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mykneesareback 08-30-2013 08:22 PM

SATURDAY'S Roll Call, Aug. 31
Sending HUGS to our Verleen, what a frustrating day, danged computer stuff, drives all of us up the wall. Verleen, I'm hoping you will feel like going to the Fair tomorrow, just to "get a load" of people, people watching can be an entertainment in itself, and at least the gardening section usually is nice to look at. Is that house becoming a money pit now, sorry if it is.

Congratulations to Evonne on her retirement today!

Waving at all the rest of you, been another busy day, kids came by this evening and just left awhile ago, need to load the dishwasher.

Saturday on a long weekend just isn't the same when you are "retired".......doesn't hold it's usual charm. Just my opinion, of course. ;)

birdlady 08-30-2013 09:07 PM

Had yummy crab legs and the slots were good to us for a change.lol
Still trying to get to bed between 11:30-12,seems to be helping.

Norfolk Mermaid 08-31-2013 06:09 AM

Good morning- and thanks Doris.
Going to be very, very hot today but I will weed whack no matter what. I want to arrange the potting shed and move all gardening items from the garage to the shed. I'll just do that for breaks in the weed whacking- need to rest the whacker (motor gets kinda hot) and my muscles every hour or so and sitting is not an option as then I just quit so I do other lighter chores for breaks. Big breaks are a O' Douls and comeing to check the puter and The Golden Years.
Mary Anne wants to go to the Beach but there will be hordes there- I am pretty sure she will change her mind. For me the perfect beach day would be tuesday when the "little darlings" and their teachers will all be in school- Halealuyah!
bbl coffee is gone and so am I!

Msevon2 08-31-2013 09:35 AM

Good morning Goldies. Blessing on each of us and our families. I should be out there unloading my car. I have a beautiful vase of flowers, and gifts and cards. I did not expect that. I also did not expect my brother to call and say he was coming up and taking me to dinner. And best of all, I did not expect to get out of there early but still get paid for the whole day. When I finally did get home last night, I was really beat, mentally, emotionally and physically. I came in and checked my messages and took my pill and checked my email. And then at 8:30, I sat down to listen to my book and fell fast asleep. When I woke it was only 12:35. And I was wide awake so I took a melatonin and stayed up a couple hours before it kicked in. Then slept til 9 this morning. But I feel like this big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Thank you for starting us off Doris. I look forward to your pictures in the morning. Never know what you will have. I love this one. Kitties are cute. Not for me though. I am more of a doggie person. Maybe I will get one soon. But not right now. I need to watch my pennies, til I can go to social security and get it started. I do have enough income to pay my morgage and have a little left over to buy some oodles of noodles for every other day. And I do have some other savings and now a couple of 401 ks so not too worried. Thank you for the congratulations. Seems like I have worked all my life. I started out working for my daddy. He took over a store on our block when the owner had health problems. And I got on the stool and rang up peoples orders. Then after the store closed, he started opening gas stations. All family business as he worked full time for the state. And as you stated, people watching can be great entertainment. We had a few chairs and some came and stayed a while and talked. Others just came in for a specific reason but it was never boring. You know, I have had a good life. Never had any real real sickness. Only been in hospital 3 times and 2 were babies. I am only missing tonsils. So yes, I am blessed.

Gladys the seafood sounds good. We are supposed to go to Red Lobster to celebrate Barbaras Birthday tonight. Her b day is actually the 5th but that is a business day. And then the kid has baseball on the weekend next week. Glad the slots were good to you. I started to buy some scratch offs on the way home, but did not. Better save my pennies for a few months. I think it takes about 3 months to start ss but I did not do it before. I was trying to work til October, but it just got to be too much for me to wrap my mind around. I can sleep for 3 months. If nothing else. Sure I will find something to do. The lord will provide.

Lainey, cant believe all the rain you have had and we have basically had none in the last couple weeks. And we are only about 100 miles apart. But we have enough so not complaining. The crops must have come back out because I dont remember looking at the bare spots lately. Could just have weeks in place but it did not catch my attention. Are your things starting to die down yet? I have to plant my hydrangea. I got it for mothers day and had to strip it and start it over but it is doing great now. I think it still has time to take root in the ground before it gets too cold.

If Verleen came in, I missed her, so will go and check it out. Have a great day Goldies.


Verleen 08-31-2013 09:43 AM

Good morning from Molly and me. She spends a few hours in bed with me in the morning. As a result, that poor puppy gets subjected to frequent baths.

I don't think there will be any fair today as I am having a bad day with what ails me. Maybe later I'll feel better. Just talked to my daughter. We cancelled the fair today.

