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Redeemed 07-01-2010 07:48 AM

July JUDDD (Alternate-Day Diet)
July JUDDD (Alternate-Day Diet)


July JUDDD--We can do hard things!
JUDDD/Alternate Day Diet Thread (

Getting Started

There are two phases: weight loss and maintainance. To lose weight, calorie intake on the “down” day is limited to 20% to 35% of daily calorie requirement, although it is strongly recommended that calories be below 25% when starting a weight loss diet. To maintain weight loss and for optimal health, down day intake is kept at 50% to 60% of calorie needs.

Use the following tool (go to Dr Johnson's website for this) to calculate the down day calorie requirements. There is a strong tendency for overweight individuals to overestimate the "Activity" level, thereby allowing themselves high calorie allowance on the down day. To avoid this problem, for the first two weeks, you should consume no more than 500 calories on the down day regardless of your activity level.

Please google Dr. Johnson's site to find the Up Day Down Day Calorie Calculator

*This calculator provides an estimate of your calorie requirement so that you can determine your down day calories. The "Normal Calories" shown may be more or less than you actually feel like eating on the up day. The important principle is to adhere to the down day calorie limit as closely as possible. You do not have to eat all the calories shown as "Normal Calories".

Hunger Management

The key to success on the down day is learning what works for you. Remember that you can eat tomorrow.

Diet Stress

Other diets require daily reduction in calorie intake or limit the type of food eaten. This requires intricate meal plans and menus, cooking separate meals, and often more expensive foods. This wastes a lot of time and creates great stress. With the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™, you are allowed to eat whatever you want on the up day and your choices are greatly simplified on the down day, markedly reducing stress.

Energy level/mood

We have observed a consistent, measurable dramatic increase in energy level which is noticeable within 7-10 days which peaks around three weeks on the diet. This is consistent with animal studies in calorie restriction. This is a desirable and reinforcing sensation which encourages you to keep going.

The Up Day

On the up day, you can eat anything you want and as much as you want, but do not intentionally over eat.

When starting out, it is important to not concern yourself with up day calorie intake because of the phenomena of diet stress and diet fatigue. Focus on staying under 20-25% on the down day.

Based on animal research, the type of food eaten on the up day is unimportant compared to adhering to the down day calorie limit. This will activate genes (SIRT1) which set in motion the beneficial processes which produce optimal health.

The Down Day

It is important to commit in advance to a certain number of calories on the down day. We strongly suggest 20 – 25% for the first two weeks, but find that 30 - 35% is more tolerable for some people for a prolonged period of dieting. The lower the calories on the down day, the better, but the most important thing is to find a caloric intake you can comply with on ongoing basis.

We strongly suggest using only commercially prepared shakes in the first two weeks. Later, prepared foods with the calorie content marked on them can be eaten.. This is critically important to help guard against the universal tendency to underestimate how much we are eating.

Body Weight

How much you lose depends on several factors, the average in our study was 2.5 pounds per week, more the first week or two.

You should weigh yourself only on the morning after a down day and not more often than once a week or fluctuations will lead to frustration.

What People On The Diet Have To Say
“I will never diet any other way. I lost 30 pounds three years ago which I have kept off without the awful feeling of being on the diet.” – Heidi P.

“There was never a time in my entire life when I wasn’t wheezing from asthma until after being on the diet for two weeks.” – Theresa G.

“I couldn’t walk 50 feet without resting. After three weeks on the diet, I spent all day walking around the shopping mall.” – Ellen M.

“My rheumatoid arthritis got better 31 days after starting the diet.” – Judy L.

For more information, visit Dr. Johnson's website, or read his book,
"The Alternate-Day Diet: Turn on Your 'Skinny Gene,' Shed the Pounds, and Live a Longer and Healthier Life."

Redeemed 07-01-2010 08:01 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 31300 Good morning everyone! Happy July!

