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mykneesareback 10-29-2013 08:24 PM

Middle of the Week, jump the Hump!!

LoveMontana 10-29-2013 09:25 PM

Thanks for the Hump day start off, Doris. Cute Avatar, but I did like the pie better.:D

For Lainey,

Begete 10-29-2013 10:57 PM

Linda, I could hear the audio, but no video. Thanx for the start, Doris.

Still no RV. they said by tomorrow at noon. I'll believe it when I see it.

Shalbrihil 10-30-2013 07:35 AM

Linda you made my morning with that camel. I'm right there with Lainey and love it too! Ha!

I'm not sure why but got up at 6:00 this morning. I usually sleep until 8:00. Feels funny to still be seeing dark outside. Doris the time change is this weekend instead of the 5th. I read the site wrong. Nov. 5th is a week day.

Boy coffee tastes good this morning. We do the Melitta coffee maker. After it's made it's like a thermos and keeps warm while you move it around. Makes 8 cups. The coffee tastes so much better than our drip coffee maker was.

I'm having Don start are wall heater once again. It's that chilly feeling now in the mornings. Thanks for the morning start off Doris. BBL

35down 10-30-2013 08:27 AM

Good Morning! Hump day camel made me smile and helped adjust my whole :annoyed:attitude:)for the day. Thank you!

Bought candy for trick or treaters yesterday-but got gummie sponge bob things and skittles to keep temptation at bay. Made up some special treat sacks for grand sons with Halloween books and toys so that was fun.

Well, the 'dawn is breaking ' here now. Daughter's house where I am babysitting the older grandsons to get them on the school bus later sits up on a hill so is nice to look out the window and see the city lights. All is still quiet in the house as the boys haven't gotten up yet.

So wishing you all a very nice Wednesday hump day.


Mssarge 10-30-2013 09:48 AM

Good morning all...last down day on the woe for the month and I'm not going to make my goal for the month of five pounds but may make four...guess I'll see in the morning what the metal monster that lurks in the bathroom has to say. But I'm happy to be back in the groove...feels good to be starting to drop again. Busy day today so I'll be able to stay away from food...doctor's appointment, home teacher and the ladies tonight....when will I find time to straighten the house? Oh well, what will be will be.

I've had a realization this month...I know I've probably learned this lesson in the past, but I'm a slow learner. One Sunday I had what used to be a normal breakfast for me; bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast, orange juice and coffee and felt so bloated all day day that I was uncomfortable. At almost a thousand calories for the meal which is what I usually eat for the whole day on my up days, no wonder I put on so much weight. Sorry for the ramble but I'm amazed when I re-learn such a simple thing.

Well, guess I'd better get moving if I'm going to get everything done today...have a good day folks (and I'm not looking forward to the change in time...it was so good for me when I was in Indiana because they don't change with the time changes, at least where I was...the Northern part changes to be on the same time zone as Chicago and the eastern part changed to be on the same time as Ohio. I always thought that was strange.)

SuSUN 10-30-2013 10:50 AM

Thanks Doris for our daily kick off.:up:

Loved the Camel again Linda. :D

Sharon, glad to hear your review on that Melitta coffee maker. I don't drink coffee that much, the odd day I make a cup as a treat. Staunch tea drinker here, so coffee is a welcome change.

I hear ya Mary, we used to consume so much at breakfast and never bat an eyelid at the caloric consumption huh? You are doing just great with your stats, well done!:clap: Wish I could get started again. :dunno::stars:

I am intending to go to my exercise class this aft at 2:30 for an hour. I stayed away due to torn meniscus. PT told me no jumping around until it is healed. It is much improved but a small amount still lingering. I will attempt the class but tread very carefully. I need to get out to do something with this flabby body especially with surgery coming up.

:hiya:Waving to All and hope to check back later.:heart:

Shalbrihil 10-30-2013 11:16 AM

Susan you can brew tea as well as coffee with this version. I've done both and both are great! I usually buy tea bags and with my 8 cup size I just put the 4-5 bags in the top and pour the boiling water over. So easy and love the convince of taking it with you.

Mssarge 10-30-2013 11:30 AM

Hey, Sharon, thanks for the idea. Never thought of using the Melitta for tea and I have a ton of loose tea and a couple of tea balls for 'em but now I'll drag out the filter and cone and try it. I think it would keep the crumbs out of the water much better...wow! How nice we share these tips.

