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Loretta V 11-30-2013 11:35 AM

Menus December 1 ~ December 7

It used to be only death and taxes, Now, of course, there's shipping and handling, too.

Did any of you do any Black Friday shopping? Maybe its just because I am older now that I don't give a hoot about waiting in line for bargains.
Have a great week.

mykneesareback 11-30-2013 06:58 PM

Nope, I don't give a "Hoot Nor Holler" about Black Friday bargains, but, amazingly enough, my friend back where I used to live, age 75 and with bad hip and knee issues, got up at 4 am and drove 2 hrs. with her daughters to go shopping!! She says she got a lot of stuff on sale, but the lines were murder, and the best part of the day was when they went out for a nice lunch!
I say she had more guts than I would have............:)

I don't remember any Black Friday's back in the 1960's or early 1970's, when I admit, I used to shop a lot, didn't have kids then though.

See you all tomorrow.

mykneesareback 12-01-2013 09:29 AM

Sunday's foods

B: cut up asparagus leftovers, mushrooms, 1/2 cup egg subs. garlic. flaxmeal. parm cheese on top. black coffee

L: pumpernickel bread sandwich, jack/Colby cheese and turkey. some cut up large tomato pieces. iced coffee

Snack: some pita chips, plain and iced coffee

D: burger patties, eggplant with onions, garlic, tomato sauce. Parm cheese grated. iced coffee

Evening snack: Skinny cow frozen fudge on a stick, and light laughing cow cheese, 2 triangles. iced coffee

modon69478 12-01-2013 12:42 PM


B: 2 fr eggs, 2 bacon, coffee
snack: SF hazelnut latte (18 carbs)
L: pouch salmon salad, romaine, lite Italian drsg, water (4 carbs)
snack: cheddar stick
D: madras curry w/broccoli (9 carbs), diet tonic
snack: SF jello w/squirt wh crm (1 carb)

~32 carbs

Loretta V 12-01-2013 01:48 PM

Sunday: coffee
Brunch: 2 eggs, rye bread, 1 slice bacon
Baked spagetti, salad, wine
Snack: air popped corn tossed w butter and parm cheese, CF diet soda

LoveMontana 12-01-2013 02:53 PM

Never did any black Friday shopping. It just wasn't worth it to me. However, Tod did go last year and picked up an all in one, wireless Printer, Fax,copier that was a real bargain.:dunno:

Sunday menu

brunch: plenty of coffee with cream and a bacon , egg and cheese wrap

Dinner: sliced tomatoes, Kalamata olives, cheese and some roast beef. More coffee

PM Chardonnay and maybe some popcorn.

Mssarge 12-01-2013 07:26 PM

Sunday's foods DD
Nope, no black Friday shopping here either...can't stand crowds on a normal weekend shopping day, so really couldn't take this kind of holiday shopping.

had some leftovers; turkey, dressing, and mixed vegetables about three p.m., a few cuppas in the morning and afternoon...thinking about some popcorn or a magic pop with laughing cow and a diet soda now...we'll see what feels right in a bit.

600 kcals

modon69478 12-02-2013 05:23 AM


B: 2 HB eggs, coffee
snack: lite laughing cow cheese
L: L/O madras curry w/broccoli (8 carbs), SF iced tea
snack: cocoa almonds (2 carbs)
D: tuna salad sandwich (5 carbs)
snack: SF jello w/squirt wh crm (1 carb)

~16 carbs

Loretta V 12-02-2013 08:02 AM

Monday: coffee
Brunch: hb egg
lc pumpkin bar
l/o chili, salad, wine
Snack: peanuts, CF diet soda

mykneesareback 12-02-2013 11:36 AM

Monday's foods

B: cut up zuchinni, mushrooms, brocoflower, garlic. 1/2 cup egg subs. flaxmeal. smoked paprika grated parm on top
black coffee

L: sardine sandwich, with Sara Lee 45 cal. bread, 2 slices. black olives
iced coffee

Snack: iced coffee

D: going out with the kids, burger place, black hot coffee to drink.