I am so looking forward to my DD today after yester's high UD. I will be having marinated tilapia fish and a nice green salad. DH will be happy as he is a fish lover. He is Finnish, and his mother used to prepare a lot of fish dishes when he was growing up. Congratulations,GrammyPat on your successful DD. Have a great day everyone!

Redeemed 07-01-2010 08:26 AM

Bumping to get this on top of the June thread.

GME 07-01-2010 08:31 AM

Thanks for the new thread Redeemed. I can't believe it is July already.

Interesting DD Leo. It seems like when I figure out the best way for me to do DDs I try something else and that works better for awhile. Lately I have been waiting until afternoon and having a small something at 3:00 or so and then dinner. The 3:00 something doesn't feel like it needs to fill me up since it is just a snack, but it takes the edge off at dinner time so it is much easier to eat a light dinner. If I eat at 7 on the night of an UD and 3 the next day that is a 20 hr fast too.

I'm not sure where I read it (maybe on the Eades' blog?), but there is a plan where you fast every other 24 hour period. So you might eat the first half of the day Monday and then the second half Tuesday. They said it was pretty easy because you never go a day without eating and you can work it around your social schedule pretty easily. Doesn't sound too bad if you can keep from overeating at what might feel like your last meal.

Our JUDDD "almost fasts" tally up to 36 or so hours. I wonder if that makes a difference?

UD for me today. I'm headed out for a run in a bit and then I'm going to do some sorting/organizing later this afternoon. Good times, good times.

Have a great JUDDD Day everyone!

Leo41 07-01-2010 09:34 AM

Thanks for the new month, Redeemed!

Tomorrow will be my last scheduled DD for a while, since I'm off for London (and our Baltic cruise) on Saturday. I say "scheduled DD" because if the opportunity presents itself, I will take advantage and have a DD on vacation.

That happened during my Hawaii cruise, but I didn't plan it then, and I don't intend to plan anything now. What I told myself (and repeat now) is that this vacation is about relaxing, pampering myself, and seeing new people and places. It's not about food (although I'd like to sample the cuisine in each country we visit).

I've worked too hard to get this weight off to allow it to return, and I also know from my February cruise that I can have a really great time without focusing on food and eating. As I have said before, the real benefit of JUDDD for me has been my sense of control over food (whereas for most of my life I've felt controlled by food).

Redeemed 07-01-2010 10:37 AM

Leo You do know how to live! Wow, a Baltic cruise! I hope you have a wonderful time. My husband and I would love to go to Finland and Estonia, as he can speak the language. We're still rebounding from our son's college expenses; but hopefully in a couple of years. I have been saving for a new car, so a cruise will have to come after that. Hope you have a wonderful time.

I am going to try an experiment next week of going to the 30% mode of JUDDD, and see if I lose for the week. This would make DD's quite painless at 711 DD and 2369 UD. Along with doing this, I'll cut my carbs to 50. I ordered some bread from Julian Bakery that I used to eat when I did low carb. The bread is delicious (more so than store bought bread) and should help keep me on track. If I just maintain my weight, I'll give it another week or two to see if I start losing. My objective in this is to try and make JUDDD as easy and enjoyable as possible so I can stay on for the long term.

GME 07-01-2010 12:12 PM

Have a great time Leo. That sounds like great trip. I love London and the good news for us dieters is the food is not that good. :laugh: Who would put butter on a cucumber sandwich and drink everything warm?

Redeemed, it has never really occured to me to figure what my 30% level is and see if I lose there. That would make things easier. Since I started my thyroid meds I do seem to be able to lose now so it might work for me. Hmmmm

Redeemed 07-01-2010 01:22 PM

Gina Our thyroids might function better at a higher number of calories. Even if the weight loss is slower, I think in the long run this would be a better way to go about JUDDD.

