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Begete 07-12-2013 08:33 AM

Friday, July 12
WOW....no one started this.

We are off to mainland to try to get the samovar the kittens smashed repaired. bbl

Have a good day.

Norfolk Mermaid 07-12-2013 09:04 AM

Beete, how are the "boys"- time for more pics!
So very sorry for Gabe's depression but of course expected. You and John are wonderful parents for him to have. Hard work seems to be a help some times... the more physical the better.
Had a wonderful day yesterday with 3 thrift stores and lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. I bought silver christmas balls to hang all over the fig tree with a big pack of those hooks for them. I wanted silver garland but could not find any and think this will work I hope. Also oing to hang a few wind chimes for noise. It is just two birds but I don't like them in my figs. They land on the bi rubber owl I put up to stare at them. Everyone is so right that it is amazing to have a friend with mutual likes and dislikes... she is a sports nut and I am not! Not even tennis for several years now. I garden... she mows her Dad's grass but that is all. She is country music big time- I like it ok. I am classical but she isn't. Those things just gives us pleasant differences I think. Every thing else is amazing what we share. Yesterday morning she had 1 sl toast with raspberry jam- I had one sl of bread with raspberry jam. She loves figs but there are limits to friendships. lol, nah I'll maybe share a few with her. Anita was goin to teach me to can them but I do not want to start up that scene again- too bad.
We had rain nigh on 3" and supposedly more tody or later. Muggy and miserable so I am going to wash clothes and after getting my hair washed at 1: just stay inside for the day for a change. OH! I HAVE ONE MORE CIGARETTE AND THAT WILL BE THE LAST OF THEM- woke up this morning with phlem and not feeling well and know good and well it is the ciggys. Stopping before there is wheezing which is why I quit for 13 years before this start- FIRST wheeze and that was it for 13 yrs. This time will be first phlem as I know wheezing would be next. WISH ME LUCK!
Everyone have a good day today.

Mssarge 07-12-2013 09:27 AM

Hey y'all...enjoying my coolth before the temps climb again...the clouds have left, a bit of humidity left...how strange we had showers yesterday. It was only the third time L.A. got measurable showers in July since they started keeping records in 1890....that's how strange it was.

Lainey, good luck with the giving up the ciggies..and so glad you found a running buddy. BTW, I was heard to keep birds from where you don't want them, put a fuzzy toy into the space...as long hair as you can because the wind moving the fur keeps the birds away. I had them sitting on the gazebo over my hot tub, so stuck a toy cat on the roof....no more birds. Sorry I didn't think of this sooner before your junking trip...but maybe you have something around the house you can use.

Doris, I know you're busy this morn with the unpackers...don't overdo it. Keep your temper and enjoy finding places for everything. BTW, where in Tejas are you,l I forget....near Dallas...in the hill country?

Gotta get moving to get some laundry going before it gets too hot...have a great day today everyone and I hope good things come your way.

Mssarge 07-12-2013 11:08 AM

Lainey...just heard something interesting on our local news about quitting smoking I thought I'd pass along...may help.

He said the cigs deplete the body of vitamin C and potassium...thus, the cravings are a byproduct of that. To ease the cravings, a glass of orange juice with a half teaspoon of cream of tartar at bedtime will help the cravings.:dunno: The oj adds the vitamin c and the cream of tartar the potassium...At this point, it may help to get you over the hump and get started on the next stage of your life.

Just a side note, BTW, last time I was at the commissary (the military equivalent of a grocery store) the person in front of me bought cartons of cigs and paid over $40 a carton. This totally flabbergasted me as when I last smoked (1994) the same brand was under $5 a carton. I am so glad I quit when I did...

How's everyone? Hope you're doing great.

Shalbrihil 07-12-2013 12:04 PM

Howdy everyone. It's a beautiful morning here. Our work is done on the lattice roofing and now today I'm moving some potted plants in under the filtered shade area. Love it!

Lainey you have my prayers that you can lick the habit. Mary gave you some fantastic info. I know you can do it. :up:

A friend of ours gave us some apricots. He has an orchard and they are so good. I wish you were all close by so I could share them. When they start to ripen boy they go fast. Will need to preserve some.

Thinking of our busy ones. Susan are you having nice weather? Doris hope your unpacking is going well and you find everything in order.

Begete thanks for getting us started. Enjoy your day on the mainland.

Time to fly. I have some plants to move. See ya' later.

Mssarge 07-12-2013 06:08 PM

I've become a fan of Johnny Depp...love his body of work and how he takes on different roles...so, of course, had to go see the Lone Ranger. After all, I was at the mall for the walking, so...

Loved it :jumpjoy: probably a four out of five stars for me...laughed out loud at times, chuckled frequently, and really enjoyed the stunts and the special effects; particularly, the aging of the character, Tonto. Didn't expect it to be humorous, thought it would be a retelling of the "how John Reid became the lone ranger" story...it is, but done well.

Of course, you have to suspend belief to accept some of the transitions and the plot line, the action, etc., etc., etc.. But worth it. Now I've got to go back to the theater for Monsters University.

But....the theater prices are outrageous...and I wonder how they expect families of four or more to come...beats me, but that's how things are going now, isn't it?

Hope you all had a good day....

LoveMontana 07-12-2013 07:37 PM

Thanks for the start off, Babette.

Good luck with the "quit". You can do it.

Hi Mary and Sharon.

Was unable to get in here today but finally reset my password.:jumpjoy:

Norfolk Mermaid 07-12-2013 07:39 PM

Coming in to say nighty night.
Just cleaned my face and put on my Aveeno Daily Moisturizer and waiting for it to finish sucking it in which takes less than one minute. Hate getting anything like that in my hair or on my pillow and Aveeno seems to be the very best for my skin and stays just on my face.
Rained mostly the live long day so no gardening done. I stopped in to the Flea Market to order a really pretty jeweled blush brush (been needing a new one) from Avon and guess what? picked up yet another Hydrangia in the prettiest pink I have about ever seen. Really true pink. I'll take pic all around the yards while they are all still in bloom but without a printer I do not know how I can scan them to anyone. I might try to get copies of the pics to someone here via snail mail with a return self addy stamped envelope (PM with your addy) anyone willing, please.
I am reading the cutest and funny book about G.R.I.T.S (girls raised in the south). A quick read I started last night and will finish toniht.
No hard work today but I am a bit tired anyway.
I caved on the smoking but am taking all y'all alls advice and will get those items as soon as I can and try again. I just bought one pack and plan to quit again when they are gone in usually 3 days.
Good dreams to all.

birdlady 07-12-2013 09:56 PM

Getting new desktop next week,love my IPad but not for typing.I will be able to post better.
Seafood night,very good,sure glad we can do that,DH loves the crabs.I like them also.We are very lucky for the life we have,all of us on this board are very lucky,hard work paid.
Hope Doris has help from her son and
DIL this weekend,when we move into the new house all the kids helped it was great.
Well it's after11best go to bed

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