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mykneesareback 09-08-2013 08:46 PM

MONDAY'S Roll Call, Sept. 9
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On with our show, gang! :stars:

LoveMontana 09-08-2013 09:30 PM

Pooped here and allergies to ragweed and golden rod are killing me. Off to bed in a few.:sleepy:

ocali 09-08-2013 11:38 PM

Went to bed and slept till 1 a.m. And here I am wide awake. So will try and get back to sleep after a while.
It's very quiet on my little dead end street. Three of the couples are on a week's Caribbean cruise together. Hope they come back talking to each other. They all have little dogs so others on the street are caring for them.
Not going out to eat with the rest of the folks tomorrow night because I hate the restaurant for its food and the atmosphere.
Hope to be back tomorrow.

Norfolk Mermaid 09-09-2013 06:17 AM

Reserving my spot. Thanks Doris... is that the Andrew Sisters?
I got to see the last two of them on Broadway in OVER HERE- even got one of the donuts they pasted out during intermission or maybe at the end of the play in the lobby- don't remember for sure.

tatehouse 09-09-2013 07:30 AM

Morning gang....the website has allowed me on!! So I will try my luck at posting. Not sure why I'm having so much trouble. Had a great weekend. Rested up and caught up on the dvr. Back to routine today.


ocali 09-09-2013 08:01 AM

Happy birthday, Anne! :birthday:

mykneesareback 09-09-2013 08:41 AM

Wishing Anne a Happy Birthday, was it this weekend, or today, I have no memory left, so sorry! :birthday::birthday::birthday:

Lainey, what a great memory, to have seen the Andrew Sisters!! and a donut, lol.

Hi Julie, good thing you know your restaurants and when to stay home!! ;)

Linda, dh has the sneezes, too, and the ragweed is one of the culprits for sure. You can look forward to the first big freeze now!

Off to empty more boxes, and find a good place to stash my weights, I keep bumping into them and that isn't good for my sore foot.

tatehouse 09-09-2013 08:45 AM

Thank you guys...today is my birthday...but as old as I am/feel we should forget it!! LoL


Norfolk Mermaid 09-09-2013 09:08 AM

and the # you are? I can ask because it is still morning and my decorum does not kick in till my heart starts beating at NOON!

Mssarge 09-09-2013 09:46 AM

Good morning all and :birthday: Anne...or as I'm wont to say...happy Your Day. I hope you find something interesting to do to celebrate. I'm enjoying our bit of coolth this morning; the temps dropped into the 70's overnight and it was only 79 when I got up a bit ago. Shades of Autumn.

Thanks to those that asked about the cough...don't know if it's stopping the old med (and the side effect of it), starting the new inhaler, or the placebo effect, but it's better. I haven't lost it to a bad spell, but I'm still coughing periodically, just not as badly. Of course, it has been only three days. "Every day, in every way, I get a little better."

Doris, I was thinking this morning...it's been a while since you've reported your seat was planted firmly on the bike seat...must be staying busy since the move and getting your exercise in a different manner. Also, your DH is not just watching the soccer games...hmmm?

Have a great day folks....type ya later.

Begete 09-09-2013 10:01 AM

Happy birthday, Anne.

SuSUN 09-09-2013 10:11 AM

:birthday: Happy Birthday Anne,
I am glad the website gave you special permission on your Birthday. ;)

Waving to All and hope to bb later. :heart:

I am off to the hospital for my biopsy this aft.

I think Louise and Bob get their results today. :aprayer::hugs:

Norfolk Mermaid 09-09-2013 10:46 AM

susan, louise, bob

Shalbrihil 09-09-2013 10:51 AM

:birthday: Anne! Your special day to be Queen! :)

35down 09-09-2013 11:15 AM

Good morning All! :hiya: Got the two oldest grandsons off on the bus for their first full week of school. The second grader's class has 17 boys--I think it could be an interesting year for the teacher.

A little weird feeling for me as the last three years I have had my little grandsons with me after getting the older ones on the bus, but since they have moved now, I am feeling a little off-kilter and it is awfully quiet. I know I will get use to it, but still weird for now.:stars:

Begete-I do lose pretty fast on a low carb diet. I tend to bounce around a pound or two at set point weights and then lose up to a pound a day until the next set point. I am still impatient though and need to keep it off this time as I have lost 50 pounds before and found it plus more again. Congrats on your weight loss--down is the right direction fast or not quite so fast. :)

LoveMontana-Hope your allergies are better today. Hayden Lake is just a skip and a jump from where I live. Only have travelled through there, though.

