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mykneesareback 06-21-2013 10:10 PM

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Hidy Hey, let's do it again, friends. :sing:

Doug_H 06-22-2013 06:45 AM

Hi all.
Not much new here. Been too hot to be outside any length of time lately.

Jo's knee has been slowly healing. Some days are better than others. She has full motion and walks everywhere but does have soreness. Ice packs and ibuprofen help.


Norfolk Mermaid 06-22-2013 07:25 AM

Good Morning and thanks Doris.
Hotter than a just shot pistol. 2 1/2 months to go. Pick up groceries and weed and prune for this hot day. Some chance of rain this afternoon.
Getting on with the day.
Looking for to making that spicy shrimp spegatti to eat on for a few days.
Doug, your heat must be fierce. Is it true that the humidity is always low?
Good luck to Joe on healing that knee.

Begete 06-22-2013 07:52 AM

Good morning.

Yesterday the docents for today's garden tour got to visit all the gardens on the tour and a lot of walking was involved. I must say I was so tired, I fell asleep at 1:30 and slept right thru to 6 this morning.

Today is the tour with a party afterwards for all of the volunteers. We may skip the party if we are too tired or too hot. I don't do well at temps over 70.

Still trying to get back to the weight I was last week. It's tough.

Lainey - remember the I think they were called Kegel exercises we were all told to do when we were pregnant? I have been reading that older women need to start doing them again as those muscles, like the rest, aren't what they used to be.

Doug, no matter how long it takes Jo to recouperate, I envy her. I desperately need knee surgery, but cannot have it because I am allergic to the materials they make artificial joints out of.

Have a good one, and thanx for starting us off, Doris.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-22-2013 08:22 AM

Begete, thanks- I can do that... was a champ at it during my pregnacies. They are still quite strong but with "NO" urge I do not know to tighten till it is too late.
Food got dropped off so I could not wait to get out of my human clothes and into my garden togs. People are startin to coment on my yard and I sure am loving that. Must say it does look good but of course being a libra- I seek perfection or close to that ideal. Out I go with meself.

Mssarge 06-22-2013 10:06 AM

Good morning all...sunny and warm in SoCal, but what else do you expect once the June gloom is past...wish we had only two and a half months to look forward to the heat. Once it warms up here we go through October with the chance of 100-degree temps...not quite as bad as Doug's but still warm enough for me.

Forgot to mention yesterday, Lainey...you asked about the poodle, still looking to post some pics...Buddy is a black miniature, about 11 inches high on the shoulder and last time I weighed him it was seven pounds...just right for a little kid to love.

It's the weekend, so not planning anything...stay at home with the fur kids, maybe do a bit of cleaning as I'm still sorting and inventorying the freezer and cupboards. Gotta work on the fridge, I'm sure there are some experiments going in there that I don't want.

Life goes on...enjoy the start of Summer...solstice and full moon and all that...time to dance like no body's watching.

birdlady 06-22-2013 11:04 AM

It would be so much fun if we could all go spend a day helping Doris.could have a moving party.No crawfish now but maybe find some fresh catfish to bring,what will you bring.
Had a nice crab leg dinner last night,they even had banana pudding that DH loves.I make it for him here but he will eat some then the rest goes bad.

Doug_H 06-22-2013 11:25 AM

Lainey, is 6% humidity low enough.:lol::laugh:

Norfolk Mermaid 06-22-2013 11:33 AM

Gladys what a great idea!
Sure hope a couple of ladies bring lots of deviled eggs- remembering I eat them like pop corn. I'm told my baked beans are to die for so I'll bring my huge Hamilton Beach (will use the biggest insert bowl) slow cooker filled with them- my secret ingred. is cyanne pepper (just a jot) and drained pineapple chunks added when the beans are almost done. Crisp bacon on top laced thru pineapple circles all around the edge. Who is bringing the ice cold watermelon?
California here I come!
Getting some work done outside but it is swealtering out there. Some clouds now and rain to come... course we had rain yesterday and not one of my 5 forcast sites- one is even longitude and latitude- said we would have rain. Plus the maps were totally clear with just the bad, bad weather in the heartland.
Oh great! now I am starving!

Norfolk Mermaid 06-22-2013 11:42 AM

DOUG, you are just showing off! It seems like it is always in the 76 thru 80's here. I had a friend that lived in N.M. and she said you had to run the sink water till the water cooled or you could actually get burned. Ila and Anthony plan to retire in about 10 years to N.M. they met there and he still owns his house there... I think Alber QQ. Hope I last long enough to visit them there. They are already planning a gigantic swimming pool. He brought some of his amazing cactus plants to Washington with them.
back out there- big wet towels over my shoulders to wet my sweat off my face helps a lot. Gonna use my puffer which is hardly ever used when the pollens are gone for the year.

