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mykneesareback 09-03-2013 07:16 PM

WEDNESDAY'S Roll Call, Sept. 4
Today is dh's liver specialist appt., later this afternoon. Good thing we took a trip to this office last week, to be sure we would find the place, trying to avoid stress of searching for a office.

Wishing you ALL well!!

Didn't make the reservations in Fredericksburg, all booked solid!! Will figure out somewhere else to go, or just go out to eat with the kids and leave it at that. Thanks for your tip, though, Michele, at least we know to check on it early next year.

Found a plant nursery, bought a Gardenia, an Azealia, and an unusual houseplant, not that we needed any of them..........

And so it goes.

Begete 09-03-2013 08:26 PM

Thanx for the start, Doris.

I have an early hair appointment Wednesday, so checking in now. Do you really eat zucchini for breakfast? In what form?

Today I made a real zucchini chocolate rum cake for the freezer, some low carb zucchini chocolate nut bread....yuk...so very dry made with Splenda and carbalose flour. Then I tried some Turkish zucchini fritters, which tasted good, but the insides didn't get cooked all the way thru. I also made a low carb type of frittata which I froze....trying to see how things freeze because I am drowning in zukes....also made some low carb cranberry sauce.

Any other zuke ideas would be appreciated!

LoveMontana 09-03-2013 08:54 PM

Stopping in to save my place.
Been a really busy day but I do think Time warner fixed our INTERNET problem. We will see.:annoyed:

Doris, good that you scoped out the Liver specialist's office so you won't have a problem finding it tomorrow.

Great that you two bought "fun" plants. Never feel guilty about that.
Sorry you weren't able to get reservations in Fredericksburg. Bummer.

Hi Babette, YIKES!!!:eek: I guess you are drownding in zukes.
No suggestions here. Our neighbors just compost the extra.

Norfolk Mermaid 09-04-2013 03:55 AM

Good morning- and thanks Doris.
Just holding my spot. Need some coffee. Loving the really cool mornings.

mykneesareback 09-04-2013 05:56 AM

Begete, for years, I use zucchini instead of hash browns, cut one zucchini up, add mushrooms, onion, green onion, garlic towards the end, some beef broth, any leftover veggie from dinner, etc. Put it in your pan, I cover it for awhile to let the broth cook away., and add 1/2 cup egg whites or egg subs., I happen to like egg white better. I add Morton's hot salt to it, but curry is good or any salsa or something, if you want to spice it up. When it's done, grated parm or greek yogurt on top. Gives you almost 4 servings of veggies for the day right away, and is filling, makes at least 2 good cups of food. I began doing this years ago with bell pepper, but bell peppers got too expensive year around, zucchini is always cheaper.

Be back later, dh is planting.

tatehouse 09-04-2013 06:34 AM

Ok, try number 2.

I have a sick kindergartener today. A fever and the September Snots

The zuke recipe sounds like a great light dinner for one, as well, Doris.

Hope to be back later. And I hope this posts...


SuSUN 09-04-2013 06:50 AM

G'Morning All,

I was up early for me today 7 am so I started doing laundry as DS will be leaving for the start of his long travels tomorrow. Quebec City, Vancouver, Philly, France, Italy, Portugal, and Israel. I will see him for a few days here and there in between trips.
So Suds n Duds this morning for me.

It is Time for a coffee. I have had several cups of tea already, now for a treat.
DD and I will walk around the pond and woods later this morning so a bit of exercise for this old butt.

Hope all goes smoothly at the appointment Doris today.

Waving to All and hope to check back later...

Verleen 09-04-2013 07:29 AM

Rich's puppy, Max, was killed yesterday. Hit by a car. He didn't even make it to a year old. I wasn't there and Rich won't talk about it.

I didn't make it out for groceries or Big Lots for linens. Story of my life now. I make plans and then get too ill to carry them out. I finally got someone to give me an estimate of pruning the big shrubs around the house. $1,200! I think contractors see this big house and think we're rich. I never got estimates at our other house like I'm getting here.

ocali 09-04-2013 08:26 AM

Verleen, $1200! Are you kidding? For $200. I got five new bushes, had the old ones taken out, all the other ones trimmed, everything weeded, my roof blown clean, eleven bags of mulch spread. This included the cost of the bushes and mulch.
Get more bids.

Mssarge 09-04-2013 08:54 AM

Good morning all. I'm going to have to start a dream diary. All my dreams seem to have a lot of a frustration and problems....wonder what's going on. At least I got a good night's sleep after the poor one yesterday...seems to be a pattern there as well...one good, one bad. And life do go on.

Verleen, sorry about the pup. It's always sad to lose one and particularly one so young. And the bids are outrageous. You're probably correct, they see the house and up the estimates....not able to use any of your previous handpersons? hugs

If the zukes are large enough (but actually even the tiny ones are great this way), I like 'em stuffed and baked with or without a tomato sauce...cut 'em in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds to create boats (if you want you can use the innards diced up in the stuffing), add some kind of filling (either with meat or not), top with sauce (or cheese) and bake. They freeze well for the future.

Also, I slice 'em up like noodles and either eat 'em plain or add them to the spaghetti as it cooks...they stir fry nicely.

I made a batch of ratatouille (the recipe in the Rosedale thread above) yesterday and I'm going to try freezing up a serving of that to see how it goes.

Doris, would you be able to go to Fredericksberg for the Octoberfest, and stat\y some close? That way you could make it a day trip to the oompah-pah....love Octoberfest, and not just for the beer.

Have a great day folks....I'm hoping to get into some kind of mischief today.

