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mykneesareback 09-01-2013 09:10 PM

MONDAY'S Roll Call, Sept. 2
Had a good time with the kids, lots of laughs, good food, shopped at a Kroger's for the first time on the way home, what a nice, clean store!

Doug, glad you are back, safe and sound, you had a long trip though!! How were gas prices?

Mary, how is your cough today or tonight?

Susan, so you skipped the brunch but were starved for dinner, thank goodness you had burgers at the ready. :shake:

Our power went off this evening, 7:15, dh went to bed after 9 but I stayed up, watching the lightning, and the power guys came changed the transformer out that blew, it sounded like a shot gun going off! Lots of neighbors came out though, we met a few that way. dh got back up when it went on, to watch his shows that he likes on Sundays, but I never remember the name of them..........Showtime ones, I think.

Start off a new week, new month, and Verleen, hope you went to the fair early with your daughter and came back unscathed from the riff raff there.

Waving at everyone! :hiya:

35down 09-01-2013 10:10 PM

Hi All!:hiya:

Still Fishing!

Doris, :dunno: It wasn't me contacting you on Facebook. I have never joined in there. Husband joined so we could see pics of kids and grandkids but that's all I do on there. Weird as my name is not too usual of a spelling. Hope not some weird issue.

Happy Monday.


Norfolk Mermaid 09-02-2013 06:53 AM

Good morning- and thanks Doris.
Stupid day! cannot find my Rx's I had filled the other day. looked every where which is odd because I DO have a couple of them but since it took 2 days to get them all my habit was flumoxed... last place to look is the Cherokee! Dam, Dam, Dam!
bbl hopfully in a better mood! Hope yalls day is starting better than mine.

Msevon2 09-02-2013 07:02 AM

Good morning all and Happy Labor Day Goldies. I do not plan to labor any today. I guess i will a little though. I still have several packages in my car to unpack.

Doris, we had thunder boomers last night also. Lights did not go out but it did some heavy rain. I had gone to Raleigh to visit with my friend yesterday. I was getting ready to leave when it started to rain, so just sat back down for a few minutes. Then it stopped and I went to the car. Got almost to end of drive and remembered I had her unbrella and forgot the book. She is blind, and she wanted a recipe that was on the tape. It was for Orange marmalade cake. So I said I would bring it home and fetch it for her. When I got to the other side of town, it had already quit raining and I did not see any more til it got to my house about 8:30. I was watch Americas got talent. Glad you got to meet some of your neighbors with your blown transformer.

Joni, you are fishing, but are you catching anything. You on a boat, or fishing off the shore or what? I used to love to fish. At my other house, I had a pond, right out front. All of us fished there, but I dont like pond fish to eat. My first son in law and his family had a place near Cherry Point and it was brackish water, so we set nets down there. Even caught a salmon one time. They were good fish. But nets are a lot of work. Wont forget it.

Mary, I am still enjoying not working. I made the right decision for several reasons. Now I just have to walk the path. This is not my 1st retirement. I was forced into retirement when the hotel company sold the land right out from under us. That was back in 2003. It was a hard time for me. My husband was really sick then and I had a small grandbaby. She was about 2 but still small. Her mama was going to stay with my hubby while I went on a crusie I had won at work. It was already planned so I had to go.And completely paid for. The night before I left, her husband fell off of his 18 wheeler and broke his wrist. But all 3 were with hubby when I left. While I was at sea, the doctors told him the break was not set right and they had to open it and reset it and cast it again. So my older daughter came to stay with her dad and keep the baby for that to happen. But I had a good cruise. And a great massage. But no being a lady of leisure for me. When you dont work, everybody wants you to do stuff for them. This time, I have not told but a few people.

Verlene, did you make it to the fair? did you get your favorites? Did you have fun? Bet you are give out today. It does take a lot out of you.

Begette, my name is Evon, I am 63 and I am in NC. I like to garden but not as good as you. I have a lot of joint problems now. But still not in that wheel chair they told me I would be in in 1981. In face since that time, I had 2 babies and lived a lot. I dont go down easy.

Welcome home Doug. Trip of a lifetime. I love to travel also.

bbl, going to get some coffee.

modon69478 09-02-2013 08:41 AM

Good Morning All,

Glad to see so many up and going this morning. Yesterday's shopping trip was very successful - got 4 pair of slacks and 2 tops. Couldn't believe they were stocking sweaters - too funny! - we won't even see cool weather cool enough for a sweater till November! (maybe) They were pretty, though.... sure wanted one....

