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mykneesareback 09-29-2013 08:16 PM

MONDAY'S Roll Call, Sept. 30
These dates remind me of back when we went to school, and the temps finally got cooler and PE wasn't such an ordeal out in the playground, lol.

Let's do it with GUSTO, if we are able to........I hope to cook something better tomorrow, since it won't be so hot, can use the oven for a longer period of time.

ocali 09-30-2013 05:59 AM

Good morning everyone! Just letting you know I ma here.haven't been writing much because there's nothing to say at this time. As Doris always says....try to enjoy the day.

Norfolk Mermaid 09-30-2013 07:03 AM

Good morning and thanks Doris for opening the door.
Getting ready for the Zoo trip as part of my gifty for my happybirth day. Mom always said when I was a little kid I thought it was one word- still do actually.
bbl yall all have a great day.
Oh, got the camera out for pics!

shenue 09-30-2013 08:14 AM

Good morning everyone. I haven't posted in this thread for a long time. I hope everyone is doing well! Hugs to all! :)

Mssarge 09-30-2013 09:20 AM

Good morning all...and welcome back Linda.

More doctors for me today, back to see the gp for the six-month hello. She's concerned about the cholesterol levels which have gone up so wants me to check in with her. Can't figure out why the nasty ldl's have climbed as my diet has been much better...more chicken, veggies and fruit since starting this woe. But the levels were much better when I was keeping the low carb wol...so there is something to be said about keeping to that woe.

Whatcha' think about the possibility of the budget woes? My old job is considered essential, so those folks will be working even without the passing of the budget...but I know a lot of folks who will be furloughed if they don't pass it. And the possible default on the debt limit? This old liberal can't figure out their thinking.

Have a great day folks and find a way to enjoy something today.

Begete 09-30-2013 09:29 AM

Awaiting arrival of roofer....nothing much else planned.

Have a good one.

mykneesareback 09-30-2013 09:37 AM

Hello Linda, how are you faring, I remember you had some difficult medical problems in the past.

Hoping Lainey has FUN today at the Zoo and the plant nursery :clap:

Mary, hope your doctor visit goes well. I'm sure your doctor knows that just "knowing" what to do does not mean everyone will "do" it, such is life. ;) And our age is also a factor, can't deny it. I'm trying to come to grips with my age lately, too. Are you cooler today?

Hi Julie, been wondering what you are up to, how is your yard looking, do you have to water? Or do the plants do ok without lots of care?

I'm waiting for a call from Social Security, trying to change our home address, and don't want to go online because they want to play "20 questions" and need separate passwords and info for myself and then separately for my husband, who never goes on the computer, ever. Pain in the butt, sometimes doing everything by having to go online is a waste of time, was better when they mailed you stuff, and you mailed back, at least more people had jobs then. The recording told me there was a 45 min. wait, so they take your phone number and call you when it's your turn.

dh planted his new red rose and the Mum's out front, by the front door, he was so happy to be out planting, he does enjoy it. Still wants a lemon tree, and dogwood, and hydrangea, will see if he gets those next year.
Hi Begete, hope the roofer fixes whatever is going on there, before winter moves in! We had to have this roof replaced while we made the deal to buy the house, and the owner paid for half of it. We had a leak above where the fireplace is.
Take care!

Mssarge 09-30-2013 10:49 AM

Just checking back in with a report card....I guess the two pound drop last month was a fluke, sigh!!! But I'm still happy with maintaining at 177...after all that's 43 pounds less than I was last year. As I said, I'm sure I'll hop back onto the weight-loss path soon.:)

Yes, Doris, we're a bit cooler...mid 80's and will climb back into the 90's later this week...we're cooling off at night into the 40's, tho'. You know what fall is like in SoCal; ups and downs. I'm enjoying the coolth and looking forward to more. Hope your weather isn't too extreme. Glad to hear DH is enjoying the move...was that one of the reasons for the move? Less extreme weather and he'd be able to do more gardening? Sounds like it was good for both of you.

