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Loretta V 07-27-2013 08:00 PM

Menus July 29 ~ Aug 3

A Fool and his money
can throw one heck of a party.

Have a great week. The daylight is getting short already.

MaryMary 07-28-2013 04:24 AM



4 oz soy, 8 oz strawberries, blueberries & apples

4 oz chicken, 8 oz string beans, peppers & onion, 10 oz salad, 1/2 oz dressing, 1/2 oz tahini

8 oz greek yogurt, 4 oz pumpkin, 18 oz salad, 1/2 oz ground flax, 1-1/2 oz dressing

mykneesareback 07-28-2013 08:37 AM

funny saying, Loretta!

Sunday's foods

B: eggs and black forest ham, ice water

L: Sara Lee bread, light laughing cow cheese, turkey. black olives iced coffee

Snack: iced coffee, will be busy

D: dh wants to order some BBQ from some place that delivers, so no one has to cook, the kids are coming over and they bought a wading pool for Silas so will try it out in our back yard.

Evening snack: who knows, maybe nothing, or cut up strawberries in a bowl.
iced coffee all day long

Loretta V 07-28-2013 02:11 PM

Sunday: coffee, scrambled eggs, biscuit & gravy, hash browns
Grilled peppers, tomato slices w mozzarella cheese
banana w pb
pop corn, CF diet soda

Glad you are enjoying time with Silas Doris.

mykneesareback 07-28-2013 06:58 PM

We wound up at son's place, grilled steak, had steamed cauliflower and roasted asparagus, iced tea, all of it very good.

Mssarge 07-28-2013 11:02 PM

Sunday's foods UD
Y'all have got me so confused, but I'm sticking with the Sunday thru Saturday weekly postings....lazy day

B. coffee/hood's, scrambled eggs & bacon, about half cup of the ambrosia...those oranges are so sweet and the tartness of the grapefruit is mahvelous....crystal light for the pills.

S. 3 tacos (included a little adzuki beans in the meat mix, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, diet pepsi

s. pretzels, nectarine and a small glass of zin.

1200 kcals

modon69478 07-29-2013 07:46 AM


B: greek yogurt (5 carbs), 1/4 c. blueberries (7 carbs), coffee
L: L/O tangy chicken, spinach (4 carbs), SF iced tea
Snack: lite laughing cow cheese, cocoa almonds (2 carbs)
D: Flax walnut pancakes w/SF syrup (6 carbs), diet tonic
Snack: Mocha ice pop (1 carb)

~25 carbs

Loretta V 07-29-2013 08:25 AM

Sorry Mary about the date.

Monday: coffee
hb egg, lc pumpkin bar
Not sure about supper
Snack: peanuts, CF diet soda

Mssarge 07-29-2013 06:10 PM

Monday's Eats DD
B. Jimmy Dean light muffin, coffee/hood's, and crystal light after coming back from my run to Loma Linda

S. early after returning from the casino....NS burger patty, lo chili & cheese, diet soda

550 kcals, now I just have to make it through the night without raiding the fridge...good thing as I don't have any more leftovers.

mykneesareback 07-29-2013 06:18 PM

Monday's foods

B: eggs and ham, ice water

L: Sara Lee bread sandwich, turkey, f/f cheese. iced coffee
some green grapes

Snack: 2 snickerdoodles

D: 2 scrambled eggs and iced coffee

Evening: iced coffee, and some cut up strawberries, if I get out of here soon.

MaryMary 07-29-2013 07:51 PM



1 egg, 2 pz soycheese and bacon, 1/2 cantelope

4 oz swordfish, 8 oz string beans, broccoli, carrots, peppers & onion, 10 oz salad, 1/2 oz dressing, 1/2 oz tahini

8 oz greek yogurt, 4 oz pumpkin, 18 oz salad, 1/2 oz ground flax, 1-1/2 oz dressing

LoveMontana 07-29-2013 10:18 PM

Monday menu

Brunch: plain Greek yogurt, three pieces of bacon and coffee.

dinner: two chicken thighs, chopped tomato salad, Iced coffee

PM chardonnay and pop corn.

MaryMary 07-30-2013 02:03 AM



1 oz TVP, 1-1/2 oz soynut butter, 3 oz greek yogurt, 8 z strawberries, apples & blueberries

4 oz chicken, 8 oz mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, peppers & onion, 10 oz salad, 1/2 oz dressing, 1/2 oz tahini

8 oz greek yogurt, 4 oz pumpkin, 18 oz salad, 1/2 oz ground flax, 1-1/2 oz dressing

modon69478 07-30-2013 08:15 AM


B: 1 egg patty, 2 sausage links, coffee (1 carb)
L: tuna, mayo, 2 sl. LC bread (2 carbs)
Snack: cocoa almonds, 1 square dark choc (6 carbs)
D: L/O cerviche, 1/2 avocado (9 carbs)
Snack: LC fudge bar (4 carbs)

~22 carbs

Loretta V 07-30-2013 12:39 PM

Tuesday: coffee, hb egg
banana w pb & beans, sliced tomato
? Dinner at mandatory meeting for Hospice (Pizza, I think)
Snack: 5 mini pretzel sticks, CF diet

Mssarge 07-30-2013 08:10 PM

Tuesday's foods UD
Had the buffet at the casino for brunch and couldn't believe how uncomfortable I was (and still am). When I put it into my food journal I was truly surprised that it was almost a thousand caloris...whew! Amazing the food we can put away and I'm trying for portion control. Of course, I did have a small piece of cheesecake as today is National Cheesecake Day...go figure. But I was so full, I couldn't eat it all.

