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Leo41 08-01-2010 03:24 AM

August JUDDD (Alternate-Day Diet)
August JUDDD--We can do hard things!
JUDDD/Alternate Day Diet Thread

Getting Started

There are two phases: weight loss and maintainance. To lose weight, calorie intake on the “down” day is limited to 20% to 35% of daily calorie requirement, although it is strongly recommended that calories be below 25% when starting a weight loss diet. To maintain weight loss and for optimal health, down day intake is kept at 50% to 60% of calorie needs.

Use the following tool (go to Dr Johnson's website for this) to calculate the down day calorie requirements. There is a strong tendency for overweight individuals to overestimate the "Activity" level, thereby allowing themselves high calorie allowance on the down day. To avoid this problem, for the first two weeks, you should consume no more than 500 calories on the down day regardless of your activity level.

Please google Dr. Johnson's site to find the Up Day Down Day Calorie Calculator

*This calculator provides an estimate of your calorie requirement so that you can determine your down day calories. The "Normal Calories" shown may be more or less than you actually feel like eating on the up day. The important principle is to adhere to the down day calorie limit as closely as possible. You do not have to eat all the calories shown as "Normal Calories".

Hunger Management

The key to success on the down day is learning what works for you. Remember that you can eat tomorrow.

Diet Stress

Other diets require daily reduction in calorie intake or limit the type of food eaten. This requires intricate meal plans and menus, cooking separate meals, and often more expensive foods. This wastes a lot of time and creates great stress. With the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™, you are allowed to eat whatever you want on the up day and your choices are greatly simplified on the down day, markedly reducing stress.

Energy level/mood

We have observed a consistent, measurable dramatic increase in energy level which is noticeable within 7-10 days which peaks around three weeks on the diet. This is consistent with animal studies in calorie restriction. This is a desirable and reinforcing sensation which encourages you to keep going.

The Up Day

On the up day, you can eat anything you want and as much as you want, but do not intentionally over eat.

When starting out, it is important to not concern yourself with up day calorie intake because of the phenomena of diet stress and diet fatigue. Focus on staying under 20-25% on the down day.

Based on animal research, the type of food eaten on the up day is unimportant compared to adhering to the down day calorie limit. This will activate genes (SIRT1) which set in motion the beneficial processes which produce optimal health.

The Down Day

It is important to commit in advance to a certain number of calories on the down day. We strongly suggest 20 – 25% for the first two weeks, but find that 30 - 35% is more tolerable for some people for a prolonged period of dieting. The lower the calories on the down day, the better, but the most important thing is to find a caloric intake you can comply with on ongoing basis.

We strongly suggest using only commercially prepared shakes in the first two weeks. Later, prepared foods with the calorie content marked on them can be eaten.. This is critically important to help guard against the universal tendency to underestimate how much we are eating.

Body Weight

How much you lose depends on several factors, the average in our study was 2.5 pounds per week, more the first week or two.

You should weigh yourself only on the morning after a down day and not more often than once a week or fluctuations will lead to frustration.

What People On The Diet Have To Say
“I will never diet any other way. I lost 30 pounds three years ago which I have kept off without the awful feeling of being on the diet.” – Heidi P.

“There was never a time in my entire life when I wasn’t wheezing from asthma until after being on the diet for two weeks.” – Theresa G.

“I couldn’t walk 50 feet without resting. After three weeks on the diet, I spent all day walking around the shopping mall.” – Ellen M.

“My rheumatoid arthritis got better 31 days after starting the diet.” – Judy L.

For more information, visit Dr. Johnson's website, or read his book,
"The Alternate-Day Diet: Turn on Your 'Skinny Gene,' Shed the Pounds, and Live a Longer and Healthier Life."

Leo41 08-01-2010 03:37 AM

Hi All-

I started us off for August, and did my weekly weigh in this morning (usually it's on Saturdays, but my DDs have been different recently)--down 2 lbs to 166! I planned to start maintaining (for at least 6 mos) at 165, so this is good news.

