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mykneesareback 06-19-2013 10:15 PM

THURSDAY'S Roll Call, June 20
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Let us make the Most of this day, friends! :shake:

We will be busier than a one legged man at an a _ _ kicking contest!!!

LoveMontana 06-19-2013 10:19 PM

Just about to start us off too, Doris. Get some much needed sleep. It won't be long now before you finally move.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-20-2013 07:03 AM

Good morning Doris and thanks plus almost Linda.
busy day here. looking to get tires rotated and hair wash and my Guatamala crew is washing my Jeep this afternoon. still only pay the one a flat 5.00 and the rest are volunteers. they are an nest of bees and I can only take them for a limited time. one of them sneeked and ate the last of my breakfast blueberries and I wanted to murder the little bugger. "don't touch my food sources". finally ot to look for a car inspection place for the cherokee as June is my month. the cops pull you over on the first day of being over due here. I got the dreaded poison ivy and am spreading it all over but did remember my left over rx's for numbing cream from my colon surgery and that does give me quite a while of relief which helps.
Rest In Peace Gandofini!
Chemo Dr. said all looks well and I go back in October.
I got a hospital bill for over 2,000.00 for the Physical Therapy for the bersitis in my riht hip and almost had a heart attack but the account ofc for the hospital is next door to my oncologist and I went in and they cleared it to 0 dollars. My graditude was over the moon.
Have a good one everyone. weed pulling will be fitted in throughout the day. There are 7 stuffed leaf bags on the curb for pick up- maybe a hundred more to go.

Mssarge 06-20-2013 08:45 AM

G'day all...puppy and MeMe to the groomers this morning...that is if I can corrall 'em and get 'em there. Also hafta run to Wally world for a lock, can't seem to find mine, so I can go to the gym...

Lainey, so sorry about the poison ivy and sending you hugs. Glad for the report and that you were able to get the bill for therapy taken care of...are you still doing the exercises?

Happy Day, folks, type ya later, if I have anything to say, that is...

Begete 06-20-2013 09:15 AM

Glad to hear of your good health report from the onocologist, Lainey.

Nothing interesting going on here today, thankfully.

However, I am up almost 2 pounds, and do not know why. I have been eating more calories, but not more carbs, I am still around 30 - 35 grams per day. Very frustrated.

Have a good one

birdlady 06-20-2013 09:17 AM

Everyone is in a rush this morning and here I sit still in my gown.
Have a good day,

Shalbrihil 06-20-2013 10:59 AM

:up: to you Lainey on your good health and bill taken care of. I think gardening is one of the best exercises there is. You must be really building your muscles.

modon69478 06-20-2013 03:39 PM

Was very daring today and got a spray tan! What a hoot! So far it looks good... hope I don't turn into a pumpkin by the morning :rofl:

Mssarge 06-20-2013 05:01 PM

My buddy is such a pretty boy...it was worth the 45 minutes it took to get him into the car. I goofed and he saw me put together and take the carrier out to the car so it became "catch me if you can." And I did, finally, after all, I am smarter than our fur friends....I think. This was his second trip to the groomer and she told me he was much better this time, so maybe he's getting used to it, or at least is accepting it. Of course, he was playing keep-away when I got them back home....

So I left for a quick trip to Wally World and picked up the lock I need, so now I'll probably find all of the ones I have stashed someplace. Got a few more things but made it out of the grocery section with just the roasted chicken and...I found some Joseph's Oat Bran and Flax pita breads. Only 50 calories and 7 carbs with 3 gms of fiber and 5 of protein...so good for a low carb woe. Funny thing is, they're made in Massachusetts so probably available nationwide.

While waiting for the call from the groomers, starting clearing and sorting some of my cupboards so stayed busy...maybe the SIRT's are popping in from my few low cal days...sure feel it in my knees, tho'.

Of course, when I got back to the house, buddy decided I wasn't that bad after all, so he came to me for his lovin'. Also asked the groomers to help me find a new home for the lil' guy...since I can't get him to come to me, I don't know if I could get him to do so in a real emergency...he really needs a little boy to play with him, train him, and love him...all I can do is give him the love and the comfort of the pack. So hopefully, we'll find a good home for him really soon. Hmmmphfff, tearing up just thinking about it, but it would be for the best.

