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mykneesareback 10-09-2013 08:37 PM

THURSDAY'S Roll Call, Oct. 10
Gee, I had to look to be sure it was already Oct. 10, good heaven's!!

We drove to that new to us mall, to find the cutlery store, but couldn't find it, LOL, couldn't find a whole MALL !! I know where we went wrong now, though. So we went to our old favorite mall, walked all over the place, bought some shoes, but went to a restaurant my dh enjoys on the way home, for lunch, no cooking for me, again. And then we napped, lordy, don't know what it is about Texas, that makes me nap, used to never do that. Must be my age, or something.

Hoping everyone is settling in for a good nights rest, yes, Lainey, get to bed now, you will feel better in the morning! :)

See yah Thursday morning, hopefully. :heart:

Begete 10-09-2013 09:04 PM

Well the boys and I are happy to be home!

What a mess the last few days have been.....DH says we should be happy all this happened in September close to home, and that the brakes didn't fail crossing the Siskyous into California in January in a snow storm.....yes, I guess so, but "happy" is pushing it!

LoveMontana 10-09-2013 10:29 PM

Howdy Doris, thanks again for the start off.

LOL, so happy you and DH are getting used to places there but sorry you didn't fine that store.

Yeah I hear ya on naps. Sometimes they are very necessary, so it is probably our old age.:D

Hi Babette, LOL, these motor homes are quite a PITA but fun at times.

Had a very interesting visit with my primary and got a couple of scripts refilled.

Nothing else going on with me at the moment and heading off to bed.:sleepy:

Norfolk Mermaid 10-10-2013 03:54 AM

Good Thursday to all. Thanks Doris
Cancer support group this morning that I will combine with a Good Will visit to donate and shop- donation gets my third stamp on my card with one more and I get 20% off for that day. Plan to use my 5.00 Birthday coupon at Shoney's Buffet as it is a up day.
Did not get the trash out yesterday so waiting for day light and will drag it out then- not sure about re-cycle but also leaf bags will go out to the curb.
After all that it will just be a regular rainy day so hope to get in some house work that is very, very much in need.
Begete- Please give us details of the "Boys" try out trip... EVERYTHING!
Gonna play some solitaire whilst I wait for dawn which the first thing I have to do is sort out some black socks as I need a clean pair for today.

Mssarge 10-10-2013 10:12 AM

Good morning, y'all. Looks like everyone is busy the morning as it's getting later and no one else has shown up...it's a good thing, tho' as that shows everyone is bustlin' around.

Sun is shining on SoCal this morning and the bunnies are running to the mountains to enjoy the snow. The news showed a couple of beach bums who had been on the beach surfing yesterday and decided to run up and plan in the snow...one of the great things about living in SoCal...surfing, and snow skiing on the on the same day...been there, done that (in my youth, certainly not now)

Today is a do nothing day for me, no plans and don't really want to leave the house, so I probably won't. At least, I'll bring in the toys N picked up yesterday as it rained all day and they're still in the car. Not even going to worry what food I eat. Yesterday was supposed to be a down day, but broke the cycle and didn't eat enough to consider it an up day, so today will be up and get back on cycle tomorrow. My new copy of Dr. Johnson's book came in so enjoying having his recipes for the DD's. I keep giving my copies away when people ask me what I've been doing. I guess it shows as people are noticing but I still look the same to me. (The way I can tell I've lost some weight is that clothes I'm buying are several sizes smaller than what I wore last year...finally found a pair of black slacks that fit (I've an old-lady booty now) but still looking for jeans.)

BTW, for those who read DT books (dead tree books for those who don't use an e-reader) I hope you have a good source for used books...so much cheaper and most seem to be brand new. Most of the used book stores in my area have closed, What am I saying, most book stores have closed in my area. I'm glad I discovered ABE Books, an online purveyor of books...and things are dirt cheap with shipping included. Sometimes I just have to have the DT book in my hand..like Dr. Johnson's Alternate Day Diet. (Sorry, long winded explanation of something that should be said in just a few words)

Anyway, hope your day is going well and I, too, am totally surprised October is going so quickly...