Since I got back from vacation where I had no real DDs, my DDs have been sporadic, so I want to do at least 2 weeks of true alternation at <500 cal before I raise my DD calorie level to try to maintain. So that's my plan. I'll celebrate my 69th birthday within those 2 weeks, and it will be remarkable to be at the lowest weight of my adult life! For most of you, 166 may seem 'fat,' but if you've lived your entire adult life in the upper-200s, eventually up to 340, then 166 is slim--it's all perspective :laugh:

Just a note to Jessica on the thyroid issue:

I'm surprised that the doctor didn't start you on meds immediately (my first endo did) because you usually have to begin thyroid meds at the lowest possible dosage for the body to get used to them. So there's really no reason to wait for the blood test results--unless he thinks you don't need any meds at all. My first endo started me on 50mcg of Levoxyl (synthroid), but I had heart palpitations right away. She had to drop me to 25mcg, and then slowly build back up to the 75mcg that I actually needed. I found that interesting because with most meds, I have no problems at all, but these hormones are really different.

And don't dismiss Hashimoto's even if the antibody test is negative. I had a fine-needle biopsy of my largest nodule, and the pathologist confirmed Hashimoto's from that test--which is definitive. When my endo saw the results, he commented that he would not have been able to diagnose from my antibody test because the number was too low. Apparently, if the antibodies don't happen to be attacking at the time of the blood draw, you can get a negative result. In any case, the treatment is the same, so that won't affect the Rx you eventually get.

itsmeshelly01 08-01-2010 06:21 AM

Good morning ladies! I found the new thread!
Leo, congrats on the 2lbs!!!! That is so awesome! You are going to maintaining iwth me, that will be great! Im gonna give it a try doing mon and thur as DD's and see how that goes for me. I have got to try to get in the mindset that i dont need to actually lose more weight. I have the skin issues too and i knwo that no amount of anything i do is going to make it go away but subconsciously i am always thinking, well maybe if i do this or maybe if i do that but its not gonna go away unless i have surgery. Right now i look good and i dont need to lose more weight or i will start looking sickly because it just all comes off of the top half since the bottom half has the excess skin. So, i feel great and look healthy at this wonderful 137 and this is where i am going to stay.

Welcome Jessica! I dont have thyroid issues myself but alot here do. I decided on this woe when i just needed some real control and focus over my food and other issues going on in my life. This plan has a been a godsend. I love the control and direction it has given me. It has increased my energy level and my knees arent swollen anymore! That is a huge deal. I was able to start jogging last week! When i get my mind set on doing something i go for it all the way so i have transitioned very easily to this woe and really love it. Everyone here is so helpful and they have given me invaluable information. I dont have the book either so i did alot of reading online and reading here. I also did some reading marks daily apple about IF. You might check out his blog too. There is alot of info there. I have been lowcarbing for years so thats just how i normally eat so i have been doing JUDDD LC. I have found that if i increase my carbs on DD's with good carbs like lots of veggies i can get more volume and feel more satisfied. That was rough for me at first. Seeing that 30 to 40 carb number on DD's. Even though that is still low i have always kept my carbs at under 20. I never really added much veggies to my woe. I think that has been good for me too. I need the veggies and this has helped me to incorporate them and know that im not gonna gain weight. I eat lowcal and higher carb on DD's and then higher cal, higher fat, and lower carb on UD's. I lost 6lbs in 2 weeks! I am going to be figuring out how to maintain now with still having DD's because i love the way i feel.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I think i am going to go running shoe shopping today. I have had mine for 4 yrs and yea i need some new ones.

Leo thanks for the tip on amazon. I will look at the reviews there. I really want to get one with a chopper attachment so i can make other things with it too. Im really liking the miallegro 9090 mitutto 550 watt immersion blender on ebay i think but i do need to find some reviews on it because i havent heard of it. Most of the ones i look at that are a price i can afford are only 200 to 225 watt.

Well, off to make breakfast. Bacon and eggs for me and biscuits and gravy for the SO. I prefer my bacon and eggs anyday!!!!

verbqueen 08-01-2010 08:40 AM

brand new month, brand new day!
Good morning! Thanks for the great info, Leo and Shelly.

I had just typed a long response to both of you, but I'm on my tiny and SLOW netbook, and somehow, it disappeared as I posted it.

I must run now--singing at church today--but I will type more later. I truly appreciate the warm welcome, and am filled with hope and enthusiasm about this plan!

Have a great Sunday!

Leo41 08-01-2010 09:25 AM

You might find, as I did, that JUDDD really helps with the carb issue. I am very, very sensitive to carbs, and when I first did Atkins, I could not go over 20g of carbs a day--or I didn't lose. When I began doing this current journey a few years ago, I just followed generic low carb. However, when I went on vacation and had a few extra carbs, I'd gain 7-8 lbs within a week, and it would take me a month or more to get those additional lbs off. It was very discouraging.

