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mykneesareback 12-07-2013 08:19 PM

SUNDAY'S Roll CALL, Dec. 8
Let's go for another round, friends...............I'm still watching boxing with dh, lol, in a hurry to get back.

See you in the morning, hopefully we all get a good night's sleep :heart:

Begete 12-07-2013 10:08 PM

You are a better wife than I, Doris. We just got back from a party, and DH is watching boxing....me....not a chance. I loathe the sport.

Tomorrow we have two parties, 20 miles apart at the same time, and I am using my cane as my bone spurs are acting up and I can hardly stand.....grrrr

Editing to add a song about a Christmas tree....from the cat's point of view


LoveMontana 12-07-2013 10:14 PM

Thanks for the start off Doris, but I"m with Babette and hate sports.

Snowed last night but was gone very early. Thankfully.

See you all tomorrow.

mykneesareback 12-08-2013 07:49 AM

Well, we sat in the dark with the nice, gas fireplace blazing, and it was really pleasant to be together on the couch, watching tv, so I don't mind the boxing at all..........;)

It's still dangerous roads out there, trucks still parked on the highways, graders trying to move some of the ice. No going out there in that mess!

Waving hello to everyone, gotta go finish the tree and order stuff online, before it's too late. :hiya:

Norfolk Mermaid 12-08-2013 08:40 AM

Good Sunday morning. Thanks Doris.
Weather report says it "feels like" 28 degrees and it does. Dreary rain still falling and no full sun till Friday 13th. Looks like from the weather map that Ila will get snow in D.C.
I need to get a going... bbl.

Verleen 12-08-2013 09:23 AM

:eek:Doris, I know what its like for you down there in Dallas. After two winters of weather like that, she (Cathy) moved back here. We can deal with snow, but not that ice. I spent 6 weeks of one winter with her. It seems like every time we went out, it was a nail biter. Dallas, 'Land of Ice' and frozen overpasses. Please stay in and be careful. Of course, alot of people from other places can't deal with our snow. If we got a 36"+ snowfall, Cathy would just plow through it in her SUV, like everyone else. And our highway depts have the equipment and materials to deal with it. AND people here know how to drive in it.

I'm wondering whether we are going to the house warming at the historical colonial home. It all depends on how Cathy feels and when she gets up. She still has that bronchial crud and cough. And it depends on how I feel later on. A lot of 'ifs'. My backup plan is to start putting up the Victorial Village. Yesterday I got my sheets to cover the tables. I still need to find a large mirror to make a pond out of.

What's for breakfast? I'd love to have a couple of basted eggs with a slice of toast. Since I'm the only one with the patience to make them, it will be up to me to make them if I am able.

Its winter friends. Do what you need to do to stay warm and safe. If you look hard enough, you will find something beautiful about it. For me, that moment will last about 5 minutes.:hyst:

Mssarge 12-08-2013 09:42 AM

Good morning all, sunny and 38 degrees outside...inside nice and warm even tho' I got up in the middle of the night and threw my robe on top of the bed to add a lttle more warmth. Didn't really need it but the weight sure felt good.

Verleen we never made it up to your neck of the woods but I remember well the drive over Storm King Mountain driving to work at West Point in a driving snow storm. People would pass us, see our Alaskan plates on the car, then they'd slow down and pull in behind the string of traffic behind us. I guess they figured we knew how to drive in the white stuff. Some of the coldest days in my life were there on the Hudson, even tho' we'd seen minus 64 up north. Always wanted to go and really regret not making it into the Finger-lakes district....maybe I'll add it to my lavender list. I love your comment about finding something beautiful about the moment (to paraphrase). How true, even if it is for five minutes.

Dinner last night went really well; another sister from the church joined us, so we were four. She wound up staying after the other ladies left and we chatted for hours. Of course, no one ate as much as I fixed and I have more food to put into my overstuffed freezer...the missionaries are coming again Tuesday, so I think I'll throw some disguised leftovers at them..maybe make a tamale pie out of my lo taco meat....hmmm.

