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mykneesareback 12-06-2013 08:54 PM

SATURDAY'S Roll Call, Dec. 7
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Ok, maybe the third time to try to post is the charm...........anyone venturing out shopping?

Norfolk Mermaid 12-06-2013 09:43 PM

thanks Doris.
Falling in line for Sat.
Did go ahead and got gas in the Cherokee so looking for staying in for the next 4 rainy days.
We hit 80 degrees today and I think it made me extra tired all though I did do a bunch of running around today and a madness run around day on thursday. Yeah I am tired.
The bed is sounding great.
I down loaded The Great Gatspy and miht should have one with Red 2 instead. DeCaprio was super but I think Daisy was a big miss cast. Oh well, 3.99 was cheap at least.
No shopping for me I splurged on beautiful (on sale) Sketchers- black and didn't want to take them off like a little kid.
Let us make for a great week end.
bu bye

modon69478 12-07-2013 04:52 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have had enough of this cold weather! It's not supposed to get out of the 20s today - what is this?? Every bone in my body hurts, but I can't hide out under the covers today. Waah! My agenda for today is: bank, mall, tailor, dry cleaners, gym. Will be fixing some Hungarian goulash in the slow cooker. If any part of me is still awake this evening, I'll watch a Netflix.

Was so glad to see [B]Susan[B] up and about already. WTG!

Enjoy your day as best you can and stay warm!


mykneesareback 12-07-2013 07:06 AM

Michele, I sure hope this ice goes away by the time you have to head west! This is very unusual, everyone keeps saying, extraordinary, pure white out there, and slippery as Snot!!!

Hi Lainey, hope you can relax today!!!

Waving at everyone, we just hope the power stays on, and enjoy staying in and keeping each other company, son was hoping to go in to work today, but even his boss said to stay home, too dangerous on that freeway that has all the frozen overpasses.

Take care, stay warm, most of you...........those in Florida, drink some ice tea, lol.

Verleen 12-07-2013 07:08 AM

Good morning. I may go shopping today with my housekeeper. We had some snow but not enough to create a problem for me, I don't think. I'm getting some more Christmas decorations and we're having lunch. Its kind of a grey, yucky day out.

We are fortunate that we bought a big generator. It does the whole house, except for the central air. It might do that too but we aren't pushing it. So we run our computers all we want. Well, we will as soon as we have the electrician move it from our old house to our new one. :confused:

There's nothing else on my agenda. Tomorrow Cathy and I may go to an open house at a historical home (colonial era). They are dressed in period clothing and cooking and baking in the fireplace. I'll bet they make gingerbread cookies.

I just looked - Molly is in bed, waiting for me. Bless her heart.

We had a very bad day yesterday. Thursday night, on her way to work, Cathy found a kitten in the road that had been hit by a car. She brought it home and we made a box bed for it and fed it. By morning, it was doing very badly. By the time we got it to the vets it was going downhill rapidly. So we had it put to sleep. Such a friendly little kitten. I feel so lucky for our cats. They never go out into the big, bad world. I'll never have to worry about what happened to them when they just 'disappear'.

Those of you who have ice, please be careful if you go out. That's the one thing that scares me - ice.

Susan, take care and I hope your healing goes well. :hugs:

Begete 12-07-2013 10:04 AM

Lots of Xmas shopping today even though our auxillary heat is on again....too cold for heat pump to function.

Mssarge 12-07-2013 10:41 AM

Good morning all...I know I shouldn't say anything with all the ice and very cold weather throughout but I will. It's 38 degrees with the wind chill, it "feels like" 32. Which is frigid for us; at least we don't have the ice and snow (in the lowlands). Has the rain hit you yet, Sharon? It was in Frisco last night, and is expected here about noon. The citrus growers are worried about their trees (as am I). Sure hope it doesn't drop too low.

I wasn't able to attend the cantata last night as Nadine was late getting here and by the time I got her and the Costco run to her house it was almost sunset, so the drive back was a nail biter (I'm still not comfortable driving the highways in the dark. I really wanted to go last night as the missionaries were part of the program. Oh well..I guess I'll have to be satisfied with Sunday's performance.

