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mykneesareback 10-06-2013 08:27 PM

MONDAY'S Roll Call, Oct. 7
Howdy, and so forth. Today I go back to the orthopedist, to see what else he wants to try for my foot/ankle/heel thing. It's better, but not great, especially now that I'm wearing shoes again. Oh well......

Thinking of Louise starting another round of chemo Monday, hugs to her!
Wishing Verleen well, also.

We had the smoke alarm go on this afternoon, but thought it was the gas from the stove, so called the gas dept., and they sent someone right out. Didn't detect any, but said the alarm could have a short in it. So now going to get a new alarm, lol. But dh wants me to maybe get a new gas stove ??

Also want to get the flu shot this week, the doctor says to just drop in.

Let's have a decent week, not too hectic, I hope.

LoveMontana 10-06-2013 10:21 PM

Hi Doris and thanks for the start off.
Nice to hear your foot is feeling better and hope it continues to improve.

Wishing Louise and Verleen the very best.

Pooped here from the trip and took a nap to rest up for bed:laugh: Now to really head off to bed for a good sleep.

weezie 10-07-2013 05:20 AM

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Thanks for all the good wishes. Here is my latest knitting project, Norwegian style mittens. I doubt I'll take it along to chemo as it requires too much concentration. There is a Zen to knitting something like this - very much a matter of staying in the moment without room for thinking too much. I'm making 3 pairs as gifts - whee!!!

Have a good one all.


Norfolk Mermaid 10-07-2013 05:51 AM

oops posted on yesterday's forum.
Glad I came back to tell you we just had a light shower- RAIN! short & sweet but sure hoping it'll be back later this afternoon.
I am thinking of going to that movie-
some movies just should be seen in the theater. Everyone tells "Ila" she looks like Sandra Bullock. In high school it was- morning brain here! she played "Pretty Woman"? Of all the things I ever lost I miss my mind the most. Dear Lord Susan, that does not mean she dies does it?? Please PM me if she does cause I won't go if that is the case. Not a crier here but if it happens it is too hard to stop.
RAIN supposed to roll in around noon maybe but for sure by 3: ish. OMG about time. I was very, very close to the rain dance that I am scert to use due to past experiences.
I switched the kitties from shrimp to chicken legs as lack of $$$$ is getting critical- serious. They seem fine with it. Legs have the least waste and only that one needle like bone to worry about. They share the broth with me which is nice of them.
Gonna get on my walker shoes and socks and at least do a 2 block square this mornin.
Lainey "libra 70"

ocali 10-07-2013 07:40 AM

Off to take my neighbor to a doctor appointment. Supposed to pick her up in twenty minutes but her living room shades are still closed......hmmmmm
It's clouding up so will probably get the tail end of that storm that fizzled out.
Louise, love those mittens. If I still lived up north, I'd ask you to knit me a pair!
I hope you all have the best day you can.

Norfolk Mermaid 10-07-2013 09:16 AM

Thanks Susan.
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Let's see if I can find a few pics of Ila looking like Sandra.

SuSUN 10-07-2013 09:21 AM

Sending :hugs::hugs: for today's round of chemo Louise. You will be in my thoughts today. How creative You are to make those pretty mitts. :clap:

Steady rain for today so not much outdoor stuff going to happen here. The rest of the week in fine and sunny in low 70's so I'll take that. Lots of leaves blowing around everywhere all shades and sizes. Fall is such a pretty season but doesn't last too long.:dunno:;)

Thank You again Doris for our unfailing start.:clap: Yikes I hope you don't need a new stove. $$$$s.

Waving to All and hope to check back later...:heart:

Mssarge 10-07-2013 10:03 AM

Good morning all...last night was an up and down night so you know what that means. Cooling down at last so looking forward to our Autumn, and ours lasts a long time as opposed to yours Susan and there's always a chance of the temps going back up. I do miss the flaming colors of Autumn, however. Here our trees turn a dull brown and then drop their leaves. We do have a few semi-tropical plants that put on a show...one of my favorite is the French Silk Tree. We have one outside the main door where I used to work and I loved watching it drop it's leaves, then come forth with the most beautiful pink lily-like flowers.

My hugs going out to Louise and Verleen today, too. Hope things go well for you today. And special hugs to Doris for the podiatrist...went through a lot of problems with my feet and heels but at least I knew what caused 'em...running in boots was one. If your feet hurt, you hurt all over, so I hope you get some relief that lasts. One of the things I found that helped was having a tennis ball under my feet when I was sitting down...it helps to exercise the bottom of the foot...not so much for the heel and sure helps stretch the ball of the foot. I absolutely refuse to have the cortizone shots...they hurt the worst in the feet.

Have Nadine coming over for cleaning and another run to the market to pick up stuff Sam's doesn't carry....almost typed "Food Giant"...OMG, haven't gone to one of them in ages. Are they still around? I'm sure they were swallowed up by Big Food a long time ago. Gotta run to the vampires to have blood drawn for the upcoming cat scan so will be running out the door soon.

Have a great day, folks, hugs for everyone....bbl

Begete 10-07-2013 11:18 AM

Good morning and thanx for the start, Doris.

Lainey - she really does look like Sandra Bullock.

Weezie - you can do more on Chemo brain than I can do without chemo!

We are supposed to take a quick camping trip this week with Red and Blue to see if we can tolerate them in a small place in January, but I awoke this morning with my back out and can hardly move....

Have a good one.

SuSUN 10-07-2013 04:48 PM

Yes, Lainey, Miss Congeniality for sure! Loved that movie. You have a beautiful daughter. Thank You for posting those pics of her.:up::love:

Louise, I am sure following that mitten pattern will keep your brain very active. Mine would be spinning in frustration.:stars:;)
How are you feeling after the first dose today? :hugs:

Julie, hope your neighbour was okay with the blinds still closed.:)

:welcome: Back Linda, that is the sign of a good trip when you need to rest afterwards. ;)

Doris, what is the outcome from your ortho doc appointment today? Hope your foot continues to heal. :hugs: Are you still doing those Achilles tendon exercises? Do you have to do any other foot exercises?

Waving to All and hope to bb later or tomorrow...:heart:

SuSUN 10-07-2013 04:53 PM

Mary, that French silk tree sounds magnificent I don't think I have ever seen one of those.
When you were describing your Fall, it reminds me of the Mamas and Papas song...All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey...:sing: great music back then huh?

Hope the tailwaggers are enjoying the cooler weather.;)

Mssarge 10-07-2013 07:39 PM

So much for fall, 87 degrees today. Finally made it back after a frustrating trip finding the blood suckers...it's so much easier at the VA hospital. Then Nadine to the store and finally made it back home about two p.m. and had breakfast...still recovering from the lack o' energy...oh well, it's done now.

Susan, the French Silk tree is so beautiful I sometimes just sit and stare at it...and it's one of those freaks of nature because the tree trunk itself is a mass of huge thorns. I guess nature did that to protect the fruit...I'd love to know the story about its development. Beautiful but messy, much more so than any black walnut or mulberry tree...the ground is just littered with the droppings. and yes, I miss the Beach Boys and their music. I understand it is still a popular genre in the Carolinas...love to hear a live band again.

Hope everyone is recuperating from their travails today and are feeling better...hugs to all.

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