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LoveMontana 06-30-2013 09:16 PM

Monday, July 1 Roll Call

Just starting us off again. Will be gone tomorrow.

Norfolk Mermaid 07-01-2013 05:53 AM

Good Mornin. Thanks Linda. Happy Canada Day Susan.
One month down and 3 to go (Sept. can be hotter than July here). I most look forward to my birthday Sept. 30 as the nights are chilled and make for the best sleeping.
I checked my debit balance and had enough to make a O'Douls run but 2 places did not have any, da*m. Did pick up some Fro Yo and "Blue Bunny's" brand tasted waaaay better than Bryer's real ice cream. Not a ice cream person but it is so good on berries that I will buy it for that. Hate the whipped stuff and cool whip.
It is rainin and we have heavy rain to come with a flood watch- I am inland pretty far so no worries except for driving with the ponding all over the place. I avoid driving in that even with the Grand Cherokee. The fourth is supposed to be clear. I have some kilbassi to fry up for the 4th and spotted some good looking sub rolls as the hot dog ones are tasteless now a days. I ut the soft insides out of everything- bisquets, rolls- anything I can so I think that really helps- I only like the crust anyhow. yummm gray poupon and onions. Been eating white bread for tom. sandwiches and egg beaters ones but think I am crazy and will not buy anymore of the tasteless stuff- gutted rolls are better for sure.
Picked out another spot for a hydrangia so 2 down and 3 to go. Two possible spots in mind for the two reddish-pink ones... and want to put the last blue on the side yard where I can see it out of my full glass bedroom door. All three doors in my house are full views and I love them... no storm doors. I will take pics when the hydrangia's are all in the ground.
Kitties are fed, I am coffeeied, time to deo., hair brush and twist up, and see what devilment I can get into.... Oh, I have new mags I think I'll read while I wait to see if the A/C people will call.

Shalbrihil 07-01-2013 08:53 AM

Howdy! Happy Canada Day to Susan. Give a sweet kiss to the newborns born today. Glad to hear your little fur one is recovering nicely.

We'll be starting out early to shop at Costco and New Frontier before the heat rises. Our heatwave should last for another couple of days. Our two boys will be staying home this time. Truck will be way to hot while we shop. They will be pouting but that's just the way it goes.

Will check in later.

modon69478 07-01-2013 08:58 AM

They're lucky to have you, Susan - Happy Canada Day! Am glad your pup is healing and starting to feel better.

Waving to everyone else,

Norfolk Mermaid 07-01-2013 11:08 AM

At 12:35 pm the A/C began to cool the house....
from 86 degrees to 81 degrees at 12:58 pm ( he said it would take a little while to get to the set 74 degrees) . Breathing began to ease with in minutes of the turn on. Sweat sheen took a little longer. Recommends replace unit "Lenox" ASAP (should be OK for a year or so) . I am so HAPPY! Planning to celebrate with a triple bacon Hardee's thick burger/fries & half & half tea and a brownie from the 7-11 across from Hardee's. Life is good! Oh, and go to my bigger market for my O'Douls and will get lots as now I should be able to work really hard and longer outside.

Mssarge 07-01-2013 11:14 AM

Good morning all and Happy Canada Day, Susan. Lainey, hope the ac guy surprises you and comes out today. Doris, watch the last of the packers...by now you should have your take-with stuff in a safe place.

For me it's off to the cardiologist for a followup on that nerve conduction test...I've been waiting all morning for the handyman to show up. He was supposed to be here early to work on the holes in the fence...and later I've a kid coming over for poo-patrol and whack some weeds for me. The pups aren't happy being restricted to the house but I don't know when the handyman will be here...hope his leg is up to it.

Catch y'all later...tata for now.

p.s. Lainey, we were posting at the same time...so glad the ac is working for you....I keep mine set at 80 degrees, but down a little more at night so I can sleep....hugs,

weezie 07-01-2013 11:15 AM

Doing a Happy Dance for you Lainey!!!

Now just because you can cool off, don't overdo it outside!

Almost finished knitting a cotton lace tunic (that I've been working on sporadically for over a year). Will post a picture when I can.

Trying to drum up the enthusiasm to vacuum.

Best to all from dog hair central,


Doug_H 07-01-2013 11:54 AM

Lainey, That's great!!!

So sad about all those firefighters dying. Prescott/Yarnell, AZ is only about 100 miles southeast of me.


Sharss 07-01-2013 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Doug_H (Post 16495365)

So sad about all those firefighters dying. Prescott/Yarnell, AZ is only about 100 miles southeast of me.


I don't watch the news anymore so didn't know anything about this. I went to FoxNews online and read about it. How so totally tragic! Depressing in fact.

Shalbrihil 07-01-2013 02:36 PM

Yay Lainey!!! Enjoy the inside coolness! :D

Norfolk Mermaid 07-01-2013 05:45 PM

JUST woke up...slept from 1: ish to after 7: pm.
I guess making up for all the hot/ sweaty average of 3 to 4 hours of sleep for this last heat spell. The new thermostat is reading its setting of 74 but the unit is still going. I am too cold and wearing a sweater. I slept under two layers of a fleece blankets- will need a bit of adjusting to the new cool. Will celebrate that burger another day as I was hungry and made a tom/bacon sandwich just now.
There is still that BB movie to watch and if toniht is all repeats I will go ahead and watch it a little later.
Doug, I was heart broken about those fire fighters. Dated one of those chopper pilots that ended up beein one of thos fire fihting chopper pilots in California and dated a Westchester fireman I met skiing in Vermont- have often wondered about him and 9/11. He drove that little glass box on the back of the fire truck and I know good and well he was in the middle of 9/11. My prayers for all concerned.