With JUDDD, I've had high-carb days several times, never gain more than a pound or two, which I lose within a DD. For example, on my recent 2-week cruise, I stayed low carb, but had ice cream 3 times and one final high-carb day. Nevertheless, I came home a pound lighter, despite the fact that I had no DDs during the cruise (I only planned to maintain while I was away).

I suspect that one benefit of long-term JUDDD is a lowering of insulin resistance or whatever it is that makes one so carb sensitive.

I plan to remain low carb as this WOE is great, but it's really nice to know that an occasional indulgence doesn't have to result in a big gain.

itsmeshelly01 08-01-2010 04:10 PM

Leo, i think it is definitely helping with that. I think what makes me feel better about it is eating so low in cal on the days i have the carbs. I havent had any cheats in so long. Maybe one of these days i will venture out and have some ice cream or something but i havent gotten there yet...lol Its hard enough just adding in the veggie carbs.

I found this great soup today at walmart. Its by cambells. Its their healthy select light soups and one i found has only 100 cals for the whole can and they are the good sized cans and only about 20 carbs for the whole can. I bought a couple to try out on a DD. They are also all natural, no fillers or preservatives or anything. I think that will make a great dinner or lunch when i dont feel like making my own soup or anything.

Its been quiet today. I went to academy and bought me some good running shoes. I have had mine for like 4 yrs...lol...so i needed new ones. I got some saucony's. I wore them around for a while and they are so confortable. I think they will have the good support i need. They also have a 90 day money back guarantee so if i see they are hurting my feet i can take them back, which i thought was really great.

I dont want to go back to work tomorrow! But i am lookign forward to my DD tomorrow. I have some homemade chicken and brocolli soup, 1 boiled egg and some celery for work, then tomorrow for dinner it will be 2 cups brocolli slaw and 1 cup mushrooms sauteed together with some soy sauce. It will be a little over 400 cals and 17 carbs if i eat all of that, oh and that is also putting in a packet of tuna just in case but i may not need it.

Have a good evening everyone.

Leo41 08-01-2010 04:24 PM

Tomorrow is a DD for me, too. I have a can of tuna that I mix with a little chopped celery and low fat mayo. That's about 250 cal, and I have it for breakfast with about a gallon of black coffee.

That will hold me for most of the day because the tuna gives me 24g of protein. I have a hardboiled egg for later, when I'm drinking my green tea, and I might chop that into a little egg salad, but it won't be more than 100 cal.

I try to keep my DDs to 350.

I've been eating VLC for about 10 days (<10g), so I want to add carbs slowly this week. I have some broth frozen, so I plan to puree a bunch of broccoli into it to have for dinner on my two UDs (Tues/Thurs) this week. On Saturday, I think I'll go back to eating the veggies with my UD dinners. I still stay about about 25g of carbs for the day.

itsmeshelly01 08-01-2010 06:56 PM

Gallon of coffee!!! LOL You sound like me, lord how i love my coffee! 1 can of tuna with mayo and celery would never hold me that long, i dont see you do it.

My homemade chicken soup turned out pretty good. I cooked 3 leg quarters in the crockpot with 1 bag of brocolli/cauli mix, 1/4 of a red onion and 2 cloves of garlic. When it was done i deboned it and took off as much fat and skin as i could then let it sit and get cold and removed a little more fat. I put it into my daily plate and the whole thing is about 900 cals. I split it into 4 servings so they are 220 per serving.

I am finding it too hard to go vlc on DD's. I usually eat vlc on UD's. I guess my body is still not used to just really not eating. On the days i didnt eat much and had really low carbs i got really hungry. I mean, i did it and got thru it and was fine but it was really hard. And then i would get lightheaded and feel kinda nauteous. Upping the carbs with the veggies has made me feel so much better but it could be why i lost 4lbs the first week and only 2 last week, but considering i really didnt need to lose more than that it was probably for the best. And i didnt get the cramps last week either. I bet that had to do with eating more veggies. Well tomorrow will be really low carb adn i will see how i feel.

Yesterday and today i have eaten about 1600 to 1700 cals. so i am really ready for this DD. It still amazes me how much i look forward to DD's. I think there are alot of factors. One thing i really like is knowing exactly what im eating that day. I have it all planned out you knwo so not to go over cals and it makes it easy and just having that control knowing this is it. On UD's its so up in the air. I dont have the control on UD's i have on DD's. Not that i binge or anything but nothing is planned and i just eat whatever is in the fridge. I pretty much know what im going to eat to a certain extent. I know what im eating for breakfast but lunch is kinda whatever adn then dinner sometimes changes. Its snacks that get tough sometimes. I eat some nuts and maybe some coconut bark and get to munching...lol Well, i dont know. Leo, im sure you understand what im talking about with DD's and the rest of you do to. Its just so easy on DD's.