Thank you every one for all the hugs and "feel goods".

Its a good thing I'm a person that has always taken care of myself and things around me. I'm married to an invisible husband. That's the way it is when he has asperger's syndrome. Einstein's (asperger's) wife moved, along with their children, to another house. His cousin eventually moved in with him to take care of him and made sure he ate. They are all into themselves and can't even see or care about people around them. Not a good thing if you have a terminal illness. That's why Cathy wanted me to move in with her.

Lainey, some day we're going to see you on TV while they cover your acres and acres of botanical gardens. :)

Have a good weekend. Back to bed. The fever is getting to me.

Msevon2 08-31-2013 09:43 AM

Okay, I found Verlene. And I completely understand how frustrating the computer can be. I have problems all the time. I think I got a bad modem from at&t and I did not know anything so never complained, just figured I was on the end of the line so it was natural. Now it is worse, so think I am just going to give up and not send another payment to them. I am tired of fighting with this technology. I have a tablet and can use it at my daughters or Barbaras. Or worse comes to worse, can go to mickey dees. Hope you feel well enough to go to the fair. Mostly hope you just feel good and do what makes you happy. Special blessing going up for you. evon

Begete 08-31-2013 09:53 AM

Verleen, as sick as you are, you got yours up and functioning....I killed mine. I had the same day you did with all my technology rebelling.

I am greatly confused. I always thought MSevon was Michelle, not Evonne. Who is named Michelle?

Mssarge 08-31-2013 10:40 AM

Good morning all, thanks for all who came before and waving at those that follow...hope Michelle (Modon6-something shows up to refresh your memory).

stayed warm all night long, now it's in the mid 70's but with the humidity it "feels like" the mid 80's...I'll be glad when the monsoonal flow stops and we can get back to our usual humidty in the teens. We're expecting more thunderbumpers this afternoon and again all around me was deluged but we did get a nice shower out of it...Scaredy dog's driving me crazy.

Nadine and her son are coming over later to help me turn the beds and do a final bit of cleaning, dogs are begging for food, so I guess I'd better run...Have a great day, type ya later.

Norfolk Mermaid 08-31-2013 11:59 AM

Ho! Verleen- you are just prescious.
There is not even a quarter of an acre here and this summer was the worst I have ever seen here... gosh, not even an 1/8 th I am sure. I am still adjusting from N.Y. gardening to gardening here and it truly is a lot different. This summer burned every thing- the local Hortoculturist GruRu said the bunnies and slugs hurt everyone really bad- I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I plan to work all winter to plan and make ready for spring planting. I fixed up a sunny yellow clip board with "LIST OF WHAT TO DO WHEN AND WHERE". I am already stock piling supplies- potting soil, peat moss, pearlite, weed/grass killer and fungus/insect/blight chemicals. The fruit trees and berries will get systemic treatments- and a rigid routine of fertilizers- etc.,etc.
VERLEEN, the important thing to remember about getting awards on TV is that MOZART never got one AND if I ever got a gardening award he would NOT get that one either!!!
NOW I am pumped and gettin back out there with weapons in hand ( plus the shade is finally on the side of the house I want to weed whack ) Yeppers, tryin to work smart here!
Love hearing about "Molly" and everyones pets really. SuSun now comes in for the night since it has cooled down and she hogs my entire pillow all niht long. I wake up with my chin between my breast and my feet hanging over the end of the bed from being scrunched down without my pillow... I just reach up and pet her till she wakes enough to purr and then I go back to sleep WITHOUT my pillow. (I use a tiny throw pillow I use for decoration on the bed).

SuSUN 08-31-2013 12:13 PM

Just getting here. Another gorgeous day up here. The rain storm last night seems to have cooled things off a bit, so going out to finish the garden debris pick up,, so a bit of exercise. Hah!

Glad to see everyone's post and hope to be back later.

modon69478 08-31-2013 12:58 PM

Babette, I'm Michele - the one with the white dog!

mykneesareback 08-31-2013 04:14 PM

Hey, Michele, are you getting the most out of this heat wave, or do you have it a few degrees cooler there? We are at 104 for a high today.

Verleen, I guess going to the fair would have not been a good choice anyway, especially if it's so hot. Do you have a phone right by you, to call up the internet company? Is it hard to deal with those customer service people, lordy, each time I call, I get a different person, and one doesn't know what the other one did. Were you able to eat anything much today?

