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mykneesareback 01-21-2014 08:51 PM

WEDNESDAY'S Hump Roll Call, Jan. 22
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Let's do it again :shake:

Stay warm!!

Begete 01-21-2014 09:40 PM

We had an exciting night. We got here around 1:30 in the afternoon. Set up the RV, opening one of the slides for the first time which really confused Red and Blue (now officially and unfortunately aptly named Reddington and Bluebeard). All of a sudden their space nearly doubled in size.

We went for a soak in the hot mineral springs, visited briefly with friends from previous stays here, showered and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Blanca.

Came home, managed to get back in the RV without either cat escaping. Sat down to do our email, when all of a sudden we are surrounded by fire truck, police and ambulance.

I guess that is to be expected at an over 55 "and better" resort, but somewhat disconcerting. I guess we will find out what happened tomorrow. It's always a relief when we get here and see that the same people survived another year....

And sad that some did not....our January friend, Alice, lost her husband during the year, but her kids drove her here in her fifth wheel, so she could spend time with her winter friends.

LoveMontana 01-21-2014 09:56 PM

Just marking my spot again for Wed.

Doris, thanks for the start off. LOL Stay warm???:hyst: Right now it's 0 and going down.

Babette, Love those slides, and am happy your two cats do too.
How many do you have? Our little bus has only two and I dearly wish it were three.

Oh yes, ambulances, fire trucks and medics are expected after age 55. Sh*t happens.:dunno:

See everyone tomorrow, perhaps.;)

Norfolk Mermaid 01-22-2014 06:50 AM

wind chill near 0 here....
beautiful snow everywhere though- now that is a treat.
hold my spot.

mykneesareback 01-22-2014 07:04 AM

Good to see so many here already!

We miss the snow! lol But where we used to live, there isn't any, either.

Begete, how nice to meet up with lots of other people you remember from last year, when do you get to see Gabe, this weekend?

Linda, how is the Glen, can you go there, if you had a hankering? ;) Thank goodness for Lowe's and Home Depot to walk at. My dh won't ever go to Target again, so he says.

Waving at Lainey, enjoy the view outside your door!

Mary, records being broken there for number of "dry days", oh joy.......

Off to do the duty, the doctor saw the picture they took of my husband for his records file, and it was so bad, he ordered them to take a new one! He looked awful, no smile, looked like a person going to prison. If they give dh a copy, I'll try to scan it, priceless picture.

weezie 01-22-2014 07:32 AM

Good morning all-

It's -1 F with a wind chill of -19. I did walk the dogs last night but will leave it to Bob to do this morning. He had a gig in Manhattan last night and, for once, the city got more snow than we did.

Nothing special planned, other than keeping warm!

I'm finishing off a knitted cape for Genna's doll (Genna is my 7 year old step-grandaughter). It is bright red, edged with white fake fur yarn and I must say the fake fur adds a lot. Will try to post a photo once I finish.

Have a great day everyone.


P.S. I'm seriously considering moving to a warmer climate. Enough already!

BeachyWoman 01-22-2014 07:55 AM

Weezie, come on down to FL. LOL its cold here today too, but at least we know it will be short lived. The sun warms up my kitchen (where I stay most of the time).
Doris, I relived the time spent at the cancer center after your post. We saw the same people day after day...made some friends but didn't keep up.
Lainey, enjoy the snow, I imagine you cuddling with the kitties. I keep my heated mattress on for Mikey. He gets under the comforter and stays there for hours. Just a lump on the horizon.
Begete, we have the firetrucks and rescue here on this street at least once a week. We are mostly an aging community...but its changing...sad and reminds me of my own mortality. LOL
Linda, eek on your temps...my nose would be froze.
Waving to the rest of the troops, hugs to those that need them. Stay warm. Glenda

Mssarge 01-22-2014 08:58 AM

Good morning all. Nuttin' planned for this day except clean out the fridge (again), get second rooster comb shot to the right leg, and dinner for the sister missionaries tonight.

I've dinner for the elders tomorrow, think we'll go to Sizzler's for them (they can't come to the house as I'm alone in the house...this summer we'll be able to do BBQ on the patio, tho') Still trying to figure out what'll be for dinner tonight...thinking of Southern dishes; BBQ baby back ribs from the freezer, hoppin' john, and a twist on Mormon Funeral potatoes made with spaghetti squash. (yep, you can google that name and find 'em...a casserole of shredded potatoes). Of course, it'll be lemonade (lemons from my tree) instead of sweet tea...lol.

