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LoveMontana 07-10-2013 07:25 AM

Wed. July 10 Roll Call
Just a kick start out the door on this rainy Wed.


ocali 07-10-2013 07:44 AM

I'm here, Linda. Another broiling day here. After days and days of rain every day, now they're(the media) is getting us ready for a possible hurricane. It starts!
I've been watching the Zimmermann trial daily. Today is supposed to be the defense's final day. Anyone have any opinions on the outcome of this?
Doris, any news on your truckload of furniture?
I hope everyone is feeling okay today.

LoveMontana 07-10-2013 08:00 AM

Hi Julie, nice to see someone else here this morning.
So sorry to hear about a possible hurricane for Fla. Hopefully your community is prepared for one.:sad:
Do you have all of your emergency supplies like extra water, batteries and lanterns at the ready?

Boy!! It will be very interesting to hear from Doris on the moving truck and search for a doctor for DH.

As for the trial:stars::dunno:

Norfolk Mermaid 07-10-2013 09:36 AM

Good mornin and thanks Linda!
Holding my spot for today.
Brialin hot here as well with maybe rain late afternoon or tonight... I'll second that notion.
Today is load the curb day with stuffed leaf bags (7 or 8); an old swing seat about the size of a small sofa is on the curb for a few days now; re-cycle huge blue bin and the just a little smaller brown garbage one. Tryin to keep the plantings clear of very tall grass and weeds and will tackle all the rass and weeds on a cooler day which is supposed to come in a day or two.
Woke up achey and my big toe was hurting so I took 1/2 a Percocet.
Mary Anne and I walked "Missy" the white with very light tan ears and on her spine area- reminds me of a Cameo. Beautiful little doggie- should be called "Prissy the Prancer"... amazing how smart she is with lots of expression on her little face. I am totally charmed.
Hungry so I fix somethin and get back out there. What is it that the Arabs add to yogert to make that national drink of theirs? I got figs from yesterday and think I'll have those with just a little Feta and EVOO. Have to be careful not to add even the tinyest bit too much Feta as the figs are so gently flavored... I do add a sprinkle of blace pepper.
Begete, the a/c is fab. but when I come in and sit here I use the low setting on my little desk fan to hurry up the cool off. Makes me think of you with the a/c window unit in your bedroom even with the central air on.
Don't gamble here either. Mary, that 700.00 thingy would have made me cry.
Also hoping that Doris is ettin good results with Dr.s and movers. Bless her heart.

birdlady 07-10-2013 09:37 AM

Good Morning gang,
Not much rain here but afternoon cool downs from cloudy cover.
I'm afraid that there will be trouble after that trial is over.
Not much happening here,so nothing to write about.

Begete 07-10-2013 10:26 AM

Not much going on here. Got out heat pump fixed yesterday.....needed a new pump. Wonder how much $$$ that bill is going to be :(.

I hope Doris' moving truck shows up today.

Mary....have no idea what you were talking about on yesterday's thread other than you didn't win as much as you had hoped. There were slot machines on our cruise, but they are new electronic type and we could not figure out how to work them. A friend sat with us for a bit and put somequarters in, but we lost $2 worth and I still can't figure out what we were supposed to get to win.

Mssarge 07-10-2013 10:26 AM

Hey y'all...just pokin' my nose in the door and waving at all...trying to stay cool here and we also have a tropical storm moving up the coast that may drop a bit of sprinkles here. Heard about the possible hurricane coming to the east coast, sure glad we don't have that worry but sending good vibes for our east coast friends.

Sorry for the crying on the shoulder yesterday but I needed to vent. I knew most would not understand the principles of Texas Hold'em poker, but just needed to tell someone about my bad luck.

Have a great day folks...

mykneesareback 07-10-2013 02:18 PM

Hello, friends.

Julie, so that danged hurricane could mess you up, or areas near you, depending, do you have friends that help you shutter up the windows and stuff, like they show on tv?

Begete, how is Gabe doing these days? Will you see him anytime this summer?

Linda, you must be sick of rain, heat, nasty stuff already, doggone it! I can't get into the golden gate, might be ok once the regular internet is set up.

Lainey, glad you have the new friend to do things with!

The A/C broke down here at son's house last night, thank heaven's there are ceiling fans everywhere. They have some kind of service contract, so called and the repair person was here right after 8.

Went to the B of A to clear our card so we could charge the move, they didn't allow it when Bekins called them, so we had to go have it all reinstated and explain why, they always think the card was stolen when there is a sudden large charge. So the move is paid for, just need the truck to show up, they think this weekend is when it will arrive.

Need to buy brooms, mops and stuff, and odds and ends. Trying to look up refrigerators now, but the mattresses arrived for the bed that isn't there.

Won't know about the doctor until next Tuesday, Linda.

Mary, bet you will be staying in if the next heat wave arrives.

Gladys, I wonder too what will happen after that trial/show whatever it is.

see you all tomorrow!

birdlady 07-10-2013 08:06 PM

Doris,find the dollar store for all that stuff.
DD said my putter is a goner,so she called Greg to ship me another,he will be able to find a cheap-one.Sometimes I just like to sit at a desk top to type.Call me old.

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