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mykneesareback 12-12-2013 08:50 PM

FRIDAY'S Roll Call, Dec. 13
Good to see Verleen posting again, would love to see that Victorian Village, I used to want something like that, but no room, no time, etc.

Susan, hope you took your extra meds so you can get a good night's rest!

We have to go see that skin surgeon Friday afternoon at 1:00, not sure how much of dh's ear area will be affected, yet. Hoping to get to the Mall for one store that dil likes, to get her gift there. Trying to get done with shopping.

See you in the morning!

Begete 12-12-2013 09:56 PM

No weekend plans here, Verleen. I have a colonoscopy Monday, and the prep starts Tomorrow!

Have. Good one.

LoveMontana 12-12-2013 10:12 PM

Boy am I ever glad I don't have to shop for Christmas gifts. :stars: It must be a real PITA.

Doris, Sure do hope G's skin cancer on the ear won't be too bad.

Babette, that prep is a B*tch but the procedure is a piece of cake. Mine only took 12 minutes so with no sedation, I was able to drive home.

Tomorrow is laundry and some cleaning. Hopefully the storm the predict won't be too bad.

mykneesareback 12-13-2013 07:41 AM

Linda, hoping the next storm won't be so bad, but what can yah do? :dunno:
Walk safely, too, is it crowded in the store when you walk?

Hi Begete, hope the time passes quickly for you this weekend!!

dh talked to a gal from the office who said something about removing the ear lobe, but it isn't right on there, and dh wouldn't really tell me anything more, and they wouldn't talk to me..........

Wishing everyone well today, or able to rest, if needed.

Norfolk Mermaid 12-13-2013 09:40 AM

ood mrning- learning to text- slow go.
Raymond called from Arabia and I am besides myself with joy. The connection was horrid- I thought satilite connects were supposed to be great? I have picked Lavender Blue- Sammy Turner and You are just too good to be true- think the four seasons.
Filled the wrought iron bird bath that the birdies favor and within an hour it was re-froze. Not used to this kind of cold here- heat is only putting out about 1/4 but I am dressing warm and am fine. Da*n falling apart house.
Mary Ann has no word of cancer test yet- sonagram and punch biopsy and blood test of every imagnitation. I am voting that she has ANOREXIA and gave her the name of the wonderful Chaplain of my cancer support group and the caregiver support group number. At the "Happy Hour" the other day I noticed her hands with every bone protruding- like the bony hands seen around at Halloween. Anorexia has been in my mind for months but I only told her last night and gave her a good talking to telling her the next step would be re-hab and IV feedings AND OF COURSE DEATH. If you saw her skin you would cry! It is like a 100 year old woman. So very sad but treatable.
Need to get a going. Want to dig out the front door Christmas Wreath but thinking to wait for a little warmer- garage is ICY.
Everyone have a BLESSED DAY!

Mssarge 12-13-2013 10:27 AM

Good morning all. Nadine is coming to town today for her four-year-olds shots so will be taking her out for a bit of shopping then driving her home. Sure hope I can do so and get back here before dark...that two-lane highway is difficult for me to drive at night...dang these eyes.

Lainey, sounds like good advice. I wish you well in both relationships.

Doris, hope everything went well with the DH's appointment and that everything is well.

Begete, I agree the prep is the worst part of it...although my docs won't do the test without anesthesia, so have to take a driver with me...don't know what I'll do for mine next year.

Verleen, we love to hear from you and I, too, would love to see your Victorian Village. It sounds beautiful and so Christmasy. Keep us in mind and check in whenever you can.

Waving at all to follow.

Guess I'd better get moving, gotta feed the tail-wagger and get dressed...have a great day folks. Stay warm, dry and safe and will type ya later

Mssarge 12-13-2013 10:39 AM

BTW, Rachel Ray's show this morning was very interesting...cooked a large pot of ratatouille at the start of her show. Then, later in the program showed how to use it in three different dishes; stuffed peppers with a ricotta cheese topped with the veggies and more cheese; stuffed baked potatoes topped with the ratatouille and more cheese; and a quiche, lined a pie plate with prosciutto, a layer of the veggies for the crust and then the egg mixture with more of the veggies...each looked so good (or maybe I'm just hungry after the down day.)