Leo As long as Gina brought up the subject of food in London, I will say my experience of eating Finnish food was not at all exciting. The food I tasted was very bland, except for the fermented milk (Kiefer). I do love Finnish flatbread though, which I know is something you wouldn't eat because of the grains.

Leo41 07-01-2010 04:15 PM

As an academic, I led a very frugal life; all my 'vacations' were professional conferences. So in my old age, I'm indulging myself a little more. This Baltic cruise is actually my niece's high school graduation present, since she just adores Disney cruises and wanted to go on this one. We could pay for at least her first year of college with what this is costing:cry:

I spent a lot of time in London years ago, but I haven't been there for the past 25 years. I know that the food is not particularly tempting, nor do I expect much from our other stops. I just like to 'sample' the local cuisine whenever I can. We have a luncheon menu already selected for our St. Petersburg visit (part of the private tour we're taking), and it's high carbs/higher fat [all the choices were similarly rich in fat and carbs]! Since I have to be careful with my eating since my recent hospitalization (still not finished with tests to identify the problem), I figured that I'd just 'taste' in these places with a tablespoon of each dish.

I return on the 18th (late) and will report on how my plans worked out!

I hope you and Gina can both manage the higher calories that will make the plan more 'friendly' for you. I've never lost without low calories at any time in my life, but now in my old age, I actually feel more comfortable with restricted calories, and I'm not too worried about managing maintenance.

GrammyPat 07-02-2010 05:08 AM

Just poppin in to say
keep us posted on your experiment Redeemed and Gina! I'm very interested to see how it works for you; you guys can really come up with some clever schemes for JUDDD! I've just been keeping my DD calories below 500 and not really tracking my UD's; it never occured to me that I might be able to slightly increase the DD calories especially on the really hard DD's - hmmmm

and Bon Voyage Leo! With all of the weight you've lost, I would think you'd feel more mobile and sightseeing should be a lot easier for you. Best wishes for a wonderful trip!

I'm off of work today and Monday for the July 4th weekend; today is my 3rd DD this week. Yesterday's UD was a little over the top - again just like before. I really need to plan those UD's better to include good food instead of junk!

We're having a July 4th cookout at the house on Sunday so today should be busy getting the place ready, and doing food shopping and prep. My husband is very supportive of the DD's and he doesn't really expect big meals, which is nice. I hate to cook on DD's..:laugh:

Leo41 07-02-2010 11:06 AM


Think health on those UDs, and it might help you avoid junk. Since my weight loss has been so very slow, I've transitioned from thinking only about loss to focusing on eating for good health. That mind set really helps eliminate any 'temptation' from junk.

Yes, with my weight loss I feel very energetic, but, alas, I'm not much more mobile. I've been resisting knee replacement for years and may actually have to get the operation this winter. With my rampant arthritis (feet, back, as well as knees), I really can't walk much, but I arrange my 'touring' around my disability. I use a scooter on the cruise ship (amazing how big those vessels are and how much walking is involved), and I often arrange private tours on land, as I have for St. Petersburg, where the tour guide will accommodate my lack of mobility. Each of the Scandinavian countries have the 'hop on/hop off' tour buses, and we've always found that a good, quick way to see a city, getting off to check out some of the special sites.

Since 9/11 I've had to get wheelchair assistance in airports because I can't stand for long or walk distances, and the lines are a nightmare for someone like me. On the positive side, using a wheelchair takes a lot of the 'pain' out of the airport experience:rolleyes:

Sorry if this is so much more than any of you want to know!

Leo41 07-03-2010 02:51 AM

Weekly Weigh In

Scale showed 171.5 this morning. That's just 2 lbs for this month, but it also shows the power of JUDDD because this has been a crazy month for me, and I've only been doing a few DDs. I was away at a conference during the first week of the month, and although I seemed to lose a little with just low calorie/low carb, my weight bounced around during the following week. Then I wound up in the hospital, and I think that experience got my body off kilter.