Evening snack: no sugar added applesauce, and some f/f Jell-O.
iced coffee

Mssarge 12-02-2013 08:10 PM

Monday's Eats UD
Thought I'd get a lot done today; didn't come out that way...but I did balance the checking account and pay bills...just took longer than I expected.

broke my fast at 2 p.m. with biscuits, sausage, eggs, and a tad of jam for the biscuit...trop 50 for the pills...coffee fore and aft.

S. chips, pico de gallo, and fixing a turkey sandwich on Sara Lee light bread, and a diet Cranberry Sierra Mist...love 'em as this is the only time of the year they can them.

That's 1300 kcals and will probably be too full for a snack later.

modon69478 12-03-2013 05:41 AM


B: 2 HB eggs, coffee
snack: lite laughing cow cheese
L: L/O creamy chicken w/broccoli, SF iced tea (9 carbs)
snack: cocoa almonds (2 carbs)
D: LC French toast w/syrup, 2 turkey patties, diet tonic (4 carbs)
snack: SF jello w/squirt wh crm (1 carb)

~16 caarbs

Shalbrihil 12-03-2013 09:59 AM

Mary do you drink any liquids during your fast time? Sometimes I don't feel the hunger but love to have my coffee with some cream in the morning. Was wondering if it was just a food fast you do on your DD?

mykneesareback 12-03-2013 12:58 PM

Tuesday's foods

B: scrambled eggs and jack cheese, black coffee

L: went to Whattaburger, had an egg sandwich and coffee

Snack: Italian ice, no sugar added, and iced coffee

D: salmon from the can, brocauliflower with cheese sprinkles and toast, iced coffee

Evening snack: Skinny Cow frozen bar on a stick, and no sugar added applesauce iced coffee

Mssarge 12-03-2013 06:06 PM

Tuesday's foods DD
Oh Sharon, could not start the day without my coffee. I can drink it black and have done so on some DD's, but I do like my creamer (read whole milk, now, but I used the nonfat half & half last year when I was losing so much and may go back to it on DD's. Has about the same calories as whole milk, but has higher carbs. I do have caffeine withdrawal so I need to break the habit, but not now...maybe later. Oh, and I also have a lot of water all through the day. I tried the protein drinks and may go back to 'em...we'll see.

had one cup of coffee when I got up and one more when I got back to the house after the trip to the family history center then

ate a lo hotdog and a bit of chili beans at 4 p.m. also a couple carrot & celery sticks

about 500 kcals..will probably have a small yogurt for another 100 later.

LoveMontana 12-03-2013 10:21 PM

tuesday menu

Brunch was egg salad wraped in romaine and coffee.

dinner was a large bowl of hardy beef vegetable soup and coffee.

Chardonnay tonight.

Loretta V 12-04-2013 02:06 PM

Brunch: cheese omelet
Lunch out w BF Bacon lettuce cheese wrap
6:00: l/o baked spagetti, salad, wine
Snack: salted almonds, CF diet soda

mykneesareback 12-04-2013 02:24 PM

Wednesday's foods

B: piece of toast and 2 scrambled eggs, barely 3 coffee sips, and out the door.

L: at Pei Wei Asian/Thai mixed up oriental foods, had curry with chicken, water.

Snack: iced coffee

D: leftover hamburger patty, leftover asparagus and some cauliflower, sautéed. iced coffee

Evening snack: baby bel Light, and Skinny Cow frozen bar, iced coffee

LoveMontana 12-04-2013 04:33 PM

Wed menu

Brunch: Roast beef on a buttered lavish wrap with sf ketchup, coffee with cream

"Linner" Veal and peppers, coffee with cream

PM Chardonnay

Shalbrihil 12-04-2013 05:24 PM

Having meat loaf tonight. It smells so good! I used flax meal for the binder and canned whole tomatoes for the tomato sauce. Added a little onion and a garlic clove before I mixed it all in the old blender.

just finished snacking on a little unsweetened coconut flakes. Don has the car down getting it's first oil change so dinner should be on the table when he gets home.

