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mykneesareback 09-14-2013 08:15 PM

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I'm tired of doing laundry, but glad it's done for awhile.

What does your Sunday look like, friends?

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LoveMontana 09-14-2013 09:46 PM

LOL that's cute, Doris. Thanks for the start off.
Just marking my spot for tomorrow.:sleepy:

Verleen 09-14-2013 10:18 PM

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Here are two pics of Cathy's sitting room before the wallpaper was put up.

We are on the hunt for another puppy for Rich. Sunday, Cathy will be here and I'm putting together an easy dinner. I bought a large, scrumptious peach pie for dessert. Today we went to our historical hotel/restaurant for dinner and had a nice time. Its been awfully cold here again. Tomorrow I have to repot a fern, a basil and a rosemary plant. Cathy is into growing herbs.

LoveMontana 09-14-2013 10:22 PM

Fantastic to see you again Verleen. I sent you an email but it wasn't able to be delivered:dunno:

Love Cathy's room. Looks great even before the new wall paper.

Good luck on the puppy hunt. That is not an easy task.

Begete 09-14-2013 11:27 PM

That was really cute, Doris.

I agree with Linda...good to see you posting again, Verleen.

Today I did a little gardening and some cooking. Made another batch of sugar free berry sauce for the freezer with blackberries we picked on our property and organic raspberries we bought at the farmers market. I add a little splash of an orange liquor. I am sure we will really enjoy the sauce in wintertime. Really good on low carb cheesecake.
Then I made ratatouille with yellow and zuke squash, onions and tomatoes from my garden and a purchased eggplant. All the herbs came from my garden, too.
But my freezer is getting awfully full.
Having breakfast out tomorrow.
Have a good day everyone.

Shalbrihil 09-15-2013 10:14 AM

Hi I just finished my one minute muffin for my breakfast this morning. It was tasty and now I'm full. Need to fill my coffee cup again too.

Verleen that is a lovely sitting room for Cathy. What victorian wall paper did you choose? I bet she is anxious to move in.

Linda I tried making gravy for my pot roast with g.gum and just couldn't get the consistency right. Is there a trick to that?

Begete your meals sound yummy. You will have a nice selection to pull out of your freezer when the time is right. We have zucchini growing in our little garden again for a second crop. We have nice weather so giving it a try before it gets too cold.

Check in later. Have a nice Sunday.

SuSUN 09-15-2013 10:34 AM

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Oh Doris, if only I could lick the icing off a 'muffin' hah! That's a keeper, I will say that to the group of ladies as they like to eat all the wrong things. ;)

I didn't sleep too well last night and had to come down make tea and toast and reading for an hour, that did the trick. I was awake for about 3 hours between 3 am and 6 ish.
Not sure what that was, can't be the coffee I only had one cup and that was around noon. :dunno:

DGD will be at the Stables in Antwerp today meeting the Cdn Olympic Gold Medal winner Eric and his GF. I am sure Ella will be checking out his place and the horses. Here is a pic they sent this morning.
They are boarding the train from Brussels to Antwerp.

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Shalbrihil 09-15-2013 11:41 AM

Susan what a wonderful adventure. Your Dgd is quite the little traveler now. :D

Mssarge 09-15-2013 11:48 AM

G'day all...Didn't sleep well, either, and was awake between 2 and 4:30 am...bad case of indigestion...was actually thinking I may have had a heart attack for a while until a goodly burp and a trip to the john. Don't know why, either, musta been the moon phase, huh Susan?

NASCAR is starting the final phase in the Sprint Cup championship...they've narrowed the field down to 13 this year and not the normal 12....now we're waiting to see if they'll be able to start the race as Chicago raceway is in a rain delay. Don't know if you've heard of the controversy in the news this week and not sure if I understand what's happening, but "my guy" is in the race and sure hoping he'll put it together for a win this season. DH and I sure hated when they changed the procedures as we feel the champion should be the driver who did the best over the entire season, not the final 12 races...doesn't seem right to cut out some of the drivers who had a good season but didn't make the cut. Oh well, that's life, full of changes even if we don't agree with 'em.