Time for me to start stirring so will BBL...

mykneesareback 09-30-2013 11:05 AM

Nope, Mary, we moved because we lived so far away from specialists for dh's liver, 3 hrs. down to Sacramento and back, especially in winter, was too much time, gas money, etc. 2 hrs. to good shopping was beginning to be a pain, and then, we suddenly had a grandson, so, we made the move, doctors are just 4 miles away or 11 miles away to the specialist, can't beat that! This yard is way smaller than trying to take care of an acre of sort of wild land, keeping it mowed because of fire dangers, etc. Getting too old to fool around with that kind of stuff, and you couldn't find anyone to hire to do the work for you, either. :) Yeah, I know how the weather can tease you in Southern Calif., but we do miss going to Disneyland in the fall for our anniversary and birthdays, such is life.......and the place is pricing itself away from us anyway.

Have a good day!

Hugs to everyone on our board, we can all use a bit of "squeezing", I think!

The Social Security office called back, and everything was taken care of with the address change, thankfully, and they were right on time, too.

ocali 09-30-2013 11:49 AM

Doris, my new plants are doing great. The first week, I watered them every day. I have an automatic underground sprinkling system so the twice a week I have it set for is plenty. When we moved here, I declared I was not going to be dragging hoses around . Most everyone has sprinkler systems.

mykneesareback 09-30-2013 12:09 PM

Julie, I'm glad your plants are doing well, costs a lot of money to buy new plants and then try your darndest to keep them going! We have a sprinkler system here, too, never had one before in our lives though. dh has some hoses, because he has been buying some new things and goes out to set a tiny sprinkler on very low on the new plant. We are allowed to water the lawn once a week here, you do it on your garbage day, and they do send out a car that checks! Had a well where we used to live.

It might rain a bit again this next weekend, that's does make it nice, the lawns are green as can be, lol. The guy that mows says he will start to do it every other week now, he is someone our daughter in law found on Craig's List, while we waited to move here, had to keep the grass mowed a month before that, so the neighbor's wouldn't complain.

Off to play with the game hen, before I can put it into the oven.

Mssarge 09-30-2013 12:22 PM

Yes, Doris, I remember your posts about having to travel so far for medical care and shopping and used to feel for you guys when you had to take fasting blood tests. I hated it with a half-hour drive to the hospital.

I wish my brother would move down off his mountain...ten acres above San Andreas...bad asthma and serious breathing problems but he's stubborn and doesn't want to leave his scrub land and his well.

I am so glad the move worked out so well for you and if you can't have Disneyland, you can have Six Flags...I understand they started near Dallas and have a huge park there.

Y'all have a good day....

Shalbrihil 09-30-2013 12:45 PM

Not much happen in my neck of the woods. Just the usual shopping and looking for a whiskey barrel to plant a couple of plants that I started from clippings.

Have a good one. Will check back with you all.

mykneesareback 09-30-2013 01:43 PM

Gee, Sharon, my husband burned 6 barrels that we had, couldn't take them, and they would have just sat and rotted by the time anyone might buy the place. Years ago it was hard to find those barrels, even if you went to the wineries, lol. They are just the right size, how many do you think you will need?

Mary, your poor brother, that area is really bad for asthma and stuff, we used to go visit relatives in Sonora and Twain Harte, Arnold, Angel's Camp, and I had problems back years ago then, all those weeds and stuff. And 10 acres to take care of, is he alone to do the work, or does he have hired help or friends? dh tried to transfer from PG & E to move up there, but you had to wait for someone to die before there would be room. We wound up in Northern Calif., only because most guys had families that refused to live so far away from conveniences.

It's just into the middle 80's here, and we watched some yard men across the street get out to mow the lawn, and they had sweatshirts with hoods on!!!! I guess this is cool to them! No more hundreds, or high 90's, is what the weather guru's say.

