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mykneesareback 12-09-2013 08:29 PM

TUESDAY'S Roll Call, Dec. 10
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The time is moving along quickly, we are still staying at home, until Wednesday, and the schools will be in session Tuesday, but 2 hrs. delayed due to the roads still not up to snuff.

Mary, funny you should mention Eleanor Parker, I still have paper dolls of her, saved all of my paper dolls.........:laugh:

Hope the day went ok with our crew here, see you Tuesday!

Mssarge 12-09-2013 09:27 PM

Oh Doris, I wish I had saved some of my stuff...most of it is worth $$$$$ now. I guess that's what happens when you age, things that were new then, become valuable later.

Verleen 12-10-2013 05:02 AM

Here it is - a quarter to 7 and I'm up and hungry. I usually get up at 11 am. No, I'm not a lazy slug; just part of my illness.

Louise, I wish I can find some words somewhere. I've been on one of those 'up your sleeve' miracle drugs for 3 yrs now. Many hugs heading your way.

Take care everyone. Such bad weather all over. Special hugs go out to Susan. Hang in there gf.

SuSUN 12-10-2013 07:34 AM

Good Morning, Doris, Mary, Verleen and All that follow...

Another snow day today. We have large snow flakes falling right now has been since I got up 2 hours ago. The Pine and Cedar trees are looking so pretty with their boughs full. A Winter Wonderland all ready for Christmas.

I plan on staying indoors again today. DD just called as she walking Billy at the doggie park after dropping DGD off at school first. DS called on his way to work in sunny Florida.
So all is well in their world. DS is looking at a couple of places to rent at lunch time today. I hope he finds a place that ticks all the boxes. They ranges from $1125 to $1500 a month.
Then, he will need to get a few pieces of furniture. I am glad it is him doing all this. They can when they are young huh?

Today's plan, another quiet day at home, staying warm and hopefully healing some more as the days go by. The surgery was one week today. I am still sore but the pain meds are doing their trick.

Waving to ALL and hope to check back later...

LoveMontana 12-10-2013 08:33 AM

Didn't get in here last night for some reason.:dunno:

My goodness Doris, how wonderful that you did save all of your paper dolls.

Susan, good that the young can do the looking and renting. Yikes!! Hope he finds something just right for him in Fla.

Hi to Verleen and Mary and all who follow. Going to attempt to go out between show showers.

Begete 12-10-2013 08:56 AM

Off for a haircut....cold here, but so far no snow. I am hoping it will be clear when Gabe flies in the 23rd.

Mssarge 12-10-2013 09:59 AM

Hey all sunny and temps climbing into the 60's today but the winds are still with us. Yesterday we were fairly calm here, but in the wind corridors (the passes from the mountains into the lowlands, highways 5 and 15) it was 50-60 mph, with trucks being blown over. Why do they continue to try to drive through those areas when they know it may happen? The news crew interviewed one lady who was driving a horse trailer into the area...didn't hear what her fates were, so she must have made it.

I hear it's starting to warm in Big D, so maybe your streets will be ice-free tomorrow for you Doris. Sure hope so. I have not-so-fond memories of skating on black ice.

Ran out of ginger tea, so have to run out to get some for the sisters this evening and run to the family history center to volunteer my time to the director. Other than that have no plans except to finish the washes I started yesterday. Have a great day; still sending prayers and good vibes for our friends under the weather, literally and health-wise. Stay safe, warm, and dry.

ocali 12-10-2013 11:39 AM

Susan, what city is your DS planning to rent in?
The weather man says a "cold front" is coming tomorrow. And the temps will go down to the 70's. C'mon down, everyone.
Going out to eat tonight

mykneesareback 12-10-2013 11:43 AM

Finally getting in here, trying to get some decorations done, but keep finding old ones we didn't know we still had, and light sets that didn't work, etc.

Begete, I'm happy for you and John that Gabe will visit again on the 23rd., hoping also, that the good old weather will be ok for travel and so forth.

Susan, is your son going to move to the same area he lived in before, or a new part of Florida, I'm not asking for the name of the town, lol, just in general :) It's hard to pick out an apartment in a new area is what I mean. So you could visit him next time you go to Florida, which is a big PLUS ! Glad you are slowly mending, day by day, I guess the pain will lessen and less meds needed for that, too. :shake:

Linda, you at least can get out between snow showers, are you able to go to the Glen, still, or are you doing the Home Depot laps?

