1500, do that.

The reason I suggest that they may have made some adjustments is that when I first worked my numbers, the UD was something crazy like 2500--which would have gotten me to 400 lbs in no time!

My little boy is not happy today because I 'work' (volunteer) from 10-2, and he is very attached and dislikes being alone. He also seems a little 'depressed' because of the food change. I mention that because my vet told me a long time ago that a cat's mental state can be as big an issue as their physical well being.

I plan to talk to the vet about this next time we speak. I managed to get the urine sample they need because otherwise I would have had to bring him in for them to get it, and I really wanted to spare him another trip to the vet. They've become incredibly stressful for him.

His situation is helping me because I'd feel guilty eating when he's so upset with his food. That helps me with this DD!

140togo 09-01-2010 12:52 PM

Hi, crazy day yesterday didn't get to post. I ate about 2100 cal. I think I'll do about 1700 next up day just to mix it up a little. Today is going well I'll just keep to my shakes, coffee and lots a water. Leo sorry to hear about your cat being sick. I have a 9lb shitsu that acts more like a cat than a dog, so I know how hard it is when they don't feel well. I can't get back into sept posts to look over yesterday's posts for some reason so I hope everyone did well. Hope everyone has a great day :cool:

onceNforall 09-01-2010 01:54 PM

:birthday: Sally....if I remember correctly, today is the day.

thanks for posting the new thread. Your kitty is quite handsome indeed and hope he feels better soon. So even cats get depressed when their food changes, huh? That one made me smile.

DD for me today...HB egg (70) and Atkins shake (160) so far today. Hubby wants to go out to eat tonight so gonna try to steer him to Panera Bread for one of those yummy 280 cal. salads I love.

Had MD appt today and pleased with my lab values. H1ac has been at 6.1 for several years and today down to 5.9. BG was within normal range and Triglycerides down from 198 to 168 so they're getting there (normal <150). Cholesterol is down to 174 from 214 and HDL and LDL within acceptable limits. I was very happy.

Redeemed....I too feel good about starting with a clean slate for September. I have a vacation to the Jersey shore coming up 9/19-9/26 so want to try and make the most of it before then. Will be able to get in two good DD's when I return before the end of the month, so hopefully will be able to get rid of any weight I might gain during that week. Unfortunately I won't be losing weight on vacation like you, Leo....just know myself too well. :rolleyes:

pooticus 09-01-2010 04:06 PM

Hi everyone, I've spent the last few hours this afternoon ditching work in favor of reading last month's JUDDD thread! Shhhhh, don't tell my boss, who is also my DSO (dear significant other), Denny Crane! :)

I was wondering if you have room for one more? I will warn you now I'm a terrible communicator!!!! (meaning I'm horrible about calling out each person's name and want you all to know it now so you can ban me before we start! ;) :rofl: :hyst: ) I'm very challenged even when it comes to answering emails. :(

I kinda happened into fasting for religious reasons as of this last Lent and so started back after a year long indulgence of eating whichever way the wind blew - after my Mom's death from complications from lung cancer. My blood sugar was as high as it's ever been for me and I was nearing my all time high in weight once again. I was knock knock knocin' on 310s door at 309lbs. Felt like you know what and was exhausted before I'd even been up for 30minutes.

I started fasting and meat free Fridays not expecting anything from weight loss. Just doing it for spiritual reasons and low and behold, I get an upper respiratory infection and have to go to the doc and it says I had lost 17lbs! Without trying! During my illness and eating very little apart from a bit of broth and soup each day, a little applesauce, some yogurt here and there, a tiny bit of chicken, a spoon of rice (I had terrible yeast and stripped colon from the antibiotics), I lost an additional 17lbs over about a 2-3 week period.

This last month I really decided to take advantage of things and get back on the low carb bandwagon. Eating somewhere in the vicinity of about 1400cals a day, I've only managed to go from 275lbs down to 268.8lbs and today I'm at an official Sept. 1 weight of 271.8lbs. So not great but then low carb has been like that for me - slow!!!! But I can't grouse cuz I have lost an amazing 39lbs or there abouts in less than 2 months and I will take that any day of the week!!!

The great thing in all of this is that my blood sugars have dropped so much! I am sometimes seeing blood sugars in the 80s towards afternoon and that's been years since I've seen those! One of the blogs I read is Stefan at Whole Health Source and he is sooo smart! He is a proponent of IF (intermittent fasting) and thought that it might help me with my insulin resistence, especially since excercise is pretty difficult for me due to a number of health issues.