Well, im off to take a nice hot bubble bath and head to bed. I am soooo tired today. I cant wait to get up and go jogging though. I bought me a pedometer too that will tell me mileage and how many calories burned. I'm gonna try for 45 min in the morning. I will ahve to rest a few times but i really enjoy it. I need it since i didnt workout much this weekend.

Have a good evening!

Redeemed 08-01-2010 07:48 PM

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Leo Down Two Pounds!
Attachment 32316
I'm re-reading Dr. J's book, and he does state that one of the benefits of JUDDD is improved insulin resistance. However, I have also read that losing belly fat, improves insulin resistance.

I had two UD's in a row. They were two lost days as far as I am concerned. I had a good DD today, so will start a new rotation today and Monday will be my weigh day. I have my food planned for tomorrow's UD and hope to stay within my 2100 calories for the day.

Leo41 08-02-2010 02:51 AM


I find that the key to successful UDs is planning. I actually plan my UDs just as much as my DDs--although, of course, with more food. I do that because when I began, I would simply 'count' the calories during the day, but I found that they add up really quickly. So if I'm going for a certain number, I want to make sure that it's food that I really want--e.g., I can allow myself a few 'treats' (nuts, almond butter, etc.) if they're planned in advance. Otherwise, I might use up my calories on mindless grazing and not get the nutrients or 'treats' that I really want.

Redeemed eats more calories than I do, but if you check her recent post (above), you'll notice that she, too, plans her UDs.

Redeemed 08-02-2010 06:11 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 32330 Good morning everyone!

Shelly What's the kind of soup you bought at Walmart? Like you, I'm starting to really enjoy my DD's. I actually crave the soups I make; and think about going through the vegetable section of the grocery story and selecting a wide variety of vegetables. Yesterday I had cream of zucchini and carrot soup. I left the peel on the zucchini and carrot, and they pureed just fine. I think for tomorrow I'm going to have cream of beet and carrot soup. I always add a whole onion and garlic. I bought some Almond Breeze to substitute for the milk and will give it a try. If I don't like it as well, I'll go back to using 2% milk. I also bought some low sodium vegetable broth that I will substitute for chicken broth. Vegetables can have a lot of sodium, especially celery. The chicken broth has a lot of sodium also; so I think going low sodium on the broth will help with puffiness.

verbqueen 08-02-2010 09:29 AM

Morning, everyone! I have one down day and one up day under my belt (literally--I carry ALL my fat between belly button and knees-heehee). Today will be my second down day. On the first one, Saturday, I ate an Atkins bar for breakfast and a second one for lunch, then a ground turkey patty with lettuce, dill pickle slices and mustard for dinner. I was hungry, stomach growling, but not light-headed or faint or anything like that. But I didn't mind, because I was so EXCITED to have this new plan to try.

Yesterday, for my up day, I ate 1850 calories. It wasn't quite as much as the website told me to eat, but it was just all I could come up with that wasn't junky snack foods, and that is one pandora's box I don't intend to open.

I really intend to adhere fairly exactly to the calories as suggested for the first two weeks, and I think that'll be easier after I do some very intentional grocery shopping today.

I'm going to follow the advice I read on the JUDDD site and rely heavily on bars, shakes or other prepackaged items for the first few down days, so that I absolutely KNOW I'm getting the correct calorie count. Hopefully, once I get in the swing of things, I can be a little more creative (and a little less chemical-laden) on those days.

I have a feeling this is going to be fun to try, and I'm really, really enthused about it. I woke up excited about this down day!

Thanks for the friendly welcome, and I will check in later or in the morning. I tend to have a LOT to say when I'm pumped up about something, so I'll try not to get TOO long-winded with you!

GME 08-02-2010 09:55 AM

My goodness, this thread started hopping after I left for vacation. So many pages to catch up on. This is great!

There was no way I was going to remember what to reply to, so I did a some quoting for my own benefit.


Originally Posted by Leo41 (Post 13748399)
I started us off for August, and did my weekly weigh in this morning (usually it's on Saturdays, but my DDs have been different recently)--down 2 lbs to 166! I planned to start maintaining (for at least 6 mos) at 165, so this is good news.

Congratulations Leo! This is very good news! :high5:


Originally Posted by NoSugarShell (Post 13728721)
Good Morning JUDDDers!

