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mykneesareback 03-07-2014 08:18 PM

Let's see if the weather dudes and dudettes are correct, they say we should get some rain here on Saturday.............0.24 inches..........ha ha ha!

See you in the AM.


ocali 03-07-2014 09:35 PM

After days of beautiful warm weather, tomorrow morning is supposed to be in the 30's. My plan is to go to the monthly breakfast, hope I don't freeze.
Sunday will go to a lunch and show honoring those over 85 years old. (Not me yet). Monday is our street supper at yummy Chinese restaurant. Lots of social things I hope to go to in the next two weeks. A fish fry, singles dinner, Mexican restaurant, and a strawberry festival. Not planning to go to the Mardi Gras doings.
I bought weed n feed for the lawn and will spread it when it warms up a bit. The park has started the summer schedule for mowing ruining all the weeds.....lol.
My daughter is planning to fly here from San Diego next month and we probably will drive up to visit son and some of his family in So. Carolina. They are now vacationing in Peru.
Ta ta for now. I am also thinking about Verleen thinking of the possibilities why we don't hear.

Norfolk Mermaid 03-08-2014 03:13 AM

brr back to bed here
holding a spot in line. beautiful morning star this mornin- make my wish.

SuSUN 03-08-2014 05:43 AM

Getting in here earlier than yesterday. This will be a primer for tomorrow morning with the clocks going forward.;) I have work tomorrow too!

Have the Walk group this morning with coffee, breakies, and chatting afterwards. We don't do much walking at this time of year just around the Mall. I love the summer walks in the river front park.

DS is in Tel Aviv today. He has a full day ahead going to all the sites Mount Olives and such. He said his layover yesterday in Kiev went without a hitch and he said it was a very nice airport and nice people.

Julie, Good to hear from you. Enjoy those activities. You are so lucky to have so many to choose from. :up:
I am sure that you must have done the sites in Israel that DS is doing today and tomorrow. It is just a weekend world wind tour with his job.
I hope to be in Florida March 19th, so will contact you after that date to meet up for lunch. Hopefully Ginny and Glenda can make it too.:up:

Norfolk Mermaid 03-08-2014 06:56 AM

I'mmm bacccck,
up at 5: but still painfully cold so after enjoying the morning star that was so big I thouht for several minutes it had to be a ???? I made my wish and fell back asleep gazing at that star.
My colon so far is not adjusting to the Atkins but am pretty sure all will be calm in a few more days. All else feels so much better- I guess carbs are just not that good for me or for sure in the portions I cannot resist having them.
60's later on today so the house will warm up. Laundry Matt absolutely 7: am tomorrow or Monday so I' ll do a last search for item to go and load them in the Cherokee which has a huge amount already in there. At least a couple of the 80 pounders so it will go fast- I learned the last times I had to go to partially dry everything so they will be way less heavy and finish them up in my dryer or on hangers.
Enough for now- I sure do wish we could hear something from Verleen or her family. We suffered like this with Jezzy as well.
Mary Ann is still (I think) broke up with Danny- we are supposed to go for a few drinks and split an appitizer at a bar tonight- we'll see.

mykneesareback 03-08-2014 08:42 AM

Good Morning!
Begete, have you found Relief! yet this am?? My 101 yr. old mother swears by half a glass of warm to almost hot water, every morning, before you even think of eating anything. Just another tip..............to add to your list. How are the cats doing, and how did they do after you and John left, with the feeder?

Lainey, hope all your laundry gets done, smoothly and without any hitches at the laundry mat.

Susan, isn't that wonderful, the kind of job your son has, to be able to see things all over this world? Well, silly question, of course you are pleased, lol. Hope you get up with no trouble in the morning, and the people you deal with, also get up on the right side of their beds.

Julie, I would love to live where you do, with so many choices to go here or there, only if you feel like it, or not. I'm glad your San Diego daughter is coming, and you get to visit South Carolina again. Good luck with the lawn fertilizing, some people here have begun doing that, too.

Louise, how are you doing?

I wonder about Verleen, also.

We had fun yesterday, grandson just tickles us, with the things he says and does that are amusing. Son and dil came over around 7 pm, so we could eat together, since she will be gone all next week, she does enjoy Philadelphia, since she doesn't have to drive there. We will be pinch hitting with grandson a lot next week, and that is why we moved here.

Have a good day.......:hiya:

Mssarge 03-08-2014 09:23 AM

good morning y'all...a bit of success, new dog, Bella, has been very skittish and hasn't let me touch her, tho' she did take food from my hand Thursday night. Last night she decided it was time to calm down a bit and came into the bedroom. It wasn't too long until she was on the bed and letting me pet her. Then she laid against my back and slept like a log; probably the first real sleep she's had in a couple of days. She was still there this morning, and let me give her good morning scratchey's. So we've turned a corner. We'll see how it goes today...so far she's keeping her distance again. Now we'll work on the wee gifties.