Today the sisterhood is having a boutique of hand-made items so I'll be going there to check it out. I really hope someone does the crochet loop on kitchen towels...mine are threadbare. Also, I have the sister missionaries for dinner today and just planning chicken tortilla soup (can't find my recipe for chicken enchilada soup, and tacos. Will probably make rice or beans, as well.
At least the house is clean and the sheets changed on the beds. Didn't have her mop the floors as it's supposed to rain today so it seemed pointless.

I'm sending hugs to our friends who are under the weather (literally and figuratively) and hoping everyone has a great day...stay warm and dry.:hugs::hugs:

Shalbrihil 12-07-2013 11:33 AM

Hello everybody. Rain found us a little before midnight last night. I let the dogs out and our deck was wet. We just got back to bed when it started raining again. With my window open I could hear it coming down. So restful. I laid there and just enjoyed the sound. Now We have the huge clouds and some wind. I can see some nice blue sky between the big puffs. You may be getting the showers now Mary.

We've been watching the weather channel and see there are a bunch of problems with ice on the roads. Doris when you say the roads are like snot I can agree. People are having a terrible time trying to drive on them. Be careful is all you can do. And watch out for the other guy. :)

Julie enjoy your Florida weather.

Verleen enjoy your outing with daughter. Touring a colonial home sounds like fun. A gingerbread cookie made the old fashioned way. Yummy!

Well time to start my day. We bought some ground lamb yesterday and I'm planning to make up some Italian sausage with some. Now I have to check to see if I have some fennel. Have a nice rest of your day. CBL (Check Back Later).

birdlady 12-07-2013 12:15 PM

Well I'm up and running with something called Uverse from AT&T,hope it keeps on.The guy came and put it on but didn't set it up,DD came this morning and did it.
It's 31 feels like 25,not looking forward to feeding.It rained all day yesterday but clear today.
Crabs were extra good last night,even had a small win on the slots.
Enjoy the rest of the day.

mykneesareback 12-07-2013 01:00 PM

Gladys, keep us posted on how you like that U-verse, we want to switch after another 20 months on this Time Warner stuff, too. Do you get tv with it, also? Glad you enjoyed your crab, and had a small win!!! :high5:

Michele, that's a cute picture, doggie ready for the cool temps :)

Sharon, did you find your fennel, was it from your own garden? My mother in law grows fennel, in Oroville.

Verleen, you are lucky to get the chance to visit an old Colonial home, I'd love to see something like that! Hope it works out that you feel up to going.
Glad your housekeeper is taking you shopping, more fun to have someone to talk to, anyway. Sorry about the poor kitten, wonder if anyone owned it?

Begete, do you have a lot of Christmas shopping to do, or do you just like to walk around and "look"?

Mary, the recipe sites have been showing a lot of recipes for the chicken tortilla soup, I like it a lot, but I order it when eating out, never made it, and don't plan to. Enjoy the company! I have 6 of those towels you can hang on the drawer pull, haven't seen them at any craft thing anymore, either. Same as plain linen kitchen white towels, with some embroidery on them, don't see those anymore, either.

The highways are still blocked with trucks, it's not good here, and won't improve until tomorrow when it is supposed to hit 34 degrees or something like that.

Enjoy your day, whatever is left of it.......Julie, are you having a tall, cold drink?? ;)

SuSUN 12-07-2013 01:06 PM

Good Saturday All, :D

Sounds like You are All busy with weekend things. :up:
I managed to get a few chores done too today. DD went home last night so first night and day on my own but I am perfectly fine.
She has called twice already today and DS called from Orlando.
It is his office Christmas Party tonight. It is the Great Gadsby theme, so someone has loaned him a jacket and hat that will work for that. Ha!

I tidied up around here, vacuumed gently and did two loads of laundry. I am best to keep moving then things don't seize up. I am doing my range of motion exercises to gently stretch the arm. Still sore at the incisions so still taking the pain meds regularly.;)
The boob is all shades now, purple, red, black, yellow with two incisions so not a pretty picture. Ha!
We had a sunny day up here today with lots of blue in the sky but temps were around -12C with the windchill. I had a pleasant walk around the neighbourhood for about 30 mins so I got some fresh air, sunlight and movement.:cool::up:

Lainey, I saw Reds2 with DS it was entertaining and great cast, but not their best work IMHO. DS watched the Great Gadsby the week before last when he was home and he enjoyed it. $3.99 is reasonable it was $5.99 up here.

