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Begete 06-29-2013 07:47 PM

Sunday, June 30
Good morning,

Is Doris leaving today for Texas? I know they have her all packed.

Sunday will, hopefully, be a blessedly boring day.

Saturday, I cheated. I was in a funk. If I could regain two pounds without cheating, may as well get the benefit. Can you tell I am in a snit?

I hate warm, let alone hot, weather. Supposed to set records here.

Have the best day you can.

mykneesareback 06-29-2013 08:01 PM

Begete, this weather we are having and going to have has put many into a "snit", it's happening in our house, too. :console:
We are being "packed" continuation on Monday, they have the living room dining area and kitchen still to do. Moving truck is "due" on Wednesday, hopefully early in the morning, because dh is so excited, he made me make reservations for that night in Oroville, 2 hrs. away. So I will have to clean the house up as soon as the truck leaves the driveway, in order to make a "clean" break.

Thanks for starting us out for Sunday :)

LoveMontana 06-29-2013 09:57 PM

Thanks for the start off, Babette.
Bummer on the lbs gained but if you just hang in there and not cheat, it will happen. Might even take an entire year like it did for me.:dunno:

UGH Doris, Moving is such an awful PITA, but worth it in the end. Hope it goes well. Heck, ask DH to let you hire someone to clean the house so you don't need to do it. Good Lord!!

Going to sleep in tomorrow and not head back to the hometown. Will that Monday.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-30-2013 06:16 AM

NO SHOW ON A/C REPAIR... Good morning anyhow.
Thanks Begete for ringing the wake up bell.
I call the company at 5: 30 pm just to see if he was still coming. She said she would text him to call me with what was going on. NO CALL! waited till dark to give up and was locked up and alseep by 9: pm. Slept thru not counting potty sleep walks and up at 7: am. Gonna try my puffer again after a week but of course they do not work for humidity... but the need to get some air feels really needed. Staying outside helps a little.
Tore into the living room yesterday and if you had seen what came out of the Dyson you would have shamed me real bad. Rain today but the storms expected are no longer expected- darn! storms do in fact clear the air and lower the temps for at least a little while.
I saw the most beautiful frog while weeding around the eggplant. He/she looked like a piece of wood with brown beads on it till I saw one green eye- I made a tiny, gentle move to see it better and it flinced a little so I left em and when I went back later it had moved on. Sure would have liked a better view but what I did she was riht out of Nat'l Geo.
Feeling wobbely again today but just cannot eat much with this weather and like this for days/weeks now. Supper last night was a huge bowl of blackberries from my "Appache Thornless/ seedless" bush and Vanilla ice cream. Will pick up Fro Yo when Soc. Sec. is deposited and I get to a real Super market or Sam's on the 3rd but I heard Sam's was crazy so I may wait till a few days after.
Prunin my orchids this mornin and treating for something that ot on them... they are so old I should let the go but I just cannot- one honors Mom and the other my Sister. Need one to honor Dad.
Doris, you are doing a great job! and I love G. being so generous to that lady.
Pittle day so I do here and there whatever strikes my fancy!

birdlady 06-30-2013 07:43 AM

We are having a baby this morning at 10 am by C-section.He could not wait til Tues for the planned one.His name is Mason.
Had fun at the casino yesterday in a slot tournament,only won $100 ea.

Shalbrihil 06-30-2013 08:36 AM

Congratulations Gladys on the new grandson. Mason is a great name. :D

Thanks for kick starting us this morning Begete. I'm struggling too. No matter what I do my body wants to go back to it's highest weight. I'm thinking my metabolism is pretty much a done deal. Not giving up though. Just disgusted too.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-30-2013 08:37 AM

Gladys- "only a hundred each"... I'd be hitting the
flower/veggie nurseries! hmmm- or stock up on my "Adouls Beer" and some of those darling little seedless watermelons and my fav. next to peaches-contloupes. Love "Boston Coolies"- 1/2 canteloupe filled with ice cream. Love that sometimes using crab sal., chicken sal., etc., white grapes or any berries that look the best... walnuts (a few) on top. When being a good girl I'll use avocado, a peach, tomato, bell red pepper or green- just slice the whole thing when ready to eat.
Great news on little "Mason"- I have often wondered if C-sections were easier. They were setting up the delivery roomfor that for my son and before they had barely started he crowned. Gladys he weihted 7lbs & 11ozs- thought about nick naming him "Lucky"
I picked one place for one of the 5 hydrangias- recommended 8' ft. apart limits choices in a small front and even smaller back yard- may have space in one side yard (two redish pinks and 3 smashing blueish- purpleish. I would have got a couple of white ones as well but she did not have any. Of course being an evolved "libra" lackin the decision making gene doesn't help either.
I am feeling like a fried taters/onions and eggbeaters plate. Sose, I'll bbl.