Babette, so glad you and yours have arrived and are off the roads. I love to travel and don't worry at all about me doing so, but always worry when friends and/or family "move on down the road." BTW, I consider strangers I meet are simply old friends whom I never met...looking forward to next week.

Lainey, hope you're enjoying the sight of your snowfall, and not working yourself overmuch clearing it off the sidewalks, etc.

I saw the weather casts last night and am watching the morning show now. DH was hooked on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough et al, and even Way to Early...which precedes Joe. These start at 2:30 our time. Although our political views were 180-degrees opposed, I like watching them, too. Way to Early keeps me abreast of what's happening on the east coast and Joe keeps me current on the opposing forces...lol. But I used to record it so Don and I could watch together...he enjoyed the show so much he wanted to watch it twice....go figure.

Anyway, that was just an explanation of why/how I keep abreast of what's happening back there...this storm looks like another good'un. Sorry you guys are getting hit so hard, and really sorry we're not getting any of it. Stay hunkered down friends, and warm and safe.

Hugs around to all and still sending those good vibrations to all and healing thoughts and prayers for those friends ailing or in need of a special hug. Have a great day, all.

Norfolk Mermaid 01-22-2014 09:12 AM

hahahahaha- shoveling... noooo don't think so. It is already melting from the sun even though the temps are in the teens.
I need to run hot water in the bath tub for the pipes just to be on the safe side and will run the dish washer in a few hours or wait till tonight and just run the sink with hot water.
Made sketti sauce and dividing it to human portions cause if I don't I would eat the whole vat at one sitting. Portion control WORKS so well. Really came out yummy and got about 7 portions for the freezer.
Having a giant naval orange from Sam's for my brunch.

mykneesareback 01-22-2014 01:04 PM

Louise, where would Bob be able to get live "gigs", if you were serious to move, has he checked cities out at all? Have you lived in New York your whole life long?

Loretta, is it still so darned cold there today, or will this spell keep on for several more days, so it's no fun to go walking?

Looking for a banana bread recipe, dh has a "yearning" for some........

birdlady 01-22-2014 02:37 PM

Sunny and 60 very nice,no wind.
Got the feed into the barrels and fed the birds.Didn't do much else today.Time to eat main meal of the day,never eat before the animals.lol
Louise,how is your pants coming out.I made jackets for the boys but never pants,now I don't even sew on buttons.
Alyssa killed her first deer,had to act happy but I'm against hunting even though I know that it's good to thin out.

modon69478 01-22-2014 02:56 PM

The news folks are going nutsy over here in central Texas - snow showers expected Friday with all of a quarter inch accumulation. Our fair city has a hard time driving on dry pavement let alone wet, slick streets. Put on your crash helmets!! :)


Begete 01-22-2014 03:13 PM

Good afternoon, everyone. I was so tired, I slept in til almost 10 am. We watched the PBS documentary on JD Salinger last night, and I just could not fall asleep. So I got up around midnight and made myself a cup of tea with amaretto, ate 4 cookies......

Then we decided to walk to the closet little grocery store for a newspaper and there and back is at least a half mile. We need the exercise after pigging out and sitting while driving for 5 days strait.

Linda, we also have 2 slides. We had been using the bedroom slide each night which one has to do pretty much to access the closet and both sides of the bed, but we never opened the dining area slide before yesterday. One really has to be careful about cats and slides as the stories of cats getting killed when slides move in and out are pretty horrible.

Mary, what are Mormon potatoes? And was Morning Joe too liberal or Too conservative for you? Lol. I am so sick of broadcasters yelling at me, I do not watch either Fox or MSNBC anymore except when Rachel Maddow is on. This sounds very strange coming from someone like me who is Jewish, but the station we watch when we want non opinionated world news reporting is Al Jazeera. I keep expecting them to give antiSemetic viewpoints, but so far they seem to just report the facts as they are happening.

Oh well, time to get in some sun and hot mineral water soaking. Have a great day, everyone.

SuSUN 01-22-2014 04:02 PM

I had to change my Avi to get some colour.:D
We are starved of colour up here. This white stuff is getting old.
Our temp last night was minus -36 and that is without the windchill.
Today it was a high of minus -21 and overnight minus -25 those are without the windchill too.:stars::hiya:

I wish I could fly off to Florida soon. DS is just getting his place set up and then he will be flying off to Europe for 3 weeks work. So it might not work out quite yet. :dunno::confused:

Keep WARM is the word for Everyone right now.:hugs: :heart::hugs:

LoveMontana 01-22-2014 06:33 PM

Susan, can't you just fly down, get a place and wait till your son comes back to see him?

Babette, you will love the extra space with both slides open. Just watch the cats when you are closing the things. If the cats aren't contained, they could get crushed.

