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mykneesareback 06-25-2013 10:13 PM

WEDNESDAY's Roll Call, June 26
Middle of the week "hump day", friends..............:hugs:

We get to travel down to good old UC Davis clinic for dh's last visit with his specialist, it will be bittersweet, they take such good care of us. :cry:

Have a good day!

ocali 06-26-2013 12:25 AM

Slept for about two hours and here I am, wide awake. I thought it was morning and it wasn't even 2 a.m. I 'see' a nap coming up sometime on this day. Well, the light bulb in my bathroom ceiling light blew out last night. I hesitate climbing up a ladder to change the bulb. I always did it but with DH standing by. Good thing I have a fluorescent fixture over the sink in there to use. Now, I'll have to find someone to do it for me.
Gonna try to get back to sleep or it's going to be a long night.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-26-2013 05:54 AM

Thanks Doris. Hi Julie and those to come.
I hear you Julie- got the same situation here. Knowing that a broken bone anywhere would be devastating keeps me off my ladder as well. The dogwood tree has risen to the wires from the pole to the house and I called the power company and they said they would call me back but never did. The TV cable is is in those wires and I would sure hate for the cable to go out and make me miss CNN (which I am not supposed to get but do in the kitchen- sound is great but the pic is real grainy) and the 4 or 5 other prorams I watch per week. I bouht a bow saw as Neighbor Joe advised and will in fact take out all the lower branches but...... I have ask my church Deacon if maybe the youth group would help with supervision of course but no word back from him and it has been a couple of months.
The humidity is just sickening but the temp. is not that high- course higher temps and lower humidity would sure be better. Have not checked the weather yet.
Julie, I got up at a little after 3: am and had to open the house- it was a real hot box. Cooled it some so I closed back up and opened my bedroom door that at least as one of those screens that is on a tension rod that my daughter bouht for me but no go on going back to sleep even after guzzling a lot of ice water. I'll nappy also during the high heat hours between 2: ish and 6: ish. No rain but it is coming for the next several days- believe it when I see it!
Just took my thyroid and colon meds and sure feel punk. Must be needing the Janumet but still have 1/2 hour wait to o.
Have a good old "hump day" yallins! Have any of you seen that commercial with that camel walking through a big office celebrating that it is "his" hump day? It really is a hoot and a hollar.

SuSUN 06-26-2013 07:08 AM

Good Morning Ladies,

Doris, hope the farewell to the clinic goes well today. Another part of moving forward huh? :heart::hugs:

Thank you for sharing about your Collie having his teeth out. That is reassuring to hear an older dog comes out of it okay. :up:
I took him in at 7:30 this morning, he was shaking like a leaf. I left around 8am as they were caging him. Not sure what time the Vet gets in, hope they don't leave him too long in that cage.
I can pick him up after 4pm.

Julie, yes that is best to ask someone to change that bulb, better safe then months of healing. Hope you catch up on some sleep today.

Lainey, that is a terrific idea to get the Youth group to help you, if they will. Do they offer any low cost help from your community centre?
Sure hope that humidity breaks for you. Our weather guys are saying today is the last day of this for us and tomorrow will be cooler back in the mid 70's.

Mary, great going at the Casino last night at least the slots redeemed you.

DD and DGD are driving up to Montreal again for another 5 days horse show, hope the they don't get stuck in the thunderstorm that is coming this way.

Waving to All and hope to be back later...

birdlady 06-26-2013 08:01 AM

74 but feels like 89,but it is cooler.DH let the horses out and I went and cleaned the stalls.Takes two to do one job now.lol
I slept well with my little pill from the dollar store,cheap ibpro/pm.
Got the sheets going,don't mine stripping the bed,washing the sheets but hate to redress the bed.Lazy old biddy.
DH is not feeling well,hurts at the surgery site,Dr.says scar tissue.His friend told him it took her two years for the pain to go away.Something is not right.
Glad to hear Anne is just busy.
Begete,did the boys learn to sleep in their tent?You need to write a children's book about them.
Susan,what fun for five days,she is one lucky little girl.
Doris,this fun will soon end,then you can play with your baby.
Lainey,get a little one woman ac now before you get sick,the heck with the cc bill.

LoveMontana 06-26-2013 09:05 AM

Best of luck at the doctors today, Doris. I do understand how bittersweet it will be.

Julie, hopefully some one can help change that light bulb. We older gals don't need broken bones.

Hi Lainey, good heavens!!! Hopefully someone can help trip that overgrown tree for you.:sad:

Hi Susan, LOVE the pictures of little Ella on her horse. She does an great job.

Gladys, yeah it does take two people to do the job that we could do when we were younger. Damn, this growing old is not fun at all.

Off to get a haircut and pedicure.

Begete 06-26-2013 09:16 AM

Good morning,

Good luck today at UC Davis, Doris. Certainly do understand.

Today is a very sad day for us. It would have been Gabe and Laurie's 2nd wedding anniversary had she not died.

Not sure what to do. Should his father and I acknowedge it some way? Sometime Gabe wants to talk about Laurie and the loss and other times if we mention anything related to it, he says to please not remind him.

Anyhow, on another bittersweet note, an artist friend made us this stepping stone to memorialize my beloved Pandora


Mssarge 06-26-2013 10:20 AM

Good morning all...78 degrees at nine ayem and going up, up and away this week. I don't know what I'd do if I had all that humidity to go with the heat...yep, I do...sit in the house and swelter. I remember those days back east...one day when I was stationed in New Jersey, going into the post at 4 ayem, it was 98 degrees with a 94% humidity. My heart goes out to y'all...at least here it's usually single digit humidity...that's why we call the summer the fire season...no rain, low humidity, and all the hills greened up with the winter growth....our hills are golden, from dried out vegetation. Oopa, just heard there's a tropical storm south of us that will be pushing in some humidity this weekend...oh well, I guess that's life. Just when I'm bragging about low humidity, Mother Nature decides to throw us a curve.

Babette, what a lovely memorial to your Pandora.

Doris, hope you didn't swelter on your trip to Davis and that everything went well...I'm sure you're counting down the days to the move and really starting to dread it by now...hope the news was good for the sale of your home.

Lainey, does your city have a senior center where you can go to cool off? I know a lot of our folks do that to save on the electricity bill, too.

I'm a homebody today, a little laundry this morning, N coming over this afternoon to clean the house and dress the dogs. Snoopy has one sore that's having a hard time healing from her fall into the ditch. She's recovering, tail wagging and jumping up onto the bed (still a little difficult jumping down for her, tho')

Have a great day, all, and stay cool as you can...

birdlady 06-26-2013 10:57 AM

Started cut grass but was not able to finish,too hot,will finish around 7pm.I have a couple of hrs. to cool down before feeding.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-26-2013 03:13 PM

won't let me post!

Norfolk Mermaid 06-26-2013 06:44 PM

trying aain to post.
the above one went thru without accepting the submit but the one before that would not accept the submit and didn't post.
bbl we got storms all around me and thunder and lightening but no rain yet.

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