Gladys, great that your DD can fix up your pc like that. WTG on the small Win. :clap:

Michele, I just love your little one in his tartan coat. He is Adorable. :love: I guess he will need it with the weather that you are having down in your neck of the woods. Safe travelling on the road this week.

Verleen, so sorry to hear of that little kitten. I am glad Cathy gave it a peaceful death.

Waving :hiya: to All and thank You All again for your well wishes.:heart:

SuSUN 12-07-2013 02:18 PM

Andre Rieu - I Will Follow Him - YouTube

Hope You Enjoy this as much as I did. :D :clap:

Norfolk Mermaid 12-07-2013 02:24 PM

Susan, thanks for your words about the kitten.
I cried when I read about it. I am tender hearted about little animals or all animals really but the older ones and the baby's can break my heart. Cathy is so kind for what she did and Verleen for making it a little bed. I am not a crier at all but that was so very sad.
I love F. Scott with Tender Is The Niht being my favorite- maybe Amazon has a copy- I looked for the DVD but they do not even mention it in his list of movies. Jennifer Jones played Nicole. Zelda's auto was amazing years ago- it claimed he wrote many of the things she said in his books. She died in a mental hospital when it caught fire and was quite mad. One of his books was supposed to be based on her but I have forgotten which one- I do remember thinking it might have been all of them. Jake's role was too much like the writer in Sophie's Choice to not suspect some copying going on. I quite liked Leonardo in the role.
Jeepers, what a dreary day here- and it makes me faggy. Think I' ll make some coffee for meself- breaking one of my rules for no coffee after breakfast. At my age rules should be tossed out the window.
Susan, that boobie sounds real painful. Mary Ann and I went to her Dr. and she is terrified that one of her fibroids in her breast (large) is being biopsied but her Dr. said that it being painful is a good sign but he said he would not say yes or no to it being Cancer. She is referred to a "breast man" that only does breast- I uess every thing is a specialty now a days. She was already scheduled for the mamo but he moved it way up and it is supposed to be a more important one than the regular one. I googled it and it said that fibroids did NOT lead to cancer that they were in fact not related. I have never seen terror like hers is now but sure understand. Good O on the pain meds. I cannot be without mine and treat them like they are a horde of gold.
Our minds can really fight us can't they- I put on one of my Mom's beautiful rings and admire it so much but I now have some of the grief back from when she died but I decided to leave it on and work on just remembering her life and not her death. Ila ask for their wedding bands some time ago for them to use when they travel as they are not so tempting to be stolen. Mom's ring fit inside Dad's with room left over... I really did cry when the EMT handed me Dad's ring and when I put it with Mom's I discovered that. I had planned to get those attachments and wear them on chains but I was happy to give them to Ila.
On a much lighter note- I have met the man of my dreams- I have chosen to be alone rather than not be with a man I totally connected with and with this man I surly do and he with me. Please say prayers for us. His name is Raymond and is at this moment working in the UAE as a Petrolium Eng. and yes of course I am real scert and I ain't skert of nothing as my uncles in S.C. used to say.
Let us all keep on a going.

Mssarge 12-07-2013 04:10 PM

Nothing like a pot of soup simmering on the back burner when it's raining...I'm sending a waft of it across to you...I have my meat cooked for the tacos, only need to chop the veggies. So looking forward to company this evening, but just wish it were earlier so I could go to the cantata. Oh well, Sunday will be all the more special because I've missed the first two nights.

Went to the boutique and one lady had the hand towel I put on the fridge door handle...not my colors, but it is so cheerful I couldn't resist on this dark gloomy day...yellow and orange with a shasta daisy print towel. I also bought a lovely purple turquoise and silver ring, very plain but looks nice...I don't have anything purple to go with it, tho.

Also made a quick run to Wally World while I was out to pick up more cider for the sisters and a space heater. Can't find mine (I had two), guess I must have cleared them in the yard sales...oh well. I like to close off the kitchen and run a small heater to keep the gas bill down...but it do add to the electric bill. My kitchen has two open doorways with a cathedral ceiling in the living room. I hang drapes in the doorways to keep the kitchen warm. Got used to doing that 'cause the DH was a night owl and was up all night and always complaining of the cold. (even tho' I kept it about 74 degrees in the house.

Sounds like everyone is busy, or trying to and also trying to keep warm and safe....hugs, again, to all. (Susan, sounds like you're a really colorful lady...keep moving.)

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