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mykneesareback 11-17-2013 08:44 PM

MONDAY'S Roll CALL, Nov.18
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Thank you for all of the birthday wishes for my husband, he says "Thanks" but doesn't come to read anything on the computer.

Mary, what is a "lowery" :dunno: I'm glad you get to volunteer with the genealogy group, that sounds so interesting and fun!!

Susan, I'm sure you are looking forward to seeing your son again!

Silas kept us busy this evening, and I'm pooped, to be honest.

Monday, a NEW week, Fresh Start for some, continued meandering for others.
Hugs to our friends not up to par :console: :hugs:

Begete 11-17-2013 08:52 PM

I hope your DH had great birthday even without reading all the Birthday wishes here, Doris

I may try out my gym again tomorrow. I haven't been there since late September as they did some extensive remodeling and the building materials were off gassing chems I can't tolerate.

Have a good one...

LoveMontana 11-17-2013 09:42 PM

Thanks again for the start off, Doris. Happy to hear Silas kept you two busy today. Little kids are such fun.

Babette, you asked about movies yesterday. Haven't been to a movie in years and years and probably won't anytime soon. I just don't care for them.

Have fun at your gym tomorrow.

I'll be off to see my doc tomorrow, if the weather isn't too bad. Winds are howling right now and I sincerely hope the power stays on.:(

Mssarge 11-18-2013 12:30 AM

OMG I hope everyone had a chance to see the moon tonight, so big and beautiful. It looked as though it was hanging in my tree.

Sorry, Doris, I had to go back to find out what I wrote as I couldn't figure out what a 'Lowery" was...was wondering if it were fat fingers. But no, it's a Lowery MX-1 electric organ. My husband used to play and I piddle around with it, but not avidly. I had mentioned during relief society that I wanted to find a home for it and had three ladies evince interest; one jumped on her phone and found a home. So now I have to check it out to see if it still works, if not, one of the other ladies had referred me to a repairer of such things....plus I'll check to see if he knows of a professional mover.

I'm hoping the moon is still big and beautiful for tomorrow night so if you're under cloud cover tonight you'll be able to check it out tomorrow...I love the moon during the cooler months especially...so I guess that makes me a lunatic.

type ya tomorrow

birdlady 11-18-2013 03:10 AM

Good Morning,
Went to bed at 7pm last night,couse I was finished for 12:00am.Long nap later.
No plans for today but that nap and animal care,need to get upstairs and dress the three beds.I had wash all the sheets but didn't go up when it was decided that they would not come.
Lainey love that new picture on FB.Did you see my DDIL's picture,they do that blood thing when you kill your first deer.I don't hunt.YUKE
Have a peaceful day.

Norfolk Mermaid 11-18-2013 06:13 AM

Good morning- Monday and Morning...double whammy!
Thanks Doris- You are as good as a Georgia Peach.
Oh Mary- do me, do me! I can't afford to pay on line for that. I did not know my bio father at all and Mom never, ever spoke of him- a white hot hate heat there. My Daddy, (step) married Mom when I was a toddler so to me he was my "real" father. Edward Linton Johnson- Mother's maiden name was Green. Mom was Leila Fleming of Gilbert Shea & Eva McClure Fleming (?) all of Union, S.C. but think Grandma was Eva of Columbia, S.C. or maybe even N.C. Cherokee blood on Mom's side for sure but Grandpa looked much like Abe Lincoln. All died in Union, S.C. but my Mom, Dad & bio Father died in South Norfolk, Va. now Chesapeake, Va. Miss them all- oddly my grandparents the most as they care for me in the formative years.
I also enjoy Once Upon A Time but dislike what they did to Peter Pan- Mary, check out "Reign" if you can find it- Love that show- Mary Queen of Scots while she was in France- all around great quality show.
Cats fed and coffee half done so I best get my day a rolling.
Gladys, you don't think I look 9 years preggers in that *&%# FB pic. I ask her to take it down. Ain't never eating again.
b bl