Nothing planned again today so will finish up the taxes I started yesterday; not looking too good as I think I'm going to owe Uncle Sam quite a bit. Same last year but I got more back from the state than I paid on the federal. Don't know why I've set it up that I pay more to them. I'm thinking I'd better get that changed for next year.

Drawomg a blank, folks, so going to finish the coffee and type ya later...

Begete 03-08-2014 10:48 AM

Yesterday I went chemical and took Ducolax. I was really suffering. This morning got some relief.

I have this problem when my morning routine is interrupted. I have to sit at the computer when I wake up and relax and have my cup of coffee until "movement" occurs in my intestines (sometimes takes an hour or two of gravity).

But Thursday, DH spent 1/2 hour in the bathroom, and when it was my turn, was telling me to "hurry up" or we would miss the ferry.

and since we were staying overnight in a hotel on the mainland, my routine for Friday was also not routine, so I was in quite a lot of pain by yesterday.

Thanx for all the suggestions.

Loretta V 03-08-2014 10:49 AM

Doris I think I will try your mom's tip drinking that glass of warm water. Just 1/2 cup should go down easily.

Finally the snow is melting off the drive way (1000 feet long) John had to use the plow to get some of it removed. He had a nice visit with his son that came for a quick visit. I was happy to meet him.

Glad you have that Florida trip to look forward to Susan. Have a great time and lunch with our gals. Safe travels.

2001MaryT 03-08-2014 11:33 AM

Haven't checked in for a few days. I need to be more consistent, or I'll miss news, like how is Verleen doing?

I'm having a few issues -- have a wound that is slow healing from the lumpectomy, and the radiation can't start until it closes. It's getting better, but way too slow for me!

Saw the doc yesterday and she was thrilled with my A1C of 6.0! I am too. I try to tell her it's due to low carb, but she's not a fan. She feels that carbs are essential, and I know better. But, the proof is in the results, I'd say. :)

It's going to be in the 60s all this next week! Maybe, just maybe winter is over in Yakima!!!

modon69478 03-08-2014 12:11 PM

Hi Everyone,

Overcast and 50s here - Had an eye doctor apt this morning, and then finally made it to the grocery store. Went a little crazy there, but I know it won't go to waste. Am ready to start the laundry and read a little. Will be going to out to dinner with friends this evening - it should be a lot of fun - there's 12 going!

Glad to hear that things are going well for all of you - Enjoy your day!

Mssarge 03-08-2014 04:36 PM

Oh Michele that sounds like fun...it's been a long time since I've sat down to eat with that many people...I'll have to see if I can get such a group together. What's on the menu?

I spent the day with the taxes and cleaning out the paper drawer...hate that paper chase. I toss all paper, receipts, bills, bank statements, etc., into a drawer then clean them out at the end of the year...I know, should have a better filing system but I just hate dealing with paper. I've good news and bad news with the taxes, tho'. Bad news is that I owe the feds a lot of money, but the good news is the state refund will pay for it. I guess I'd better get that straightened out and have them withhold more. Last year I got refunds from both, but it's certainly different filing as a single rather than a partner.
Now I've got the dust up the nose from all those papers, so maybe that will be enough to get me to change the habit. Feels good with the temps near 80, and I';ve had the doors open most of the day...maybe that's what attacking my sinuses.

Going to set my clocks ahead now, which will confuse me this evening, but that way I won't be rushed....better for me to set them in the sunlight, tho'. I've an early call in the morning what with the start of DST and services starting early. Probably won't be checking in in the morning, so I hope you've had a good day, and that great things come your way tomorrow...

Norfolk Mermaid 03-08-2014 05:35 PM

I changed the kitchen clocks and will the bedside one
before bed but the wall one in the living room is a pain to change so I'll wait till day light tomorrow.
According to my new Easy Atkins Book I have the "Atkin's Flu"- not feeling good at all. Electrolytes out of whack and need a whole lot more salt with meals and plenty of bullion. I get a pass to have V8 juice and get to add 5 more grams of carbs to my daily total till I feel a bit normal- I am guessing 2 or 3 max days... that will be my weih day so I am hoping to have a normal tuesday then weigh on weigh day as planned. Looks like I pretty much eat Atkins but my portions are much too big. I will fill the fridge with salad makings and lots of fresh blue cheese, parm strips, maybe fetta- will have to check.
Nothing on TV yet again and might down load a movie but a little tired.
Mary Ann called me from a bar wanting me to meet her but I told her I did not feel well at all and was so sorry because I loved being with her and I do- she is such a character- bubbly and fun like I used to be.
Verleen is in my prayers every day. God bless you Verleen.
bbl or t
bbl or tomorrow.

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