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mykneesareback 12-13-2013 07:35 PM

I need to get a wiggle on and boogie a bunch of Christmas Cards out the door this weekend...........but only one package to mail off.

It was so danged cold and rainy this evening, when we went out to eat with the kids, felt like when we lived up in the mountains again.
Glad you are home, safe, and hopefully WARM, Michele!

See you Saturday morning, I'm going to bed and read the new Reminisce magazine that just arrived today, excitement here at the house!! :D

Wishing you a good night!!

Verleen 12-13-2013 09:10 PM

Hi Doris and the rest of our clan. Welcome to our newbie :newbie:

It has been so darn cold that I am housebound. Otherwise, it may be an ER visit for me. There is some Christmas village set up that Cathy wants to show me but we need the temps to be a bit warmer because I have to view it outside.

Friday, Cathy and I got all the electrical elements to the village straightened out, except for a set of lawn ornaments that won't light up. I'll tackle that tomorrow. My housekeeper, bless her heart, was at a loss to fix the electrical connections. It took Cathy 5 minutes. Also I'm going to start getting all the wires hidden as much as possible and taped down with white electrical tape. Once that's all done, I'll scatter the mica snow all over the scene. Its starting to look so nice. I put up the Nativity Scene today too. We still have to find a way to hook the angel to the peak of the stable.

I am alone for a good part of the weekend as both Cathy and Rich are working. I may have Rich go get me a sub for dinner for later in the day. And I have a little tree for my dining room table that I need to finish decorating. So I will have plenty to do between naps.

Susan, I hope your pain is better this weekend dissappating to no pain. It is so kindhearted of you to consider the age and needs of your older dog. Bless your heart. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow. Got to head for bed now.

mykneesareback 12-14-2013 06:39 AM

Verleen, setting up that Victorian Village seems a lot like setting up an electric train set, and all the signals, bldgs., etc. It all looks so nice when it's done, but it's a pain to do all the "behind the scenes" stuff for sure. Do you at least leave it up until mid January? Hoping you get some food brought to you today.

Susan, did you get a good nights rest, for the most part, I hope so.

Christmas card writing marathon today, the kids and their guest are coming tomorrow to eat, and just have some laughs, so want to get things done today. I'm not going to bake until next weekend, so the stuff does not dry out, and I don't want baked goods just "hanging around" here for a week.

Pleasant day, friends, get those errands done, hopefully, if you have to venture out today.

Louise, are you having your procedure on Monday?

modon69478 12-14-2013 06:48 AM

Good Morning All,

Lots to do here today - pick up dog food, bank, grocery store - then lots of laundry to take care of - then, going to a friend's birthday/star gazing party this evening - will sleep well again tonight!

Sending hugs to Susan, Louise, Verleen, and anyone else whose under the weather.

Stay warm and enjoy the day as best you can,

modon69478 12-14-2013 08:03 AM

Whew! Just ordered nephew's Christmas present - just in time!

Norfolk Mermaid 12-14-2013 08:35 AM

Good morning to all and later too. Thankyee Doris.
Warmer today but no sun and the coming rain makes it feel colder than yesterday even with yesterdays colder temps.
Love that doggie Michele.
Need my coffee- slept in and tardy with the day now all day.

Mssarge 12-14-2013 08:57 AM

Good morning all. Warm and windy here again but the x-spurts have dropped the expected temps off the 85 back to "just" 80...chuckle.

One of the ladies of the church texted me yesterday she had been at the dentist Thursday and Friday, several hours each day (we'd made tentative plans to go for a walk Thursday) I invited here over for dinner...I'd just put a chicken in the Ninja. Told her if she didn't feel like eating, I'd make some soup for her....but she ate a normal dinner. So we ate, we talked, and we got to know each other better..'twas good to have the company. She's driving me tonight to church Christmas dinner which is a good thing, I guess.

Waving at all and wishing you a good day.

Begete 12-14-2013 09:46 AM

Good morning.

Day # 2 of prep for Monday's colonoscopy. Grrrrr

Nothing at al planned except trip to grocery store.

Susan, is the pain you are experiencing what you were told to expect? I hope it gets better soon.

Have a good one.

mykneesareback 12-14-2013 10:32 AM

Begete, how far is your local grocery store from where you live?

Michele, yes, last minute online buying for me today, too. Enjoy the star gazing/birthday celebration tonight!

Mary, how nice, to find a friend who drives at night! ;);)

Lainey, those damp, cold days keep me drinking the coffee and puttering around, hope you don't have to go to the store on a Saturday.

dh set up my new record player, but I haven't used it yet..........it is just a bit smaller than the old phonograph player I have from 1902, lol, except this one plays CD's and cassettes. We have 11 cassettes that we bought at a huge sale when they were going to quit making them, and we never opened them to play them, because the car cassette player died on us just then.

:console::console: to everyone, needed or not.

SuSUN 12-14-2013 11:15 AM

Good Saturday All,:cool:

I seem to have turned a corner with the pain. :clap: I didn't expect it to be this long and this bad. The last 3-4 days were the worst. I am ahead of the pain now and I am keeping the meds coming. I think I was being too skimpy on the meds. So hopefully that hurdle is over with.

DS just called from Florida. He has narrowed it down to two places, a 3-bedroom and a 2-bedroom. I think he is going for the 3-bedroom, so I can visit with him for longer stays.:D
DD is at the grocery store picking up a few errands for me and she will be here shortly.:up:
With increasing the meds I cannot do very much they are slowing me down.
I guess that is the trade off.

