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mykneesareback 10-05-2013 07:54 PM

SUNDAY'S Roll Call, Oct. 6
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Getting this going a bit early, going to watch boxing with dh at 9 pm, need some coffee though.

Pleasant evening, and let's enjoy our Sunday, if we are able to. :shake:

Shalbrihil 10-05-2013 09:54 PM

Thank you Doris for our start out.
Ha, love the sign Doris.

Just wanted you to know that your daughter-in-law's advice is the reason I have 3 different types of crockpots. I started with a large round one then while I was at Costco found the oval one then needed a smaller one so found that at k-mart. This was in a long span of time. Now I have needs for all the sizes. HA.

See you in the morning. Bed is calling.

Mssarge 10-05-2013 10:39 PM

I forgot when I was rambling about the Ninja that in additions to the three quart, I also have a one quart and a two cup...yep, two cup for dips & things. I've used the one quart one for steel cut oatmeal which is great thrown together and cooked overnight.

Doris, I know you don't have many cookbooks left...I think you said you gleaned them when you moved...but you might roam through the books to see if any recipes jump out at you and base the size of your acquisition on that...some recipes call for a bigger one, others for smaller ones. And, when you're considering your purchase, don't forget you can make bread and desserts in a slow cooker, too. Some now come with a trivet for the bottom of the cooker to accommodate 'em. Now's a good time to buy, too, because of the back-to-college stock some stores have. I saw a huge supply at Wally World for under $20 last week.

Another day in which I just went to the mailbox and watered some plants without going anywhere else...tomorrow will be a bit different 'cause I'm taking N out for her grocery purchases and she wants to go to both Costco and Sam's Club...good thing as I need gasoline, so will be a busy morning.

Hope everyone has a good day and good things come your way.

Norfolk Mermaid 10-06-2013 03:47 AM

5:39 am Sun. too warm to sleep.
Mary, I keep forgetting to mention.... the choices are in the "Title" slot where you type in "Good Morning" & etc. I have accumulated several choices that drop down and I want to delete them but highlightin and hitting the delete or highlighting and draging to the garbage pail does not work... sure would love to get rid of them totally but cannot seem to be able to.
One more hot day and still kinda warm but rain for the next two days and we sure do need it bad.
My biorythem seems to be way down for this last hot spell and I am missing my walks really something awful. Just got to learn to walk all by myself and no matter what.
Have a "Super Sunday" everyone.

birdlady 10-06-2013 07:23 AM

Lainey,ask Sherri she maybe able to help you.
Alyssa spent the night here last night.It had been a while since that happened.Will not have many more as she is fifteen now.
Nothing planned as usual.

Verleen 10-06-2013 11:02 AM

I went to bed early last night and conked right out. I didn't even wake when Rich came up to get Molly. I guess that fresh cool, fall air made me sleepy. The neighborhood get together was nice. There was alot of younger people there. That was nice to see. Younger people interested in historical homes and willing to put in the money to restore them. I brought up the idea of having a holiday round robin get together and they got really excited about that. They were going to talk about it later when others arrived. I couldn't stay that long but told them to count us in. It would be grand to see all these old mansions decorated for the holidays.

Today I got up early as a result of going to bed early. Now I'm tired, but I'm going to try to put away the last of my clothes from the old house, either hung up, into the Salvation Army box or thrown away. Its a rainy, cold day and I'm glad I have a warm home. I might even turn the fireplace on and hold a cup of cocoa.

I've been thinking about how to get my screen house here and put up. Rich won't do it. Perhaps one of the men that work at where I bought it will be willing to hire out to do it in his off time. That's my first plan of action. Another is to hire a moving company to take up down, move it to the new house and put it up again. This option is more expensive but I would get it done all in one shot.

I had 2 crockpots and when I bought a third one, I gave the other 2 away. The third one is larger, oval, has a locking lid, a place to lock the spoon on and is designed not to tip over during transport. We often brought food in our crockpot to events we were attending. I just like all the features this last one had. Cathy has one too, so we might be back to two or will give one away.

So time to work or go to bed. Will someone toss a coin for me?

Mssarge 10-06-2013 11:05 AM

Good morning all...getting hot here again before the temps dive during the week. We're in the up 'n down temp time. I'm taking N around for here monthly shopping so will be out fighting the crowds....yech, but I'm glad I'm able to do it for her.

Sorry, Lainey, I can't help with the dropdowns as I've a few myself. Of course, they come in handy for the menu board in typing the up day/down day so I just ignore the ones I don't want....maybe someone else can help us. I'm with you on getting the urge to walk by myself, can't seem to get it together. I was doing pretty good last year at this time and I had started by just going out and walking five minutes at a time, then stretched it out until I was getting in a good walk. This breathing issue I have is severely limiting my movements for now...sure hope it gets better soon.

Guess I'd better feed the fur kids and get moving...hope all y'all have a great day and good things come your way.

p.s. Verleen posting at the same time...good to hear the get together was a success and I hope the plans for the holiday round robin comes together....I love the thought of the old Victorians in holiday dress...but, can't toss the coin...sounds like a day to curl up with a good book.