Norfolk Mermaid 10-10-2013 01:31 PM

Man oh man.... nasty day out there.
meeting was good. ended up hanging out at good will hoping the torrents would let up. bouht a hoodie vest and a bracelet/earrings set- really pretty. Found Sagony shoes for walkies but left them there as the big toe on the left foot was a bit iffy- no pressure on the big toes no matter what.
Skipped the buffet so I fixed a real quickie salmon bisque- excellent. shared some of the juice and half the meat with my little pals and they were sooooo happy.
Got a movie- block buster's Cher's Burlesque which I' ll watch now as my sit coms come on toniht. Big Bang & The Millers and I think another one but I cannot remember which one. Seems like Mondays and Thursdays are my TV nights still and for the past several years. Of course Sunday's come January- I can't wait.

Mssarge 10-10-2013 04:56 PM

Oh my...as usual when I've nothing planned, I found a way to get into trouble...sigh! But that's okay, I'd given up on my old hot tub/spa. After spending money this year putting a new cover on it and having to fix the heater, it developed a leak...just like a 15 year-old car, once you start putting money into it there comes a time when you decide "enough!!!!" I'm giving it to a friend who has been on her reserve active duty and furloughed from her job so waited until she was back in country to check with her to see if she still wants it.

She does, so went down to the spa shop and bought a beautiful new one, smaller and the sides are lower so it will be easier for me to get in and out. It will be in in a week or so, so I'll be able to get back into hot water. They will pick up the old one, diagnose what's wrong with it and deliver it to my friends house....no charge. Of course, any problems they find will be fixed and charged regular service rates, but I'll feel better giving it to her knowing it's okay. In addition, they're going to mend the gazebo under which I keep the spa and provide me with a step with handrail...I couldn't be happier.

ALSO, the owner of the shop is very interested in taking over my RV....:jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy: So hoping that's goes through. On the downside, however, he's getting married and his dog and the fiance's do not get along...so he's got to find a home for the gentlest dog I've ever seen, part sheep-dog, part border collie. So sweet and it breaks my heart I can't add him to my pack but will try to help him find a good home for Gem.

So, as usual, found a way to get into trouble but at least I didn't give it to the local casino...and tomorrow I've a busy schedule so can't get into any trouble. A lady vet's breakfast early which I may pass on as I have to be fasting at least four hours for my cat scan and echocardiogram at noon. Then the ortho doc at three...still have to set up the cat scan for the pulmonologist, tho' so I'll be scanned all over by the time I'm finished with this round of docs....sigh!

That's my report for the day, how was yours? Hope it was a good day and great things came your way.

birdlady 10-10-2013 06:08 PM

Was a good wiffie today and made C. crawfish ettoufatte.Happy camper he was.His foot Dr. said all's well with his foot but it still bothers him some when he over does it.
I just did the usual animal care,didn't do any barn cleaning so tomorrow will be extra dirty.lol
Mary sound like you had a nice day,good that you are taking care of your self.
Naps are what keeps me going,since I can only sleep four hrs at the most at night.

LoveMontana 10-10-2013 07:48 PM

Oh Gladys, please share the recipe for your crafish ettoufatte. Haven't had a good one in years.

Mary, you treated yourself very well today with that new and safer for you hot tub.:up:

Hi Lainey, nice that you had a productive day at the Good Will.;)

Didn't do much of anything of note today and enjoyed every minute of it.:hyst:

Norfolk Mermaid 10-10-2013 08:15 PM

The Bisque knocked me out....
driving in the typhoon drained all my spirit slam out. After yesterday afternoon and now today my nights and days are topsy turvy. Will watch the movie tomorrow.
Back to bed for some puzzles and hopeful to get back to sleep and start anew tomorrow.
Gonna check the weather forecast though first. Rainy weather also knocks me out so that has not helped.

weezie 10-11-2013 04:47 AM

Gladys, what is the difference between crawfish etoufatte and crawfish etouffee? I make shrimp etouffee because it's hard to get crawfish up here. My DH loves cajun and New Orleans food. Yum!

LoveMontana 10-11-2013 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by weezie (Post 16638950)
Gladys, what is the difference between crawfish etoufatte and crawfish etouffee? I make shrimp etouffee because it's hard to get crawfish up here. My DH loves cajun and New Orleans food. Yum!

Louise, we can find crawfish in the frozen sea food section of many grocery stores here in upstate NY. Etouffee can be made with any shell fish.

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