We had issues with our garage door today, we have never had an automatic one before, and liked this one, but LO, it suddenly stopped right in the middle and would not go up or down. Luckily, there are lots of places here that will come to your house to fix that, 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, for Pete's sakes! The guy came in an hour and a half, and it took him over 2 hrs. to fix, so it's working now, smoothly and almost noiselessly, to the tune of over $568........

At least some of you got your gardening chores done today. Do any of you have water restrictions? We can only water on Thursday's, our garbage day.

Finally did the egg steaming, it was different, results were the same as the way I usually do them though. I'll tell daughter in law about this steaming way, she has never boiled eggs before, it might be easier for her. Anyone here like soft boiled eggs?

Waving at all of you, I have kitchen chores to do, Labor Day weekend or not.

modon69478 08-31-2013 05:03 PM

Doris, It's supposed to go 103 - so far, it's 102. Still hot!

I finally started taking the 50K Vitamin D today and I'm happy to report... nothing happened.... my head did not roll around on my head and I still have all my limbs - HA!

Have a good evening everyone,

Doug_H 08-31-2013 05:34 PM

We will be home tomorrow afternoon.:birthday:
This is after almost 2 months on the road


Mssarge 08-31-2013 05:53 PM

Welcome back to the sauna, Doug, and whose :birthday: is it? I hope you enjoyed your time on the beach and far north as I'm sure you're familiar with the river in September...it's been a doozy.

Doris, I like my eggs soft boiled, too, which is one reason why I like the old fashioned was of doing 'em....I can pull one out after the one minute boil and it's perfect. Will the garage guy come back out if you have further trouble? Mine will and not charge anything except for parts...now I'm wondering if it'll go out as it's been a long time since it was serviced.

Evonne, have any plans for your first non-working day? Do something special if you can. What did you get yourself as a retirement present...mine was the Kindle and I've really enjoyed it.

Not much happening here; got only a little bit of cleaning done but did get the patio cleaned off so that's something at least. I learned something today which I wish I had learned much earlier....decided I wanted so spareribs so went to Stater Bros which has a meat counter; not many in SoCal do. Since it's Labor day weekend, they were very busy and the case was empty of ribs. Had to wait for 'em to bring out more from the back and the customer in front of me had the butcher cut 'em in half lengthwise...making two half racks. What an idea! So, of course, I had the butcher cut mine as well and they are so much easier to eat this way....duh! So I've go my ribs with a lot going into the freezer for other up days.

Hope you all found something interesting to do today and good things came your way.

mykneesareback 08-31-2013 06:22 PM

So, Doug, is it YOUR Birthday tomorrow? Will you have thunder and lightning on the way home, and flash flooding, that's what they showed on tonight's weather report, lol, I've been noticing weather in areas of where some of our group members live.

Begete, did you get that computer fixed or get a new one, now? My computer is beginning to show it's age, and I would have to get a new printer, one that Faxes, too. Or are you using your lap top?

Mary, good thing you at least got your patio cleared out, the house has waited this long, it will wait some more. We got a 5 yr. warranty with this door repair, but heck, we just looked in the phone book to pick a place, there are so danged many of them, it's a guessing game to pick one. They all promise same day service, is it that way where you live?

Michele, do you have ceiling fans in your house or apt.? I never realized how much of a difference they can make.

Off to try to listen to the Grand Ole Opry, keep forgetting to get into their web site, and listen while I'm on here.

Verleen 08-31-2013 08:49 PM

Whew, a hot and humid evening. We had thunder storms today. I am feeling so much better this evening and hopefully we can go to the fair tomorrow.

Doris, I had some Campbell's chicken soup. I can still open a can....lol. That was an expensive door job. I keep saying that by the time we're done fixing things, this will be a nearly new house. I never had a ceiling fan until I married Rich. He had them all over the house. I can't live without them now. What a difference they make. They reduce heating/cooling costs too.

Babette, sorry about your computer. Yes, your situation is worse than mine. Tomorrow I will call TW and have them walk me through the 'fix-it', my first choice. If that doesn't work, I'll have a technician come out.

Gypsy kitty is outside my BR door banging to get in. She has decided that I'm her favorite person now. How did that happen? I am not a cat person. There is no way I will have a cat in my BR.

I'm sorry I've been ragging on about my problems. I need to remind myself that many others have worse problems than I do.

Hi Evon and congrats on the retirement. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Did I mention that I had Rich weed around the light pole. Then we planted some mums around it for fall color. We put a bunch of large ferns all around the wicker furniture on the front porch. We sat out there last night with something cold to drink. People were walking and waving to us. The neighbors waved and said hello. Very friendly neighborhood.

Doug, have a safe trip home.

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