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mykneesareback 09-17-2013 08:26 PM

WEDNESDAY'S Roll Call, Sept. 18
:hugs: Sending hugs to our members dealing with difficult health issues, decisions, aggravations, and just not feeling up to par. :heart:

Verleen 09-17-2013 10:08 PM

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The above picture is of Cathy's sitting room with the wallpaper.

Linda, I still don't have an email program that is working. I think I may try gmail.

Today was a busy one for me. Drs appt; laundry at our old home; pack up a few things to bring over; and this evening we looked at a litter of 12 week old puppies. We came home with a little puppy. He sure is cute. Rich named him "Snoopy".

Its after midnight and I'm ready to drop. I'll bbt.

One quick note to Susan - hang in there gf and do what you feel is right for you. Hugs........and more hugs for our tender-hearted lady.

LoveMontana 09-17-2013 10:17 PM

Thanks again for the start off, Doris. Can't seem to get in here early enough to help out.:o guess I need to try harder.

Verleen, G mail is OK, but yahoo is much more user friendly. I use that for forums, newspapers, social networks like twitter and face book...You can even set up "folders" to save things.

Love that room with the wall paper. Cathy must be very pleased.

LOL Good luck with that new pup. Better you than me.:laugh:

Susan, hang tough and go with your gut.

Begete 09-17-2013 11:36 PM

Tomorrow is bookclub day....HERE.

And my cake broke....

Doris, have you ever used a monkey as an avatar? I loved the one you were using about the woman with 2 men so much, I copied it and posted it on another site. Half the members saw your avatar, and half saw a monkey. No one can figure out why. One of the admins said it could have something to do with your cache? Whatever that means....

Norfolk Mermaid 09-18-2013 06:17 AM

Just a quickie... spent too much time on a e-mail to Ila.
Dear, dear Susan- my prayers for help with that major decision you have to make... please ask what the dosages would be for both as a stage 1 may not be so horrid a treatment. All though they thought my stage was higher until they found it was lower during the surgery pathology testing- removed less lymph nodes due to that testing and also less colon was removed and the surgery time was cut by about half saving me from being bagged. Hmm I should delete this but I'll let it go in this time.
Love to you Susan and to all the goldens.

Mssarge 09-18-2013 09:46 AM

Hey y'all. Only 57 degrees this morning when I got up at 8 am; enjoying it fer shure...had a good time look for house slippers to put on and grabbed a robe...coolth is on its way. Yesterday "they" kept reducing our expected high; started out at hitting 98, then 95, and I think we barely topped 90. So glad, can you tell.

The dinner last night was very good. I was excited to meet two other WACs (Women's Army Corps) veterans. I went into the Army in 1974 and the dissolved the WAC in 1976 and just integrated women into the regular Army. One of the WACs had served in Viet Nam and the other in the Signal Corps, like I was for a while. The Nam vet is on the Women's Veteran's Committee for the president and our California senate and her organization sponsors a no-host breakfast every month...the next two are being held in my city, so you know where I'll be on the second Saturday for October and November.

I also talked to the boss of my old job and told him I was looking for some volunteering and he said I could come back and he'll find something for me to do...hooray! Looks like I will be moving more now that it cooling off...Maybe I'll even get the behind in gear to go to the gym.

Nuttin' on tap for me today, so we'll see what kind of trouble I can get into. Hope your day is busy, or relaxing, and great things come your way

ocali 09-18-2013 10:50 AM

Went to the singles' club last night and so few showed up that I think it's come to an end.
Tonight, the plan is to eat at Outback Steakhouse. I'm looking forward to a good meal.
A beautiful brand new huge car wash opened pretty close and Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday , which is a wash for $3.00. Got it done and my car is nice and clean. Then stopped in to visit a friend. Now for some afternoon t.v.

mykneesareback 09-18-2013 12:01 PM

We truly Are a "group of Golden ones" by now, friends. :)

Julie, enjoy that meal at "Outback", and the company of friends.

Mary, I think your former boss knows you very well, and will find you a good volunteer area where your adventurous spirit can lift up the people you deal with!!! You are too young to sit and stare at the tube, and you have so many stories to tell, since you have travelled the world.