Guess I'd better get going as it's the church in just a bit over an hour and I've still to feed the tail-wagger (she jumped back into bed after running outside for only a minute or so when we got up.) Have a great day, folks, and stay warm, dry and happy.

modon69478 12-08-2013 10:19 AM

Good morning,

It's a balmy 34 degrees this morning and no ice, thank goodness. I've got lots more errands to take care of today and, if time, another trip to the gym. The agenda is: Office Depot, Walmart, Dillards, Target, and Baskin Robbins (don't ask),and gym (I hope).

Waving to all! So good to see all of your posts - stay busy, stay warm, and stay safe!


SuSUN 12-08-2013 10:26 AM

Doris, that cosy scene in the dark, beside the fire, sharing the tv with your DH sounds heavenly. Glad you enjoy boxing and soccer with him.
They showed people skating down the roads in Dallas yesterday and tobogganing. How crazy is that? Ha! Yes staying home is the safest place right now.

Mary, My 'little old man' tail-wagger, is refusing to go outdoors now Winter is here. If he does go out he is soon back in the door. He is so old now his bones are telling him. His back legs are sliding under him a bit now. I have those pee pads for him to be kind for these Winter months. He is eating and drinking and sleeping lots so I think he is comfy.
Which order of sisters are they? Sounds interesting conversation for you.

Verleen, Hope you get your basted eggs n toast for breakie.

Lainey, What a difference for you with that heat of the summer and now this cool down.

I have nothing much planned for today just puttering around here and hopefully more healing going on. Just the soreness still but no pain, the meds sure do the trick. Ha!

Waving to All and hope to BBL...

Shalbrihil 12-08-2013 10:27 AM

Just popping in to give a wave to everyone. Stay warm and safe from that horrid ice while getting your shopping done.

Rain is gone and now the cold is upon us. Have a lovely Sunday.

SuSUN 12-08-2013 11:07 AM

Babette, Loved the Christmas Tree song. ;) I will send that along to a few of my cat lover friends.:love:

birdlady 12-08-2013 12:22 PM

Raining and 39.Not bad if no rain.lol
Not much going on with this weather,may visit the casino later.
Feeding the birds later,just getting to the barn is cold/wet but pretty warm in the barn and it doesn't rain in it.
DH's last place to see about his foot was the VA,so asked him to see if laser would help him.It really bothers him but I think that is the nerve damage.
Little dog does not want to stay out,so put her in garage where it's warm.

Loretta V 12-08-2013 05:50 PM

Ice is melting here but we have had a steady misty type of rain all day. we did not get as much snow as predicted. Thank goodness, I have some Christmas shopping to do.

Not a big sport fan here. I don't understand football and don't care for a lot of the others. I might get interested in basketball. KY is BIG on basketball. My DGD Leah is in a traveling league and has her aim set on being a Lady Marshall on their team. She is a little too young yet.

SuSUN 12-08-2013 06:09 PM

Oh Loretta, that is great to hear about Leah's aspirations, so good for them while they are young. Love your Advent Candles in your Avi.

I thought this might give a few of you a good laugh. I found it Hilarious, just what I needed. It is in German Doris so you and your DH might get a kick out this this one. I don't know how She kept such a deadpan face throughout it all. ha!


Hope you enjoy it.

mykneesareback 12-08-2013 06:23 PM

Very amusing, Susan, thanks for the laughs!

Loretta, I hope you get your shopping done, get out while you can!

LoveMontana 12-08-2013 07:03 PM

Oh Susan, that you tube video was great!!:hyst:

Loretta, good for Leah. Hope she achieves her goal.

Gladys, sure do hope the laser helps Clarence's foot.

Darned cute video Babette. I had to share it too.

Doris, sure do hope that deep freeze is short lived in your area. For heaven's sake, it is Texas.:console:

Going to hit here overnight again. Oh well, at least it is much better than the darned heat we had last summer.

Mary, if you ever do get to the Finger Lakes region of NY, shoot me a PM or email and we could get together.

Hi to the rest.

mykneesareback 12-08-2013 07:12 PM

Yes, I sent the Christmas Tree song to my relatives with cats, too :).

Linda, hang on tight, hope you have your shoe grippers, I'm looking to order some on Amazon right now, in fact. Several people around have fallen, crawled up to their own homes!!

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