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mykneesareback 08-11-2013 08:03 PM

MONDAY's Roll Call, Aug. 11
Another week begins, Monday's are bill paying days in this house............and so it goes.

Let's have as good a week as we can, while summer is still upon us.

LoveMontana 08-11-2013 10:14 PM

Thanks for the start off, Doris.
Just running in to save my spot. Off to bed in about 5 minutes. :hiya:

Norfolk Mermaid 08-12-2013 05:25 AM

Holding my place as well.
c ya later.

ocali 08-12-2013 06:29 AM

Boo Hoo, all my places were taken before I could get here:rofl:

Norfolk Mermaid 08-12-2013 06:35 AM

na, na, na, na- NANAH!
I'll let you up.

mykneesareback 08-12-2013 06:55 AM

SORRY, today is August 12, :stars:

35down 08-12-2013 07:43 AM

Good Morning Everyone! :hiya:Woke up early today-watched some tv and bopped around a bit reading some posts and journals here on Low Carb Friends.

I have needed new hearing aids for quite some time but put off doing it-partly spending that amount of money and partly just the testing and finding out how much worse my hearing loss has gotten. Anyway, a couple weeks ago got my new ones and am loving them. There are four programs and a volume control with quite a range. My hearing loss was such that I did not have to get a behind the ear model (although it was border line and probably smarter if I had). I am actually hearing the words in the country music songs on the radio and also not smiling and nodding pretending that I have heard what someone is saying. Didn't realize how much stress that was adding to my life.

Not sure what today will bring here. Errands and such, I suppose. Hope all is well with everyone. Will be checking back in here later. It is fun to see what you all are doing and I appreciate you all sharing your days.


Mssarge 08-12-2013 09:31 AM

Good morning all...just checking in..haven't decided what today will bring but I'm sure some kinda trouble is waiting just around the corner. Thanks for the start off, Doris, and with everyone marking their places, it's sure to be busy around here later.

Joni, glad to hear you got the device. It is amazing the stress added when something you take for granted goes haywire. My problem was that furschlugener cataract surgery that still isn't right...but every day, in every way, we get a little betting, right?

Have a great day folks...something good is waiting for you.

Begete 08-12-2013 10:38 AM

Checking in, too. Am lowering my weight today even though yesterday, my official weigh in day , was up because this is the weight I was most of last week.

Doug_H 08-12-2013 10:51 AM

Hi all
We are still hanging out on the Oregon Coast in Bandon. Loving the good seafood.
Will begin heading inland either Saturday or Sunday.


Shalbrihil 08-12-2013 11:05 AM

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Tomorrow I'll be heading back to have my eye checked. It's been a long week waiting. I've been putting a steriod drop in, perscribed, and hopeful that all is well now. He wants to dilate and check the type 2 diabetes for an update. I haven't had much problem keeping that in check with diet so don't think there will be a change there. It's always good to know for sure though.

As the sign says have a happy Monday. Check back later.

Norfolk Mermaid 08-12-2013 01:19 PM

The CHEROKEE is in the drive way!
I looks like a brand new Jeep. Wonderful job done.
It is brialing hot outside so I am hanging in the house till after sunset- will still be hot but not like this ell fire! Highs only in the 70's coming up wednesday for a few days or 3 but rain alon with that but still there may be dry periods.
I replentished the liquor store with a big Bicardi Rum and a big Belvedeer Vodka which will last me two year or more. A one drink limit and only when I really, really, really want or need one cocktail.
I may take a nap but do not want to... chedder/broccoli soup is knocking me out though with the heat.

Mssarge 08-12-2013 04:16 PM

Yea!!!! for cherokee in the driveway...good luck, Lainey.

Well, my big day was a trip to Sam's Club for gas (glad it's down a bit in price) and coffee (they're the only one around that stock the light roast I like...what gives with all the dark roast, anyway?) and wound up spending way too much on stuff I really don't need...mostly food stuff, so it won't go to waste. Oh well, I guess it's better than giving it to the indians.

I picked up some Paramount Reserve smoked salmon and it was the best I've had since my Alaskan friend gave me some of his thirty years ago...it's cold smoked which I think makes it so much better. (..cold smoke, the smoke from the fire is indirectly exposed to the substance as opposed to hot smoked which is a higher temp and the smoke envelopes the meat..sorry for the explanation, but wasn't sure if you were aware of the difference.) His, of course, included the skin and is usually referred to as "squaw candy." This is lox, thinly slice salmon which is so great on bagels. (the thin low carb ones, that is.)

hope good things are coming your way...

Norfolk Mermaid 08-12-2013 05:04 PM

Fell asleep anyway and woke up to loud thunder and
pouring rain.
You guessed it! Had not put stuff away and the garage door was still up and the windows were down in the Cherokee! Flew outside and then dashed back in for a big umbrella. Not too much to put away and I think everything is OK. The Jeep windows were only about 1/2 way so I lucked out there as well. The patio (drive way) umbrella was still open so that helped a lot. I' am a lucky lady this here monday!
I only nap when it is so very hot and I am working out in the sun. Day after tomorrow the cool begins and I plan to work mornin till night every cool day so I can go back to breaking from 12: noon till sunset when it is hot!
Mary, I love salmon and am going to Sam's maybe tomorrow or weds. I'll look for it. Not a bagel fan unless they are fresh from the oven at the bagel shop in N.Y. but I'll love my lox on crackers will dill.
bbl wish I had a movie.... repeats are wearing thin but lots to read so no worries.

mykneesareback 08-12-2013 06:25 PM

Hello, gals!

Doug, do they still have that little zoo in Bandon? We loved it, and took a lot of pictures, were enchanted because they let you hold the animals, but it looked as though the owners could use some money help. Have a safe trip further.......

Lainey, glad you got your "baby" back, and wouldn't yah know it would finally rain like that, just then.

Hi Mary, I enjoy smoked salmon, too, but don't buy it often, and I just eat it on pumpernickel bread because I don't like bagels, lol. Do you add cream cheese like some people do?

Sharon, hope your eye shows improvement so the doctor leaves you alone!

We hope to make our first trip romorrow to a Costco, have mapped it out on mapquest, since I still haven't found my map of this area. The closest Costco is about half an hour away, there seem to be a lot more Sam's Clubs here, but we are paid up at Costco and used to it after all these years. Need toilet paper and paper towels badly, of all things.

Have a pleasant evening, if you are able.

SuSUN 08-12-2013 06:40 PM

Hi All,

YOU have ALL had a busy day!
I was up and out early for the Mall Walking. I enjoyed it and my friend kindly introduced me to several new friends. The kilometres we growing fast and we didn't even notice with all the chit chatting as we walked. I did some errands and then came home to walk to dog and I did 3 laps of the kiddie play structure jogging, then walked him back home along the bike path. He still enjoys his walks...but at his own slow pace so he can stop and sniff where ever he wants to.
DD came over this aft with DGD we had a nice visit and I cooked for them so we had a meal together breaks up the monotony. I made salmon and stir fry veggies.
DS is in London right now and will be taking a flight tomorrow evening over to Denmark.
He emails me and Skype phones me when he can.
I hope to make it to the Mall again in the morning, depends if I can get out the door in time. Hah!

Enjoy your Evening All and hope to bbt...

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