Verleen, what were you finally able to eat this morning, since you were up early? How is Cathy's cough and cold, is she feeling better now?

Mary, those winds where you live are awful, those passes can be so treacherous, my brother had a problem pulling a 5th wheel through there several times. Did you get the tea for the sisters, are they allowed to drink whatever they want, though? Hope you have an interesting time at the genealogy center.

Michele, are you on the way to other parts of Texas today?

Louise, how are you feeling today, are you able to eat sort of normally? I hope so :console:

It was 22 degrees this AM, but the sun finally showed it's face. Our doorstep area is still ice, but the sun shines on the rest of the walk so it looks ok for now, dh went out and put mail in the box. Our mail lady is so nice, we need to give her a little tip. Do you guys "tip" certain people at the end of the year? We always gave our maillady something when we lived in the mountains, and some people gave the garbage guy something, but it was always a different man or two men that did it, so we balked at that :dunno:
Not sure about those kinds of things.

Hoping Lainey is ok and just out and busy and helping her friend through hard times..........
Hi Julie, I just saw you there!! Lucky, 70 degrees, lol. Enjoy your meal "out" tonight!
Have a pleasant day, bet Sharon has nicer weather today, by the ocean!!

Waving at the rest of out "bunch".............

Mssarge 12-10-2013 11:53 AM

Oh my, the cast of Downton Abby were visiting on The View this morning...hadn't checked the TV guide but was happy to see them. Can hardly wait for the start of the program on January 5th...looks to be an interesting season. I heard during the interviews the actor who played Michael wanted to accept other roles and thus they killed him off in this one....sigh! The British acting contracts are so different than ours and consider it more of a ...what's the word?...repertoire (?) programs. I hated it when they killed off my fav on the program, MI-5; refused to watch the program after that.

Doris, still haven't left the house for my errands which is a good thing 'cause I remembered I also have to stop by the pharmacy to pick up a script. The ginger tea is an herbal, and, no, I can't serve caffeinated drinks to them.

Gotta run, type y'all later.

mykneesareback 12-10-2013 02:11 PM

Mary, I think that tv show has a page on Facebook, I've seen it, but, since I don't watch, I don't go there to see what's new.

Have any of you who are grandparents out there, ever heard of "Blue's Clues", a tv show from the 1990's on Nickelodeom Channel, I think. My grandson loves this show, has an I-pad that has a bunch of the shows on it. I had never heard of it before, but now, I hear the theme song in my head all the time, lol. Just wondering, what kind of stuff your grandkids latched on to when they were young??? I have ordered some items from amazon for him, since the show is so old, it's hard to find things, but there are dvd's out there, still.

Hoping tomorrow is a better, warmer day, but then, it IS December. ;)

Norfolk Mermaid 12-10-2013 05:15 PM

Hi to all.
I did not even make it here yesterday and didn't know so just caught up on 2 days of Goldens.
First I wish to say G*d Bless to Louise and I am very sorry to hear of the spread of her cancer. You are in my heart and I am saying many prayers for you.
Yes, Mary Ann is keeping me very busy- today is her birthday and she had a very painful "special mamo this morning. Next week I am taking her for her cataract surgeries. She is so thin now she looks anorexic. She lost so quickly that her skin is hanging loosely all over her body. Thank goodness she is in long pants and armed tops now. The stress of caring for her Father who does not thank her in the least really makes me angry... she has to $ pay her way and even put gas in his truck she uses to cart him around in. He is a mean man but she says he has always been that way and was horrid to her sweet Mother till she died.
Most of the time I am quite happy to be alone but now I have met a great man and a possible marriage is in my future. He ask to give my e-mail addy to his daughter who is with him in the UAE. Her name is Rose and she was born deaf. They both seem to be just beautiful people- I would adore to have another daughter. How life can change in a heart beat. I feel like I have waited for this man my whole life- please pray for us.
I should start a wash but I am still getting used to it being so dark this early. I am thinking of setting an alarm for first light- now that just ain't like me.
Everyone stay warm and dry- Susan, glad the "better living through Chemistry" is working well for you. I just filled out the paper work for yet another handi capped placard- the last one expired on my birthday Sept. 30th but I asked for another 6 mo. one while I wait for the bladder tuck.
S.H.I.E.L.D. is on tonight- I am averaging 1 tv show a week with some times 2 no tv nihts at all.
Downton Abby addict here but I heard this years series is disappointing- I will like it anyway- there is way more to it than just the story.

Y'all all be good till tomorrow when I come back.


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