Today is a quiet day, just relaxing - hope Verleen got to the fair.

Take care of yourselves,

tatehouse 09-02-2013 08:56 AM

Good morning all

Another quiet day. Glad to see ya'll


Mssarge 09-02-2013 09:19 AM

Good morning all...just running through and waving at all. No coughing fit so I slept through the night pretty good. I know it's just my allergies and CPD acting up but it's still a pain in the tuckus. "They" say it's a bad year for folks with emphysema and asthma because of the drought and I'm hoping that all it is.

Gotta get going with the final housecleaning in expectation of the niece and family showing up today...so will type y'all later.

Shalbrihil 09-02-2013 09:43 AM

Having some pain today so just kicking back. D got his deer yesterday so we had liver last night for dinner. It was really good. Hard to find calf liver in our area anymore.

It's going to be a little Trader Joe shopping and maybe the other natural food store close by then I'll be ready for home and my chair.

Doug glad to see you safe at home and you both had a nice traveling vacation. We are wondering if our place that we go to each year will even be there next year because of the rim fire. We camp around 2 miles from the back door of Yosemite. I'd love to go to a Casita rally sometime. That looks like a lot of fun.

Hopefully we'll have lower temps today. It's been in the high 90's for several days now. I'm liking my fans.

Love hearing from you Verleen. Where did your kitty come from? Is it your daughter's little fur creature? Are your dogs and liking there new home? I'm sorry your having so much trouble with Dh. It is best at those times to keep your distance.

Julie I feel for you and your squirrel problems. When we were visiting our daughter at Fort Walton Beach we were amazed at all the squirrels there. They were using the cable lines to cross the roads. We watched them while we were driving under them. They were such a nuisance getting into the garbage and just all over the air base they were at.

Good morning Anne. Nice to see you pop in.

See you all later.

Norfolk Mermaid 09-02-2013 09:56 AM

whew, sorry for the negative post this A.M.,
It got even worse and then I said "self" it is time to turn this day around... you found the missing scribs (the antibiotics & yeast pill) were used and discarded so that was the mix up. Gold/Aquamarine bracelet was fished out of the "between the stove & wall" and was just fine but ucky. Cat food barf was picked up & sealed and tossed AND Ms. SuSun's "rent" for her and Aaunt Jane of either a BIG mouse or a LITTLE rat was scooped & doubled bagged and sealed and tossed... I never see the hunt so am assuming it is Ms. SuSun because I have indeed seen them in her mouth- that first sighting ended face kisses for both her & Aaunt Jane. OH and finally I very sadly (I cried like the grief of a child) had to toss abut 10 pounds of Dad's prescious figs as I do not know how to cann them and did not like them frozen I tried once. I had planned to buy 5 lbs of sugar and slice some lemons and that pectin stuff and cook that and try freezing that. I cried havin to dump them but what could I do? ANYHEW, now I have turned the day around and am thinking of making a nice lunch of luttuce, tomato, onion , mayo and pepper jack Sargento cheese sandwiches- yep 2... it is a holiday after all and I am all alone which bothers me NOT ONE WHITT!
Everyone sounds pretty good and I also am hopin that Verleen made it to the FAIR. I do like thinking of her and "Molly" lounging about though and I think of her with her beautiful BIRDS as well.
Saying lots of more prayers for DD "Ila" to ace her latest "War College" BIG test tomorrow. She said that this one was even more important that the past ones she has taken. She does not have to take all these test but says that they make a big difference in her "file"! Three (3) years to retirement at Lt. Col. or crossing my fingers! "FULL COL". They plan to retire in New Mexico or Arizona and build the biggest swimmin POOL ever!
WELP, if any of you are still with me THANKS for listening to this old gals woes.
Good health wished for those needing and Bob & Louise you two are ever on my mind.
Anne, sooo glad you are back.
Those with coughing- lots of that here as well. I am good thouh but pollens are high so I am ducking as much as I can with the puffer.

Begete 09-02-2013 10:09 AM

Good morning....

No plans for today. If it looks like no rain, DH needs to do some painting.

I regained 1.5 pounds over the weekend. Overdid carbs and had wine both evenings.

Makes me wonder if I can ever hold my weight on maintenance. Linda, you are most successful LCer I know, how do you manage carbs after reaching your goal?