LoveMontana 07-01-2013 06:24 PM

:jumpjoy:Lainey, so good to hear the air conditioner is finally working.:clap:

LOL it's going to take you a bit of time to adjust to the nice, cool air in your home now.

Do you know your "firefighter's " name? You can check on the NYC site to see if he is listed. 343 Firefighters | Memorials

Sharss, you are very fortunate that you have the strength to swear off the news. None of it is any good anymore.:sad:
I'm a news Junike.

Doug, so sad for those firefighters.:sad:
How close are you to those fires? Hopefully none are near your area.

Louise, we will look forward to seeing your lace tunic "masterpiece". I bet it's just lovely.

Mary, hopefully the nerve conduction test results are just fine.
Did your handy man ever get there to take care of the holes?
My brother's little Cairn Terrier dug a hole under the fence and went on a three hour "jaunt" today.:hyst: He is back home safe and sound now though.

Sharon, great that your heat wave will break soon. It has to be miserable.

Sure hope Doris is able to get some much needed rest on the trip to Texas and hope she will check in along the way.

Hi to Michelle, Babette, Julie, Susan, and our missing gang. Where is Anne?

Mssarge 07-01-2013 07:40 PM

Finally made it back to the house...the kid wisely chose to come tomorrow morning for poo patrol...finished the doc about noon. So strange, only one person in the waiting room when I got there and was taken right back, so I guess that person was waiting for another patient....apparently, I have some compression in C-7 but have no problems with it, but will keep an eye out for anything. He encourages me saying I seem to be in pretty good shape for an ol' lady.

Handyman showed up before I had to go to the doc's so most of the work is finished...only a couple of boards in the fence need additional attention and the gate is fixed, I guess...he just put big nails through the latch and crooked 'em down on the other side...the board is still rotten, but will hold for a while. Maybe he just wasn't able to do a better job with the leg and all. His wife works with him, so I'm sure she was doing a bit today...and she's just an itty bitty thing.

Couldn't sleep worth a darn last night, sure hope I sleep better tonight...hope you all had a great day.

mykneesareback 07-01-2013 08:06 PM

I'm so glad Lainey's A/C is working, lordy, it feels good to sleep under blankets and breathe in the cool air.

Hi Linda, so your brother has a Cairn Terrier, those are cute doggies.

Sharon, good day to get the shopping done early.

Doug, that is horrible the way those firefighters died, just awful, and the one left of the group will carry grief and need help, getting through it, too. So sad.

Susan, Happy Canada Day, too. Glad you son came back safe and sound. Any plans for tonight, do you go to any fireworks displays?

Michele, when do you have another business jaunt?

Julie, are you going to visit any relatives this summer, or do they all come to see You?

Louise, glad you feel up to working on the vest. Can you eat better now?

The packers arrived before 9 AM, raring to go. I must say, I've never seen such hard workers in my whole life! Had to put stuff away in the kitchen, otherwise they would have removed everything. They wanted to pack food, cans specifically, but we didn't want that, with the heat and all, wouldn't be good idea. Then, we went into the garage, and they asked about boxes in the garage, dh said, "oh, that's just junk", but lucky I caught it, those were also stuff from us, large pictures of the kids, dinnerware that I wanted to use in TX instead of the stuff we use now, and family stuff from my mother. We gave away crock pot, high chair, more shoes and winter jackets, they could use all of it. They get $8 hr., no insurance, no vacation, either.

Plugged in the modem, and am lucky to use the lap top in here.

They kept one double bed alone, so we can sleep on that for 2 nights, before the neighbor gets it. Just hope the moving truck comes early, and they work fast, lol. No one knows when they will arrive, early or late, won't know until before 5 tomorrow, when the clerk talks to the driver.

Mary, boy were you right about this moving thing, lol. Someday, we will laugh about the stuff they packed, even the dish pan, but I had a "spare". Stay indoors if you can, but at least your fence was repaired.

Good Night, I'm pooped.

modon69478 07-01-2013 08:45 PM

Hi Doris, Glad to hear things are 'moving' along and you're holding up. I don't have any business trips scheduled until September - am glad not to have to travel in this crazy heat!

Take care of yourselves,

Norfolk Mermaid 07-01-2013 08:52 PM

Hi everyone- I am chilly but loving it to bits!
72 may be just too cold for me now- may up two more degrees but want to wait to see what it is like when it heats way up again when the sun comes back out.
Linda, Anne has a really busy summer and she had to prioratize but said she still lurks and will come back in the fall I hope.
My N.Y. fireman was Phil Robbins and a look a like for an actor whose name has seeped out of my strainer brain- Charles something...he was that vigilante that stalked and got revenge on crooks that murdered his wife and there were other movies of payback by him ACK! Before that he did a lot of westerns. I am going to that site in a minute.
THANKS everyone for being glad I am no longer melting like a cheap candle!
Sweet dreams to all.

Shalbrihil 07-01-2013 10:01 PM

LOL Lainey is it Charles Bronson?

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