So I'm not really disturbed at the small loss. I hope to get to 165 and then maintain for at least a year before I decide whether or not to go any lower. I actually could settle at this weight, since I'm the lowest in my entire adult life (since age 15!) and wearing a "medium" in most things.

Today I'm off for London and boarding our ship on 6 July. My plan is to return at this weight or less. There's more to life (and vacations) than food!

GrammyPat 07-03-2010 03:47 AM

Bye Leo
Have a wonderful time Sweetie! No, your information was not more than I needed to know; thank you for sharing. I feel as though I know you better. I'm looking forward to reading your posts about this new adventure for you! Thank you for the guidance: you're right! My focus should be on good health and quality of life instead of the scale. Let's see if it works this time around!

Have a great 4th of July everyone!

Leo41 07-03-2010 04:33 AM

It helps that I have to watch calories even on UDs (they add up so fast!), so another way to resist temptation is to ask, "Do I want to waste my calories on this?" Since I focus on getting in enough protein with my limited calories, the answer is always "No" to junk stuff that doesn't give me nutrition for the calories.

The reason for my emphasis on protein is that I want to lose fat rather than muscle, and if the body doesn't get sufficient protein, it takes it from the muscles.

I hope to be back here on the 19th with a full report on my adventures!

Redeemed 07-03-2010 08:31 AM

Bye Leo, we'll miss you!
Looking forward to your reports. I remember when you first started JUDDD, and couldn't lose at first. I felt so bad at your discouragement. You certainly know how to press in to goal!

GrammyPat The month of August is usually hot and humid in Minnesota. If that's the same where you live, it's good you will get well into JUDDD before the humidity so you can breath easier. I so glad JUDDD helps you with your respiratory system.

Tomorrow is weigh in. I don't know what to expect as I have had two really high UD's. Last week I thought I would have a whoosh but only lost a pound. I got away from weighing myself a couple of times in my life and really got into trouble weight wise. I think I will always have to weigh once a week. Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July.

ouizoid 07-03-2010 08:43 AM

Leo--have a fabulous time! Also--even with the medical problems, remember that as we get closer to goal it is so much harder to lose--so those 2 lbs this month are actually stellar!

Gina, Redeemed, Grammy Pat, J, all you other Judders--have a wonderful 4th! DH and I are going to spend the night in San Francisco and get out of the heat here at home--

I have one more week before I leave for 8 days in Northern Idaho (Priest Lake), swimming, kayaking and boating and hiking--can't wait!

I have been quietly increasing my weightlifting and HIIT routines--and can see a big payoff--much much more replacement of fat with lean muscle--I am staying off the scale however! But I tried on a pair of size 6 pants the other day that fit and weren't too snug! Of course that could be due to vanity sizing, but what the hell, I'll take it :)

By the way--My DD's have turned more into IF--where I don't eat til 3, which limits my calories but not too much. Between thyroid and weight lifting and binge eating tendencies, I am trying to modestly reduce calories without too much restriction (for me). I can see doing some version of this forever!

OK--off to the gym. Happy Fourth and safe travels to Leo


ouizoid 07-03-2010 08:46 AM

LOL Redeeemed! Just got your PM! Yeah--I finally figured it out--if a JUDDD response shows up in my subscribed threads, I just respond without paying too much attention. Silly moi!

GME 07-03-2010 08:57 AM

Leo, a 2 lb loss after a conference, a trip to the hospital and all those days of not JUDDDing (although I realize it was not a feast time) is :cool: There have been many months for me where my total loss was 0. Have a great trip!

I am really not trying to be one of those wackos that has every disease they read about on the internet, but now I think I have low iron. I've posted about my thyroid problem and treatment here I know. I found a great doctor and feel MUCH better, most of my thyroid symptoms are diminished or gone. Some remain and I have this other weird thing going on he has been trying to get to the bottom of. I feel fine in regular day-to-day activities, but when I try to run I feel like my legs are made of lead and I get out of breath very easily. More even then when I started running 2.5 years and 50 lbs ago. I kept hoping it would get better as my thyroid meds increased, but I think it is getting worse.