Verleen, I love the wallpaper in Cathy's room! Hope the new puppy helps Rich feel better, and something amusing to have around the house. How many birds do you have left? I've recently done gmail, but it is not easy to use and loads so slowly, drives me nuts. Only because my brothers use it all the time is why. I still prefer outlook express over any of them, but won't be able to use my old email much longer on it.

Linda, I don't have your pazazz with starting the thread, but I don't mind doing it, since I'm in here most of the time at that time anyway. Thanks for pitching in often though!!

Lainey, hoping you and your daughter have been forming a good plan for when they visit you for your Birthday soon! We barely have a touch of weather coolness, so far.

Begete, I removed the "lady with two men" and switched avatars to 2 orangatans early yesterday or the night before, if that is the monkey you are talking about. I have used a monkey at some point in time :laugh: but I don't know what a "cache" is at all??? And I know an orangutan is not really a "monkey", lol.

Well, that "CREAM" I got the prescription for, that the orthopedist prescribed for me, and was sent to a compounding Pharmacy in Florida.......they called, the CO PAY is only $429.95, and they wanted me to pay all of it right now!!! So I told the gal she can rub that cream all over her behind, at that price. She also "didn't know" how much the stuff cost without the "co pay", sounds like a scam to me. I think I can get the same results if my husband rubs his shaving cream on my heel really good! Ridiculous! Bullpucky, and you all know I don't mean "pucky".

Have a good rest of the day. Sending good thoughts to Susan, I think her son returns today. Waving at all the rest of "Our Gang".

35down 09-18-2013 01:43 PM

Hello Everyone! :hiya: Stopping by to see how you all are doing.

Dr. appointment today. Needed to get blood pressure checked to get refills on my prescription. 130/76 So was happy with that. He said come back again in six months, but I wish I would have asked to go the year like usual as we are having to go with a more casatrophic type health insurance plan that won't pay office visits. Rates on our old plan went up $100 this last year and would be $240 higher this next year and just can't quite absorb that amount into the budget.

Doris--Wow that CREAM for your heel would put a giant dent in a budget, too.

ocali--Son/daughter-in-law give us Outback gift cards for all special occasions. Love their food so I know you will have a yummy meal there.

Mary-How nice that you were able to meet new veteran friends and find out about the breakfasts coming up! Thank you for your service!

Begete--I must have missed something so not sure about the cake and how it broke? But am very curious.

Susan--prayers up for you in your decision making and for the skill and wisdom of your doctors.

Well, I cooked brussel sprouts last night for the first time ever. Just tossed them in olive oil and a bit of salt and baked until brown. Had no idea they would be so easy and tasty.

Weather here has been 'unseasonably warm' but that stopped this morning. Back to normal-in the low 60's now but was a very cold wind when I walked the grandsons to their bus.

I have prattled on enough here so will sign off. Wishing everyone a good rest of the day.


Norfolk Mermaid 09-18-2013 02:44 PM

Whew, just had a terrible sugar high episode.
Drove Mary Ann and I to the Sal. Vat. Army thrift 1/2 price day and suddenly felt the need for protein for my diabetes and tried for a pizza slice or chic. nuggets and it was too early... Mary Ann insisted on Fro Yo but I knew sugar back fires on me with going from too low to waaay to high but I went along and really got afraid we would need the 911 para-medics. We had gone on to Kohl's and I was not thinking well at this point but remembered to call her cell and get myself home. I made the bathroom but about 2 feet short of the tolet but emptied a baby wipe bag and didn't make too big a mess. I had told her on the way home that meat or fats is the only thing for my 2 or 3 times a year attacks. I keep eggs (been out a while now though) at all times to quickly fry up just for those times. Then I sleep for hours and hours and am usually a dish rag for a couple of days after. I am eating left over ham and cabbage for the first food since yesterday. A butter bread works well also but out of bread too. Going back to bed now and will get up for Amer. got talent finals toniht- think it will be that Japanese guy who is a genious or Forte the 3 guy opera singers that are amazing to hear- like angels would be.
Ila and I and Anthony will go to a early fish house dinner that they say is amazing in Norfolk but they want to be back at their hotel by 8: for the start of "Once Upon A Time". Does not supprise me but still hurts my feelings a little. Then to my fav. flower nursery the next morning but now I am thinking THE ZOO is a great idea as well. Dang spell check did not work.
bbl- need to get some ice water and get back to bed and read some if I am able.

birdlady 09-18-2013 03:20 PM

Susan,thinking of you and knowing you will make the best decision that will work for you.For me it would be get rid of those puppies and no reconstruction.