More reasons for using that lovely ratatouille recipe in the Rosedale recipe file. Just thought you'd like to know.

SuSUN 12-13-2013 10:57 AM

Oh Doris, that must be frustrating that no one is discussing anything with you. YOU being the greatest caregiver in the World too! :clap::heart::hugs:

This pain management is a tricky business.:dunno: I take the meds and get sleepy. I try to space them out and the I feel the soreness and get urrrgh; angry! Oh well, so it goes, hopefully next week I will see more improvement.

We are in the deep freeze again today, a clear blue sunny sky, :cool: (my favourite) but frigid, even my little doggie refused the door this morning, so it was clean up on isle 5 with his little pee pads Ha!:love: I guess these are his Senior years or months and he needs a bit of pampering.

Nothing much on my agenda today. DD will be over this aft for a visit before going to school to pick up DGD. She has her riding lesson again tonight, so lots of driving to and fro for DD. Her DH gets back from Turkey sometime today too.

Waving to ALL:hiya: and hope to check back later as I am not going anywhere...unless of course I fall asleep.;)

Loretta V 12-13-2013 01:34 PM

Doris those HIPPA laws are really restrictive. Hope you get some kind of information.

Checking in here, been busy SHopping, Linda. Got the job done and the presents wrapped, will be celebrating this Sunday.

It gave me a feeling of accomplishment.

mykneesareback 12-13-2013 02:07 PM

The reason I wasn't told anything, the lady on the phone was giving my husband his skin test results, and isn't allowed to tell that to anyone else, even me, and dh wouldn't relate what she said, except that they may remove his ear lobe. I went with dh into the consultation room, dh has squalmos (sp) cancer, and it needs to be removed as soon as possible, it will be done on the 23rd., no waiting until after the holidays, because of his lack of immune system is what this doctor does not like. Seems like a very nice man and a friendly staff there. dh will have pain on Christmas though, but it can't be helped. We will have the festivities here at the house, so he can go lay down in the bedroom. He has had 3 of these surgeries before, and the 2 days after made him sick.

Lainey, I wish you well with your friend, good thing that you got to speak to him!!!

Susan, your doggie is aging normally, and you are a good mother to take good care of his needs when it's so uncomfortable outside. Those pain meds are tricky, but persevere, as usual.......:hugs:

Loretta, that's right, you will be having your family get together this weekend, enjoy, and doesn't it feel good to be done with the wrapping?

Mary, I hope you don't wind up having to drive in the dark, that is no fun at all, but enjoy the time with your niece!

The kids are coming over in a little while, and we are going out to eat, they don't want me cooking again, and it's fun to see Silas, he is beginning to take notice of Christmas and Santa now, and loves the lights.

Good night!

SuSUN 12-13-2013 02:31 PM

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Thank YOU Doris for those kind words of advice. As you say, we keep, keeping on...
The pain management is going better today, I am grateful for these small mercies.:up:

Hopefully when the news settles in for G Doris, he will discuss more with you.:hugs::hugs:
Enjoy your supper out with the kids and little Silas. He will certainly get a kick out of all the Christmas decorations.:love:

Just because it is Friday:- :D

Attachment 52502 :love::heart::love:

mykneesareback 12-13-2013 02:46 PM

Thanks, Susan, and I love that bulldog, forgot that you sent it to me several weeks ago!!

SuSUN 12-13-2013 05:54 PM

Just thought I would share my Christmas Cards from Family in Aus and NZ.:cool:
On one card I have a cute pair of Koala bears on skis, on one from NZ a Kiwi bird sitting on a Christmas wreath.:D Opposite seasons down there Ha!

I have been getting so angry at the pain. I just want it over and done with...urggh!:dunno:
Laying low indoors is probably getting to me...stir crazy!:stars:

I am keeping busy puttering around here. Nothing much else I can do. The weather is so bitterly cold too.

Wishing YOu all a pleasant evening and hope to bbt.:heart:

modon69478 12-13-2013 07:36 PM

Hi Everybody,

Just stopping in for a quick hello and let you all know I made it home safe and sound.

Nearly froze my tush off in west Texas and really, really glad to be home!

See y'all tomorrow,

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