Shalbrihil 09-30-2013 03:36 PM


Gee, Sharon, my husband burned 6 barrels that we had, couldn't take them, and they would have just sat and rotted by the time anyone might buy the place. Years ago it was hard to find those barrels, even if you went to the wineries, lol. They are just the right size, how many do you think you will need?
We just got back from shopping. Didn't get the barrel yet. Don wants to head to Paso tomorrow to have a part on his gun sights fixed so we will be passing the place that sells them then. I'll be getting just one for now as all I have to transplant is the geraniums that I started. It should work like a charm and be real colorful by next Spring.

SuSUN 09-30-2013 04:03 PM

Day of testing is over! Thank goodness for that! :jumpjoy:
DD chauffeured me and sat with me in between tests.
Fasting this morning, then gallons of water...Ha! All done now so to await my results for the next step.
DD and I went for a late lunch and a browse around the shops at the Mall.:up:

We went to DGDs soccer practice after school, so all in all an easy, peasy day with some good distrations.:up:

I am just about to take the dog for his little walk and then settle down for an evening of TV.:D

Waving to All and hope to bb tomorrow...:heart:

mykneesareback 09-30-2013 06:14 PM

Wishing you good results from those tests, Susan! It was nice of your daughter to take you and give you moral support, and then to have the shopping diversion and the soccer match to watch! Hoping you rest a bit easier tonight, tests are so stressful, and then the waiting! :console:

modon69478 09-30-2013 06:41 PM

Sweet dreams and many hugs to our Susan

Mssarge 09-30-2013 07:09 PM

So glad the tests are over, now the waiting begins and I hope the results are good...sweet dreams, hon.

By me, the results are in and both the doc and I are very happy...all the lipids that are supposed to be low are, and the ones that should be high are also in range, so doc is elated. The numbers are not as low as they used to be but much better than they were earlier this year.

Since I was on the other side of the canyon and had good news....I had lupper (lunch/supper) or should that be linner (lunch/dinner)? Whatever...I treated myself to a feast at Red Lobster. The waitress was shocked when I said I did not like snow or king crab since that's their special now. I'm a true California gal and much prefer our dungeness crabs, so will have to treat myself that way soon. But I did have chowder and salad and a shrimp dinner with mango/habanero salsa which was outasight! So I'm stuffed...I had a desert with the meal which I brought home so a small piece of Key Lime pie will be my snack later...or tomorrow.

So back home in one piece, for which I pat myself on the back and ready to snuggle with the fur kids for the night....hope your day was good, too.

Verleen 09-30-2013 08:23 PM

Good evening friends.

Gosh, I wish you all well, esp those that have had or will have some not so nice tests/results. It seems like our group just wafted along for a long time. Then all of a sudden, a few years ago, we all started to have things to ail us. I guess our advanced ages are rearing their nasty heads.

All in all, I had a nice day. I slept most of the day with Molly off and on in my lap. Annette, my housekeeper, is a real treasure. She even puts my groceries away. Rich does less and less. I do more and more and Annette doesn't like it.

I still have 2 plants to repot. Still no email set up.:stars:

Yesterday Cathy gave me my birthday gift. I got some items to go with my Lemax Christmas village. I got a fantastic Victorian ferris wheel with lights that flash and it plays music. There are little people in the seats and you can hear them talking and laughing. I got a Santa with sleigh and reindeer that circle around in the sky and it plays Christmas music. There's Christmas trees below that light up and some boys that are having a snowball fight. My mother would just love this set. I helped her make a ceramic village set decades ago. We made a church that had stained glass windows with lights that shown through them. Christmas was always a magical time to me, ever since I was a little girl.

Our little puppy is now 4 lbs and just taking over the house. Housebreaking is going slowly with this one. His name is Snoopy or Snoop Dog for short.

I'm off to bed. You all have a good night.

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