SuSUN 11-18-2013 09:16 AM

Another good one Doris!
A mixed message huh? a Fresh Start or Lick the Bowl and cheat. Ha! I LOVE it! :clap:

Lainey, is Reign on Masterpiece? What day? Did you continue with, The Paradise? I have several episodes recorded to catch up on yet.:)

:aprayer::aprayer::aprayer: For those in Illinois, what devastation! We are getting some of the aftermath high winds up here, nothing like that though.
It sure has been a tough few years with the weather. I don't remember this much wild stuff in my younger years.:dunno:

DD and I will head out into the shelter of the woods for our Walk around noon before the temps plummet later today, dipping to minus -10C overnight. Flurries expected tomorrow.:dunno: Oh well snow tires are done so roll on April. Ha! ;)

Waving to All and hope to check back later if the power stays on. :heart:

Mssarge 11-18-2013 10:00 AM

Good morning all...temps dipping and we're expecting rain later next week. I'm in pain for the folks in Illinois...the heart of tornado alley, and so late in the year, too. My years in the heartland make me very cautious about those winds. OMG, just heard...81 tornadoes there...my prayers are going out for them. Wish I were younger and I think I'd hit the road to see how I could help. As it is, they'd be more worried about me helping them...I'll just send my prayers.

What's the earliest in the year that you've seen appreciable amounts of snow fall...I don't mean those weird snowfalls like in August or those in Alaska as I have been there and done that and even have the T-shirt to prove it. The earliest I can remember is Halloween in Indianapolis we had about six inches fall...t'was not fun for the kiddies, I assure you.

Lainey, I would love to help you find your family...e-mail me. I'll give you the same advice I give everyone I talk to about genealogy. Find your local Latter Day Saints Family History center....I'll check out and see if I can find out where it is. I'm sure there is a Mormon ward near you and the Stake center is not too far away. They have wonderful folks that will help you, even using the computers in the center....and they won't proselytise, believe me. They are there to help you find your family.

I also tell most folks to check with older family members to get clues to the family....that won't work with you, I guess, as you are the "older" family member. I was fortunate to be able to pick an aunt's brain before she passed. Although most of what most family will tell you may just be family myth, it will give you clues as to where to check. Case in point, my SIL told me that her father's family was from Maine. When I finally traced his family, I found his father was from Maine, NY, and the old homestead had been just torn down and there was an article in the local paper about it. I also tell my older friends to write down what they do know...you never know who will become interested in finding their family and your hints will help him/her to trace it.

The LDS Family History Center has lots of free aids to help you find your family, but it starts with a simple document where you list what you know.Anyway, I'll take what you have given me and see what I can find. I love helping others find their family tree as it is the ultimate mystery game.

I guess I gotta get moving, feed my baby, and now that I've been talking about tracing families...I think I'll run over to my Family History center and get re-acquainted. It's been a couple of years since I've been there. Have a great day folks, stay warm, or dry and busy.

mykneesareback 11-18-2013 11:36 AM

I enjoy the genealogy stuff a lot, spent time looking up relatives in the Ellis Island web site, and finally found my grandfather, the Mormen people who copied all those names made spelling mistakes often because all the names were handwritten way back then, so it was hard for them to decipher. My parents and grandparents had a rather detailed history, only because, before and during WWII, an uncle was being placed into the military police, and the government at the time demanded proof of a person's "background", meaning religion, back then. Grandparents immigrated here from Germany separately, but met in Fresno, Calif., and got married in E. Toledo, Ohio, had one daughter there, and then went back to Germany to visit, but couldn't return, due to WWI. But relatives stayed here, and it is from those relatives who paid for our family to immigrate, that we were able to come here in 1950. Had to be on a waiting list, have physicals, shots, and proof of a place to live, job, and pay the US $2000, plus they paid for the train, ship, and flights to California from New York. Only about 10 yrs. ago, my cousin went to a 50 yr. high school reunion, and literally "ran into" a 2nd. cousin in a coffee shop in Fresno, that we got together with the 2nd cousins again, and they paid for a more intense genealogy.