Mssarge 06-30-2013 10:19 AM

Good morning all...my usual Sunday..NASCAR was even rained out last night so they're running as I type...still hot, still staying inside.

Lainey, so sorry about the man not showing up...try to stay as cool as you can.

Sharon, congrats on Mason...another grandkid..

Babette, I can certainly understand your frustration about gaining two pounds overnight...one thing you can be sure of is that it isn't fat...it's just water. Even when I was seriously losing the pounds, I got used to watching the "bounce" between my up days and down days...sometimes as much as four pounds up or down in a 24 hour period. But, it was a steady drop until November when I went into the stall...I guess I can call it a stall after eight months...I'm still bouncing, but only a pound or two. Keep it up, you know it's only water and your body holds on to all it can. I think the bod thinks it's a separate entity and wants us all to be fat so we can survive...hugs.

Have a good day folks and stay as cool as you can, Summer has just started and it looks like it's gonna be a long one.

mykneesareback 06-30-2013 10:28 AM

Well, what a poop, Lainey, that A/C guy didn't at least call or tell the gal from the service to call you back...........gee, I thought only the service people in Plumas County had a rule about not called clients back, we all complain, but they still don't call, they know they are the only ones we can use. Maybe he will show up today? Our first son was also 7 lbs. 11 ounces, and he slipped out like a football, the doctor "caught" him that way. He is going to be 39 in October, lol.

Linda, you couldn't find anyone to clean your house in this town, they are mostly on SDI and refuse to do anything, plus, it would be a one time deal. The Yard will be the real stickler, the agent is going to have to get someone, or his son, to tractor over the place, unless these people do it as soon as it closes. They have lots of adult kids to help.

Back to tossing, figuring out what cookware goes and what is offered to others. I know they will unhook the computer, but have to make it clear not to unhook the little box thingy, so I may use my laptop.

Stay cool, friends. This heatwave is miserable, Mother Nature during menopause again.

Gladys, wishing all is well with Mason's birth today!!!

Susan, how is your doggie doing?

Sharon, keep on plugging away, you are doing way better than 80% of the people.

Begete, how did the photography go of your garden?

Mary, how much liver do you have left, just for today?

Doug_H 06-30-2013 11:29 AM

Mary, I've been planning on doing some chopped chicken livers the last couple months. Now that you posted this I need to just do it. We also have a Ninja that we purchased a couple months ago.

Doris, they have a pavement fried egg contest in Oatman every year. It's quite the place, old mining town with wild burrows everywhere. Try Googling "Oatman, AZ"

Well It officially was 123 here yesterday but on our thermometer it showed 126. More of the same today with humidity.

Doing pork ribs on the grill today.


Norfolk Mermaid 06-30-2013 12:51 PM

Linda- I chose them because they SAID they had integrity plus
when I looked it up they were in my "Christian" directory- to me they showed neither one. I don't think they will show up on a Sunday but that "worker OR even the desk gal should have called before ever going home for the niht. I will wait till tomorrow to see if there is an explanation of any kind but will not call them. My feelings are hurt to be made to feel so unimportant and I will speak to the owner to ask the name of the repairman but I know the dest girl said her name was "Kelly" and she should know that she was made to look as bad as him for not calling me back when or if there was no answer to her text to him. Brief letters to the "Shopper" that ran his ad and the Directory that listed them might be in order- a waste of more time no doubt but they will at least know that others besides me know about the bad treatment.
I am not doing much today as even the least activity causes immediate pouring sweat and I would like at least one day without nausea and a head ache. Time for some ice water as I am pacing it because now they are saying too much water is not good either and I know I exceeded by far the 8 to 10 glasses every day for a couple of weeks now.
Begete, I honestly do not think it is the wine- remember all ages did original "Drinking Man's Diet" and LOST steadily with NO gains- ALL AGES and unlimited booze- NO counting plain drinks AND wine. Have you looked at portions of all foods- yes- even luttuce and celery and greens. Rigid portion control is amazing to see- it looks like no food to eat at all. Also do not foret even organic foods have SALT inside of them especially celery. You are not salting your food- you are addin salt to your food. I can taste the salt in tomatoes and add it anyway because it is just so tastey.
Think I go for an O'Douls run- need a change from ice water. I should make some plain iced tea and add stevia as that is one other thing that does not make you more thirsty after drinking them.
I could pull some weeds but don't think I will.
Doug, can't believe you are grillin in that heat plus you said humidity as well. I had the big fans going while I low temps. fried my bacon/taters/onions and a big portion of sliced toms. Left over breaky coffee made a nice iced coffee.
Y'all all stay cool as you can.