So, if you all don't mind, I would love to try this out for 2 weeks and see if I can do it. I'm treading on dangerous ground because I'm a recovering binge eater and highly restrictive plans can trigger a resumption of my behavior. But I'm willing to test it out because I've been doing well with Friday fasts and God has blessed me with strength in that respect. I'm hoping He will continue to bless me in this!

I'm doing my first DD today and will keep scheduled DDs (M-W-F). My up days will be (T-Th-S) with a medium day on Sundays. I'm doing fine today. So far have only had 1 whey protein shake today and decaff coffee along with water. I'm making my "Kitchen Sink Soup" right now and will have a bowl of that tonight for dinner and maybe a second protein drink before bedtime if I'm hungry.

I'm going to go to a TOPS meeting for the first time tomorrow because I'm thinking it will be good to have some support that is close by that will also give me a reason to get out and about. (I work from home and aside from the store and errands, I don't get out much! :eek: )

Official 9.1.10 start weight: 271.8lbs

Leo41 09-01-2010 04:25 PM

Hi Sherrie-
Cats are very particular about their food!

Great news about your lab numbers. You're just going great! Don't worry about the vacation, and you may surprise yourself. I only tried to maintain and wound up losing a couple of pounds. It's just been so hard to get weight off that I never want to put any back on for any reason.

:welcome: Pooticus!
We love company here, and you can post or not as you wish. It's good that you're aware that a plan like this can sometimes bring out former ED behavior, but your success with fasting is a good indication that you might be one of the people who thrives on this WOE.

I like this better than IF because I tend to get 'anxious' if I know I can't eat during specific hours. That's why even on DDs I spread my calories over the whole day, unlike some folks here who 'save' them all for dinner. And supposedly the few calories we eat on DDs work just as well as fasting on alternate days, according to Dr. J.

He claims that it improves insulin resistance, and I've found that to be true in my case.

I love how you lost so much without trying! That has never happened to me. In fact, if I get sick, I tend to feel sorry for myself and eat more, and, of course, stress affects me the same way--more eating. However, that was all pre-JUDDD. The most amazing thing about this plan for me has been how many insights I've gotten into my food issues and how much control I've gained over my eating.

Your DD eating plan seems great, and I hope you'll let us hear from you from time to time. You can share your success and contribute some tips for the rest of us.

onceNforall 09-01-2010 05:39 PM

:welcome: Pooticus....great supportive bunch here. Hope your first DD went well for you. I've started JUDD a few times but this time I'm DETERMINED!!

pooticus 09-01-2010 05:50 PM

Hi Leo and Sherry! :hiya:

Thanks for the warm welcome. :hugs: Leo as you know I'm still waiting to save up for my thyroid tests mainly to rule out the Hashi's since they found a small nodule. So for me to have lost that 17lbs with being sick is soooo unusual for me!! In fact, it's never happened. Even more so, that I've been able to build on it.

I did the math wrong though. The 39-40lbs has been taken off since March - and only 17lbs plus the additional 4 something lbs came off in the last 6-8 weeks. :blush: Remedial math here for sure!

I will post my DD menu tomorrow - once I'm certain of all that I ate. LOL. I still haven't had dinner but did just finish putting the soup up in containers. :)

Leo you've done so well with this plan! How much have you lost total on JUDDD, please?

ONCE - I know you will do it this time! :hugs: Your dinner at Panera sounds yummy! I don't know if I could do it with the smell of fresh baked bread! :cry: I tend to shy away from those places now!!!

Well Denny just came home from work so better fly in there and greet him! Have a great evening everyone!!! BB12 is tonight and I'm so excited ;) !!

Redeemed 09-01-2010 07:35 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Pooticus Attachment 33058 Hope you have great success with JUDDD! Always room for one more.

halos 09-01-2010 07:43 PM

Hello Ladies-

Welcome Pooticus.

Leo - I have added a few more carbs than normal, that may explain the sleeping issue.

I am up a couple of pounds for this weigh in. My pizza was pretty high sodium so it will take me a couple of days to get rid of that. It is already going down a little (I can tell in my fingers). UD today. Came in at 1500 calories. Am hoping for a really good DD tomorrow.

Thanks Sherrie, Yes today I turned the big 60. Did my first TTapp 15 minute workout. I am committed to eating right and doing the 15 minutes of exercise a day. I have to get some control in my life.

Also studied for 3 hours this morning, I'm so proud of myself.

verbqueen 09-01-2010 08:38 PM

Hey, friends. Just stopping for my DD *accountability post.*

Hey, Pooticus, my thyroid nodule sister--good to see you again!

