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mykneesareback 06-05-2013 10:02 PM

THURSDAY'S Roll Call, June 6
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It's my turn for allergies, it's the good, old, Pine Pollen, same thing that messed me up over 30 yrs. ago when we first moved here. I'm on my usual "Sneezing Tour", as my dh calls it.

Sending hugs for those of us not feeling up to "snuff" :console:

Begete 06-05-2013 10:17 PM

Is it the pine, Doris ? Or the mold that forms on pine? That's what gets me.

Not a good time to feel poorly when you have so much to do!

I am off early on a garden tour, and then a birthday lunch for a friend.

Have a good day everyone.

birdlady 06-06-2013 06:25 AM

Up early for me,got the cats fed,the horses out and the stalls cleaned.Birds will come later.
Nothing planned as usual.Boring life but I like it like that or guess I'd change it.

ocali 06-06-2013 07:22 AM

We're getting lots of rain. Don't know if we'll get the threatened winds/tornados. I was planning to shop. Just found out that I am having another grand-daughter and her BF here on Tuesday. That is in addition to her younger sister and her BF and their father (my youngest DS). The plan is for us to go out to dinner but I'd better stock up on snacks and beer for the afternoon hours. DS arrives on Sunday.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-06-2013 07:43 AM

Thanks Doris.

mykneesareback 06-06-2013 08:06 AM

Wow Julie, a full house for awhile, and some good family yakking, I'm glad for you! Enjoy!

Waving at our whole "gang" :hiya:

I'm doing the bike, gulping some breakfast, and garbage bag at the ready to get rid of "stuff", it's mostly mine, anyway. Have alerted neighbors who like books to come by for some of these.

Have a good day, if you are able.

LoveMontana 06-06-2013 08:25 AM

Thanks again for the start off Doris. Was going to do it last night, but got distracted. :dunno:

Tod's car goes to the detailer this afternoon, so I have to pick him up. It will be there for at least 24 hours.

I'm off to finish picking up supplies for the Motor Home for our little trip. BBL

Mssarge 06-06-2013 08:57 AM

Good morning all, nice and cool this morning and up fairly early for me as I went to bed earlier than usual. N is coming over to clean and change the linens and then I'll take her grocery shopping so she can fill up the cupboards again. That's all that's planned but who know what kinda trouble I'll get into later.

Doc was concerned about the eyes yesterday and kept me in the chair for a long time doing whatever they do with the bright lights and microscopes...I'd explained that I had days when the vision was good and others where it was bad and yesterday was a very bad day so I guess he got a peek into what's ailing me. Back on the drops and I'm hoping they're working as before I went to bed the vision was getting better. All I know is the sodium chloride solution stings like heck...much worse than it did before. This morning is a good day so hoping it's all uphill from here.

Hope all y'all have a great day and good things come your way...

Doug_H 06-06-2013 12:27 PM

Doris, we have 2 of those BHG cook books, hers and mine. She had one and I had one when we got married 34 years ago.

Got a computer bug yesterday and had to almost go all the way back to 6 months ago. Been restoring programs today.


Sharss 06-06-2013 01:13 PM

Sorry I don't post in this Thread, but I really don't have anything to post. Birdlady thinks she leads a boring life - I don't think so! :)

No life can be more boring than mine. I don't do anything because I don't know anyone. Any effort I've tried hasn't worked out and now I don't have the energy to even try. However, I'm hoping exercise will increase my stamina and metabolism. I've been focused on meeting my Goal of weight loss, then couldn't exercise regularly due to hip joint issues, but getting better thanks to my chiropractor.

Once I improve I hope to take part in some of my Community Center activities for Seniors. They have a hiking program I'd like to do and I might try some of the games they provide. A few time a year or so ago I ate lunch for Seniors at the Community Center and what an unfriendly group of people. All sour and looked and acted so unhappy. :sad:

Doug, the pits to get a computer bug! Sounds like you have it under control now. Good luck.

I read your Posts even if I don't Post. BTW, started going through the Recipe section and found a Salmon Patty recipe I'm excited to do. I've been so hungry for Salmon Patties, but the way I used to make them doesn't fit in my WOE. Oatmeal or crackers that I used to add are high on the Glycemic Index.

Have a great day! And enjoy your life style Birdlady! :)

mykneesareback 06-06-2013 02:36 PM

Sharon from WA, your life is not boring, at least you are able to get around, on your own power, make decisions, right or wrong. :) Do you live in a senior apartment complex?

