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mykneesareback 09-13-2013 09:20 PM

SATURDAY'S Roll Call, Sept. 14
Weekend again, how many travelers do we have? How many will just poop out at home and putter?

Lainey, which day is your daughter and son in law coming to visit you?

Begete, I thought you took that photo of that plant on a hike there on Whidbey somewhere, and didn't know what it was, lol. Is the plant easy to care for? It is unusual.

Hoping to hear from Verleen, and perhaps Louise will check in briefly.

Take care of yourselves, friends. :heart: :high5:

Norfolk Mermaid 09-14-2013 12:19 AM

Good Morning to all. Thanks Doris.
They did not say Doris but I am guessing the week end after my birthday on the 30th of Sept. Sure looking for ward to it though and a steak & lobster tail sound real good to me but I always want what she has- plate envy is a miserable thing.
Big church yard sale this morning and then weed whacking with mixed in pruning. Need to check the weather in a minute.
I got up to take a couple of PM Leg Cramps pills as I felt one trying to come on and also wanted to try my puffer for some wheezy congestion. Our pollen counts have been on high alert levels for days and days now so I am pretty sure that is what is going on. Yep, coughing now so the wheezes are lessening.
Back to bed for a few puzzles and will be back tomorrow. Spell check is making me write everything out.

modon69478 09-14-2013 06:02 AM

Good morning all!

Got lots of errands planned (vet, dry cleaners, oil change, groceries); will make some LC pumpkin muffins; and have a nice quiet evening with Netflix. Found an easy slow cooker pork chop recipe that I can't wait to try tomorrow.

If you're in the path of any the crazy weather, please take be careful. Where I am, we'll be lucky to get a 1/2 inch :(

Waving to all - Lainey, Doris, Susan, Sharon, Loretta, Julie, Babette, Gladys, Linda, Louise, Verleen, and anyone I may have missed :hiya:


birdlady 09-14-2013 08:25 AM

Good Morning gang,
Nice sunny cooler day.
The crab legs were very good last night,the slots didn't take any of my money,came out even......Clarence suffered a huge loss.that's gaming for you.
I had not said anything about his fight with the rocking chair,he lost the battle.He hit his foot on the rung end and has been suffering with it.Went to the walk-in the day it happen or the next day,nothing was broken.Still suffering(two weeks later) he went to a podiatrist,he said there may be a break but to swollen to tell,gave him a boot to wear.He was using a walker before,helped a lot.So it goes.I even had to go gro. shopping.
have a good day.

Mssarge 09-14-2013 09:24 AM

Morning all...just checking in and waving at all. Nuttin' planned except the kid is coming over this morning for poo patrol, can't think of anything else to keep him busy. Oh well, such is life.

Have a great day folks.

Begete 09-14-2013 10:25 AM

Doris, the Angelica gigas is a biennial, so I am guess I must have purchased it last year and never put a tag on it, or that the seed blew in from a neighbor's garden, and it bloomed this year.

Boy, new computers are a pain. It took me a while to remember what my password was for LCF after all these years.

Shalbrihil 09-14-2013 10:32 AM

Oh boy strong things are happening in Co. My SinL made the move close to Co. Springs and now not hearing from her. Her and her husband made the move from Calif. about year and a half ago. She has regretted it ever since. It's a lot harder to adjust when you are in your later years.

Our weather has been so nice here that we've started up some more zucchini plants. They are just now showing themselves. It looks more zucchini noodles in my future.

My poo patrol guy is out there right now fillin' the bucket, Mary. :hyst:

Have a nice weekend. Check back later

mykneesareback 09-14-2013 11:47 AM

Oh my, Gladys, what a painful injury to have!! What can Clarence do to get the swelling down? Hopefully this coming week, he can see the podiatrist again. So you have been doing his chores and I know you hate grocery shopping!! No wonder you haven't been posting. Wishing Clarence well!

Sharon, those pictures on tv from Colorado are distressing, and now you can't get in touch with with your sister in law, have you tried the Red Cross? We found my husband's mother by checking in with them, when there was a forest fire where she lived. Terrible stuff!

Michele, hope you guys get some actual rain, but not flooding down there! They keep on saying there is a chance for almost every day of the week, and Friday morning, we had about 4 min. of rain early in the AM, lol. Bummer! Enjoy your movie night.

Mary, poo control is important, with 3 dogs, lol. Do you offer a meal, too, to your helper? Is your air quality better now?

Begete, that plant looks so interesting, when we lived in the Bay area, we liked to try something unusual like that. I'm thinking it would be too hot here, even in the darkest shade. We have the occasional rabbit here, besides some squirrels.

Lainey, I do hope your daughter will take you someplace that you like to go to, living where you do, seafood must not be hard to find though. Did you ever get in contact with those relatives in New Mexico?

It was 70 degrees here early this am, and felt rather nice, but the A/C is on now. A day for "chilling out" here at home, tomorrow the kids will come over and dh will grill. So it's laundry time for me.

Wishing you all a pleasant day and night.

SuSUN 09-14-2013 02:36 PM

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Thank You Doris for our push out the door this morning...:up:

I was up and ready early to go to the Walk n Talk group. I love that park so pretty every scene where ever you look. So that was a Fun 2-3 hours.:cool:

Lainey, it is cool up here but this aft it did warm up a tad but a clear blue sky and sunny so I like that. Thanks again for getting me going with the photos. I will have to practice or I will soon forget. ;)

Michele, I too got some errands done on my way home after the Walk group. The ladies are always asking me when are we meeting up again for a movie of something. I have become the unofficial social director. Hah!:D

Sharon, too bad you gave that basket away. Do they still have them at the dollar store?

Doris, you asked if DD and her DH take photos this one she just took about an hour ago while they were having dinner, some kind of street festival and parade in Brussels. I hope the pic shows up. That is DGD in the foreground. Is it right click to enlarge, to see the guys costume very ornate indeed.:) No it is Left click to enlarge I just tried it.

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mykneesareback 09-14-2013 04:50 PM

Wow, Susan, what a great picture! Your granddaughter looks like she is having a great time, lucky girl! Thanks for posting that! :)

Norfolk Mermaid 09-14-2013 07:13 PM

SuSun- great pic.
Slept the afternoon away and oing right back to bed to read or puzzles a bit. Not feelin so good but mostly tired still for yesterdays 2 hour (quite a bit up hill) walk.

Shalbrihil 09-14-2013 07:59 PM


Sharon, too bad you gave that basket away. Do they still have them at the dollar store?
Susan I'll be able to get another one. All's well. Your grand daughter is such a lovely little lady. So much fun going on in Brussels. :clap:

Doris we're planning on giving her a call tomorrow. D wants to find out if they are away from the dangerous areas and ok.

Well the sun is going down and time for me to get showered. see you all tomorrow.

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