LoveMontana 06-30-2013 02:31 PM


Linda- I chose them because they SAID they had integrity plus
Oh Lainey, please check with your local Better Business Bureau tomorrow. You don't want shoddy work done.:sad:

Yikes Doug, that is darned HOT!!

Doris, Sorry you can't find anyone to clean for you.

Oh Gladys, congrats on that new great grand son.

Hi Sharon and Mary.

Big 6 hr race at the Glen today, but it may be rained out too.

Begete 06-30-2013 03:38 PM

When I was with the securities commission, I used to work a lot with The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability established by Billy Graham. This organization went after many businesses that ripped people off by claiming they were a Christian company, business, investment opportunity, etc.

As Linda said, always check with not just the BBB, but online ratings orgs like "Angie's List"

Claiming to be a Christian (or other religious based group) company is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If Christian, check the Graham group, but I no longer know how to contact them.

ocali 06-30-2013 03:58 PM

Just checking in....
Linda, I keep forgetting to mention how beautiful your grand-daughters are.
Gladys, congrats on the new family member.
Doris, why not have the realtor take care of getting someone to clean up? I think you have enough to do without having to do that.
Lainey, hope you get the a/c's in the house and car get taken care of within the next couple of days. When are we going to get pictures of your outside yards??
Try to stay cool, all you southwesterners!!!

birdlady 06-30-2013 04:40 PM

All went well with Mason's arrival.We went to see him and brought Mommie lots of cookies.lol
She will have something to give big brother when he visits at six.DH said he looks so small at 7 something.Guess he forgot how tiny babies are plus his first pictures made him look big.
I'm tired from road running for two days.

LoveMontana 06-30-2013 05:13 PM


Claiming to be a Christian (or other religious based group) company is one of the oldest tricks in the book.
How right you are, Babette. They are just taking advantage of people and their belief that others are as honest as they are.

Why thank you, Julie. I think they are beautiful too.:)

LOL Gladys, babies are very small and some of us forget after a long time away from them.;)

Nasty, nasty thunderstorms are in the area.:stars:

Mssarge 06-30-2013 06:58 PM

Just heard the news...hot weather from Pocatello, Idaho, down into Texas, so the whole west is hot, hot hot and reading your notes shows me it's hot back east as well...still sticking close to the house, fer shure...cardiologist's appointment tomorrow will drag me out during the hottest time of the day...sigh!

Also heard something surprising (to me that is) and new...a couple incidents of lightning strikes in the news. Didn't know that it could strike up to 25 miles away from the clouds...both these incidents were clear skies strikes...learn something new every day.

hope all y'all are staying cool in this heat wave.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-30-2013 07:30 PM

Just coming in to say nighty niht.
Thanks everyone for advice about my A/C experience. I am very upset and wondering if they will call tomorrow. We'll see.
I am going to the BBB site now but am tired even though lazed about pretty much today.

SuSUN 06-30-2013 08:31 PM

Hi All,

Looks like You are ALL having a busy weekend. :up:
DS is back from a month travelling with his work. He flew home from San Fran yesterday.
It is Canada Day tomorrow July 1st and I can hear few fireworks going off already. The big celebration is all day and evening tomorrow.

:jumpjoy:Congratulations Gladys on the new arrival Mason. :clap:
Gladys you can tell that new Daddy, that all I can say is, that it's a good job babies are tiny, especially from my perspective, Ha! :love:
I am working the holiday tomorrow so we will see how many babies are born.

Sincere wishes Doris for a smooth moving experience.:hugs: :up:
It is part of your transition so keep moving forward and you will do it!:clap:
Thank you my doggie is recovering really well, thank you for asking. He is still on his meds but improving each day. Thank goodness.

Lainey, I sure hope you get that a/c issue resolved soon. :hugs:
My favourite kind of day to pittle around doing what you fancy.:clap:

Oh My! 126 degrees Doug...Yikes!:eek: I bet you don't need to fire up the grill just use the pavement huh? Hope it cools off a tad for you and Jo.

Waving to All and hope to check back tomorrow...:heart:

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