Nothing else going on for me today, so it's a quiet day (again)...

mykneesareback 09-15-2013 11:57 AM

Yeah, Susan, your granddaughter looks as though she travels to Europe all the time, HA !! Fun times!

Verleen, does the wall paper go on above the chair rail, if that is what that's called? What a great chance to fix up a "dream" room for Cathy! Hoping your dinner tonight goes well and you don't get too pooped. I remember you guys going to that historical hotel for a meal before, is it far from where you live now?

Sharon, you guys are lucky to be growing and have another chance to do some more, keeps you out of trouble !! ;)

It was sort of cool this AM, opened the back patio doors and window, let some fresh air in. A big flock of some kind of sparrow came and stopped in the back yard to eat, scared the rabbit away.

Linda, have you turned on the heat yet? Just wondering, according to the weather guys, it seems like it's turned cold for you again, for awhile.

dh is grilling later on for the Sunday family dinner/supper, whatever you call it.
I'm steaming cauliflower because dil is learning to like it, fixing simple salad for those who don't like veggies, and that is that for us today, old folks at home.

Hi Mary, enjoy your tv today!

Begete, was your breakfast out, good today? Did you meet friends there?

Pleasant day and evening, friends.

Loretta V 09-15-2013 12:13 PM

Ella sure is growing up to be a beautiful young lady, Susan. That smile is so sweet.

No big plans for today. I will try to get out and enjoy the nice cool down we are having.

Begete 09-15-2013 01:43 PM

Doris, here is one of the concrete leaves I made:



grrr. I cannot get photo to appear.... you will have to use URL.


modon69478 09-15-2013 01:59 PM

Very beautiful, Babette, Is it meant to be hung up?


tatehouse 09-15-2013 02:52 PM

I am trying the third time to get my post posted. I come see ya'll every day but for some reason get knocked off when I try to post...:stars:

Have a terrible case of Poison Ivy and have spent the day scratching! And reading.

Love seeing all you guys have been up to...looking forward to seeing the room with the wallpaper in it, Verleen.


Begete 09-15-2013 03:48 PM

http://https://www.facebook.com/phot...0&l=85bfdc20a3Trying to post photo rather than link again....http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...0&l=85bfdc20a3


So very frustrated.....

Why can everyone except me post photos?

Michele-- way too heavy to hang....going to lay it down in garden as a birdbath.

Begete 09-15-2013 04:39 PM

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LoveMontana 09-15-2013 06:34 PM

Well, by gosh you got the hang of it Babette. Love that beautiful concrete leave you made.

Sharon, don't expect your guar gum gravy to be exactly like regular gravy, and you don't keep cooking it to thicken. Just use the warm drippings, add guar gun and a splash of cream and heat as needed.

If you really can't stand the consistency, just make regular gravy because guar gum gravy never will be like that. It's much more watery.

Doris, no haven't turned the heat on yet. Thought about it one morning though, but didn't.:D

Not much going on with me. Tomorrow I make the home town run to visit and do some retail therapy.

SuSUN 09-15-2013 06:36 PM

Gorgeous Babette! :clap:
My GF has made several and has made a cute little pathway in her garden with them.
I of course, am not that talented but I love the look of them.:up:
Glad you got to figure out the pic posting. I too have a challenge with it.
I know I will soon forget it if I don't do it often enough. :stars:

Yes, waiting for that wallpapered room Verleen. :D

Thank YOU ALL :heart: for the lovely comments on Ella.:love:

Mary, yes the planets must have been doing back flips last night or something. :dunno:

Wishing All a restful sleep tonight and hope to bbt...

Shalbrihil 09-15-2013 08:06 PM

Thanks Linda I'll work on it a little more.

Babette your leaf came out great! Those leaves are sure big. That will make a great bird bath.

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