Susan, I can feel for you. I had to have surgery to trim the meniscus took a long time to get back on the exercise trail...good luck and I sure hope you can do most of the workout if not all.

Just checking in before I leave for the doc's. Picked up a bit so, at least, the house looks a bit cleaner, so feeling a bit better about the company later.

Ta-ta for now, type ya later.

mykneesareback 10-30-2013 11:33 AM

Finally getting in here, we got up early to do a large Wal Mart excursion, before this big storm hits, that they keep yakking about on tv, but only sprinkles here, but dark day, 73 degrees. Humid, you can feel it even in the clothes in your drawer and closet.

Thanks for posting the camel again, Linda!! :high5:

Susan, you walk a lot, that helps your heart out, and that's a good thing!! :heart:

Mary, the phrase for what you describe is "repeat and repent", we keep looking for that satisfying lover in food. dh and I have noticed, as we age, we just can't eat that much, no matter what kind of food it is, just no room for it anymore. My mother told me that would happen. So that helps, at this stage of the "game". How is the hot tub working, did you get to use it last night again?

Begete, I'm sorry your motor home is not finished with the repair job, but not surprised. What a stress for you guys, though! Are you going anywhere, after it's fixed, for a short "trial run" with the cats?

Sharon, I have seen that unit you can do coffee or tea in, at a kitchenware store in Reno, sounds like something worth looking into, for my daughter in law, they don't even have a coffeemaker, so, when we stayed there, we always went out for coffee, or I made my instant, dh doesn't like instant though, lol. You have some good tricks!

Hi Joni, you are right, buy the candy stuff that you hate, so you won't want to eat it..........I hate gummi anything! But grandson has had some before. Have a good day today!

Need to do paperwork, write some letters to the cremation group so we can get our money back.

Take care today! Waving at our few missing regulars :hiya:

Doug_H 10-30-2013 11:34 AM

Mary, Arizona doesn't change time either but California and Nevada on the other side of the river do so when we travel to Laughlin or Needles we have to keep that in mind.:stars:

mykneesareback 10-30-2013 11:37 AM

Doug, everytime we visited the Grand Canyon, we had to argue that fact with a lot of people, especially those from bus tours from "back East"......:)
Where do you stay when you go to Laughlin, we have been at the Aquarius.

Doug_H 10-30-2013 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by mykneesareback (Post 16664085)
Doug, everytime we visited the Grand Canyon, we had to argue that fact with a lot of people, especially those from bus tours from "back East"......:)
Where do you stay when you go to Laughlin, we have been at the Aquarius.

Doris, we don't stay there we go for the gambling, food, activities. It's only about 15 minutes from home.

mykneesareback 10-30-2013 11:49 AM

Yes, I know you don't stay now, but wondered which one you might have stayed in before you moved near to it, we wondered if the Harrah's would be a better place than the Aquarius..........we will need to travel that way again early next year is why.

Norfolk Mermaid 10-30-2013 12:28 PM

Slept in and the day got away from me. Thanks Doris.
Hmmm, usually post the night before.
LOVE, Love, love that CAMEL. Thanks mighty much Linda.
Yard work prep is done so now to DO IT or some of it anyhow.
Nixon was going to get rid of the time change but never did. I hate the spring one of course but do love the fall one.
Mary Ann is running off with Danny for the week end- sigh, fun while it lasted for me but I truly am happy for her. She is acting like a school girl- so cute.
Yallins have a great rest of the day and tonight.

mykneesareback 10-30-2013 01:10 PM

Yes, I know how to spell "Wednesday", most of the time.............:dunno:
WTH ??

Doug_H 10-30-2013 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by mykneesareback (Post 16664111)
Yes, I know you don't stay now, but wondered which one you might have stayed in before you moved near to it, we wondered if the Harrah's would be a better place than the Aquarius..........we will need to travel that way again early next year is why.

Doris, we never stayed at any of the hotels. We always had the RV so we stayed in RV parks.
I would guess that personal preference would override any of my suggestions.
Harrah's is probably the most upscale/expensive but it is isolated. Most of the others allow you to walk from one to the other.:dunno:

Shalbrihil 10-30-2013 02:35 PM

Doris I remember The Edgewater. We stayed there several times. We like the ones on the river side. The walk was easy when you wanted to visit the other casinos.