Shalbrihil 09-04-2013 08:58 AM

Thank you Doris for our start out.
Verleen I'm so sorry to hear Rich's puppy got run over. They get out so quickly.

Begete I like to have zucchini noodles with butter and parm cheese. I have a scrapper gadget that makes the best strips. Then I put them in a buttered skillet and toss them around with the parm. cheese for a nice side dish.

Anne sorry to see baby has the September yuckies. :hugs:

Well I watched Life of Pi and loved it. The big question is which story did you believe?? :) I also watched Les Mis. and cried my eyes out. All in all it was a good TV watching night.

Not sure whats happening today. Hopeful it will be some cooler temps. D is at his weekly breakfast outing with his friends and brother right now. I just had my hard boiled egg. Life is good.

See you all later.

Loretta V 09-04-2013 09:00 AM

Mary I too have been dreaming a lot lately. Mostly not being able to get my stuff together, can't find it or have lost my way.

John and I will go to Clarksville, Tn today, about an hour away. I want to try a new place to eat called NOODLES. Just to see what it is all about.

We are enjoying some nice cooler mornings.

Mssarge 09-04-2013 09:17 AM

Was trying to edit my previous, but admin says it's been too long...duh! anyhoo,,,

if you do the zuke boats, sprinkle 'em with salt and let 'em sit for a half hour or so to draw excess water out, rinse the salt off, and pat dry...makes it much less watery in the finished product.

Loretta, love noodle shops and hope you enjoy yours...One to try if they have it is Yakisoba, or the Japanese make a lovely cold soba dish that is realy great in the summer.

type ya later...

Msevon2 09-04-2013 09:51 AM

Good morning Goldies. Hope your day is blessed.

Doris, sorry you could not get reservations. Maybe next year, or as mary said you could stay further out and make a day trip out of it. I used to work for hotel (major) and one year at Superbowl time, I sold out almost a whole hotel 100 miles away. The rooms were so hi and already sold out at all the local ones. The next year the hotel sold out early too. So guess people liked the location.

Hi Linda, glad you got your internet fixed. I have found that unplugging the electric to my modem helps a lot of my problems. But since I am retired, I am thinking of giving up the internet, got 3 days to decide if I want to pay again but leading other directions.

Beguette, I have heard that when they do well, it is hard to keep up with zuchinis. I tried to grown some but they did not do anything. Came up and slowly died. Oh well, always next year.

Anne hope kido feels better soon. My daughter is sick too, sound like the same thing but she is 42.

Susan, what does your son travel for. Is it business or pleasure. I like to travel but soon miss my bed, even when I carry my pillow along.

Verleen sorry about the pup and sorry you are having a bad day. May tomorrow be better. My a c is out right now. But it is less humid today.

Mary, I dont think I dream. I used to have night mares, but not for a while. But I can sleep now.

Sharron I am gullible and belive all of them. From different prespectives of course.

Loretta, enjoy your noodle adventure.

As I said, I may not show up again, so if not, it was nice getting to know yall. Good luck with your future. Evon

Mssarge 09-04-2013 10:31 AM

Evon, we'll miss you if you decide not to renew but after the nonsense with TWC I can certainly understand some of the frustrations....good luck gal, and, who knows, if you do shut it off, you may decide later to come back....hugs.

mykneesareback 09-04-2013 10:55 AM

Evon, sorry to see you go, but, as Mary says, you may find a better deal down the line than what you have now, or, then again, you may go somewhere different and not need the internet as entertainment anyway.
Take care of yourself!!

About Fredericksburg, we live too far for a day visit, and really want to just walk around the town, anyway. Even though we are both German, a lot of that Oktoberfest stuff is nonsense, lol. Just wanted to see if we could meet some people that speak German, no beer drinking for us anyway, I hate it, and dh can't do that anymore. We are barnstorming other ideas. We thought about the indian casinos in Oklahoma, but they turned out to be more expensive than we had thought. We were spoiled by Reno, Nv. and their great, low prices for Seniors, made it cheap to go there. Looking into Shreveport, Louisiana, now or maybe Austin, if they have some kind of country singer appearing there that we like.

Verleen, I'm sorry you feel so awful today, and that your husband's doggie passed away, tragic!!

Later! Off to the doctor "thing".

LoveMontana 09-04-2013 11:54 AM

Hi again gang,

Finally up and running with the INTERNET. This time it was the connections outside that needed replacing. Learned something new from this guy. He said they start to go after about two years, just like your Modems, so always have them replaced.

Doris, hopefully you and G will be able to get a nice deal on a place to spend your anniversary.

Oh Verleen, so sorry to hear about the pup. :sad:

Evon, sorry the INTERNET is so darned expensive. With all of the problems we have had with TWC, I've been tempted to give it up but am too addicted to it.:D

Waving to everyone else. On the run here.:hiya:

Begete 09-04-2013 02:41 PM

I get really frustrated with Comcast, but when we travel to palm desert January -February, TWC is the only option and I must admit, it IS worse. I now have an iPad that gets cellular reception, via AT&T, and for $50 for 30 days you can supposedly create your own WiFi hotspot.
I hope it works because we paid almost that much for TWC wifi and it didn't work!

Norfolk Mermaid 09-04-2013 07:49 PM

Just BOPPING in to say good niht.
Another very warm day tomorrow then a cool down coming. Low humidity tomorrow though so that should be nice.
Did a lot of washes today so that is done for a while.
Sure am sleepy but got my new magazine to read a little bit of then lights out.
Sweet dreams everyone. America's Got Talent went MY way the whole niht... I was so happy about that.

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