Wed., Sep. 1

B: Atkins fruit crumble breakfast bar, 120

L: Hebrew Nat. ff frank, 40; bag of lite popcorn 100

D: 2 TJ's chicken sausages, 200; spring greens with spray dressing, 20

Total: 480

Leo41 09-02-2010 02:21 AM

As of this morning (I cheated and weighed mid-week), I've lost 93 lbs on JUDDD. This calorie cycling seems to be what I need because just low carb stopped working after I'd lost my first 90 lbs. I've never had a real 'stall' on JUDDD. My loss has been slow but steady.

A belated Happy Birthday, Sally. Just think of 60 as the new 40!

Today is an UD, and I'm scheduled to have lunch with a friend. In the 20+ months I've been on JUDDD, I've always been able to steer my friends to my UDs when they want to eat out. I've never told anyone about JUDDD, but if they call and ask to have lunch, I'll say, "I'm only free on Tues. and Thurs. this week," or "I can't make it on Wednesday; can you do it on Thursday"?
It almost always works!

Only one time I had to eat out on a DD and that was because a good friend was only in town for the day. I managed to keep my calories down and have a good DD (with only that one meal:annoyed:), but it was too stressful for me, and I try not to do that if at all possible.

SuzeQ 09-02-2010 03:19 AM

Hmm, there are some of us up late tonight, or up very early. DH is getting ready to get back on the road and I have to take him to the truck stop. Today is an UD and I am going to try to keep my carbs at around 60 grams. We shall see how this goes, and I am very excited about getting going.

Pooticus: Welcome, and I enjoyed your post about losing weight so easily. It seems that when we try too hard sometimes things just don't happen, and then poof it's as if the good fairy waived her wand!

Redeemed 09-02-2010 05:05 AM

Sally A belated Happy Birthday! I hope you had a nice day. I'll be catching up to the "60 landmark" you in two years.

My UD went well yesterday. However, it always seems that the middle of the week is the most difficult for me. If I didn't weigh in on the weekend, I'm sure I would have too many free days during the week. Have a great day everyone!

verbqueen 09-02-2010 09:27 AM

Morning, everyone. UD for me today. Weight still the same as it was on Sunday, TOM still here.

Sally, hope your special day was a good one.

I'm wishing everyone a great day!

JKat 09-02-2010 10:27 AM

Hi Everyone!!

Leo Wow! 93pounds :high5: How long did it take you to loose the 93pounds?? I agree slow and steady always wins the race.

Kisses to the kitty!! LOL I get depressed too when I can eat what I want:laugh:


UD went well yesterday. I kept it lower in carbs. Tracked calories at 1800. Corn on the cob was the only thing I ate that was carby. I was tired last night and think its because of that. I have steered clear away from any sugar or desserts! I think that would be to hard. I am afraid I would binge. I am more careful about my UD than my DD days.

JKat 09-02-2010 10:28 AM

:birthday: Sally

I also tapped for a long time. Its a great program. Do you have a trainer in your area?? I highly recommend a class. You will find yourself saying YES I CAN!!

pooticus 09-02-2010 10:46 AM

Hi everyone! I'm gonna attempt not to leave anyone out but if I do, please know it's not intentional and is simply me being a bonehead!! :hugs:

Hi Reedemed and Sally thanks for the welcome!

Redeemed congrats on having a good UD. I weigh on Saturdays as my official day, too! :) It does really help to keep me focused. Have an awesome day!

Sally cheese and sodium are not my friend. I love them so but have tried repeatedly to break up with them. It's unfortunately an "I hate you don't leave me" kinda relationship! I know the pounds will be gone before you know it! What do you study? Happy belated birthday to you hon! :birthday: !!!!!!

Hi Jessica! :hugs: and so glad you and Leo are here!! How did it end up going at the Tdoc? My nodules is only 2mm...Your weight loss is fantastic girl! Congrats on breaking your plateau!!!!!!!! Wooohooo. You have great discipline!

Leo - 93lbs on JUDDD! Wooot! That is incredible and inspiring all at the same time! :clap: :clap: :birthday: Way to go on making it work for you. You make it look very easy, I must admit. :) I also love that your labwork is excellent!!!

Suze - Thanks for the welcome! I bet you will be able to keep the 60g easily! The weightloss has been really unexpected (especially the last 20 or so!) - but it was really the wrong way doing it...cuz I barely ate anything or kept anything inside for 3 weeks. So it was not the easiest of times! I will however still claim the loss! :) :high5:

JKat - Hi! We were posting at the same time! :)

Yesterday's DD Menu: 470 Cals, 23.4g C (20%), 5.9g Fib, 22.7g F (43%), 43.2g P(37%)

B: Decaff Coffee, black, unsweetened 0
L: Swanson's WPP, Coconut Milk - Strawberry 116
D: Kitchen Sink Veg Soup, 3 oz chicken thigh 249
BTS: 2 Squares Lindt 85% Cacao Chocolate 105

The day went pretty good for me. Very little hunger. I'm used to that from Fridays and it's taught me that it's not scary to be hungry. That it's part of feeling things. When I feel that gnawing or rumbling and it's not time to eat, I simply offer it up to God as a small price of suffering compared to His son's suffering and for his use.