35down 10-06-2013 12:33 PM

Happy Sunday! :hiya: Busy last few days-lots of outside chores getting ready for winter. We had frost a few nights last week so needed to drain and roll up hoses etc. and clean out the shop so there was room to put my car in--hate scraping windshields!

Chicken thighs in the oven for Sunday dinner. Have had the munchies all morning but did stick to low carb things except now the macadamia nuts are coming back to haunt me in my tummy. :p

Verleen- your crockpot sounds like a perfect Christms gift for my daughter. I have not seen one with those features. Will be doing some shopping.

Best go get busy on the never ending pile of laundry. Wishing a good day to all!


weezie 10-06-2013 12:47 PM

Hi all-

Have been lurking but not saying much so here's a Happy Anniversary to Doris, and Happy Belated Birthdays to Gladys, Lainey and Verleen (and any of you other Libras). DH is a Libra, for what it's worth - his birthday is the 15th.

I bought my first ever canning equipment set and put up some spiced pickled pears. Also plan to make some pear and ginger preserves. It was easier than I thought it would be since I'm not working under pressure to do lots of stuff. We found an orchard/farm market nearby and I got a great deal on pears and apples.

Tonight I'm making sauerbraten and red cabbage in honor of October and our 63 degree temps. I have to take advantage of cooking what I enjoy when I can. Once the post chemo steroids wear off (2 days), I have 5 days of awful nausea, then 4 days of being immune suppressed until the white cell booster shot kicks in and then I'm fine for 10 days where I feel normal. Next treatment is tomorrow.

To combat the nausea I've been burning Pinon incense from New Mexico. Makes me feel as if I'm an old hippie, but it really helps. Will let you know if I decide to embroider my old blue jeans.

Not too much else to report. Have a great Sunday and a great week!


P.S. If I've mentioned this before, please forgive me. "Chemo brain" is for real. If i don't write it down it evaporates (though that may also be that I'm getting older).

Shalbrihil 10-06-2013 04:38 PM

Nice to see you Louise. I haven't canned in ages. I use to do peaches and tomatoes but it just seems like way too much work for me now.

This morning I found that our potty had a leak in the back. I let my handyman know and he replaced some gaskets and now the leak is gone. Gee I love my handyman! Don is such a trooper when it comes to fixing things.

We went shopping and now my brain is trying it's best to conjure up something to do with hamburger. I have a taste for asparagus so that is one thing I'm not stressing over.

I had more than my share of fruit today. Feel like I've been bad. This doesn't happen often but when it does I really over do. I've now stepped back on the wagon and know I'll be ok.

Enjoy your nice Sunday everyone. I'm still enjoying mine. See you tomorrow.

SuSUN 10-06-2013 07:32 PM

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Thank YOU Doris for our start today.:up: I am just getting here. I worked today, so a busy day.:stars:

Michele, I went to see "Gravity" last night. I enjoyed it but I don't think it is for everyone.
A guy on the other side of my son last night was sobbing through the movie and his wife was trying to console him, so it may touch some raw nerves on some folks. The awe of space does give a lump in the throat but nothing I couldn't handle. Enjoyable but different. :up:

Mary and Lainey, maybe if you listen to some good old rock n roll music while you are walking, that way we don't feel alone. But, I guess we do need the self discipline to get out the door.

Here is a Pumpkin Patch Pic of DGD and her little friend taken yesterday. They went to pick apples really. ;):D

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mykneesareback 10-06-2013 07:36 PM

That is sure a cute picture, Susan. Oh my, I never heard of that movie, but I wouldn't watch it now, anyway, I don't need more reasons to cry...glad you were with your son.

Sending hugs and prayers to Louise, and Verleen, too.

SuSUN 10-06-2013 07:42 PM

Doris, "Gravity" is Sandra Bullocks new movie with George Clooney, just different not a tear jerker for most people. I can see it would be for some folks though.

Love your colourful Avi pic.:up:

Norfolk Mermaid 10-07-2013 05:25 AM

I am thinking of going to that movie-
some movies just should be seen in the theater. Everyone tells "Ila" she looks like Sandra Bullock. In high school it was- morning brain here! she played "Pretty Woman"? Of all the things I ever lost I miss my mind the most. Dear Lord Susan, that does not mean she dies does it?? Please PM me if she does cause I won't go if that is the case. Not a crier here but if it happens it is too hard to stop.
RAIN supposed to roll in around noon maybe but for sure by 3: ish. OMG about time. I was very, very close to the rain dance that I am scert to use due to past experiences.
I switched the kitties from shrimp to chicken legs as lack of $$$$ is getting critical- serious. They seem fine with it. Legs have the least waste and only that one needle like bone to worry about. They share the broth with me which is nice of them.
Gonna get on my walker shoes and socks and at least do a 2 block square this mornin.

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