Yikes Michelle, you must live in a place full of aggressive drivers.:eek:

Congratulations to Alyssa, Gladys. Good that she is able to hunt and provide food for herself. The way things are going, we may all need to learn to hunt,fish and provide for ourselves.

LOL Doris, so sorry DH has soured on Target. It can happen in any store. Hopefully he will get overt it.
Banana bread, eh? ;) Sounds good.

Not going to the Glen in this damned cold weather. It's bitter.

Mary, I'll have to google Mormon Funeral Potatoes. Spaghetti squash is so versatile.

Lainey, your area is very fortunate to have escaped the brunt of the storm.
NYC with the new communist mayor got dumped on with up to 14" and he isn't plowing much of anything.:D

Glenda, at least you can take comfort in the fact that your cold spell won't last all that long.

Louise this cold and snowy weather is enough already.
How about a picture of that cape when it's finished?

Hope I didn't miss anyone.

Off to Watch Hotel Impossible. Love that show.

mykneesareback 01-22-2014 06:53 PM

Begete, wouldn't it be funny if your cats preferred living in the motor home to being at your house? When you mention walking at night, I'm thinking cold, but I guess where you are, it ain't cold!! dh found Al Jezeera too, prefers it to the rest, also. They have a better weather report, too, which is what he likes the best.

Michele, our weather guru's also mentioned the possibility of some snow/ice and frozen variations, and dangerous driving, especially in Houston, too. We notice when it rained, people went nuts here, speeding along as though it was just a regular day.............like Los Angeles drivers, lol. :hyst:

Susan, wish you could just pack up and leave, too!! What awful temps, I guess you are used to it though. Do you ever see some of the ladies you hiked with on the weekends?

Off to finish up a kitchen chore, just got out of the shower.

Have a good night, friends!!! STAMPS, if any body buys stamps ahead of time, the price will go up 3 cents after the 26th., so order or buy now!

Mssarge 01-22-2014 09:56 PM

Hey y'all, just checking in again...dishes in the dish washer, and pots and pans washed and on the side board. I use the dishwasher only when I have guests; usually I'll just sink 'em.

Dinner was very good, still introducing new dishes to my Mormon missionaries...tonight was hoppin' john and corn relish for something new, BBQ ribs and wings, Costco's sweet kale salad, and the squash. Funeral potatoes are a casserole dish which is very popular...our escalloped potatoes. Cubed or shredded potatoes in a cheesy sauce, with panko crumbs on top, browned in the oven. Since I usually low carb and I haven't really found a dish for spaghetti squash, I thought I'd try it...pretty good, actually, although the sisters didn't comment on it. Apple tartlets for dessert, and I made apple sauce as there's never enough apple for me in commercial tarts.

I had just had breakfast when I got a call from a new friend who wanted to go to lunch at the Thai restaurant I've told her about...told her I had just eaten but would go and have soup. While on the way I remembered this is the only place in town that makes Som Tam, green papaya salad, so had that. We talked for a couple of hours and I had to run to my doc's appt.

She wanted to talk about an issue that she has brought to the attention of both the city and county and had a meeting today with the city engineer and a group of his people. Unbelievable to me, the water (rainfall) in the hills above her house go into storm drains but empty out of the onto the hill right above her house. This has caused a flood plain about 400 feet wide, with gullies being cut many feet deep, and sand washing down and the buildup is also feet deep. I cannot understand how this has been allowed to happen, and it's decades old. Why Nancy hasn't attacked this problem before I'll never know. I'm also wondering why there has not been multi-dollar lawsuits over this...I'm just shaking my head.

To make matters worse, where the drains empty is right beside one of the huge city water tanks...if that tank should ever develop leaks, the water would come gushing down the hill. We have several wells in this area which help supple water to the water district. Thus, there a few such tanks around town.

Doris, did you find your banana bread recipe? I'd be glad to post my mother's if you'd like. I also have a recipe for the world's greatest zucchini bread. (BTW, the first thing I baked for my husband...we weren't even going together yet...we were celebrating his birthday at our work...was banana bread. Instead of using the two bananas it called for, I just threw in all the ripe ones... maybe six to eight. sigh! sure was moist.)

Susan, (and all our snow/cold-bound friends) the mantra is....spring is just around the corner....spring is just around the corner...spring is just around the corner. And all our Texicans...the second day of rain is not as bad as the first...the first one just raises the oil up off the streets, so everyone can slide around...of course, it doesn't change the mentality of those other %^^&*&^ drivers that don't know how to drive in the rain.

Have a nice sleep, and I'll see you in the morn..

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