It's an up day for me but I am going to try to eat just a relatively normal LC day. The one exception will be that I will probably make a few oven roasted "green bean fries" and a few oven roasted sweet potato fries that we still have hanging around in the freezer from the previous year's food baccannalia! So I anticipate it being in the 1400s or so. It says per the JUDDD calcs that I could go as high as over 2000 :eek: but that would set me in panic mode for certain!

I'm making oopsie rolls and cheeseburgers with bacon tonight so will maybe only have a light soup lunch today to mitigate that belly bomb! :)

Have a great day everyone!!!

Leo41 09-02-2010 04:30 PM

I began JUDDD just before Christmas in 2008--17 Dec. to be exact. So it's been just a little over 20 months. I didn't have any 'big' loss at the beginning because I'd been eating low carb (20-30g day) for several years. I've lost basically a pound a week.

However, my weight loss escalated for a few months this year when I gave up all grains and dairy. Although I eat low carb, I always had those bran crackers that you can get from Netrition--low carb & low calorie-- but I began to think that I am gluten intolerant (I was eating so few of them that it wasn't noticeable). I did a food elimination with both gluten and dairy (separately), had a 'reaction' to both when I reintroduced them, and decided that I was better off eliminating them completely.

My losses really escalated for a few months, but I don't know whether it is because of the simplicity of my diet, the effect of JUDDD that is supposedly stronger as you go along, or just the change of food in itself. Whatever it is, it makes me happy:rolleyes:

You can ignore the UD calcs from the JUDDD site (or book). I do exactly what you're planning--I have a typical low carb day. I've averaged 1400-1600 calories on UDs since I've been on JUDDD, and I've been satisfied. However, I have had ONE high calorie day on the weekend about once a month (about 2000-2300), and those seem to spur loss--perhaps by changing the routine that my body has gotten used to?

140togo 09-02-2010 05:32 PM

Hi everyone,

Sally happy belated B-day. Wow sounds like everyone is doing well! I can't say the same I just went way over may calories taday even for an UD. Do you ever get those days when you just say the heck with it and just go food cazy, that was me taday. I got alittle depressed this morning and just ate everything. So taking everything one day at a tiime. I'm determined to stick to my DD limit. I'll be away until Tuesday I'll check in then. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!:hugs::hugs:

140togo 09-02-2010 05:34 PM

Me again, sorry forgot to welcome Pooticus!:welcome:

verbqueen 09-02-2010 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by pooticus (Post 13852888)
Hi Jessica! :hugs: and so glad you and Leo are here!! How did it end up going at the Tdoc? My nodules is only 2mm...

Well....my endo experience was less than satisfactory, on the whole. He basically sent me home and told me to come back in a year, that nothing is "wrong enough" with me to require any medical intervention at this point. I was pretty disappointed, because I hoped for some answers about my plateau.

My cholesterol, tris, blood glucose, A1C, all that, were stellar, which may be one reason he wasn't too concerned about my low-normal thyroid numbers. My Hashi's antibody tests were negative.

I have two nodules, one 1.2 and one 1.3 (cm, I think.) He told me he'd FNA biopsy them if they get to 1.5. I'm to go in for another ultrasound in a year. And that was all there was to that. :dunno:

(P.S. My husband thought it was pretty hilarious that I was so bummed to find out that I'm not sick...haha.)

onceNforall 09-02-2010 07:16 PM

Mary....I had an "over the top" UD also. :o Misery loves company. :console:
Thank heavens tomorrow is a DD and a chance to redeem ourselves!!

halos 09-02-2010 09:49 PM

Good Evening Ladies-

I have had a good DD.

EAS shake-90 cal
hamburger lean- 320 cal
1/2 c. mushrooms-40 cal I think
sugar free popcicle 15 cal
465 calories

Thanx for the birthday wishes everyone. I don't do anything special for birthdays anymore. Just surviving is enough. LOL

Mary- tomorrow is another day. At least it was an up day. Stick to your DD and you will be fine.

Jodi- No trainers in this area. I bought the book and will get 1 or 2 dvd's and see how it goes. I like the idea of "no impact".

Pooticus- I am the pastor of a small country church. I still have 3 of my divinity classes to take. I should be done in March. Contemporary Theology this time. I will be glad to get through, studying and writing papers is a lot harder now than it used to be.

Leo- Your story is inspiring.

Sleep well everyone.

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