Lainey, I'm sorry you do not even know the name of your biological father, that is a real shame. Was your former husband's family from Germany or Holland, just wondering because of your last name, not meaning to pry. It is sort of an unusual name, wonder if you ever hear from any of them again?

Susan, you are right, you can feel that season change, up where you live especially, and Linda, too.

Those storms in Illinois and other nearby states was nasty stuff, wiped out in a few minutes, just can't fathom that kind of thing, being flooded was no fun, but at least the house still stood. :sad:

Begete, how did it go at the gym today, did they change up the air control system, perhaps, so the "smells" would not "hang around" ??

Linda, hope you can get that doctor appt. done today, so you won't have to think about it on your list of "need to do's" at this time of year.

Gladys, did you make it upstairs to get the bed's made? How is C's cold now?

Mary, that sounds like a wonderful organ, they sound so nice when someone who knows how, plays, lol. My former neighbor lady had one in the front bedroom, but I didn't know it, and I'd hear organ music now and then, and wonder if I was hallucinating or something, dh never heard it.................;)

Daughter in law has an appt. with a cardiologist this afternoon, so, if that turns out ok, we are to come down and go out to eat for dh's birthday. They just told her an EKG was "abnormal" and made the appt. for her, so she is worried, of course, and so are we.

Take care!!

Norfolk Mermaid 11-18-2013 01:11 PM

Hi all,
Doris, my bio father was Edward Linton Johnson- I looked exactly like him so needless to say it was a love hate relationship with my mother. Of course in my eyes Joseph Arthur Sanders was my Daddy.
Mary- thank you for any efforts... I tried once to start and knew I would get no where right away. Grandpa was Cherokee but grandma was dutch & (?) else but with the Mc Clure I am guessing Scot or Irish. I also looked like her and a photo of grandma in bloomers caused people to ask "why is Elaine dressed in those funny clothes?". My Moms first name was chosen by Grandma and is Arabic- means "eyes dark as the night"- my Mom & DD "ILA both have what is called shoe button eyes- so dark they are almost black. pronounced Lee I la not Layla like Ali's dd even though she spells it Leila. The last Shaw of Iran's daughter was named Leila. I got the green from my bio Father. They are now more a teal color with yellow centers.
SUSAN- can you google "Reign"? Here it is on the CW. Do you have hulu? I re-watch the one with a exquisit dance scene with Mary & the soon to be prince of Portchagol- couldn't stop thinking about that dance for a week. Reign is my # one tv watch now but Spaders runs a close second or maybe even a tie.
Rambling to keep from facing the washing machine.

Norfolk Mermaid 11-18-2013 01:15 PM

Hope this pic makes up for the ucky FB latest...
very old and I never in my life wore that much make up... just for the ad.

Norfolk Mermaid 11-18-2013 02:01 PM

Darn, trying again.
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Feeling whoosy but just ate so should be ok soon,

SuSUN 11-18-2013 02:52 PM

Lainey, I was going to ask where is the pic Gladys was referring to. I will have to check more often on FB. I am not too sure how to find people? :confused: Absolutely stunning Pic, thank you for sharing with us. What a terrific keepsake!:clap:
Thanks I will Google Reign to see which channels are playing it.:up:

Lovely Walk in the woods with DD and the two dogs for about an hour and half this afternoon. It was windy and fine rainy but the trees were a great wind breaker so made for a comfortable walk. It is pretty dark out already. Some crazy weather happening.

DS's flight has been delayed from NYC. He keeps giving me updates. He will call when he is on board, nothing yet, must be bad weather along the flight path. That lovely turbulence.

Waving to All and hope to get DS back home safely tonight.:up:

Norfolk Mermaid 11-18-2013 03:48 PM

Doris, Germany- they dropped the von Hahn when it was real unpopular to be German and fresh from there to boot. Hal's Grandfather actually had earned an Iron Cross in the war. MIL was american all the way and Poppie never, ever mentioned any of them. MIL's mother had a strong scottish accent but she died "happy knowing her beloved Grandson" had chosen a wife. Why do the Scots hate the English soooo much. Her eyes burned real flames at the mention of England. Hated history all my life- now I love it but have given up at catching up any at all.

birdlady 11-18-2013 03:59 PM

Got the nap and the birds fed,all's well.

