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mykneesareback 12-11-2013 08:24 PM

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Still haven't done one Christmas Card, dh has sent out a bunch, though.

We had the doorbell ring at 6PM, dh goes to the door, calls out, "It's Fed EX", all excited. Calls to me, "come help, the packages are heavy", and I hurry to help carry 2 heavy boxes..........he is excited "Who are they from?"....turns out, it's our URNS, from the pre-need funeral service!!!! Merry Christmas to US !! :hyst: dh was hoping for dried fruit or something, from California!

Begete 12-11-2013 08:45 PM

We have all our Christmas cards done and most have been mailed. Thursday is the garden club Xmas luncheon. Just got back from another org's Christmas party. This weight loss is getting harder and harder to maintain....the food was so good at the party we just attended.

LoveMontana 12-11-2013 10:19 PM

ROFLMAO Doris, Urns delivered? We will let the crematorium put us in what ever and be done with it.

No cards sent here either. Haven't done that in years and don't plan to.

Babette, just do your best.

Heading out to the home town tomorrow to visit.

mykneesareback 12-12-2013 07:02 AM

Oh Begete, it's the same thing year in and year out, worry hard again in January, like most of the rest of us, and enjoy and be happy that you still can! You don't go to parties and eat like this the whole year around. :love:

Linda, wishing you safe travel today.

We changed plans and will just do the Wal Mart big shop this AM. Kids coming later on and some laughs and fun along with that.

Take care of yourselves, EVERYONE !

Mssarge 12-12-2013 09:29 AM

Good morning all...sounds like everyone is busy, busy, busy which is a good thing. I, too, haven't sent cards in so many years I forget when I last did. I used to give cards to all with whom I worked. During my house cleaning I found several boxes of cards. I'd buy 'em and then not send 'em out...sigh!

I've the handyman coming this morning. I have two of the four alarms in the house started "chirping" at me the other day...had a hard time locating the chirpers as the chirps were so far apart. Anyway, when I changed the battery in one it won't test out and the other one I can't figure how to remove the battery...:dunno:

So I called the owner's rep (which is the nice thing about renting) and he's sending the handyman. I hate that, tho', I'm so used to being able to do things like that. This is the pits. Who will I call when I can't open a furshlugener jar?

I guess I'll run to the FHC after he finishes, if there's still time. Have a great day, folks, stay warm, dry and safe. (the x-spurts keep raising the temps we'll get next week, now it 85, go figure)

mykneesareback 12-12-2013 12:32 PM

The 80's Mary, wow, good time to go to Disneyland!! One weather person here predicted the 70's at the end of next week, but I don't think she is right.
But this year, who knows, anything can happen with the weather!

Got back from the big Wal Mart, shop, now trying to hide stuff so grandson won't accidentally find it, and so forth. Fixing pork chops for them, daughter in laws niece from New Mexico has been here ever since that ice storm, hasn't been able to get back home yet.

Off to get more chores done. Hang in there, friends.

Linda, we opened the Urn boxes, they are very nice, we just need to let the kids know where they are, and not "forget", lol.

SuSUN 12-12-2013 06:45 PM

Love the 'surprise' from FED EX Doris! :hyst: Tell your DH no dried fruit unless he likes solient green. :sick: ;)
What a keeper G is, he writes out Christmas Cards? :notwrthy:

I have about a dozen Christmas cards up on the mantle piece right now. The UK and Australian ones are here already. I spoke with DH's sister in Ireland the other day and she said that hers are on their way. I cannot let the tradition go as the family folks in the old Country won't let me. Ha! :D
I also received a Christmas/Birthday gift from England today too.

Babette, You are not alone in this. I too cannot get the eating under control. WE will all have to get back at it in January.:up:

Mary, hope that handyman guy can get to the bottom of those chirpers. I have one like that. I changed the battery and it still chirps. I think I will need to buy another alarm. I have two others so I guess it can wait.
My doggie has been a good boy today, he actually went out doors several times today, so he must be adjusting to the cold weather.

Yes, Linda, safe driving tomorrow. Are you in the deep freeze too?

I went to my GP doc today, DD drove me over there. She suggested I double up on the pain meds. I have tried that today. I fell asleep this aft and now this evening I feel sleepy again so not sure about this increased dose. Hopefully just another week or so and then I can get back to somewhat 'normal.' ;)

Waving to All :hiya: a pleasant evening and hope to bbt...:heart:

Verleen 12-12-2013 08:38 PM

Hi folks. Frigid. It was minus 4 F this morning. I've been making sure Rich gets Molly back in quickly after a potty run. Poor naked little girl. The puppy, Snoopy, seems to be a tough little guy. He's developed a thick coat of fur.

I almost have my Victorian Village set up. I can only do a little bit at a time. Then it is time to rest. My housekeeper and I tested most of the electrical elements today. And found a glitch that Rich has fixed.......I think. I have it set up along the big picture window in the formal living room. The neighbors said they can see it from the road. I put up another table for the nativity scene.

Doris, I loved your FedEx delivery story.

Tomorrow, if I'm feeling better, I'll work on the village. I'd like to get it done. Of course, this is all dependent on the two cats leaving it alone. Both Harlan and Gypsy are fascinated with it. Soooooo......I had some super gluing to do today. Gypsy has been disappearing for most of each day in the basement. Today Rich found her hiding spot. She found a spot to go into the space between the basement and first floor. I sure wish these two cats could get along so we didn't have to have Gypsy live in the basement.

What are everyone's plans for this weekend? Take care and keep warm (or cool in CA).

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