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mykneesareback 09-07-2013 08:09 PM

SUNDAY'S Roll Call, Sept. 8
:shake: Sunday, do as you see fit. :heart:

LoveMontana 09-07-2013 08:30 PM

Just marking my place for Sunday.

Heading out in the morning to pick up mom ( she is doing incredibly well for being 89 ) and do a bit of visiting the kids, grands and some retail therapy.

Looking forward to a visit from my brother from Missoula, Montana next month. He is only going to be here for 5 days because his business is booming, but at least he is coming .

Night all.:sleepy:

35down 09-07-2013 09:28 PM

Hello Everyone! :hiya: Just stopping by. We are not still fishing/camping, but did have a lot of fun.

Computer has not worked today. Husband said probably the last lightning we had fried the modem/router or it was just its time to go. Anyway, that meant a Walmart field trip to purchase a new one-newly installed now-and wireless is up and running so thought I would pop by and say hello.

LoveMontana and Mykneesareback-love the shoes to thongs story. Over the summer I would ask my seven year old grandson to go get his thongs on so we could go somewhere and he would patiently explain to me(yes more than once this happened) that they are called flip flops. My daughter told me that thongs are girls strap like underwear or swim suit bottoms that allow the "cheeks" to show. Interesting how words meanings can change and I wonder :confused:how that particular one happened. I still think of thongs as for the feet not the bottom.

Went to our Interstate Fair last night. We watched the last session of bull riding and also barrel racing at the PRCA rodeo there. Afterwards they had some roping events for cowboys that they didn't have time for in the main rodeo, so watched a couple hours of that. Pretty fun for us old country at heart folk.

The fair food was tempting-elephant ears, ice cream, jumbo corn dogs, fudge. Husband wanted to try the deep fried Oreo but didn't. He did have the corn dog. I had a plain Italian sausage on a stick. Love that stuff. So didn't do too bad diet wise.

Wishing you all well and a good and happy Sunday. Will check in to see what you all are doing then.


Norfolk Mermaid 09-08-2013 07:51 AM

Good morning all and thanks Doris for opening.
Holdin on to my place for the day.
Already had walkies with "Missy" and Mary Anne. I would love to walk am & pm but for some reason just will not walk by myself... need to get over that.
Gonna make a big hamburger steak for dinner and corn on the cobb... Sunday's I like to make a kinda nice dinner for myself.
Oh, more weed whacking but inside the fence, front side & back today. Figs are fermenting so want to hose them really soaking and remove all the soft figs and toss them. Always something to do in this $%^&&& yards of mine.

mykneesareback 09-08-2013 09:04 AM

Lainey, you are definitely not the only one cursing the yardwork, it gets less fun as the years go on.

Joni, what are "elephant ears"? I have never heard of them, cookies?

Linda, when was the last time your brother was in New York? Have a good day today.

Kids are coming this afternoon, and for supper, so gotta do some chores now and straighten up the area where Silas plays.

Good day, friends!

Mssarge 09-08-2013 09:16 AM

Good morning all...not much happening here in SoCal; the weathers always the same, it's sunday so no plans to leave the house but NASCAR Sprint cup was a night race last night in Richmond VA, so no racing for me today. I've my CBS. Showtime and HBO shows this evening but nuttin' today...well, there is the QVC that can get me in trouble. Wish it were cool enough to get out and walk, so looking forward to the fall-like weather...

Lainey, it's so much better walking with a friend so enjoy your walks with her...keep busy in the yard which goes without saying.

Doris, if I remember right, elephant ears are funnel cakes sold at the mid-western fairs. Our L.A. Country fair is on but fer shure I'll not be going, too hot, too many people and too far away...Did you come up with a plan to celebrate the anniversary? I know it'll be a good one.

have a great day folks, I'm sending hugs for all that need 'em and good vibes to all...

Begete 09-08-2013 09:42 AM

Thanx for the start, Doris.

Verleen, I am surprised but pleased? Rich is back to normal so fast. When Pandora died last February, it was months for me.....until Red ad Blue adopted us, but I still miss my old girl.

At our vet visit (would you believe $276.?) she drew blood from Red out of fear that he could have feline leukemia or feline AIDS. We figured Red was the most likely one to be vomiting, and if Red had either disease, Blue probably did, too.
The blood work was mostly normal....nothing serious. So it is most likely something one or both of them ate. She put them on some special food for the weekend, and so far, no evidence of vomiting anywhere.

The blood work for feline leukemia and AIDS is quite expensive, so our island shelter does not test for them since there has historically been an extremely low incidence of those diseases here. But we sure were relieved.

Joni - I live in WA, too, but did not know we had rodeos here. Where? In eastern WA?

35down 09-08-2013 10:54 AM

Morning All! We are heading to older brother's with groceries and to do some needed chores for him. Weather is not being to cooperative yet, but think it is suppose to improve later.

Mykneesareback-elephant ears are similar to funnel cakes but the batter is poured into the deep fryer in a maybe 12 inch or so flat 'elephant ear' look and comes out fried thin and crispy and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Quite a popular taste treat for fair goers here.

