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mykneesareback 12-16-2013 08:41 PM

TUESDAY'S Roll Call, Dec. 17
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It was good to see Louise posting, wishing her to have a restful night, watch some tv in that bedroom now, too!! ;)

I've been rushing around all night, most of the day, and I'm pooped. Tomorrow is doctor appt. for dh, and another on Wednesday, so I've been writing down his meds that need to be changed, cancelled, or new prescriptions done, the liver doctor wants less of some and more of others, lol. Driving us nuts, well, maybe driving ME nuts!

Take it easy, friends.

Begete 12-16-2013 09:25 PM

Thanx for all the support everyone. I sent the doctor a letter that was so hot, it may burn down his house. I do think it was he office manager that screwed up though, and the hospital. When you say to blast them on Facebook, HOW?

It was great to see Louise posting. Hey, my little problem is nothing compared to what our Louise and her DH have been going thru. I am just angry as heck!

Doris, thanx for the start, and Mary, those mini quiches are among my favorite appetisers, those and the spanikopita they also sell as Costco - sporatically.

Costco often drives us crazy when we try something out, like it a lot and then they stop carrying it. Two examples: bread crisps and Belgian chocolate wafers.

mykneesareback 12-16-2013 09:29 PM

Begete, you post on Facebook, to your friends that live where you do, about just what you told us, and they will answer what they think, make sure to name the place you went to, for starters. Maybe others will come forward and tell their tale of woe, too................same as lousy service from any business that you pay for work done, or NOT done. :dunno: :shake:

I gotta get to bed!!!

LoveMontana 12-16-2013 10:11 PM

Thanks for the start off again Doris.
Sleep well and have a good day tomorrow.

Babette, hope you get some kind of apology from that Doctors office.

Not much going on here except it's pretty darned cold. Minus 2 last time I looked.

Sleep well everyone.

mykneesareback 12-17-2013 07:03 AM

Running in to wish everyone a GOOD day today!

Take care of yourselves, please. :shake:

Verleen 12-17-2013 07:34 AM

Oh my Linda, its below zero here too. Molly By Golly and I are holed up in my warm, toasty bedroom. For some reason, that room stays nice and warm. It would be extra great if it had a kitchen too in here. Our kitchen and the bird room are the coldest rooms in the house. Rich kept telling me the birds were fine in there. I raised holy cane with him and he put in and turned on a baseboard heater. He doesn't want Molly up in bed with us and there's enough fight in me to make sure she's with us and nice and warm.

I do have to make a trip to the actic kitchen to make New England Boiled Dinner. That's an easy one for me to make. I should wear my long down-filled coat when I do cook that dinner.

Susan, are you below zero too? Its best that Linda, Susan and I stay in and weather out this cold spell. It would be great if you all could make it to my house which is too huge for 3 people. We could have wine, cheese, apple slices, etc by the fire.

Louise, I've been thinking of you and glad to hear you seem comfortable. I hope you are warm enough. You aren't that far from my actic freeze.

Babette........go get em' :mad:

Doris, how's your Texas weather. I suspect the dr trouble will follow you whereever you go. :hugs:

Okay, folks, take care of yourselves today. I've got to put more clothes on and head to the kitchen to start the NE Boiled Dinner. Then its back in bed for me.

Mssarge 12-17-2013 08:35 AM

Good morning all, all I can say for all y'all that's in the hands of that cold front is "brrrrr." Try to stay warm, dry and safe. It's seems like you just can't get a break. We've another cut-off low droppin in on us this week and our temps are going to drop 20 degrees for a couple of days, then right back up. We're hoping for a little rain but it won't be much. This is the driest year on record for SoCal.

Verleen that boiled dinner sounds so good. I love corned beef but my DH didn't so I haven't cooked it for a long time...there I go, assuming it's the corned beef you're making. Sorry the kitchen and the bird rooms are so cold; seems kind of contrary as the kitchen is supposed to be the hub. But, very happy your room is the warmest, must be fate.

Hugs to all...I've the sister missionaries coming this afternoon and the Christmas luncheon at my old work place. Not sure I'm going to that, tho' as I'm finding myself drawing away from my AFN-family...no one from there is contacting me, not even my old "running buddy." Oh well, that's life, isn't it? You leave one place and go to another in this life.

Also numbered in our celebrity losses is Ray Price, the country music star. This ol' country-music fan will miss him although he hasn't been on the scene for a long time I'll still bring out the records and remember him, too.

Guess I'll get moving and welcome the day...waving to all and sending hugs, good vibes, and consolation for all who need 'em...

weezie 12-17-2013 08:43 AM

Good morning all-

Arctic weather is right! We had 5 degrees F as the overnight low and now it is up to a whopping 16. Dh found his silk long johns which he wore under flannel lined jeans to walk the dogs this morning. Very glad he can do that chore. I have no wish to venture out until it warms up a bit.