Hope your day has been good and great things came your way.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-20-2013 05:20 PM

Whew, exhausted here!
but first- THANKS to Beete, Mary and Sweet Sharon.
Got hair washed; made Hardees make me fresh french fries (large) for my lunch... would have loved to try that big (three layers of bacon) bacon burger but even with a coupon it was out of the question and my garden "work outs" thanks me; talked to a car mechanic (would rather talk to a brain surgeon) and he said my tires were good not to worry about rotating them befor the inspection... his place does not do insp. yet but he recommended a place for me but I may go back to the place that charged me over 900.00 dollars as the coolent is still a little problem and I do et a 20% Triple A discount- car stuff makes my palms sweat!; weed whacked and swept up the cuttings and was proud that I only took 2 breaks- the first few times it was more like 5 breaks and took forever... practice really does help like that say; my uatamala crew- "GrandFather, Eu-D and Lou-ist (phonic names lol) came and my Cherokee looks just beautiful. I forbade Eu-D from going in the back as my black berries are gettin ripe and he has a history with my blue berries. After they left the clean up was a horror with emptyin 3 buckets and a rinse bin into the bathtub/ cleanin the borrowed from neihbor "Joe" 2 step stool and my 2 one step ones/ puttin away their water pitcher and 3 cups of ice they used... Lou-ist was a darling and cleaned the weed whacker for me without even being asked./ I got on the bed to read my new Women's First but I don't know why- I got up and there was a fire truck and ambulance blocking traffic in front of my house so I used the excuse to take Joe's stoole back across the street- looked like the house where Stark died a month or so ao and I remember there was a lady livin there that was always bein rushed to the hospital and we always thought it was Stark but he chose NO medical what so ever from the start of his lung cancer and as he was ready to follow his recently died wife (colon cancer stage 4 when discovered)... he was lung cancer and said he knew where he was goin and was ready- he lasted about a year. / came home and tidied my disgustin kitchen. / made SuSun's steamed shrimp and she turned up her little pink nosie whick led to/ a lovely shrimp salad-mayo-celery seed white bread sandwich- huge sun warmed blackberries with stevia and a little # 2 milk/ iced coffee left over from breakfast. A delihtful supper basically free- LIFE IS GOOD! I did pull weeds here and there through out the day and may put in some time before dark pulling more and putting away gardening stuff that is scattered all over the place. Still might start a wash but tomorrow "is another day"- we'll see.. still have not put away a lot of the last washes.
Lordy! my poison ive is screaming for the Rx cream- I do get 4 to 5 hours relief thank G*d!
Looking forward to my next garden treats of FIGS- yum. Can't wait for the veggies but it sure will be a while for those but the toms have been real ood.
Gonna check TV for toniht but I got a block buster movie to watch- "Due Date" or somethin like that- a guy rushing in a trip to make it home for the birth with a crazy passenger in his car.?? Sounds cute.
Sorry for the giant post but too tired to edit.
Oh Sharon, I argued with my cancer Dr. yesterday when he said gardening was not a "work out"! told him the way I garden most definitly is a excellent work out.

Shalbrihil 06-20-2013 06:38 PM


ocali 06-20-2013 06:41 PM

Lainey, I am exhausted reading what you wrote! Where do you get all that energy to do everything?
Just came back from eating out with one of my groups of friends. It was very good and we had a lot of laughs. Of course, having a glass of wine or a cocktail (it was 2 for 1) added to the mood.

SuSUN 06-20-2013 07:18 PM

Hi All,

Thank YOU Doris for our kick off...:hyst: with the one legged man...hilarious!:rofl:

Just getting here. I went with two friends today, an hours drive away, to see a fun Play, we had lunch there and an iced coffee on our return, so a full days outing. I thoroughly enjoyed the play, we laughed a lot, so a good day.

Glad to hear you had a good outing Julie and the 2-1 drinks.:up: I guess you weren't driving.;)

:jumpjoy:Lainey, I am over the moon for YOU Gal on your clean bill of health, :up: Great outcome on the 0 hospital bill.
Good for you telling that doc that your gardening is a work out...a full body work out at that.:clap:

Michele, WTGG! I had a spray tan a few years ago just before taking a trip South. I liked it but never went for any more. It could be time to treat myself to another. Ha! Thanks for mentioning it.:cool:

Babette, That is just too tough, no weight loss and keeping to it.:dunno:

Mary, Oh my goodness sounds like you had quite a work out today running after your fur baby Buddy. Is he all clean and handsome now?
I would take him in heartbeat. I know this old dog of mine won't have very long. I want to give him the best for his last year, or years.

Gladys, is that your dressing gown or robe? Or do you wear a Moo Moo? :D;)

Waving at Sharon, hope you are healing well.:hugs:

Norfolk Mermaid 06-20-2013 07:36 PM

SuSan and Doris I like- busier than a cat covering up! Reminds me of the "old drunk" saying HEY, look at that one eyed cat walking backwards. It is silly but it makes me laugh out loud when ever I think of that one. Yesterday my Dr. was prattling on and on about stats and I ask him what did Moses say to the people when he came down from the mount? He said he had no idea! so I told him he said "WELL, I got him down to 10 but adultry is still in there"... I think he laughed in spite of himself.
No TV is good so it is the Movie or reading- Movie- Reading ... movie, reading- READING! my newspapers and doin a few puzzles and then ZZZZzzzzzz and Cya in the morn.
Gladys you must be a picture sittin around in your nightie... wait! don't the horsies and birdies be wantin to be fed?

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