Verleen 09-02-2013 11:07 AM

Howdy. Yes, we did make it to the fair. I had all the food I was looking for and then some. Of course, I had to throw most away. Oh, I didn't have my choc. dipped strawberries but I was too full to eat any more. Cathy milked a goat and did a good job at it. We brought some fresh cut fries home to share with the birds. My the noise they made until all fries were dished out.

Today its grocery shopping and a trip to Big Lots. Their ad said they have bed linens on sale. I want to get the king sized bed in the guest room dressed up. I've gotten some calls and it looks like I'm having some company from out of town.

Yes Doris, we missed all the riff raff or they hadn'd boozed or drugged up enough yet. Judging from appearances they were all there in force. What an unsavory bunch. Body parts were sticking out all over the place. Tattoos up the kazoo and in places that a respectable person wouldn't want them seen. Their kids needed to be on choke collars and muzzled.

Evon, I woke up early pretty sick and throwing up. I think too much sun. I'm fine now. We just can't do what we use to do.

Sharon, Gypsy, our rescued kitty, was one of several feral cats that moved into one of our outer bldgs. She was the one that really made it her home base, so I had Rich start to feed her and make a shelter for her in there. Eventually Rich was able to pet her and pick her up. So we took her to the vets to be spayed, shots, etc. She was already spayed by one of those spay group and marked as such. When the temps went down to minus 20, I had Rich bring her in to our basement and she never left. She comes upstairs for a few hours every night to be petted, brushed out and get a tad of milk. The fun will begin when Cathy moves in with her cat, Harlan. :stars: Gypsy is not good around the dogs, esp Molly. I think its jealousy. Gypsy wants to be my cat and Molly is my dog. The house is great for the dogs and they love it. But not the yard. Its way too small. I'm still upset about it. I was too sick to be here to supervise and the two men (Rich and the contractor) even together didn't have a whole brain .........well the less I say, the better.

It must have been storming all over the country. We had thunder storms here in the middle of the night. Now everything is all fresh and clean. Have a good day folks.

mykneesareback 09-02-2013 11:31 AM

Just finally got in here, we have been sleeping longer here, for some reason.

Begete, Linda is lucky, her husband also doesn't eat starches, so she doesn't have to cook any or bring anything like that into her house, ever. I notice I have been buying more starchy foods because of son and his family coming here very often, it isn't just the going out that changes things. That's just the way it is, don't want to move into a room, live alone, that would be the one way to avoid ever overeating. You sound as though you are just tired of the whole thing, and, at our ages, who can blame you? Just do the best you can, don't expect perfection though, eat differently this whole week again.

Lainey, I'm glad you found your important meds!! Whew!

Joni, I had an invite from a "Joan" with a last name I never heard, and there is no Joan on any other board that I am on, so thought I'd ask you, even if you don't spell it the same.

Verleen, glad you were able to "do" the fair, change of scene at least. Hope you get a good buy on the linens, I was shocked at the prices of linens, but had to buy some anyway.

Sharon, hope you feel better so you can enjoy going shopping later on, is Trader Joe's having a sale today?

Hi Anne and Mary!

Michele, you did good, finding some nice clothing buys! I too was amazed several weeks ago, when daughter in law took me shopping for summer dresses, and could barely find one, on a sale rack at Target, the mall and larger stores had sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants, warm socks, etc. already.

Evon, one of these days, I'll learn to spell your name correctly!

Off to do dishes, but supper will be leftovers, so that helps. Puttering around, filling up another bag for donations.

Good vibes being sent to Louise and Bob.

Shalbrihil 09-02-2013 03:32 PM

Doris I'm not sure about the sales by the looks of this heat it won't be until evening when we get ourselves over there. Temp is registering in the high 90's again today.

Verleen I'm glad you experienced all that great food at the fair.

Think I'll go over to the pet shop site to see if I can find a wire pen to take with us to use when we camp at state parks.

Doug_H 09-02-2013 04:22 PM

Doris, as far as gas prices I think we paid between $3.47-$3.99. The highest was of course in California. One place we pulled off to gas up and they wanted $4.25.:mad: We went 5 miles up the freeway and paid $3.69 at a Pilot truck stop.:lol:

Evon, we try to get out at least a couple times a year.

Just resting today. The humidity has been a killer.


SuSUN 09-02-2013 05:17 PM

Don't get me going on Gas prices. It is $1.35 a litre here and 4.6L to the gallon so in any language that is expensive.

Work went smoothly today so a good day.

Waving to All and hope to bbt...

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