B. coffee/hood's or milk, scrambled eggs, 2 bacon & 1 small sausage patty, biscuit, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, banana, plain cheesecake

S. lc quesadilla with a bit ham and a glass of pinot

1200 kcals

MaryMary 07-30-2013 08:12 PM

Just want to say that I may be away for awhile and unable to access my network connection. Will try to get access from time to time. This thread I will miss as I love to see everyone's menus. Wishing you the best!

LoveMontana 07-30-2013 08:20 PM

Tuesday menu

Brunch: Greek yogurt, chicken mixed with vegetables, Iced coffee

Dinner: 2 pork chops, sf cinnamon applesauce, mashed cauliflower and more iced coffee

PM Chardonnay

Mssarge 07-30-2013 08:26 PM

Tummy couldn't stand the thought of red wine, so change my dinner beverage to a diet soda...better,

mykneesareback 07-30-2013 09:39 PM

Tuesday's foods

B: yellow squash, eggs, green onions, scrambled. iced water

L: light laughing cow cheese, ham sandwich, Sara Lee 45 cal. bread slices.
iced coffee

Snack: iced coffee, many times

D: leftover burger patty, lettuce and tomato salad, yucky as usual. iced coffee

Evening snack: some green grapes

modon69478 07-31-2013 04:41 AM


B: 2 LC pumpkin muffins, coffee (6 carbs)
L: L/O chicken enchiladas, diet citrus green tea (9 carbs)
Snack: cheddar stick, cocoa almonds, 1 square dark choc (6 carbs)
D: L/O cerviche, 1/2 avocado (9 carbs)
Snack: SF jello w/squirt wh crm (1 carb)

~31 carbs

mykneesareback 07-31-2013 06:44 AM

Wednesday's foods

B: 2 pieces of toast and iced water

L: sandwich of some kind and iced tea

D: something cooked and healthy if we are back home, but, otherwise, something brought in, depending on what son may want to eat :dunno:

Not snacking much these days, but have green grapes and grape tomatoes at home. I drink more iced tea and iced coffee than ever in my whole life, even when we lived in the San Joaquin valley near Fresno, where it's also very hot, never drank so much.............what a major change for dh and I. People here walk everywhere with a drink in their hand it seems.

Mssarge 07-31-2013 08:53 PM

Wednesday's Food DD
Not much happening, but I stayed pretty much to program today except for the watermelon...first one of the season. Seems like I'll do it once, but that's all I need for the year....we'll see as this was really good.

B. coffee/hood's, scrambled egg whites + one egg, turkey bacon (bought some Oscar Mayer and it's really good but has more calories than the Butterball), crystal light for the pills.

s. 4 baby carrots, stalk celery, 3 radishes and a bit of cauliflower, Arnold Palmer

S. ear of corn, grilled shrimp, and half a beefsteak tomato,

s. quarter of small seedless watermelon...

550 kcals

modon69478 08-01-2013 05:36 AM


B: 2 scr eggs, coffee
snack: cheddar stick,
L: L/O ham salad w/artichoke (8 carbs), 2 sl LC brd (2 carbs), diet citrus green tea
snack: cocoa almonds, dark choc square (6 carbs)
D: walnut flax pancakes (6 carbs), diet tonic
snack: SF jello w/squirt wh crm (1 carb)

~23 carbs

Loretta V 08-01-2013 02:02 PM

Thursday: coffee
Brunch: Ralph's energy bar
2:00: chicken salad on Skinny ww round
6:00: grilled hamburger, green peppers, salad, wine
Snack: salted almonds, CF diet soda

Mssarge 08-01-2013 06:40 PM

Thursday's food UD
Great day!! Lunch with the crew and for the first time all the supervisors were there...they left the place in charge of a young petty officer so the civilians were able to come. It was great seeing everyone and enjoyed all the office gossip. Then it was to the movie to watch RED2, also very good. I don't normally go to see sequels but this one is worth it...lots of slam-bang and I loved Helen Mirrin, but then who doesn't? Stop at the marketo for a few veggies and my raw peanuts, so I'm good to go.

coffee/hood's, and a half banana before leaving the house

L. small bowl tortilla soup (couldn't eat the whole thing), shredded beef taco, half the chicken enchilada and a couple bites of rice and I'm still full six hours later...had an Arnold Palmer to drink.

S. planning on that chef's salad I thought about last night...lettuce, tomato, lof ham, turkey, red pepper, 1000 island dressing...haven't made up my mind on what to drink.

about 1200 kcals by the time I go to bed...will definitely have some of that watermelon later

modon69478 08-02-2013 08:11 AM


B: 2 HB eggs, coffee
snack: cheddar stick
L: LC bread cheese/tomato sandwich (5 carbs), diet citrus green tea
snack: cocoa almonds (2 carbs)
D: LC tortilla pizza (11 carbs), LC beer (2 carbs)
snack: mocha ice pop (1 carb)

~21 carbs

Loretta V 08-02-2013 09:47 AM

Friday: coffee
egg, rye bread
fruit, an apple
5:00: chili, salad, wine
Snack: peanuts, CF diet soda

LoveMontana 08-02-2013 10:02 AM

Oops, missed a couple of days.:stars:

Thursday: Brunch Greek yogurt, cantaloupe cubes and iced coffee.

Dinner: pot roast mashed cauliflower, steamed brussel sprouts, Iced coffee.

Chardonnay in the evening.


Brunch: left over pot roast and vegetables, coffee.

Dinner: the plan is pork ribs, salad and Iced coffee.

PM Chardonnay

mykneesareback 08-02-2013 02:52 PM

Friday's foods

B: ham and scrambled eggs, iced coffee

L: ate out at Papadeuex, had a great almond crusted Talapia, green beans with actual flavor and some red potatoes. iced tea, lots

Snack: iced coffee at home

D: don't know if we will eat anything much, still full from lunch

Evening snack: iced coffee and cut up strawberries, got to finish them off.

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