Babette, hang in there, the prep is the worst part, as we all know. I find the fasting is the toughest for me. I am not a fan of broth n jello. This time tomorrow is will be all over. So keep your focus on that.:hugs::hugs:

Doris, YOU will have some fun listening to those unopened cassettes. What a treat for you both. :up: Thank you for the hugs.

:welcome: Back Home Michele, Glad you made it safely back. I am sure you will be toasty warm back home. Thanks again for your thoughtful Get Well card.:up: I certainly can feel the circle of support.

Mary, Enjoy your Christmas dinner and outing tonight. Great that you have a driver too.:up: Makes it less stressful then you can enjoy the company more.

Lainey, We will both be playing catch up with the house today.;)

Verleen, I hear ya on staying indoors in this arctic freeze, best not to take any risks. Even my old little dog knows not to venture out in this.

Waving to ALL :hiya: and hope to check back later...:heart:

Norfolk Mermaid 12-14-2013 12:21 PM

Thanks for those hugs Doris.
I am drowning in debt and have to go to the bank and try to settle my two credit cards as the bank interest will be much less. I never had debt in my life... but making up for it now. I have over draft ins. at the bank but it looks like I will be a 20.00 or so over before the next S.S. deposit. This will be the worst Christmas since my divorce over 18 yrs ago. The house-over 50 yrs old and Cherokee- over 14 yrs. old both paid for thank heavens. My parents paid off the house many years before they died and I bought the Jeep with cash. I can only bring myself to talk about this here. I will hang on with all my might and am thankful that I do keep up the payments paying way over the minimum each month but will have to cut back those payments for a few months or more to be able to have money to live very frugally for a time- which I already do of course. I WILL feed my two cats- Ms. SuSun is tiny and does not eat that much and Aaunt Jane really enjoys the Meow Mix and a bit of the fresh stuff so it OK to spend that.
I think the dreariness of the day has got me down so I will put on some music and turn on a lot of lihts- amazing how much that helps and of course coming here means a heck of a lot.
Mary Ann's "Old Dad" locked her out of the house last night and I full expected murder and mahem over there. She was in my kitchen livid at 2: am and then marched over there and set her SUV alarm off to wake him. He had even turned on the house alarm. I understand because my Mom was like him or worse but back in the day when most people did not lock their front doors I would just go crash on the neighbors couch till morning. Still no word on all of her test so she is wound tight. She will be with her Danny over night tonight so she can relax for a while I hope. Her daughter in Charleston, S.C. is worried to death and so is Danny but he is still sharing the same roof with his divorcing wife and that makes her as crazy as you can be and still be at large. Some times I believe that "drama" stalks me and all I want in life is to be like that bull that sits and sniffs a flower. Seems like I am having to endure fresh ELLS on a daily basis these days.
The beautiful words in the e-mails and texts from Raymond and his daughter are the only things keeping me from the abyss. My darlings the cats are a blessing for me as well.
Now! yall all have a great day. I did buy 1 Mega Million ticket for 5.00 and now have 47 cents in my pocket to last till Jan. 3 rd. Dear Lord and all the Angels please let it be your will that something gives with my debts. Amen

SuSUN 12-14-2013 12:48 PM

DD just came to drop of a few groceries for me. She was frozen. It is minus -18C today and with the windchill -31C, she is going to the hair salon, so afterwards she will feel it with no hat on. It is her DH's office Christmas Party too bad they always freeze at this time of year.

Lainey, :console::hugs: and :aprayer::aprayer: that you will find a solution to answer your prayers.

I am getting to a few chores but moving a slow a molasses in December but keeping the meds coming.

Hope this Arctic Air Mass passes over us and away soon.:dunno:

Doug_H 12-14-2013 04:25 PM


Norfolk Mermaid 12-14-2013 05:02 PM

Thanks Susan and Doug.
I done worried myself into a bout of nausea so I ate a couple of peanut butter crackers.
I hate living in a house and driving a Jeep that I am ashamed of- Libra's like nice stuff. Of course a good cleaning up hides a lot of ills so that is what I am trying to do these days. I love the rain but some times it will bring me down and down is for sure not who I am. I am so blessed to have the people on here.
Thanks again.

Mssarge 12-14-2013 08:40 PM

oh lainey, :hugs::hugs: I know what you mean when you talk of the dark days of winter...it really helps to have a few bright lights on, particularly the daylight ones. I'm afflicted with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) myself so I know how you're feeling...that's why I try to stay busy in the dark days. Of course, it doesn't help to have the rain so you can't get out. :hugs::hugs:

My new friend had to respond to an emergency and so was unable to drive me...I kept insisting I could drive myself, but she made arrangements for someone else to do so. Coincidentally, it was the wife (grandmother) of the family that took my Buddy, so we had something else to talk about.

The Christmas dinner was absolutely wonderful...lots of good food, good people, and lots and lots of work to do. Of course, I volunteered in the kitchen and stayed so busy I hardly took to the time to eat. But it felt so warm, I was blest.

Susan, I'm so glad we don't have such cold weather down here...of course, what a strange world that would be if it got so cold in SoCal...hope you're staying warm and glad the meds are working. Sometimes we don't take what we should because we're such strong women (hear us roar!!)

Hope everyone is feeling good and great things came your way...hugs to all

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