Mssarge 11-18-2013 06:15 PM

Fer-rust-ter-rating day (excuse me) but everywhere I went I was met with nothing...well, I did have a really interesting talk with my former boss, so it wasn't a totally wasted day. I was inspired to start on Lainey's genealogy, so dashed out right after my last post only to discover the Family History Center is closed on Mondays...DOH (head slap). Instead of coming home to start on the 'puter, went for a couple of other errands and couldn't take care of them...so since I was almost halfway there, decided to go to the casino where I dropped a few dollars more...oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

Susan, it looks as tho' your area is under siege;hope the DS makes it home tonight. Although with all that nasty weather twixt there and there, it might be better to wait this one out.

Doris, we often wondered what the neighbors thought because when Don played, he played loudly...I'd have to put some distance between him and me, and that probably made him play even louder...it is a nice organ and I really should sit down and play...but for some reason just can't find it within me.

Lainey, hope you got my message and you'll be able to supply some dates. Certainly helps identify which Leila is yours...chuckle.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good day today...I'm getting ready to leave the house again (poor MeMe) for a meeting/supper with the ladies of the relief society...should be interesting. I almost backed out again as I have a couple of other invites I've received...anyway, will let you know how it goes. Tuck in if you're in the bad-weather sights.

ocali 11-18-2013 06:22 PM

Lainey, you have a very, very interesting family background Loved reading about it.
You, too, Doris. I remember the days after WW 2 when families were sponsoring relatives to come over here from Europe. Have you ever gone back to visit?

mykneesareback 11-18-2013 06:57 PM

Yes, in 1967 and 1968, almost married someone I met in '67, lol, but it would have been a mistake. Went back in 1977 to visit cousins in East Berlin when the wall was still up, and meet my dh's relatives, but that's the last time, ever, for us.

Lainey's story is interesting, to me, also. That Ellis Island web site was fascinating, we found out some of my grandfather's cousins came here to be nannys and house maids, you had to write down what your job was. My grandfather came with an uncle who had some ranches, and needed ranch hands, brought my grandfather with him when he was 16, in 1900. People needed work, and were willing to immigrate to a foreign land, not knowing the language or anything. I don't think I'd have the guts my parents and forefathers had, to be honest!

SuSUN 11-18-2013 08:54 PM

I too am enjoying the ancestry so interesting Ladies.:up:

I picked DS up at 7:15 pm so his flight from Newark made it. These pilots sure know what they are doing huh?:clap::clap:

All is calm again at my house.:love:

Sleep well and hope to bbt...:heart:

Norfolk Mermaid 11-18-2013 09:08 PM

Susan, I love your avy.
Falling asleep so I'll bbt

Mssarge 11-18-2013 09:09 PM

Back safe and sound from the sisterhood supper...very interesting getting to know a lot of people...be careful what you ask for, as you may get it. I wanted to get out of the house, now it looks like my dance card is filling up. This is a monthly get-together for the ladies of the sisterhood and then there's the monthly dinner for the empty-nest seniors for family night. If I get into the history center, that will use up a couple days a week (I'm hoping) so that will cut out my trips to the casinos, fer shure.

I was a good girl...but I did yield to the presence of an apple/cranberry crumb cheese pie...omg, so good. but I stayed within my daily calorie quota...I hope. At least my food dieary shows I did. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Susan, so glad your boy found his way home safely....how long will he be in country?

Have a good night, and I'm going out to view the moon. see ya manana.

LoveMontana 11-18-2013 09:41 PM

Wow Lainey and Doris, what interesting ancestry .

I have the ships manifest from my maternal grandmother coming over and landing at Ellis Islamd from Germany
My maternal grandfather was from Ireland and was raised by priests after he got here in Pennsylvania.:annoyed:

Paternal grandparents were an odd pair. Milo, grandfather was born in Wales
Came her and married my paternal grandmother who was a Seminole Indian.

Pooped here and off to bed.

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