Wow, it has been way to long! I went on vacation for almost 3 weeks, and I did pretty good on vacation and stuck to JUDDD. When I got home from vacation I completely fell off the wagon! So weird! I don't know what the trigger was, but I haven't been on here at all, so that might have something to do with it.

I did much the same thing last night. I managed a couple of DDs on vacation and "ate reasonably" the rest of the time but then came home last night and went overboard. I don't know what was up with that.


Originally Posted by Leo41 (Post 13737087)
I am 69 (in August), and for years I've only been able to exercise in water.
A few years ago, I had my doctor write a scrip for PT for my legs because my ortho said that the only way to deal with my knees was to strengthen the leg muscles. I do the program in the water (water resistance is like using weights but without the stress), and it's helped me enormously. Certainly losing weight will help, too.

The same thing happened to my husband. He hurt both knees at work and gradually just moved into the office instead of fieldwork (he is a surveyor) and more or less babied them at home thinking that was the right thing to do. A new job opened up that he had been wanting for some time, but no office work. He took it and got back out in the field with much more exercise and his knees are better than ever.


Originally Posted by tay65 (Post 13741591)
I was thinking I would do 1200 cals on UDs and on low days eat lots of protein with alittle fat to be full. I don't like sardines and tuna I can handle to a degree. LOL Thing is, I can only eat it with mayo and eggs mixed in w/ it. So....Idk about that.

I was looking at the recipe thread. Interesting. I'll do this WOE and if I don't see any results I will definitely go to the dr and get some blood work done.

Please do and be sure to read the sticky on the thyroid board about the right tests to get and what really constitutes "normal." I (and so many others) suffered needlessly for too long.


Originally Posted by Leo41 (Post 13743337)
One of my sisters (who died following gastric bypass surgery 10 years ago) went to WW, and very faithfully followed the program. At her first weigh in, she had not lost, and the leader humiliated her, complaining that she's surely "cheated" if she didn't lose any weight. Of course, she immediately gave up on the program and eventually wound up opting for surgery, which killed her at 43.

This might be an extreme example, but I don't think that anyone should "lead" such a program unless they have a professional understanding of obesity issues. I also think that pitting people against each other to see who loses the most is very negative. It will lead some people to dangerous practices--like taking laxatives or diuretics, starving themselves, etc.

I'm sorry to hear about your sister Leo. I read your description of her medical problems in your other post and it seems criminal the doctor did the surgery at all. I think it is all about the money for so many of these doctors that do weight-loss surgery. Many of them are in other, less lucrative specialties and want to follow the profits. I worked for years in college paying claims for one of the big health insurance companies and saw some very disturbing things. I know there are many doctors (probably most) that are in medicine to help people, but the few bad ones can do a lot of damage.

I'm in the middle of a Robin Cook novel about building hospitals that specialize only in high profit surgeries and procedures. I know it s fiction, but his books usually have their start in something true, and as soon as I started reading I realized how many are actually around. My hometown has the same three general hospitals it has always had, but I can't even count the number of specialty surgery centers that have popped up. No complicated accidents, no emergencies that they have to treat before they find out about the patient's insurance coverage, no uninsured coming into the ER.

We went on vacation last week with some very dear friends we have known for years (since elementary school). She had weight-loss surgery 10 months ago and is doing very well. She was in good health to begin with and has taken her follow-up very seriously. We started at the same weight and are within 2 lbs of each other now. We spent a lot of time hiking and walking and had many conversations about our individual journies. She goes to a support group once a week led by a psychologist. She said they spend very little time talking about their losses. Mostly they talk about the emotional side of their weight struggles and issues with food.

She also told me her surgeon's initial bill was $12,000. Her procedure was covered and the doctor is contracted with her insurance company and he got paid $2,500 after his "contracted discount" (which included a hernia repair). I wonder what he is charging patients that are paying themselves? She had her surgery at one of those new hospitals that only does heart and bariatric surgery. The bill was $18,000 for less than 36 hrs and no complications. It wasn't cut back by her insurance company at all.

That turned into a novel didn't it?

I weighed in this morning to see what is up after vacation. I am retaining a lot of water as evidenced by the tightness of my rings and am up 2.5 lbs from my all time low. Not too bad after essentially 4 UDs. DD for me today and I'll count what I see tomorrow as my "real" weight.

:welcome: to everyone who has joined us since I was here las and have a great JUDDD day everyone!