Mssarge 06-22-2013 11:46 AM

Well, maybe not catfish, but since we'll be in that area, I'd take the day before to go trout fishing in some of those wonderful streams in that part of the country...so we could grill 'em up...'course, I'm known for bringing a large veggie tray. Seems like nobody ever thinks of adding 'em, but they always seem to be the first dish to empty.

Lainey, those beans sound like much better than mine, and everyone raves about mine....so I'm changing my dish to incorporate yours.

ocali 06-22-2013 01:01 PM

Count me in! What train are we all taking? Doris, don't pack those sheets away yet. We'll need somewhere to sleep, too.

Just heard from Ginny. They're up in Iowa now, putting that house on the market and planning to make the move to Florida permanent.

Doug_H 06-22-2013 01:26 PM

How about if I bring some cactus pears. Only problem is they aren't ripe now.:sad:;)

Lainey, most water lines run in the ceilings, no basements, down here so during the hot summer months the cold water can be quite hot, and also the ground is so hot you can't even get cool water by running the faucet.

During the next couple months, July-August, "monsoon season", humidity can be quite unbearable, 50-80% especially when the temps can run between 115-120 degrees. The local news medias have monsoon meters that show the likely hood of monsoons and in what areas of the state.

I love it:up:


Mssarge 06-22-2013 03:31 PM

Doug, since you can't bring the cactus pears, how about just bringing the beavertail's? I understand they can be quite good grilled....but you have to clip the thorns.

Doug_H 06-22-2013 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by Mssarge (Post 16482507)
Doug, since you can't bring the cactus pears, how about just bringing the beavertail's? I understand they can be quite good grilled....but you have to clip the thorns.

I have heard that. Watched the Food Network do them one day but I haven't had the courage to try them yet.:dunno:
Lord knows I trim and throw away enough for at least a dozen meals each year. I talk about trying them but never do.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-22-2013 05:21 PM

I ain't eatin no beaver tails!
I have to remember to let the hose water run cool- if I fill the watering cans I have to toss a couple of the filled ones out... now I remember most often. I may have lost a few plants before I discovered how hot the water was from the hot hose. In N.Y. you could only water the plants in the late morning or mold would be a problem. August humidity was awful in N.Y. but all summer I looked for a sweater after 3: pm- high heat was at noon... here it is a 3: I close up the house by 1: or 1:30 or I cannot cool the house for the night. I got sick and tired of replacing hoses all the time so I invested in some expensive commercial ones that don't crimp at all and are extra long. They are well worth it and are lasting forever. Shinny Black and the cats think they are a snake and just about jump 4 ft in the air when they happened on one. I couldn't help myself from laughing out loud for 5 minutes and then again everytime I remembered. Finally took pity on them and never leave them down on the ground. I drape them from the flag pole holder Dad had on on one of the wrought iron post that hold up the awning in the front of the house. Very handy and blends right into the black wrought iron. Also have one in the back that I drape over one arm of the clothes line. It has taken me since 2003 to finally get settled in here but of course the cancer and radiation burns took out a couple of those years.
My yellow squash and cukes are growing well and are fun to watch- lots of flowers on both patches. Lots of eggplant flowers too. Peppers did not get enough hot sun in the spring but I do have one kinda small one to pick that I am letting turn red.
Shrimp spegget came out really good but will add italian pepper flakes when I heat the left overs- I like it hot!
I am tired toniht but want to see that big moon tonight and tomorrow night. If I lay down to do puzzles I will fall asleep.
bbl or t

SuSUN 06-22-2013 05:54 PM

What a terrific idea to help Doris move. :jumpjoy:
We would be like one of those barn raising parties.:D

Lainey, You will have to take some pics of your hard work on your yard. That is just great that people are noticing and commenting.:clap:

Doug and Mary, We have Beaver Tails up here but they are a different kind. They are a large doughnut batter deep fried, flat dusted with cinnamon and sugar. The kids love them when they skate in the Winter months, they are served warm.

Our temperatures are warming up, up here but we have the humidity too when that happens. We had a cool breeze off the river this morning at the walk and talk with the ladies from the Hospice group. A few of us walked all the way up to the lighthouse.
Lots of chit chatting going on too. ;)

Wishing All a relaxing evening and restful sleep. Hope to BBT...:heart:

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