B. flax/chia seed and shredded finely unsweetened coconut mixed for hot cereal. Coffee

L. Leftover beef stew with some parm. cheese on top

D. in the oven. :)

modon69478 12-04-2013 06:26 PM


B: 2 sm cinnamon flax muffins, coffee
snack: cheddar stick
L: L/O short ribs, roasted butternut squash, green beans, SF iced tea
snack: cocoa almonds
D: cheddar omelet, 2 turkey patties, diet tonic
snack: small banana

Mssarge 12-04-2013 07:43 PM

Wednesday's Food UD
OMG...not just an UD, but a UUAD (for you non-JUDDDers, that's up, up and away day)...another day when I had a breakfast before leaving the house and then stuffing the face the rest of the day...couldn't believe the calorie count when I put it into the food diary. Oh well, there's always tomorrow and I haven't had a UUAD in a very long time.

B. coffee, Special K flatbread breakfast sandwich, trop 50 for the pills, and more coffee when I returned about one o'clock.

L. burger on a roll, with cheese and grilled onions, diet soda, small slice pumpkin pie ($1.20 on sale at Wally World) with redi-whip...btw when I say pie, I don't eat the crust unless it's really good pie, like Marie Callender's, Coco's, or mine...

then pick, pick, pick, a few mixed nuts, later another roll, half with peanut butter, half with cream cheese & marmalade, later an ice cream cone sundae...and an alka seltzer

:o 2400 kcals...that'll do me for a long, long time, Hope I can sleep tonight.

mykneesareback 12-04-2013 07:58 PM

Mary, the Alka Seltzer usually helps ;);) Rest easy, friend!

mykneesareback 12-05-2013 12:03 PM

Thursday's foods

B: leftover brussel sprouts, mushrooms, garlic, 1/2 cup egg subs. flaxmeal. Feta crumbles on top. hot, black coffee

L: dark pumpernickel bread, swiss cheese and turkey sandwich. 1 H/B egg. black olives. black coffee

Snack: one kiwi, cut up, and iced coffee

D: Swedish meatballs, spinach salad with f/f poppyseed dressing, Feta crumbles. iced coffee

Evening snack: Italian ice, and light baby bel, 2 rounds. hot, black coffee

Loretta V 12-05-2013 01:03 PM

I find that eating too many carbs and items I am not used to, I get a sick feeling.

Thursday: coffee
Brunch: Ralph's energy bar (home made)
banana w pb & beans
6:00: l/o chicken, small sweet potato, salad, wine
Snack: 5 small soda crackers, CF diet soda

modon69478 12-05-2013 07:01 PM


B: 2 cinnamon flax muffins, coffee
L: L/O sausage/mushroom/swiss quiches, coffee
snack: cocoa almonds, pork rinds, peanut m&ms, 1 homemade square fudge w/pb
D: ?? not very hungry - too much junk, I quess - maybe just some SF cocoa

LoveMontana 12-05-2013 07:39 PM

Thursday Brunch:

Beef Burgundy, cantaloupe cubes and coffee with cream.

Dinner:Chicken cordon bleu, green beans, coffee with cream.

Chardonnay tonight.

Mssarge 12-05-2013 11:11 PM

Thursday's food UD
Change step so I can eat with the sisters Saturday and the elders on Monday...so getting back to rotation tomorrow

coffee, then ran to the BC (broadcast center where I used to work) to care of some business and the Navy personnel was hosting a luncheon, so had a small burger, lettuce & tomato, with six chips and a little cheese sauce, diet pepsi.

S, a cup of chili with a burger patty, a couple more chips and pico de gallo, decaf and five gingersnaps for dessert

1200 kcals, looking forward to tomorrow's DD

Loretta V 12-06-2013 09:23 AM

Friday: coffee
Brunch: apple w 1 slice of cheese
6:00: not sure, salad, wine
Snack: peanuts, CF diet soda

mykneesareback 12-06-2013 11:39 AM

Friday's foods

B: scrambled eggs and ham, black hot coffee

L: Sara Lee 45 cal. bread sandwich, cheese and turkey, toasted. hot black coffee

Snack: Swiss Miss low sugar cocoa and black coffee

D: leftover turkey meat and brussel sprouts. black coffee

Evening snack: light baby bel, 2 rounds, and Italian Ice cups
hot black coffee until bedtime

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