Redeemed 08-02-2010 10:09 AM

Gina Welcome back! Not too bad of a weight increase considering you were gone on a week's vacation. You'll lose that in no time. Isn't it great how forgiving JUDDD is? It's so easy to bounce back.

vanilla_latte 08-02-2010 10:09 AM

Good morning, ladies, I am here. Made your day, right? :laugh:

I weighed Saturday and am 1.5 lbs. over my beginning weight on Atkins 72. :annoyed: It appears Aunt Flo may be making her yearly appearance, so that may account for the gain. But, I've lost no inches and my jeans are snug.

Saturday, I bought that Geneen Roth book and man did it resonate with me. I'm only a little halfway through it. I saw alot of equally positive and negative thoughts on the book sprinkled throughout the boards. Some saw it as suggesting you eat whatever you want, i.e. going back to carbs. I didn't see it that way. My husband would like for me to try her approach as he hates seeing me so frustrated about my lack of losing this weight. I did for one meal yesterday - I've been wanting oatmeal for months, so I had one serving and loved every spoonful. I decided that if I did try her approach, I could do so and still eat low carb.

But, for now, I have decided to try JUDDD again and today is my first Down Day. I'm also starting the ACV drinks and I had that instead of coffee this morning. Fat, not protein, keeps me more satisfied, so keeping within the caloric range will be tricky. Doable, just gotta plan.

I also do better on the Fast 5 approach to JUDDD, so some DDs I won't eat until I get home. Today, I had the ACV drink for breakfast. Half a baked chicken breast is for lunch with a tablespoon of my lc honey mustard mix, coffee with a tablespoon of cream for an afternoon snack. Not sure what dinner is yet.

Hey, verbqueen! :hiya:

Leo41 08-02-2010 10:29 AM

Hi Gina-
Welcome back! I don't want to get on my soapbox, but my sister's boss, a neurosurgeon, suggested that my recent hospital stay of 2 days (cost insurance $25000) was, in his opinion, totally unnecessary. He was with me when I collapsed and said that all my symptoms can be accounted for by dehydration. He says that once I got to the ER, they were probably determined to admit me for 'something' because of the pressure to fill those beds. (He has experienced this type of pressure himself from the hospital where he heads neurosurgery--they keep wanting MORE surgeries and get annoyed when he tells patients they don't need surgery.)

I wonder whether they would have been so eager to admit me if I didn't have insurance? Anyway, I see my own gastro on Wednesday and am interested in his take on this now that he has my hospital records.

Your soups all sound delicious, and the fact that they are low calorie is a real bonus! Because I'm so sensitive to additives, I make all my own stock and broth, and it's really easy.

You don't really have to worry about the UD number of calories that the calculator gives you. Everyone is different, and even Dr. J admits that the UD number is not important--only the DD. If I ate the calories that the calculator gives me, I'd gain! If I were you, I'd eat to satisfaction on UDs and tally my calories. If you're losing, great; if you're not, then lower them a little. If you find you can eat to satisfaction on UDs and lose, then you can even stop counting and just enjoy the day. That's the ideal.

Leo41 08-02-2010 10:49 AM

Why I Love My Endo

I just have to share this with all my JUDDD friends. My endo didn't know me at my highest weight because this has been a LONG journey for me, but he's seen the effects of JUDDD. I've been doing JUDDD for just about 19 months and have lost 88 lbs.

I see my endo every 4 months, and he has been a continual cheer leader as I've lost. My primary, by contrast, has hardly commented at all, but my endo wanted to know all about JUDDD, my low carb eating, etc., etc., and he thinks it's all wonderful, and has entered information about my WOE in my chart--with his total approval of it all.

Today was one of my check ups, and I told him that I planned to start maintaining this month, as I'm in the mid-160s. I added, "I know that's probably too high a weight, but I feel good and would like to stop for a while even if I eventually decide to lose more."

He responded, "Why would you even think of losing more? You look magnificent, and your numbers (from my blood tests) are superb. Forget about numbers and stay exactly as you are."

Is it any wonder I love this man?

Redeemed 08-02-2010 11:04 AM

Leo Any chance we can see some before and after pics?

Leo41 08-02-2010 12:19 PM

As I mentioned once before, I usually avoid cameras--even now, but my sister found one of me when I was quite large. Unfortunately, it's not digital, but my niece knows about such things, and I'll see if I can get her to put it in a form that I can post. We'll see.

Honestly, this morning I folding clothes, and I could not believe that the pants I'd taken out of the dryer were actually mine--they looked so small!