Nice sunny and still 92.Almost time to go out and feed the birds,in the winter I will go earlier.

Lainey,sorry about that mess,had you forgotten to eat breakfast? Enjoy your dinner with your DD.We don't do anything for birthdays,mine's on the 27th just before yours.


Mssarge 09-18-2013 04:16 PM

Turned into a busy day...thank goodness
Decided to make it an errand day. Stood in line at the DMV for about a half an hour only to find out that the non-operation fee from the state is a one-time only thingie...I thought I had to pay the fees every year...good start, no money outapocket. Then to TWC to pay my close-out bill...guess I didn't pay last month in front like I was supposed to. A new Bev-Mo (beverage store) opened around the corner from them, so stopped in and bought some Lemoncello (an Italian lemon liqueur) which nobody else seems to stock.

A trip to Sam's Club for gas and was hoping to get a last bag o'nectarines...not to be, but I did get one of their roast chickens and a small watermelon...will probably be the last one of those for the year, too.

I had stopped for breakfast before all this and a new Japanese store has opened next door to my favorite place...he designs jewelry (which is very nice) and repairs clocks so I'll be able to get my grandmother's clock repaired...looking forward to that even tho' I do want to get rid of it. He may be able to help me sell it, too.

A stop at Goodwill got me a cute "hottle" for tea, I know I'll enjoy it this winter when it cools off...and a black leather jacket for only $15 dollars, less my discounts...so that was a good stop, too.

Ended up at the car wash...sure wish our's was $3...I paid $11, with $2 off for Wacky Wednesday.

Love the dump cakes...my friend gave me the recipes for "Better than sex" cake (which has pineapple & coconut stuff) and "Better than Better than sex cake (which has chocolate bars or some such...haven't made 'em in a long while). Both of these went super at all of our bake sales and may just fire up the oven next spring when we have our next one.

Enjoyed my day at only 85 degree high today, tho' it's going back up tomorrow. Hope you had a great day folks...type ya later.

Norfolk Mermaid 09-18-2013 05:13 PM

Thanks Gladys... I managed to get the garbage bin wheeled out to the curb and the every two weeks recycle blue bin out as well plus the 2 stuffed leaf bags. Got the Jeep put in the drive way and the gate closed. Sure did not feel like doing it but it is done.
Eatin some tuna salad and crackers so must be feeling better. SURE lookin forward to the AGT's finals tonight in a little while now.
bbl or t.

SuSUN 09-18-2013 06:49 PM

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Hi All, :heart:

Thank you for ALL your kind words of support.:up:
I am totally fine with the diagnosis and I feel very blessed it is Stage - 1.
I am looking on the bright side.:D

Things are rolling along, I am now scheduled for the next battery of scans. Hah! Chest X-ray and full Abdominal u/s so that's next week.:)

DS arrived back yesterday Doris. He is leaving tomorrow evening for Paris. I will drive him to the airport. He will be gone for 5-6 weeks this time. He is trying to change his schedule to be home where he can.
Don't blame you for not picking up that Cream! Good Ole petroleum jelly works wonders in my opinion.:up:

DD will be returning from England next Tuesday. I will pick them up at the airport and tell her the news then. I didn't want to spoil their trip and the Wedding is on Saturday.
Here are some pics that she sent today. She said the Country Manor hotel they are staying at is just delightful and very comfy.

They stopped at a Pub for lunch as she was shopping for a Hat for the Wedding. A Fasinator hat so they are called.

Attachment 51469

Attachment 51470

Mary, Glad to hear that you found that group/club to belong to. WTGG! :up:

Michele, Thanks for the explanation on DWTS. I just wasn't up on that acronym. Hah! :D

Verleen, Glad to see the wallpapered room, excellent job reminds me of England.:D

Waving to All and hope to bb tomorrow...:heart:

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