We signed paperwork to sell our house, it won't go on the market, the same people still want it, so they are doing paperwork tonight or tomorrow. They want to move in by Aug. 1.

Cookbooks, I love old cookbooks! Trying to give away other kinds of books, in order to keep the cookbooks, lol. I even have the ones my father used when we lived in Germany. He was a baker, until the War, and then they sent him to Russia to cook for the troops. But we have old cooking pamphlets from the government during that time, you can only imagine the pictures in them, uniforms and all.

It's a heat wave here, going to hit 100 by 4 pm.

Doug, sorry you got a bug in there, doggone it, I'd have to wait until my son could look at my pc if that happened to me.

Wishing everyone well, and hoping for safe travels, eh Linda? :aprayer:

Mssarge 06-06-2013 03:41 PM

Back at the house after taking N to do her shopping...amazing how these young moms can fill a basket so quickly...and spend so much money! Hot and sweaty. She did check my pups and both are healing fine...no sutures so we don't have to worry about 'em. So nice to have a friend that is familiar with all that stuff..

It was the hardest thing for me to do...clear out my books, particularly the cookbooks. I kept the Woman's Day Encyclopedia that I bought the first year we were married..I've got my notes scattered throughout so just couldn't part with 'em. I also kept my mother's box which contained a lot of those WWII pamphlets from the packers...love 'em with the old pics and ways of not using sugar or eggs which were in short supply during the war years.

BTW. bird people...I had a medium sized bird in my tree this morning. I swear it sounded like a duck which is why I was trying to find it..'twas black with white bands on the underside of the wings and outer side of it's tail...looked like a mocking bird, I think. I'm not too familiar with birding although I was keeping a life list for a while. Does that sound like a mocking bird? I know you can't identify a bird but maybe you can give me a suggestion so I can check my bird book. And help...

Hope you've had a good day...staying cool, and dry. I under our first tropical storm has been named and will be moving on shore soon...may this one stay small and this year won't be too bad for them.

Norfolk Mermaid 06-06-2013 05:01 PM

Whew, getting ready for storms tonight and tomorrow.
Putting so much stuff in the pottin shed and back in the garage. I keep 3 gazing balls in the yard that must be put away also my herbs and potted plants will get brought into the hous or put under the awnings and numerous bird baths but I filled or lined the bottoms with those polished rocks so they should be fine. All the forcast today said we will get tons of heavy rain so flooding will be a worry for people prone to that. Winds shouldn't be a problem but tornados are a threat. We have had little ones few and far between but you know- weather reports can and often do go eihter way so I prepare anyhow. Pretty sure if I ignored it then I would get burnt.
Bought bacon, lutuce and white bread- got plenty of Hellmons mayo so that first reddening tomato that has been watering my mouth will make at least 2 B.L.T.s that I will eat the first one kinda fast but truly savor the second one.
Doug, Joe is quite the "trooper". My bursitis in my left hip drove me nuts- felt like I was dragging a dead leg around behind me. The P.T. did the trick and I loved doing those exercises. Got the insurance papers and was amazed that it was over 3,000.00 dollars for those 3 and 1/2 weeks X 3 per week of near 1 1/2 hrs. Thank heavens for Medicare and United Healths as it was fully covered.
Digging out and pulling weeds just about done me in today and now I have a lumber Jacks appitite but too tired to fix myself something.
Gonna streach out on the bed and read a bit to recharge myself I hope.

Shalbrihil 06-06-2013 07:17 PM

Stay safe Lainey :heart:

Doug_H 06-06-2013 07:26 PM

Mary, Magpies?:dunno:

Lainey, We visited the dr's office today to have the bandage removed and the doctor said she was doing better than those that were going to therapy.:up:


Shalbrihil 06-06-2013 07:53 PM

:up: Joe is SuperWoman.

mykneesareback 06-06-2013 08:38 PM

Thanks for those reports on Jo's progress, Doug. I'm telling my dh about this, he will be needing one of those knee's in the next 2 yrs. also.

Someones cows got out, and there are cowboys in the street trying to round them up, lol.

modon69478 06-06-2013 09:16 PM

Doris, That happens all the time in Texas - HA! - Just kidding... :D

mykneesareback 06-06-2013 09:24 PM

LoL, Michele, so I hear :shake:

This happens from time to time, they have run down our Italian Cypress twice over the years..........rural living. :)

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