I woke up early yesterday morning and started googling my symptoms (which I had done several times before) and finally came up with the right combination of search terms and found A BOATLOAD of articles on runner's anemia. The symptoms are exactly what I am having. I checked the labs from my thyroid doc and my ferritin (which measures your stored iron) is on the low end of normal, but much of what I read says atheletes need to have their's much higher. I checked out the RDA and iron counts in common foods and I don't think I am anywhere close to getting that much per day. I need to see my PCP next week for a regualr checkup so I'll ask her to run the other iron tests to check it out for sure.

Weigh-in today and I am down 2 lbs since last week and finally back to sig weight. Now the real fun starts. I haven't been below this weight in over 20 years. I have a feeling my body might try hanging on to it's friends the fat cells.

UD for me today and I'm going to try eating some clams (very high in iron). I have never had them outside of dip and chowder. Have a great JUDDD day everyone.

GME 07-03-2010 09:01 AM

Ouis, that trip to Idaho sounds like a great. I've only been a couple of times, but Idaho is a beautiful state.

How tall are you? A six (vanity or not) at 166 is great! You must be made of muscle.

Redeemed 07-03-2010 09:10 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Gina and Leo Attachment 31348 Congratulations - down two pounds! Attachment 31348

Gina Glad you are getting to the bottom of your symptoms. I get short of breath and have sore legs if I'm getting too much thyroid meds. What kind of iron will you be taking now to get your levels back up?

Ouis Attachment 31348 Size 6!! I don't ever remember being a size six. Good for you!! Attachment 31348

ouizoid 07-03-2010 09:34 AM

Gina--take care of yourself--get that iron tested!

I am a supermesomorph. I weigh a huge amount for the sizes I wear. I have extremely dense bones (a good thing since i am so hypothyroid!) and big muscles and narrow hips with big legs and arms--I wear like a 12-14 on top because I am super busty--I wear small pants, but am embarrassed to show my legs because they are large. Your basic german body I think, lol. When I was at my highest (above 230--I don't know because I refused to weigh)--people would never ever have guessed I weighed that much--and I think I wore size 18 pants--weird, eh? How different are bodies are? How different weights mean such different things? I think at my lowest weight (post *******) I was 156 and wearing a size 6 pant.

GME 07-03-2010 09:52 AM

Thanks for the fireworks Redeemed. I just picked up a basic iron pill (and some C, they say it makes the iron absorb better) at Target. I don't want to do too much since overdosing iron can cause problems and I don't really KNOW for sure (since Google is not actually medical school). I did spend a ton of time reading the iron content on nutrition labels in the grocery store. Did you know dark chocolate is a pretty decent source of iron?

Ouis, I have never heard supermesomorph before. People have always told me I don't look like I weigh as much as I do, but I think they were just trying to be nice. Interesting. I also don't remember a size six. I went straight from a Pretty Plus 16 in the kid's dept. at Sears to size 13 in jrs (which looking back was too tight).

Missouri_Librarian 07-03-2010 06:45 PM

Hi all...I just have a curious question, and please dont stone me for not knowing the answer as I am sure it is in the beginning of the thread on the the JUDDD website, and i apologize in advance,,,,but will this plan work if on your up day you do not get up to your allotted calories??....I am just having the darnest time putting as many calories into my body that every tool online says I should....Just curious if this woe works if you dont hit your calories on your up day??...Thanks for any info you could pass on

Missouri_Librarian 07-03-2010 07:08 PM

whoops, never mind, I just found my answer on the website...sorry

GME 07-03-2010 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by Missouri_Librarian (Post 13654890)
Hi all...I just have a curious question, and please dont stone me for not knowing the answer as I am sure it is in the beginning of the thread on the the JUDDD website, and i apologize in advance,,,,but will this plan work if on your up day you do not get up to your allotted calories??....I am just having the darnest time putting as many calories into my body that every tool online says I should....Just curious if this woe works if you dont hit your calories on your up day??...Thanks for any info you could pass on

No stoning here :laugh:. I see you found the answer.. but not only do you not HAVE to eat all the calories it says, many of us have found we can't and still lose. I don't count calories on my UDs, but I can't just eat whatever. I try to keep it a "regular day" more than an "up day" or I don't lose. I can maintain pretty well though so I have that to look forward too.