The kids in our district have another snow day today, having had 2 last week. My friend Lauri, a schoolteacher, is concerned because they only get 4 snow days each year and it's not even 'officially' winter yet. Whatever extra days they use have to be made up at the end of the school year.

Verleen, that NE Boiled Dinner sounds great! I'm thinking about asking Bob to make a crock-pot stew later. I have pork tenderloin and butternut squash to throw in for something a little different.

To put things in perspective, my friend and former employee Julie is in Sloan Kettering recovering from surgery for a brain tumor in her right front lobe. She has lost function on the left side of her body, but the doctors expect that to come back with physical therapy. She is doing very well and expects to be released to a rehab center on Friday. They've already started physical and occupational therapy and she was waxing enthusiastic about the arts and crafts center at Sloan - was able to do some mosaic work yesterday which she greatly enjoyed. She will require chemo and radiation, but we are all so thankful that she is doing so well. Julie is in her mid-40's and her relative youth is on her side with respect to recovery.

I'm going to go read for a bit and probably take a nap. It's a sleepy, snowy day just perfect for napping.

Have a good one all,


Shalbrihil 12-17-2013 12:06 PM

Hi everybody! I'm still here. Just a little behind. Don just put a turkey in the oven so I'm going to put together a banana orange shake for him. He's such a good boy doing that for us to last a couple of days. Last night when I took the fur boys out for a potty break around 1 am I noticed some nice ripe oranges on our tree by the slider door. So I picked some as I waited for the boys to get all there smells and duties done.

Try to stay warm during your freezing weather. Hopefully our drought will be over soon. Right now as Mary has mentioned we are still in the 80 degrees temp.

Love seeing that full moon. :)

mykneesareback 12-17-2013 12:29 PM

Good to see your post, Sharon, been wondering how you guys are! Sound like you are doing fine, just keep wearing the summer clothes, lol.

Verleen, your house sounds so amazing, but typical for those old houses, in time, you will figure out which door to shut, door to leave open, and how high to heat or not heat. Good thing Rich put that heat thing in the room for the birds, though! Hope your New England boiled dinner turns out well.

Louise, stay warm, under the covers in that bed, and watch some tv if you feel like it, it sure sounds like a good day to nap and rest up.

We did the doctor thing, with only a few snafu's with paperwork, and then we shopped at "Half-price" books or whatever it's called, found some things for Silas there, and then went to a Stein Mart, I've heard of this store for years, but never been in one, and it's about a mile away. dh bought me earrings, and found something for daughter in law. Mailed off the package to Calif., so now are almost done, except for local wrapping. Have to dig up Birthday paper for grandson and son, almost forgot.

Begete, how are you doing today?

Waving at all of the rest of our CREW here :hiya:

modon69478 12-17-2013 01:21 PM

If it wasn't so far and so cold, I'd be on my way over for some of that New England boiled dinner. It sounds so good - but, since it so far and so cold, and I'm still feeling puny, I'll stay right here :)

This cold is still hanging on and the fever and cough are very annoying. I've got to make it to work tomorrow!


mykneesareback 12-17-2013 01:32 PM

At the doctor's this morning, they made everyone with a cough/cold wear a mask, and rub that junk all over their hands, they said the flu is spreading like wildfire around Texas right now, and warned people who had a fever, they had to wait 24 hrs. after their fever was over with before going out again, because they were still contagious..........some people laughed, it is the same thing they say to school kids. Sure hope you get better fast Michele, but if you feel badly, stay home, don't let it get into something worse. I remember you had something like this before, over the holidays, New Years, etc., several years ago. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

mykneesareback 12-17-2013 04:06 PM

Verleen, can Boston Terriers take the heat at all? Just curious, dh is interested in maybe getting one next Spring.

Begete 12-17-2013 04:49 PM

Thanx for asking, Sharon....still mad as hell, but down a pound!

Verleen 12-17-2013 08:50 PM

Sharon, I'm sorry I didn't know you were sick. I hope you get better real soon. :hugs:

Michele, I hope you start feeling better. Those fevers take so much out of us. :hugs:

Doris, Boston Terriers do not do well in very hot or very cold conditions. Alot of that has to do with their nose structure and is true of all breeds that have those 'pushed in' faces. Our house has been very cold today and getting worse at night. So Molly will be sleeping up in my warm bedroom. I just informed Rich of that. :hyst:

I hope it starts warming up some. I can't stand this extreme cold. It was minus (-)22F. Every year my neurological response to cold gets worse. This year, for the first time, I'm having spasms, like muscular dystrophy type. Its getting hard to walk. The NE Boiled Dinner came out very well.

Shalbrihil 12-18-2013 10:59 AM

Huh?? I'm not sick. All's well :)

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