SuSUN-Beaver Tails:hyst:

All you weed whacking, plant/tree planting, yard working people have inspired me. Heading outside into the sunshine to see what I can do. Will check back in to see what's up with everyone a bit later.


weezie 09-09-2013 11:30 AM

Hi all-

Results are in with good news and bad news.

DH Bob is FREE of cancer!!! He will now see the dr every 3 months and have his port flushed every 6 weeks and that's it!!! I am so thankful.

As for me, while my bladder tumors are stable, there is more growth on the liver and the omentum, so I am being offered a choice of new chemo - either Adriamycin with Cytoxan (aggressive and commonly used for breast cancer) or Avastin. They all have crappy side effects. My inclination is to go with the first treatment scheme. It will only be for four treatments every three weeks and then another scan, and my new found hair growth will go bye-bye again. Ah well.

I am so happy for Bob but really upset by my outcome. On the other hand, I still have options. Keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming!!!

Thanks, and all the best,


Mssarge 09-09-2013 12:09 PM

:hugs:Wish I could be there to give hugs in person, Louise, but since I can't I'm sending :hugs::hugs::hugs: and :aprayer::aprayer: long distance...we're here for you.

modon69478 09-09-2013 12:22 PM

Louise, Please know that you and Bob are frequently in my thoughts. I only wish the very best for both of you!


mykneesareback 09-09-2013 12:48 PM

Louise, sending new prayers for you, and very thankful to read about Bob's test results. When would you begin the new chemo treatments? Wishing you the best results from this new kind of treatment, and hopeful you can start them soon, so they can work.

Thanks for letting us know! Hugs to you!

Also wishing our Susan well with the results of her biopsy, fingers crossed and all that for her outcome.

Begete 09-09-2013 04:55 PM

Louise, now that you can stop worrying so much about Bob, that lack of stress should have a positive effect on your health. Still thinking of you and sending positive energy your way.

LoveMontana 09-09-2013 05:15 PM

:console: Louise, you are a strong woman and can fight this. Good news on Bob.:clap:

Joni, it's going to be a little confusing with the kids there until you adjust.

:birthday: Ann, hope it was special and fun.

Susan, sure hope your biopsy went well and will be negative. Did you get the results right away?

SuSUN 09-09-2013 05:25 PM

Louise, my prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way for this next challenge. :hugs::hugs::hugs::aprayer::aprayer::aprayer:

Yes, Bob must be over the moon with his results. :up:

Well, They have a Piece of Me! Hah! ;) will see what pathology finds.

Doris, Yes do find a place for those weights, too easy to trip over and slippers don't offer those toes much protection.

Oh Yuk Linda! Sorry to hear you are going down with those allergies. I hope they soon blow over and out of your region.

Joni, Beaver Tails are basically the same as Elephant Ears maybe a little flatter. ;) :D

Lainey, Did you see "the Diamonds" they were on PBS last night some good old memory songs with the Preps and others. Alas, no donuts though.;)

Mary, How are the fires down your way. Have they been able to get them under control somewhat now?

Hope Anne had a very special day with her family.:up:

Waving and wishing All a pleasant evening and hope to bb tomorrow...:heart:

Mssarge 09-09-2013 06:29 PM

Back from the casino...gave the Soboba tribe some of my money and didn't take any of theirs...oh well.

Stopped to fill my new inhaler script but the pharmacy has to order it so back again tomorrow TG the doc gave me a sample that's good for a few more days...got my flu shot, tho'. Figured with the lungs acting up I should get it as soon as possible.

Susan, most fires are out for the time being...rim fire in Yosemite is about 60% contained and with the cooler weather should be contained shortly....now the areas that were under fire have been inundated with the tropical storms so the mud slides are having a field day...gonna be a long hard winter I fear for some of those folks. Good luck with the biopsy...I haven't heard back on my two rotten spots but expecting they'll be benign...doc wasn't talking about the MOHs treatment. Wonder what happens with all these stray pieces of us the labs have on file?

I'm sending out good vibrations to all our friends in need

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