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modon69478 07-15-2013 04:37 AM

Monday Rollcall, July 15
Good Morning,

A strange noise woke me a little while ago. The dog was even suspicious and had his ears alert. After a few minutes I realized what it was... rain! Yay! Yay! Yay!

I think I'll wait a bit before leaving the house. People just don't know how drive here in bad weather - crazy as that sounds - it's true.

Stay safe / Enjoy your day,


Norfolk Mermaid 07-15-2013 06:03 AM

90's thru next week-end then ???
Today my sister would have been 72 yrs. old... she died in 2004 about 7 weeks after Mom died Dec. 19, 2003. Birthdays are sad memories of the ones we have lost. A part of living is the dying in our lives.
Mary Ann and I may make today that beach day... dense fog this morning but I have not checked the weather yet. TV though says the what is in the title.
I MUST, MUST, MUST do weeds and soon even if I have to wet the ground with the hose to make it easier.... but not when I got a chance to go to the beach- I ain't no tire tool!

Aomiel 07-15-2013 06:18 AM

Busy day today...doc's appointment, changing hummingbird feeders and sitting in the pool to try and stay cool in what is supposed to be high humidity 95 degree weather. :sad:

Michele: Send some rain this way (north). We've been dry for a week...supposed to dry and in the 90's this next week with night lows only going down to 72. Not enough to cool my non-AC house down. I'm just thankful my husband *finally* put an AC in our bedroom this summer.

Mssarge 07-15-2013 10:30 AM

Hey there...good morning all. Nothing planned, so that means I'll get into a bit of trouble some way...have a good day and i hope great things come your way.

Begete 07-15-2013 10:37 AM

So good to hear from both Doris and Verleen....

Thanx for starting us off and please share some rain here, too, Michele. That may sound strange coming from the Pacific northwest, but from mid June through September, it is dry as a bone here in the Puget Sound Islands.

Going to be hot here all week - of course hot for us is mid to upper 70's but we are supposed to get into the 80's. Hope our weird type of airconditioning hold us (heat pump thrown into reverse).

Have a good one.

Norfolk Mermaid 07-15-2013 03:34 PM

Va. Beach was beautiful and cool... got some sun and
the people watching was lots of fun. Seens they were mostly tourist families as the parking lots were empty but the hotel lots looked pretty full. Glad we were there on a week day as there is no boubt that a week end would swell mihtily in numbers. Mary Ann brought lots of bottles of water and we drank it just about all. parking was 5.00 for all day and the lots looked empty everywhere. The section we were in was the tacky shops area though and I wanted to be in the tonier areas so next time we will check first- or I will google the shops on the beach tonight or after I have rested so I'll know the area to go to for us.
bbl I am soooo tired. Maybe I should make a coffee or I'll fall asleep and Mary Ann and I usually walk Missy at around 7: or 7:30 when it has cooled down a lot. Yeah, I'll make that coffee as the turkey sandwich I had will knock me out

mykneesareback 07-15-2013 04:37 PM

Lainey, you sound so happy today, out for some pleasure, that garden can wait, have some fun. I can't believe $5 for parking all day, that is a lot cheaper than San Francisco would be, Boy Howdy!

Mary, what did you do today to enjoy yourself?

Begete, I wonder too that you are located where it's so dry in the summer, not what one thinks about when you look on a map at where you are located.

Michele, glad you got rain, we had a lot of it, and it's still raining. When did you finally leave?

Hi Aomiel, is your dh not hot when it's hot? Even my dh loves A/C now, but he used to not be affected by it.

Well, was on the cell phone for a long time getting Sears to set an appt. to have washer and dryer installed "properly" tomorrow afternoon. Then sat on the phone with Time Warner to hook up a "real" phone and internet, that will happen tomorrow, with luck. Do any of you have trouble talking with Customer Service when the people who you speak with have heavy accents? I felt like an idiot, couldn't understand the people, and then the cell reception was not good, either. Was like talking to a child, repeating things over and over, Lol, lol!

Lovely rain all day, only 75 degrees today, yet people still have shorts and thongs on, lol. We already have a box being filled with heavier winter jackets, but will keep some of them, because there are a few moments when it will get really cold.

Hoping Linda and Doug have a save trip and driving with no problems this week.

Sending hugs to everyone!

Verleen 07-15-2013 06:35 PM

Hi folks.

Doris, I spent 6 weeks in the Dallas area in 2009-10 and it was below freezing every day except for one. Horrible ice storms. I definitely needed my winter coat.

The movers came and gave us an estimate today. I ate a small piece of pizza for dinner. Tasted good. But it was too much food. I'll be happy when my body clears it. Rich mowed the lawns at both houses today. He has to start packing the contents of furniture that the movers are taking.

Lainey, your day sounds wonderful.

I hope Linda and Doug are having a good time.

Mssarge 07-15-2013 06:43 PM

More fires in the hillsides...summer is definitely here...took my week whacker back to Wally World. Just decided I'm not going to do that anymore...sigh!

Lainey, sounds like a wonderful day.

Hope it was good for all y'all.

birdlady 07-15-2013 09:20 PM

Lots of rain today,very glad I had a Deere ride Sat.
lainey,the figs are ripe now on both trees,we just eat them from the tree.I told the meter reader to have some for lunch.lol I forgot to tell the UPS man.
Got my new computer today,DD will set it up for me.DS got a Gateway for $350.I didn't think that was a bad price.

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