SuSUN 10-30-2013 05:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Thank You Sharon for the tips on making tea with that coffee maker. :up:

Mary, you are right, it is great that we can share these things with each other.:clap: So far no surgery on my knee. PT thinks we can remedy it with PT exercise and time. The surgery is for the boobs.

Lainey, I hope your GF has fun with her Danny this weekend. I will post a kitty pic for You below to cheer you.:hugs:
If you look closely at the one with his mouth open you will see a black fish on his chest. Interesting huh? :love:

I made it through the exercise class. I am so happy with myself that I got back at it.
I just kept moving side steps while they did the squats but I was mostly able to it all. I guess I will see how I wake up tomorrow how the leg is.;) Of course it feels fine right now.
I did some errands and the bank on my way home too.:up:

Wishing All a pleasant evening and a solid sleep. HOpe to BBT...:heart:

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Mssarge 10-30-2013 05:51 PM

Back after the doc's visit...what a trip, longest wait ever!!! Two hours before I got to see the doc and then had maybe a five minute talk with him. I did get the answers I needed, but still p's me off that they book so many. Grrrrrr!

After all the scans, probes, and other invasive stuff...a clean bill from both pulmonologist and the cardiologists...then why am I so huffy/puffy? The cardio seemed surprised that he couldn't find anything wrong with me, just a slight enlargement of the heart, but not bad. He did ask me if I have lupus or rheumatoid arthritis as one of the results on the blood test was elevated...jeez, now something else to worry about...but he did tell me to stop taking ibuprofen (which I don't take) and cut back on the Celebrex. But that's all okay. Still haven't heard back from endo, tho', with the results on the creatinine.

I like that phrase, Doris, repeat and repent. I saw my mom and pop cut waaaaay back on their food intake after I left home, but I thought it was just because they were itty bitty people. I have cut way back on the food I eat anyway, but that feeling was so bad I don't think I'll ever eat that way again. I've also noticed I can't tolerate the sugars and wheats either, so that all fits into the low carb woe, too.

Yeah, Doug, I know Arizona doesn't change to DST but it was never a problem except when we'd visit our friends in Quartzsite for lunch....it was always a problem trying to figure out what time we were supposed to meet them...not that we visited that much in the summer time...way too hot for us for that drive across the river.

Visited with the home teacher and now awaiting the sisters this evening...trying to figure out what I'm eating for supper to keep the calories as low as possible....weigh in in the morning and I'm looking forward to as low a number as possible to start off next month's loss.

Norfolk Mermaid 10-30-2013 06:02 PM

Susan, Thank you, thank you for those kitties.
Love the fishie on his chest but even cuter he/she has "4" ears! Awww, I want them all on me- all over, just crawling every where. I have had lots of kittens in my life and their main mode of motion are their 20 tiny little needle claws but they don't hurt yet. Love, love them- baby cats are the BEST!
Hectic day today- 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Trusty weed whacker died but it did me well while it lasted. Will shop in the morning for a mower with a bag- a move up for sure and certainly due.
Then did some food shopping- bought a giant Jiff and the biggest Smuckers Strawberry Jam available. I am set for the winter. Do need some crackers as I can make a meal of 3 or 4 open face PB & Jam saltines on UP Days. Have to carefull seal the unused crackers as the go stale fast if not sealed well.
Nothing on tv again tonight but some "Chopped" cooking shows that I may watch. But it looks like yet another early to bed to read night. My poor colon kept me on or very near the "Throne" most of the day. It really tires me out and makes me feel weak after a full day of that. TMInfo I know.
I told Mary Ann I want a clone of her Danny! He is making her feel like a princess with his actions and words. I did ask her to "please" keep some of the intimate things to herself as I live alone and do not need longing in my life at this stage and in my condition.
I have never had success with cooking beans or lentals but I somehow ended up with tons of packages of both in a "Church Box" and tried one more time with some of the lentals and they were just perfect. I had given up on beans and lentals but they are so healthy and filling I am thinking of going kinda of vegitarian yet again for the winter but I will add chicken broth as that seemed to flavor them so well. I boil chicken legs to alternate with the steamed shrimp and end up with lots of wonderful stock. Aaunt Jane loves it but she does not use very much of it so I will make good use of it now.
I am prattling along here so will give it a rest.
bbl or tomorrow.
I will tell her not to share my cancer with Danny as it is not something I readily share. I think she already has though.
Sweet dreams all.

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