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LoveMontana 06-23-2013 09:19 PM

Monday, Roll Call...June 24

Son #2 Taking photos of Carlie's graduation.

Just starting us off before more storms head in.

Sleep well gang.

mykneesareback 06-23-2013 10:07 PM

Thanks, Linda, I hope we all sleep well tonight!

Norfolk Mermaid 06-24-2013 02:11 AM

Wide awake...
Gonna get some ice water and try to sleep again. Must be the meds I took earlier. Couldn't eat supper because of the heat and it is getting hotter every day this week. whoo boy.

Begete 06-24-2013 09:14 AM

Hi everyone and thanx for starting us off this morning.

It's going to be raining here for most of the week so today we will run some errands and tomorrow I have to leave at 7:50 for a garden club tour on the mainland.

Hope my stomach issues are resolved by then....the good news is they caused me to be down a pound from yesterday, but not changing my stats because it's a mostly water loss, I am sure.

Mssarge 06-24-2013 09:16 AM

Good morning all...more gloom, but the high pressure is moving in and we'll be seeing triple digits later this week...Summer is here with a vengeance. Oh well, it's not as if it wasn't expected. Out to the casino today, with a stop at the gym first since it's on the way.

Lainey, hope the heat doesn't get to you again today...don't know what I'd do without the ac. Alaska reset my inner thermostat and I've not been able to take the heat like I used to...of course, getting older may have had something to do with it, too.

Had my second bell pepper from the patio and will be having my second tomato from the vine later today, too. My squash plant seems to be suffering from something...leaves turning yellow and the fruit isn't setting like it was...I was starting to get behind the output, so maybe it's just sulking.

Have a great day folks, stay cool and dry

Norfolk Mermaid 06-24-2013 09:19 AM

Begete, how is Gabe doing now? I think of him so often.
I feel much better today but am sure the heat will get me later on.

Hi Mary, yeah the a/c would be wonderful now... planning to go even deeper in debt to get it fixed- the heat was fine all winter so maybe the a/c could be fixed. Looking for a bedroom window unit that will fit a ranch window with sliding windows. I saw one on line at Sears and I have an account with them but WHO? would help me put it in the window???
Anyhow just going to slowly putter around outside today. We have 90's for the rest of the week UGH! Mary, I lived 20 years on Long Island, N.Y. and was looking for a sweater at 3: pm every day. August was super humid but still livible. you are right- a cooler climate for so long and now age does make for summer misery here.

birdlady 06-24-2013 11:50 AM

Warm out today as usual.Same old same old story everyday here.Animal care is the one thing that never changes.Since I loss my big dog
Q. we have had several snakes in and around the bird room,looking for rats and anything else they can get.Dh does not want to get another big dog,so guess we will put up with the wild things.
Miss our Maggie updates.
Doris,hope all goes well today.Been thinking of you and all the changes to come,good changes.
Lainey you may have to back off some of that yard work.Can you get the guys that clean your car to help put ac in?
Mary any luck?
Begete,how do you do all that walking with your bad knees,plus garden?

Norfolk Mermaid 06-24-2013 01:55 PM

Gladys, just went out to get the mail from the box half way down the drive way and the sun is blistering on the skin. I am hanging inside till there is shade somewhere in the yard and the sun is about down. TOO HOT! Did some gardening this morning but that was it!
I visit see Anne on facebook. She said she lurks here but is just too busy in the summer and had to let some things be put aside for a while.
Finishing off the shrimp and speggtt but still have pasta left for another dish to dream up.

Shalbrihil 06-24-2013 03:20 PM

Relief is having behind me the Dr. appt. and blood test. Now I'm good to go for another 6 months. I feel like a car getting an oil change. :hyst:

Doug yes that rosemary bush is sure a sturdy plant to have in your garden. It gives and gives. I've been putting some clippings on our bar-bq fire when we do chicken. So good!

Saying hi to everybody. Hoping your day is going good.


Our rosemary bush when it was a baby. One of our rat terriers.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-24-2013 03:39 PM

AWWW love the doggie- whats its name?
I still want to get one for by my front steps. My lavender got dried out one hot day but I watered it anyway and it is coming back. Somebody should water me!
bbl still too hot to go out at all.

Shalbrihil 06-24-2013 03:51 PM

That's our Zippy Lainey. We got him first and I needed to have two. Then came Tad.

SuSUN 06-24-2013 06:06 PM

Sharon, Just Love the Pup...some eye candy for sure! Zippy and Tad cute names.
Glad you had your 50 thousand mile check up out of the way.:D;)

All this talk of rosemary I will have to pick up a roast of pork and get that going one day this week.:yummy:

It is extremely humid and steamy hot up here. Yes, Mary, thank God for a/c.:up:

Oh Gladys, I didn't know you lost Q dog. When did that happen? :confused:

Linda, What a great pic of the Grad ceremony. Looks like a huge event.:clap:

Waving to All, stay cool and calm, sleep well everyone.:heart:

Norfolk Mermaid 06-24-2013 07:53 PM

gettin ready for Under The Dome- anyone else watchin?
bb after.

mykneesareback 06-24-2013 08:15 PM

Never heard of it, Lainey, but I don't keep up with tv anymore. I wondered also if the guys that did the car could put in a new A/C unit for you? Or could you wheel it on a cart to suit yourself? My mother in law had one like that for several years.

Sharon, those are cute dogs and I like the names, also. So, you got your oil changed and tires checked, eh? :)

Susan, you are a good volunteer, to find things for the others in your group to do, good going :shake:

Gladys, I also didn't know that Q was no longer with you, I'm very sorry to hear that..........and yucky snakes, bah!!! Guess I'd better get used to that kind of thing though.

We are both pooped, dh has a lot of facial pain from that surgery, but it had to be done, of course. I have already looked up dermatologists near us in Texas, since he has to go every 3 months for the rest of his life.

See you all tomorrow, I might hit the hay early tonight.

Take care of yourselves!

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