Welcome to the thread.

Missouri_Librarian 07-03-2010 09:03 PM

I am trying to determine if this is something that might break my stall as it seems I am at a stall for 3 weeks now and am beyond frustration..A quick background on me is that since I began my journey on 2/1/10 I have been eating very low carb meaning basically meat and eggs only and have done under 5 carbs daily since day 1...I stall with cheese so very rarely do I add in cheese, once in awhile on a burger...I never eat breakfast, just as I even growing up was never a breakfast eater....I also have eaten very low calorie as that seemed to work best for me...My calories daily range from 500-1000..Some days they may go lower if I am not hungry, and maybe 1 day hit 1100, but never more than 1100 one time...I just am not hungry and meat fills me up...I alternate between fatty meats and leans meats or whatever I am hungry for..I also do days of eggs only when the mood hits me, but never over 5 eggs as to not go over my 5 carbs...thats my background real quick

Someone suggested I increase my calories daily, but I have tried and just cannot seem to get them up that high..My bmr says they should be close to 1650...there is no way I can imagine eating that many after eating so low for so many months...

I am not sure this plan is for me either as I am already such a low calorie eater daily....I would still keep my carbs below 5 on my up days and not sure how high I could get my calories...sorry I am talking out loud here, am just looking at my options to break my stall and see what fits into my current woe..thanks again for the kind welcome

Redeemed 07-04-2010 04:30 AM

Weigh In
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Attachment 31362

Happy 4th Everyone! I'm down two pounds this week. I have been on JUDDD now for two months and have lost 20 pounds. I work until 7:00 - so will still have plenty of time to see some fireworks.

Missouri Librarian: Attachment 31361 The UD number is a guide so people don't overeat. I usually eat up to my number of 2100 counting calories only. Some people have broken stalls with JUDDD - Leo is just one example.

GME 07-04-2010 08:54 AM

Redeemed, Twenty pounds in two months is fabulous!

DD for me today, which feels kind of strange for a holiday but we don't have any plans involving food so it doesn't really matter. We moved away from our hometown a few years ago. Before we did, we had the big house with the big yard out in the country so we had a big party every year- fireworks, BBQ, corn, homemade ice cream on peach pie, the works. Now the 4th is low-key and quiet.

My son is in the little, local parade this afternoon. We'll have dinner at home and then go to the bluffs and watch the crazies set off fireworks on the beach. It is illegal, everyone knows it, and every year the posters go up about the giant fines and tough enforcement and every year TONS of people go down and set them off. It turns out to be quite a show.

GrammyPat 07-05-2010 06:48 AM

Congratulations Redeemed!
Way to go! your clothes should be looking kinda baggy on you now :laugh:; time for a shopping trip! how fun!

We had a big 4th of July cookout here for friends and neighbors and I ate like it was my last meal. We had so much good homecooked food, it was too hard to pass up! So today is a much needed DD with lots of water on the agenda!

Did you see those gorgeous fireworks on TV for Macy's? I've never seen such fireworks; they were amazing!

Oh, and my breathing has improved so much after 3 good DD's last week! We're in for a heatwave here; over 100 degrees every day this week starting today! Hope it's cooler where you are!!!

jlp2009 07-05-2010 04:45 PM

I just want to know how one does NOT eat 500 calories in a day? I wish I could do that!
What's the secret?

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