This is all quite a miracle as far as I'm concerned. . . .

peanutte 08-02-2010 02:14 PM

Hi, all! Just popping in here to read what Leo's endo had to say...she told me to check it out. What a happy story. He sounds like a good doctor.

Congratulations on your success, Leo. You have worked really hard and been a terrific example to so many of us.

fjeld 08-02-2010 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by Leo41 (Post 13752367)
As I mentioned once before, I usually avoid cameras--even now, but my sister found one of me when I was quite large. Unfortunately, it's not digital, but my niece knows about such things, and I'll see if I can get her to put it in a form that I can post. We'll see.

Honestly, this morning I folding clothes, and I could not believe that the pants I'd taken out of the dryer were actually mine--they looked so small!

This is all quite a miracle as far as I'm concerned. . . .

Yes, many congratulations Leo! :hiya: (from fjeld, sometimes-poster on the JUDDD thread)

itsmeshelly01 08-02-2010 05:23 PM

Good evening ladies! I had a rough day today. I was so tired and lethargic. Not really hungry just really lethargic. There were a few times i literally thought i was goign to go to sleep at my computer. I think i over did it on the jogging this mroning with it being a DD. My mom suggested i may need to jog on my UD's and do my simplefit routine on DD's and i think i may try that. The simplefit routine isnt near as tough as jogging for 4 miles. That was the most i have done so far. Last week i went jogging on my DD's but only did about 2 miles, this morning was much longer. Im still feeling pretty lethargic and will probably hit the bed pretty early tonight. I'm not hungry though and have eating about 390 cals so that will probably be it today.

Redeemed the soup is by campbells and is called healthy request light. They have quite a few that are really lowcal and lowcarb. I was impressed. They will be great when i dont feel like cooking anything. They even have a couple made with whole wheat pasta that are only 9 carbs per serving and 50 calories. So 100 cals for the whole can. Pretty darn good!

Leo, your endo sounds wonderful! Its very unusual to find a doctor that would be ok with this woe, especially for as long as you have been doing it. Most docs dont even endorse lowcarb eating.

UD tomorrow and im ready for some eggs with mayo and some salmon with mayo for breakfast and lunch. And i think im gonna have a hamburger patty with salad for dinner and maybe some veggies.

Have a good evening everyone and its good to see everyone posting. Missed everyone yesterday.

verbqueen 08-02-2010 08:40 PM

Hi, friends.

I had pretty a good 2nd DD, I think. I started with an Atkins bar (the 150 calorie variety) and some black coffee. For lunch, I had a package of tuna that was, handily, labeled as 150 calories. For dinner, two 40 calorie fat free franks with a squirt of mustard, a 35 calorie hi fiber wasa wafer and a 35 calorie packet of laughing cow lite cheese. And a WHOLE lot of water.

I feel pretty good--had some tummy growling in the afternoon, but that just made me all the more hopeful that perhaps SOMETHING will happen with this plan!

I went grocery shopping and I got some of Shelly's soups (they look great!), some tuna packets, some more meal bars and the fat-free frankfurters. I also got some easy stuff for me to cook for the hub on my DDs, so I don't have to fuss with food too much on those days.

Down days are so limited as to be fairly simple. I'm a little more worried about the up days, for some reason, because there are so many choices. I figure tomorrow, I'll eat my usual Atkins style day, but add some calories. I think I was typically only eating 1300 or 1400 calories on an average day, and I think for these first two weeks, I'll try to do a little more than that on the up days in order to provide a real metabolic contrast for my body. (I will definitely be mindful of your advice, Leo.)

I'm hoping to sleep a little better than I did the first DD. My growling and slightly uncomfortable tummy kept me awake some.

Greetings to everyone I didn't "meet" over the weekend. I'm glad to be here, and really hoping this works out well for me!

Leo41 08-03-2010 04:21 AM

I don't exercise on DDs, and even Dr. J doesn't advise it. Remember that your body uses a lot of calories just for maintenance, and you can get some muscle tone just from moving more purposefully. If you overdo it on DDs, you can really harm your body.

Your purchases sound great. I, too, keep my DDs free of 'cooking' for the most part--tuna or sardines along with eggwhite 'omelets' that I make in the microwave are my basics. If I should have some broth, it's always ready to just be re-heated--no real cooking involved.

