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mykneesareback 08-15-2013 07:50 PM

FRIDAY'S Roll Call Aug. 16
OK, Friday and it's time to prepare ourselves for the weekend, or not.

Begete 08-15-2013 09:48 PM

Oh no, forgot the recipe for marinating the chicken

Here it is...there are no amounts

Garlic crushed
Grated ginger

That's it. I use a cumin coriander mix that is sold in stores that sell products from India.

I just do it to taste, and I like things spicy. I never had a recipe with exact amounts....just watched a friend from India make it.

Here comes Gabe...bye for now!

Norfolk Mermaid 08-16-2013 04:29 AM

Good Morning to all.
Thanks Begete- I will try that when the rains come tomorrow or sunday. hmmm need more info though- marninate how long; skin, bones? how cooked- oven, stove top?
Have a ood day everyone.

mykneesareback 08-16-2013 07:39 AM

Thanks for the recipe, Begete. Sounds like a typical Indian recipe, do you turn the bag the chicken is in several times during the days that it marinates, or can you just put it in the fridge and forget about it? Enjoy your son's visit!

Hi Lainey, what's up today?

Off to unpack more boxes and "rearrange" to make stuff fit..........

birdlady 08-16-2013 09:09 AM

Alyssa stayed with us a couple of days while her mom fixed up her class room for the new school year.Alyssa went to school today,it seems like a new thing to start on Fri.
We really enjoyed having her,they live an on the go life that we don't see them often.
Not much going on,need to get DD here as I'm having trouble with my new desktop.

Mssarge 08-16-2013 09:31 AM

Good morning allllllll....thanks. Doris for the startup and Babette for the marinade...now I've got to replensih my supply of yogurt. We'll see if N can get over to cleant he house today as it's going to be hotter today that wednesday. Her teens are with grandma so she's without a built in sitter.

Life goes on....enjoy your day and I hope good things come your way.

Loretta V 08-16-2013 09:54 AM

Gladys did you get Windows 8. I am wondering how that works for anyone that has it. That is keeping me back from getting a new desktop.
Glad you got to spend time with Alyssa.

Going on Friday here. Will be traveling to Evansville to help DS with the donated bread for their food pantry. Need to pack up.

Doug_H 08-16-2013 11:01 AM

Loretta, we have been using win8 since last November when it first came out. It takes a bit getting used to. We have installed on a new laptop and a ASUS tablet. The laptop stays home mostly and the tablet we use when traveling. I like it now.

Still here on the Oregon Coast. We have decided to wait till Monday to start heading inland.


Begete 08-16-2013 11:10 AM

Doris and Mary:

If you use an active yogurt, it is pretty thick. I marinate it for 2 days in a huge plastic bowl with a lid.

I make the marinade in the bowl, and then dip each piece of chicken on so it is completely covered with marinade and then put it in the coldest spot in the frige til it's time to grill it. Because the yougurt is so thick, no need to turn it. I just forget about it.

Norfolk Mermaid 08-16-2013 11:55 AM

Which yogerts are not active!
I will be upset if I am not using "active"... I buy only Greek and assume it is active. "Ben & Jerry" have a Raspberry Choc. Chunk Greek Fro. Yo. that is so good that I am amazed. I have to force myself to only eat half the carton and wait a week for the other half. Blue Bunny's Fro Yo is excellent but the others taste really bad to me. One taste of "Gelato" and I refuse to ever eat ice cream again. Not a ice cream person at all but those 3 items are so perfect that I allow myself One chocolate Gelato Carton; 2 Raspb. Cho. Chunk Ben & Jerry's and one big Carton of Blue Bunny Vanilla for berries & canteloupe (Boston Coolies") a month. One or two movies a month, 2 magazines, one BBQ sandwich at that filling station and those 3 frozen treats are all the "entertainment" I allow in my budget. Of course the Blue Bunny Vanilla Fro. Yo. will end in September when the farmer's market shuts down and I do not replace it with anything for the winter. Believe me it is money constraints NOT will power that keeps me on that narrow path.
Begete, I do not use my Grill outside but will let you know how Geo. Foreman works out. I use little bottle caps to elevate him a little bit so foods stay moist and I also do not close the lid down all the way so the meat is not flattened. It works perfect with those little tweeks. I have decided to leave the skin and bones with the chicken and really wash, wash and wash some more before I put them in the marinate. I plan to make Tabuleh for my side dish.
Been pulling weeds like mad today but it is still too slow. I am getting roots and all though. Sure gonna hate to go back to the heat after the week end but fall is a coming and I do think the worst heat is over. July was horrid but it is dark and cool much earlier every day now. I did some garage clearing for a little while and will start the first of several laundry loads and then get back out there. I keep waitng for things to bet back to normal then I realize "THIS IS NORMAL".
Begete, I saw "Red" & "Blue" on face book and they looks so full of themselves. Two little "Prince Harrys" with their orange hair er fur!
Gladys, I was gonna ask WHERE YOU AT! so I am glad you chimed in.

SuSUN 08-16-2013 12:42 PM

Good Friday Afternoon All,:cool:

Getting here a bit earlier today, than yesterday. I decided to miss the Yoga class today to let my knee heal.
I am resting n elevating it, I have a tensor bandage on too. I can already feel it healing from the last couple of days so it will just take time. Note to self: I will have to get back to exercise slowly. :o

DS in in Denmark right now, then flies on to Paris tomorrow. Hopefully he will arrive back home on Thursday. I am looking forward to his return. :love:

I have organised a small outing for the ladies in our group to go to see "The Butler" next Tuesday afternoon. It looks interesting. The next on my list is "We Are The Millers." The last time we went there were 12 ladies. They all seem to look to me to decide. I guess I have found my niche. Hah!;)

Another gorgeous day out there. I will get out soon to walk the dog.:cool:

:hiya: Waving to All enjoy your Chicken Curry Ladies. One of my favs too.

modon69478 08-16-2013 12:49 PM

Susan, I just picked up Sunday matinee tickets to 'The Butler' - I sure hope it's as good as all the hype! We'll have to compare notes...

Waving to all,

SuSUN 08-16-2013 12:59 PM

Michele, Oh, Do give me a review before we go on Tuesday. It is entertainment and a brief escape from the fast paced life that we all lead huh? :D;)

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