Begete-Yes, I live in eastern WA, here in Spokane. We have small town rodeos all around here every weekend over the summer and then during the ten day Spokane Interstate Fair, the pro rodeo is at the fairgrounds the first Friday&Saturday evenings. Glad your kitties illness is not one of those serious ones.

Norfolk Mermaid- Husband and I had errands that took us near the Golden Corral buffet yesterday and we couldn't fight off the urge to go there. Does yours have those wonderful yeast rolls? To me they are like a dessert. I did not eat any but did drool over them. Ate too much meat and not enough salad and only felt a little over stuffed.

Mssarge-is your cough better? Interesting that a medication side affect could have been part of the issue. Had to make a trip to Costco as brother wanted us to bring him a couple things from there. Nothing else jumped into our cart. hope you have a good Sunday.

Arriving at brothers so need to unload his stuff. Just passed a 'herd' of wild turkeys. Country living at its finest.


modon69478 09-08-2013 12:39 PM

Good afternoon everyone,

Getting a late start for some reason - just finished breakfast and will be touching up the roots in a little while. Then some more housework is on the schedule. It's been a quiet weekend, but I'm glad to have the time to relax.

Babette, I'm glad the kitties are well.

Waving to all - Doris, Anne, Loretta, Susan, Mary, Julie, Linda, Gladys, Louise, Joni, and anyone I may have missed!


Verleen 09-08-2013 02:13 PM

Hi folks. I have so much to do to get ready for Tuesday and I'm having a sick day. Why does that happen?

Tomorrow will be busy for sure. Cathy will be here late in the afternoon, early evening to help. I already have a list for Rich to do. Grocery shopping, a load of laundry to the laundry mat, etc. I'll be glad when Cathy moves in with her washer and dryer. Its a long haul to take laundry to our old house to do. I have my housekeeper here tomorrow am to help with things. And tomorrow, we have to drive to our previous city to get a hearing test. I don't know how we'll get everything fit in and done. I have to make potato salad for the luncheon too.

Babette, Rich is still suffering over Max but its not as severe (suicidal) like it was.

Right now I'm trying to get all my stains, brushes, etc put onto my craft unit in our bedroom. Then I will look for the stains that I can fix the nicks in 3 pieces of my nativity set that I made. Tomorrow I will send Rich out to the dollar store to get more bubble wrap to wrap the pieces in. Then put the whole set away before company comes. What I'm doing today will take awhile because I'm sick. :(

Rich bought me an antique plant stand with a marble inset. I can't bring myself to put a plant on it. I'm afraid of water damage. So I'll put Cathy's antique stained glass lamp on it. Well, I'm done for the moment. I have to lay down for a spell.

LoveMontana 09-08-2013 03:51 PM

Joni, Happy to hear you enjoyed that Rodeo and the Elephant ears. :yummy:
I remember them well.
So you live in Spokane.
Have relatives in Hayden Lake, Idaho, and my ex sister in law and RN works in a transplant unit at a hospital in Spokane.

Babette, vet bills can be very expensive, but very worth it to know it isn't feline leukemia.

So Mary , you enjoy NASCAR? You should visit Watkins Glen, NY. There are some huge races there.

Doris, elephant ears are wonderful!! Here is the description Fried dough - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lance hasn't been here in about 7 years. It will be great to see him.

Lainey, take short walks by your self , and build up to more time. It's really peaceful.

Verleen, how nice that Rich is better. Enjoy that lovely plant stand. You could put a clear plastic flower pot saucer under a plant.

SuSUN 09-08-2013 05:30 PM

Those elephant ears are Beaver Tails up here in Canada. Hah!
Same fried dough, dusted with sugar n cinnamon. They sell lots of them in the Winter months for the skaters on the canal.

I did post earlier but then I lost it in cyberspace.:dunno:

Lainey, glad to hear you are cooking up something special each night for your self. We are so worth it right? :D

Joni, Great going on those Stats! :up:

Waving to All :heart: and hope to bb tomorrow...

Begete 09-08-2013 06:34 PM

Joni, how did you lose so much weight so fast? You started after I did and lost twice as much!

mykneesareback 09-08-2013 06:49 PM

I shouldn't have looked at the pictures of the elephant ears, lol, but thanks for that link about the fried dough, Linda!!! I've had a funnel cake twice in my life, and will try not to have one again, ha ha. Maybe I'll eat my words, the Big Texas Fair is at the end of this month...........

Begete, are you cats acting normally this evening?

Begete 09-08-2013 08:38 PM

Yep...the Spawn of Satan are back to normal. Must have been a reaction to something or someone they ate.

Norfolk Mermaid 09-08-2013 09:15 PM

Awww, Begete- they look so sweet & innocent.
I can close my eyes and see "Red" curled up like a "swami" in the Nann basket. He looked so defiant or proud. I love them two!
Michele, me, me- you missed me... Lainey! but it is OK.
I am sooo very tired but then I think of Verleen and am amazed at all she does and I sure do cheer her for all she does.
Off to BED but looking forward to a much cooler tomorrow but then HOT for 3 days after that. The cresent moon and venus were just so beautiful early this evening.
Good night to all.

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