By the way, you might want to see how those bars affect you. It was DDs that showed me that artificial sweeteners increase my appetite. I had read that for some people, any AS will invoke an insulin response just like sugar, but I think when I was eating more calories, the symptom was masked. But as soon as I had AS (diet soda) on a DD, I noticed the hunger right away. And the last thing I need on a DD is more hunger ;)

I'm not saying this is true for you; it only happens with some people. But if you should get too hungry, you might consider it.

Redeemed 08-03-2010 06:54 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 32363 Good morning Juddders!

Yesterday's UD went well. I had about 200 calories I was "allowed to spend" at the end of the day and I whipped up in the blender a blueberry/carrot/celery shake with ice, Almond Breeze and NuStevia. DH thought it was delicious. Today will be homemade pureed vegetable soup. I always make enough for DH; and I feel good that he is getting all the vitamins and nutrients that the soups I make have to offer. This week is all goofed up again because I want Friday to be an UD instead of a DD. We are having special conferences at church all day Friday. I have invited my friend of 40 years to come and hear one of my favorite speakers. We plan on going out to lunch between services; and I want to enjoy myself and eat. I don't do well with medium days, but will try my best to make Thursday a medium day, so I can enjoy Friday.

Leo Your weight loss journey reads like a saga! The challenges you have had to overcome makes your success all the more inspiring. You're the backbone of this thread!

JLP How's it going?

Shelly Thanks for the tip on the soup at Walmart. I may try to get a can or two and keep in the glove compartment of my car for emergencies.

Jessica Congratulations on your successful journey so far with JUDDD. Once you start eating the foods you want (other than bars), I think JUDDD will be more enjoyable. The first time I did induction I couldn't wait to get the two weeks over with. However, I have decided to stay on a rotation of UD/DD meals. I feel this gives me more control over both carbs and calories. I hope you find success with JUDDD!

verbqueen 08-03-2010 09:59 AM

Good morning, Leo and Redeemed (and Shelly and all the others). I'm so pleased with how friendly and helpful this group of people is. And so willing to share information. It's funny, isn't it, how different subgroups on LCF develop a real personality and group "tone." Some of the places I've ventured have been friendly, and some have not! And it's funny how one person leaving or one person coming in can totally change the feel of a group. But....I suppose that is a topic for another thread!

Leo, I totally believe that for some of us, even the taste of sweet can create a blood sugar/insulin response. In fact, I've read studies suggesting that for some, even looking at or thinking about sweets can trigger a reaction. That whole mind/body connection is still such a mystery.

I was mostly using the bars because Dr. J pushes the idea so hard on his site. But realistically, I think I know how to count calories skillfully enough not to really need this safeguard. Yesterday, I had two meals that weren't bars or shakes and I believe I stayed well within my 500 calorie limit.

Gotta run--doing music at VBS this week. Have a good Tuesday, everyone.

Redeemed 08-03-2010 10:55 AM

I tried the Almond Breeze instead of milk for my soup today, and I liked it much better. My son is over cleaning today (he cleans for us once a week) and asked what made the soup so creamy. I think I will search the threads for homemade almond milk or cashew milk and make this on my own. I wonder though if I will be able to get the calorie count correct?

Shelly I hope you are feeling better today, and less lethargic.

Jessica Have fun at VBS!

Leo41 08-03-2010 12:43 PM

I've done DDs from the beginning with real food because, like you, I'm a good calorie counter--plus I rely on things that I absolutely know the count of--i.e., no estimating. I tried to use shakes at first for some of the DD, but my body doesn't seem to regard liquid as food, and I didn't want to absorb calories that my body refused to accept as food:laugh:

I've read on LCF of people making their own almond milk, but I'm not sure exactly how. There might be something in the recipe section--or you can ask there. I assume that if it's just a matter of pulverizing the almonds, you could judge the calories from the almonds themselves--i.e., if there's only an addition like water, the total would be the total of the almonds you're using.

Sorry I can't be more helpful because I'm too lazy to make it myself.

Redeemed 08-03-2010 01:15 PM

Leo It looks like the recipe is quite simple: soak nuts overnight; add water with a ratio of 1:4 and blend. Some people put a date in the bottom of the milk container for sweetness. It seems homemade nut milk is higher in calories. Almond breeze has gotten their calorie count down by adding other ingredients.

Leo41 08-03-2010 01:40 PM


Do you mean that they use 'fillers' other than the nuts to keep the calories down? I bought some almond milk from Netrition a while ago, and I could swear (but I try not to swear:-) that the label read just almonds and water, but I could be wrong (I tend to be a label reader).

If you consider the cost of almonds, it might be cheaper to buy the almond milk--but only if those fillers are healthy things.

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